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  1. I can't see them taking a qb at all this year in the draft period they won't be going into the regular season with 4 qbs on the roster like this past year and most likely will be a competition between hacksaw and petty given that the vet that they sign in fa will have a good chance of getting hurt during camp. If fournette falls to 6 he makes the most sense, he's a game changer, and it takes the pressure off of Hacksaw or Petty starting the season, and also helps big time with play action which Hack can really excel at. And bowles keeps saying he wants to run the ball this year... Not going to be able to be a run heavy team with just bilal and forte.. I can see forte getting shipped off to a team fixing to make a run for a bowl for a late Rd pick to give Matt one last shot at a ring. Bowles says he wants to run the ball this year and use tight ends, so I can see them bringing in a guy like fournette if he falls to 6. We seen what a solid ground game could do for Sanchez, we'll Hacksaw has got a lot more upside and abilities then mark did.
  2. I read somewhere I believe it was the Jet press but don't quote me that the jets are currently waiting for the chiefs season to end so that they can talk to Brad Childress there OC about the job... The sense is that he's sick of being on Andy Reid's leash and wants to call plays himself, I would be all for Childress coming to NY, he's done wonders with Smith, of course Reid will get all the credit but regardless still would like him.
  3. Optimism

    Hackenberg and I say that because now he can finally have a full off season to work on his mechanics. Last off season he was spending all his time preparing for the draft and doing private workouts for 30 different teams. I believe the Jets will land a co-ordinator like Brad Childress who can run a pro style system which will put the hacksaw under centre, and given that right now it is a possibility that by OTAs he Could be the only qb ready to go since petty just went under the knife, Hacksaw could get all the reps to himself and get a head start on petty for training camp. And it gives him an opportunity to build a good repoire with the new OC. So that I am excited for. If he can play to his ability like his first season at Penn state. Also that Devon Smith is able to final get a full training camp under his belt, I think he could have a season that Robby Anderson had this year. Lorenzo Maudlin was really coming on before his injury late in the year I think the game is slowing down now for him expect a big season from him next year.