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  1. Right, last year I wanted Mahomes at 6 n people say I was reaching too. I guess Andy Reid saw what I saw n traded a couple of 1st rounders to get him. Not so reachy after all
  2. Yeah I understand your concern, but I was never sold on Paxton Lynch, It spokes volumes to me the way he dissapear late in the season, then there questions about his maturity level right before the draft. I never saw Lynch manipulate a defense with his eyes to make the right throw into a small window the way Ferguson can. I think Ferguson is what Lynch should have been. My comp for Lynch was Geno Smith
  3. That is one thing I love about Ferguson, he is a fighter, I love his competitive spirit. That alone will push him to get better each day. If we can get him along with Anthony Miller n Sony Michel our offense can go from average to explosive. Michel reminds me a lot to Kareem Hunt but I believe he is faster. I wish people in the Jets scouting would draft with a vision instead of just drafting players to fit their system. Like when you watch Anthony Miller n Sony Michel you can see two special players with speed n playmaking ability that could transfrom our offense into an explosive one. N with
  4. I don't think he is a developmental QB, I think he has an elongated release, but other than that I think his mechanics r fine. I mean last year n the year before everyone said both Presscot n Mahomes had mechanical issues n where "developmental QBs" I think if a QB is able to throw off his back foot n still able to drop the ball in a bucket to his WR that should be a positive n not a negative. Also if the QB is on the run n throws off back foot n still drops a dime in the WR hands that should also be a positive. If I was drafting I would target him in the 2nd round with one of those two picks
  5. I have been studing the QBs for the 2018 draft class, watching film like a lot of you n I have to tell you guys I am very impress with Riley Ferguson from Memphis. Last year I was completly in love with Patrick Mahomes II, n as you all know he killed it in preseason n the word from the chiefs camp is that he doing some pretty incredible stuff during practice n it is really a matter of time before he overtakes Smith. Riley Ferguson is 6-4 215 pounds Stats 63.2 comp % 3698 PY, 32 Pass TDs Pass the Eye test? Has size, arm strenght n mobility in the pocket. Also ability to sc
  6. You can't just watch 3 games n have a complete picture of Mahomes. Go watch every game of his junior year, he just had one bad game vs Iowa State n he was playing hurt. Every other game he gave his team a chance to win n his defense let them down. As to making NFL reads, if being able to manipulate linebackers n safeties with his eyes in order to complete a deep ball or post route is not part of making NFL reads, I don't know what you talking about. Mahomes does this, which is something Watson strugles with n even Mitch Trubisky. Mahomes also does not bite when DLinemen drop back in coverage,
  7. Remember it isn't as easy as people think to get the #1 pick n draft Darnold. People say oh worst thing that can happen is we stink n draft Darnold next year. What happens if there is a team that plays worst than the Jets n they end up with a higher pick n so happen to be looking for a QB? Then Darnold would be gone before we pick. I say if there is a QB at 6 that you believe has the potential of becoming an Elite QB you draft him. That is what Mahomes has the highest upside of any QB in this draft, I say you get him at 6 and you don't think twice about it. He can make incredible happen, you c
  8. I really believe coach Arians is trying to kill Trubisky hoping that he drops to them in the 1st round. As much as I hate to admit it Mitchell Trubisky is the best QB in this draft, the tape simply don't lie. When you put his tape you can see he has great mechanics, he throws with excellent anticipation and he is very efficient. I also seen him make beautiful throws when the blitz is coming. I am a Mahomes fan, but the truth is Trubisky even with only 1 year as a starter he looks better than Goff n Wentz looked last year. I don't see Trubisky falling later than 2nd overall, I can't see
  9. I gonna start praying my friend, let's see if this team finnally gets this position RIGTH!! Let's get Mahomes!!!!
  10. I don't think King will survive past the 2nd round after posting 4.43 speed at the 40, I also like the fact that he could be use as a single high safety. He has been mock in the 1st round already by DJ from nfl network. Remember Sidney Jones injury will most likely drop him out of 1st round n push up another CB. In regards to Godwin I think he would be a steal in the 3rd round, I am hoping he is there in that 3rd round but after posting 4.42 40 at the combine I am starting to think he could be gone in 2nd round. Think about it, he has Odell Beckham speed but is more physical and bigger at
  11. Let me make this clear I would love the NY jets to draft Patrick Mahomes, but if they won't take a QB in first I feel like Garrett Bolles is the best player at 6. Garret Bolles is an athletic 6-5 300 pound offensive lineman, that plays with a mean demeanor every single snap. I love the guy n after watching his tape I am convince however draft him, will get a pro bowl player for the next 10 years. How about we make this Oline elite n help Hackenberg develop by also drafting Chris Godwin. How about the NY jets draft like this: 1st Garrett Bolles 2nd CB Kevin King 3rd WR
  12. He is my favorite receiver in this draft, and a big reason of that is because I believe he can be had in that 2nd round. This is a deep draft and when you think about WRs to be drafted in 1st round, you think Mike Williams, Corey Davis, John Ross n then you add OJ Howard. This is why I believe he would be there in the 2nd r. But if he is not and Cooper Kupp drops to 2nd round the NY jets should run to the podium to draft either of these guys in 2nd round, they r both awesome talents and fairly underrated.
  13. I hope for all Jets fans that he meant to add a veteran QB that is not Jay Cutler or Colin Kapernick. I hope he meant it is more a guy like Mccown just a a veteran presence. And I hope he also said this with the intention of letting other teams think they won't take a QB at 6 so they create a smoke screen. Because again if they pass on Watson or Patrick Mahomes they both deserve to be fire
  14. Absolutely agree with you 100%. I don't think Mike Mac will take a RB at 6, they already met with Jamaal Williams n he is proyected to be 3rd 4th round pick. Mike is smarter than to take a RB at 6 in a draft loaded with RB talent. The only player I fear at 6 is Jamal Adams, if he is there at 6 it is gonna be incredibly hard to pass on a talent like him. I just wish, Trubisky, Watson n Adams r pick top 5, so that leaves no chance but to take Patrick Mahomes . I think if those guys are taken top 5 the Jets have to take a QB, because every other position in this draft can be had in the other rou
  15. Then I hope the 49ers draft him and leave Watson and Patrick Mahomes for the NY Jets. When I watch Kizer I don't get the feel that he is a real QB that can carve up a defense with his arm. And he often tucks it n run instead of scrambling to throw. Not that I think he will be a bad QB, but I rather have a QB that I know can put a team on his shoulders throwing the football.
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