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  1. Yes x Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  2. Steelers draft all wrapped up now. Pretty happy with it overall. I think I got great value in the later rounds. Wish I had a better option at a position of need in the first but felt too tempted to take Gary in the 1st. I do think though that a team like Pittsburgh is his best hope of realising his potential. Wish I could have gotten some depth at safety but I think this is a super weak safety class.
  3. With the 235th pick, The Steelers select QB Trace McSorley, Penn State @JiF is OTC @kdels62 is on deck
  4. With the 218th and 219th picks, The Steelers select C Jon Baker, Boston and LB Dakota Allen, East Mississippi Community College @Curse of Namath is OTC @Paradis and @JetFanatic on deck
  5. With the 175th pick, The Steelers select OL Alex Bars, Notre Dame @BroadwayRay is OTC @Sarge4Tide and @JiF are on deck
  6. With the 141st pick The Steelers select TE Drew Sample, Washington @T0mShane is on the clock, @T0mShane is on deck
  7. Listening to offers for pick 141
  8. With the 122nd pick the Steelers select CB Justin Layne, Michigan State @#27TheDominator is on the clock, @Sarge4Tide is on deck
  9. @Curse of Namath Nice pick. Snell is my favourite player in this years draft.
  10. With the 74th pick of the 2019 NFL Draft, The Pittsburg Steelers select RB, Darrell Henderson, Memphis
  11. I was going to take him before I traded out. Close call. Great pick!
  12. Trade talks have currently stalled. I'll be making my pick in the next 30mins if I don't receive any new offers.
  13. Currently entertaining trade offers.

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