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  1. Where's 80? How did he react to his entire team trying to lynch him?
  2. If I was stuck in purgatory with anyone else it wouldn't be worth it. <3
  3. Oh sh*t nice. Can we still lynch Chrja?
  4. But it says town wins in the thread title
  5. Thanks DPR for hosting the game! And thanks JN for having me. I'm sure I'll see ya'll suckas next time.
  6. Krak what do you think? Should we just kill Chrja? The likelihood he's scum is low but damn it's certain to make me feel good.
  7. unvote Lol **** I almost want to just vote Chrja he's completely insufferable this game.
  8. We should probably just kill Pral first lol. Knowing DPR set ups the point of the game was for mafia to have to get on towns good side by giving them gifts (like in the song) and coax them into using them in certain ways (like in the song). No reason why there couldn't be 3 scum distributors and that's balanced by the fact that they have to give out the roles.
  9. Wait you were gifted role-cop not alignment cop?
  10. JiF was a goner. There's no way Pral comes in to hammer you since you were someone he would have given sh*t to. Krak could've gone onto JiFs train but there was no way I was switching because I'd got a viewing on JiF and you weren't going to hammer yourself.
  11. Yeah that's my point. Seems kind of convenient. And also no one else has had a regular cop viewing gifted to them. Ugh if Krak came up as Traveller does that change things? All travellers have been town. Guess it makes sense to just lynch Pral and then lynch Krak tomorrow if we're still not done.
  12. Yeah, he's been playing so erratic the whole game that I guess it's not surprising. The post I quoted pretty much demonstrates that.
  13. Could be painted as a forced interaction. We kinda need the others to chip in. With 3 to lynch I don't want to vote anyone until they have.
  14. Other people started voting Lizzie (Dice and Crush) but his was the first that took votes off Shad. Protecting his buddy here?
  15. Can you help me ISO his posts and find something that stands out as very pro-town?
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