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  1. I feel like you should send me to represent you. I have a 100% win rate, and a MVP award from my last game here. If anybody got better stats speak up.
  2. really You should read the thread, i am pretty sure most of these guys hate me by now
  3. Long forum games online like this one, about 200 before this one i would guess, maybe more.
  4. Better???? I was the ******* MVP!
  5. If people don't want me to play here again i wont. but you gotta admit I made an impact!
  6. Can we all agree I was the MVP I leaded this town to victory! A new star on this site has been born
  7. For the record i would like to state the following. Spoot, still got two potentiel scum in me and Pral (Don't really know his stance on Krak, but seems to be keeping him in the running) Yet he is in no way trying to determine who the scum is, he doesn't care because he know he has to get us both lynch to win. That is all. Signed The MVP
  8. You guys will learn to love me Come on jump on my bag - This Piggy is going to Glory town Vote Spoot
  9. Come on Racoon i will give you a piggy bag ride to glory
  10. racoon come on. do spoot with me. I promise i will vote Pral over Krak tomorrow.
  11. I am the MVP, nothing to be ashamed of. First game here, and already the MVP, soon people will be making videos saluting me.
  12. Its Spoot, so we should vote him first. we are 3 here now, lets just do it.
  13. MVP MVP MVP I can already hear you chanting in that video! Its gonna be awesome.
  14. Spoot don't care between me or pral, guess why? most likely because he needs to lynch us both to actually win.
  15. but if you are scum, will you in post game salute me and call me MVP ? maybe even record a video of you praising me? I would like that.
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