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  1. Also i got a framer role from pral. I havn't used it. I Also got on of those Absorber roles, havn't used that one either.
  2. I do care. but its over, last is JiF btw I stabbed Krak last night.
  3. @Spoot-Face how about you change your vote to JiF so we can end this game.
  4. @Pral You gave me a wolf role last night, why is that?
  5. Its JiF or Krak, with the new peeks i think its JiF
  6. So when is day in this game? does the scum ever kill anyone?
  7. Who got stabbed so far, then i can tell you if we have enough.
  8. Why would Pral give me those roles if he was a scum? Like that knife someone will be getting tonight from me, is essential from Pral. And i got other awesome roles that i wont reveal because it will only help wolves. But i really don't see Pral giving me those roles if he is a scum. they would be so useful for the scum
  9. It might also be spoot. we should kill him next
  10. I think Krak is scum, I think rest might be villa So i stab krak. I don't think scum want to vote a peeked GF, so i am light clearing anybody voting 80. that pretty much leaves krak
  11. nah more of a statement kind of vote.
  12. only the pages where i post. if anything else important happen i expect you to tell me.
  13. I don't really see why Pral would give me all these awesome roles, if he was a wolf - would be so much smarter to give it to another wolf or not give it at all. so yeah i am never gonna vote Pral this game - and people should lynch me over him, because my death would prove that he is a villa
  14. 80 who do you think are most likely scum at this point. ? If we lynch you and you flip villager, tell me who i should stab tonight.
  15. I am giving it in the night, so i am guess it can't be used that night
  16. Pral let me know if you want me to vote 80, i will It just seems smarter to stab him. but seeing as we don't got a lot of time he might be the only one we can actually lynch
  17. I will stab him! I will give Zander a knife so that he can stab.
  18. Guess we won't be lynching anyone today either.
  19. we are on exactly the same page. I got Spoot down at AJ but otherwise same page.
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