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  1. This isn't a good votecount. me and pral both villa 80 are getting stabbed tonight
  2. So who do we vote today ? I need to go soon, so i need to vote
  3. Pral trust me. I also got another really good role from him. thats why i said that i was sure he was a town, and you guys should lynch me over him because that would prove that he was villa.
  4. Like i will give a knife to someone this night. That person will confirm me. and i will stab 80 so he dies if people want me to.
  5. Ohh i got it wrong. I can give a knife to anybody, but i didn't get an ekstra. So i got a knife, and i can give another player a knife. who should i give it to?
  6. Pral claimed the captain I got it from the captain. That was an ekstra 1, i still havn't used my first one, so i got that one as well
  7. I havn't wanted to stab anyone. so i got a knife or two left. Well Pral gave it to me, so think its fair he gets to help decide
  8. Thank you Kaylee you are as sweet as you are pretty
  9. Why do we know 80 lied? explain it to me like i was 5. Pral isn't a wolf, he keeps on giving me great powers, he would be giving those to a wolf if he was one.
  10. Is there some way for me to get a live player list. without having to read it all
  11. Well i could do that... If pral ask me to i will do that.
  12. I havn't found one, kind of annoying
  13. Actually i don't think he ever makes that claim, if somebody could counter him This means that people should consider him completely clear. Last night he gave me a power he would never give to a villager if he was a wolf - so for me he is completely clear to the rest of you, you need to kill me before Pralaya, when you see that i am a villager - you will need to trust me when i say, that he gave me a power he would never give to a villager if he was a wolf.
  14. If nobody counter claims Pralaya as the captain I can clear him.
  15. or and i am guess 1 out of 3 power givers are wolfs. villages wouldn't get all 3
  16. maybe we should try to actually lynch someone today
  17. don't we get to know what role Nolder, Hallia and Pac was?
  18. Lizard and Nolder might not be the worst place to start.
  19. I have hardly played, so lynching anyone with fewer post then me might not be the worst idea.
  20. OH NO.....ITS ZANDER!!!!!! Friday at 08:36 AM 376 posts Andrej The Giant Friday at 02:38 AM 188 posts Shad Saturday at 01:42 AM 164 posts Spoot-Face Friday at 05:04 AM 154 posts The Crusher Friday at 02:32 AM 121 posts Jetscode1 Friday at 03:26 AM 111 posts Krak Friday at 02:31 AM 106 posts JiF Friday at 01:54 PM 83 posts D P R Friday at 02:29 AM 78 posts a_very_fat_raccoon Friday at 11:33 PM 78 posts Chrja Friday at 08:56 AM 75 posts Dicetosser Friday at 01:30 PM 69 posts Kaylee Friday at 03:05 AM 64 posts Jetsfan80 Friday at 05:21 AM 64 posts Leelou Friday at 11:04 AM 39 posts Pralaya Friday at 12:17 PM 37 posts Nynaeve Friday at 11:00 AM 31 posts Verbal Friday at 05:28 PM 16 posts Nolder Saturday at 02:42 PM 9 posts Pac Friday at 02:50 AM 5 posts Lizard King Saturday at 02:31 AM 4 posts Klecko73isGod Friday at 03:09 PM 1 post
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