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  1. Well i am off to bed. lets hope we got more information tomorrow.
  2. ohh yeah and Andrej as well as a villa lean
  3. like i got villa leans on zander krak Racoon 80 crusher but i really don't got any strong scum leans .
  4. actually i got more villagers in this game then scum. thats strange for me, i usually search for scum
  5. not really, i don't feel connected to the game right now. I usually gain reads by interacting or by tone reading people. Its hard to toneread people you havn't played with on a site where you don't now the tone. Its hard to interact with people when i havn't had time to play (and most havn't been around when i have) - but this one is up to me.
  6. Ohh and i went out drinking friday woke up sunday - i am getting to old for sh*t like that, so i have been tired as hell most week and thats why i missed most of the weekend.
  7. I actually think crusher had a villagery reaction to my claim - but i had to hold the front until now, thats why i voted him. I was motivated when we started the game. Not so much now, it bores me that in almost a week we havn't lynched a single person - i might get more motivated later, but for now i am just on cruise control to be honest.
  8. no matter what you should make sure to actually lynch someone, i rather you lynch me, then none at all. we can't just let the scum kill off people.
  9. purely self pres. I just got home, and now i am going to bed, might see you tomorrow - if not, well
  10. just to get you up to date. I didn't get any message, i was trying to get a reaction from you.
  11. Well thats not gonna happen, rational people will realize i am an obvious town.
  12. I get how people could get annoyed. But you most admit it gave some interactions, so in the end i consider it a useful move - But now i had to stop it, people started to act based on it alone. We should use the info it generated.
  13. Is this you first game? like why the **** would i ever make that messages claim, and then unclaim it now as a scum?
  14. Unvote Don't let me disturp you then.
  15. I can't remove the quote, just ignore it. Vote: Pralaya why just come by, say that others post a lot and then go again.
  16. I am here now, how many hours till we need to agree on someone. I can see there has been a lot of talk about me getting messages. Its taking to much focus. I didn't get any messages i was simply trying to get the game started at first.
  17. Spoot who do you think are the 3 most likely scum and why?
  18. History has shown that twtbaw is bullsh*t, if somebody is scummy, chances are that they are most likely scum.
  19. Krak you should step up and lead us. I would like to, but apparently people don't trust the new guy. But we need a leader, and it should be you.
  20. I just tell you the message, i don't know more then you guys. Maybe my dead will make it clear - maybe someone else got some information. right now i will focus on voting those i find most scum likely, it would be pretty scummy of me to just hide behind my message and not try to find other wolves.......
  21. We need 9 people agreeing. If we want to succede we will need a leader to step up.
  22. Guys we need to agree on someone we need to kill people or else this game is gonna take forever. If we need a leader, then i will step up and be that leader. If you don't want me, i suggest we find another qualified leader. as of right now people are acting like sheeps without a leader. If not me, then i suggest Krak, let him decide - and let us all follow.
  23. jetsfan vote him with me. His defence of scoot seems strange. His reaction to me, having a hard time as to how to deal with me is even stranger.
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