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  1. People should listen to me. I will make this game great again, i promise you i will make this game great. Many great players agree with me. So you should all listen to me..... According to recent politics this is how you get americans to follow you right. so now vote JiF og Scoot with me.
  2. scum are almost always struggling more with the simple interactions in beginning of games then villagers. This is a universal truth.
  3. what about his play didn't you like. I liked most of his play.
  4. I like this post by Jetsfan80 - straight to the point no bullsh*t, this kind of stuff if mostly done by villagers, so he gets a villager lean.
  5. If you agree with me on Spoot, then vote him with me - we need to actually lynch people not just wait on the wolves killing us.
  6. Leelou was kind of wolfy in the post i read from her. So my stance on new JC is that he isn't villagery. But i kind of look forward to seeing his posting style from the new role. Even though it sucks to sub someone back into the game in a new role.
  7. I had no ******* Idea JC was JetCode - well guess i should have known, but at the time i read the reveal i just didn't think about that.
  8. What? I was reading some post by him, he sounded like a villager. Thats why i called him a villager. What do you mean he is Leelou now?
  9. Not at all. Claiming cop would be strange. Like why would i do that.
  10. That doesn't really change anything does it.
  11. No idea why i am gettting messages
  12. Just a small note to self. Zander Jetcode Krak Andrej Most likely all villagers.
  13. I do like this post by Andrej i think thats villagery.
  14. 7 out of 10 times. Its mafia that goes "Vote me then" soooooo ......
  15. Its the same on page 11. just posting random crap trying to fit in.
  16. Reading page 10 makes me think Spoot-Face is a mafia scum. His/her just seems so ackward like they don't really now what to post
  17. Hey Guys Last night i got a message saying Krak was Villager. Still don't know what these messages means. Should have time to read the thread later today.
  18. Players: 1. Zander: town 2. Lee: Don't know 3. 80: Don't know 4. Verb: Don't know 5. Shad: Don't know 6. Andrej: Don't know 7. Crusher: Mafia 8. JiF: Don't know 9. raccoon: Don't know 10. JC: Don't know 11. Nolder: Don't know 12. Lizard: Don't know 13. Chrja: town 14. Pral: Don't know 15. Krak: Don't know 16. dice: Don't know 17. Spoot: Don't know 18. Pac: Don't know 19. Hallia: Don't know Sorry for disappearing, i havn't read anything since last friday, and i have forgotten most of what i read there - Tuff weekend. should have plenty of time, in the coming days. Might even read what i missed.
  19. I gained what i wanted. I got a reaction from Zander. It made it easier to read him for both me and others.
  20. vote: The Crusher Don't want to vote zander anymore.
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