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  1. who know you the best and can read you the best?
  2. That not really true, now are it. I don't say wolfs never done it, but its definitely not a wolfing 101 move.
  3. so this is pretty much wolfy over reaction.
  4. well well well I still was the first one to call you scum, so you couldn't really be surprised when i voted you.
  5. good enough for me. Lets all just maj Zander and get on with it.
  6. ahh I really did call you out as the first. now be fair.
  7. Do i get an award for being the first one to call him out? I do like awards.
  8. You are allowed to ask all the questions you want, i just prefered you ask questions that help you solve the game. Or for that sake questions that help you bond and say hi to friends. What i don't like is asking questions that makes it look like you are trying to solve the game, when in fact the question is never used or could be used.
  9. Throw me to the wolves and i will return leading the pack.
  10. If i am wrong, then what did you gain by asking about my exp in relation to my actions.
  11. This here doesn't really add up. IF i am a rookie or not shouldn't have any influence on his read. A rookie or an exp players spouting reads could both be trying to gets things started or something else. The Exp of a player shouldn't really be a warrant/basis for how he interprets my actions.
  12. We should discuss how Zander might be a mafia.
  13. It kind of confuses me, with people not playing having conversation in the thread. do you guys always allow that?
  14. Fair enough, just wanted to know if you felt like a villager or a mafia this morning.
  15. Yeah its Rebecca Black day (what ever happend to her btw?) How you feeling today?
  16. Some years of exp by now. Really don't now how to elaborate it more then that - but i ain't no rookie Why did you quote my post in connection with the question?
  17. If i was to guess one villager it would be Jetcode right now.
  18. I have played on MU and 2+2 Just remember your name from somewhere
  19. Full disclosure. I also remember the name Verbal, so might have played with him too. And i know Hallia a bit, not quite sure i have actually played with her.
  20. 33/Yes Please/Aarhus I think we might actually have played on some other site.
  21. I am not really sure how this work. but i got a message saying The Crusher was a mafia. So i guess we should kill him or something.
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