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  1. Haha, except for this last week when I got extremely busy, I tried my best. Don't think we could have won this game, but meh. Well. actually. That Zander kill of Shad at the last minute before deadline turned things away, or else we could have won this !
  2. Sigh, no. I understand why you are seeing me as scum but I don't know how else to convince you otherwise. Dice, AJ and even you have been wrong on me before and have lynched me numerous times quote early in the game. I know that here it is mainly due to mechanics and thus i don't have any way to say otherwise. But, no. I am not scum. I am The Captain and I can chose what roles I can give and I have tried my best to help catch the scum.
  3. You are getting one your way. And, no Zander, I am not scum. I knew about the knives because I had a role to give which reloads knives. As The Captain, I don't have knives myself to kill others.
  4. vote 80 Placeholder till we get a confirmation on stabs. If it is anything like how it happened D2, then lol.
  5. Yeah, I am lost right now. Guess I was so focused on dice that I don't have a bearing in this game anymore. Lack of ISO is not helping either. Chrja, Spoot, Zander, raccoon are looking extremely town. AJ is also likely town. 80 is going to be stabbed. That leaves krak and Jif.
  6. unvote Just caught up and he is going to be stabbed anyway.
  7. And, this is the hint I was talking about - how I knew about steel knives, even though I didn't have one myself. I could only give the power to somebody else.
  8. I have Chrja as town. Had him since the beginning. I also had given to Nolder in N1. Not sure if he used it.
  9. I already claimed Captain. Yesterday's news.
  10. I have a feeling all three of us have the same roles to distribute. I mean, AJ got a Framer or what he claims, Dice was a Framer and I had a Framer which I didn't use.,
  11. I have a role which hints me about the knives. Presumably Shad had one too?
  12. No. I know that it is strange. If the gifts are random, tink wouldn't get the towniest of the roles i have 2/3 days and chrja once.
  13. Did Dice mention he chose Night Man? How did he get Framer? If it was Night Man, it makes sense that Shad gave him the Framer.
  14. He claimed Night Man, who like me gives powers to people. His claim was also vetted.
  15. @OH NO.....ITS ZANDER!!!!!! Read the last two pages in detail, lol.
  16. They are in me and Shad - happened before we claimed .
  17. WTF, both raccoon and chrja confirmed me as Captain. They chose the captain and got powers from me. What is there not to believe it?
  18. Town: Chrja - His reaction to my claim comes from a townie perspective, Combined with earlier my read of him earlier, don't see how he is not town Spoot - His enthusiasm and figuring out the game and coordinating the effects is great. Unlikely to come from scum. Zander - Pretty much disappeared today. Nothing has changed. Slightly town: raccoon - He is one the people i give powers and I don't think he has misused any of the powers I gave him yet. Shad - Claimed Night Man. His mechanics seems closer to how mine works, so I am sure he is being genuine. Krak - Nothing has changed from earlier. Unsure: Andrej - Moves down. Something about his changing reads and his flip-flop on me before my claim doesn't quite ring genuine. He is still using a comment I made on D1 as an excuse and it just feels opportunistic. However, his overall play has been good and helpful. I am just not sure whether he actually confused about me or being smart there. 80 - Cop view. Cleared for now. But, his claim that he did not get any powers worries me. Jif - Has pretty much focused only on 80 since the beginning of the game. I get his frustrations but it is something easily done as either alignment. Scum: Dice - Scum, scum, scum. Why is he not dead yet?
  19. But you did. And, you wonder why I am scum reading you !
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