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  1. JetHammer

    Mac has to trade down...

    Saw some people say he could be pro bowler at guard....anyone think we should, hopefully trade back and take him as a guard. Could have the q Nelson effect. I also think jets should look at interior as priority rather than lt. Lt is a need but not immediate like lg and c.
  2. This is such a stupid narrative and like the flawed TE argument - The TEs only had a small amout of catches between them in 2017 because of their circumstances! Herndon wasn't here, Legget was injured, Sterling was not the starter etc. Does every successful TE enter the league with a 100 catches then? For one I am excited to see Hanson play - his catches last year hint at something great. He just needs to be targeted. Always liked Kearse from when he was in Seattlle and Anderson is a home run when not in the clink. Also love Enuwa's versatility and hoping Stewart gets more opportunities as I seem to remember an outstanding catch from him underneath last year. Go Jets is what I say - all positive.
  3. JetHammer

    Third overall pick is...

    More I listen to Rosen, I want Rosen. Like his personna, his ability is beyond question. Upside is huge. please be Rosen. Mayfield is good but something is nagging me here. Only concern with Rosen is more a concern with the state of the oline - I would love Ragnow to be available in the third (unlikely I know) to shore it up.
  4. JetHammer

    What position do you want taken in Round 3?

    Oline all day - not enamoured with the center signings.
  5. JetHammer

    Kyle Lauletta

    Surely 2 is too early for this guy! I can't see mac going with a late projection qb in R2 again...or can I?
  6. JetHammer

    My sweetass offseason plan

    I'm in on this - I wasn't a fan of taking Bell in FA because value can be had in Draft but hearing he is a big Jets fan has swayed me if we can get the right pieces around him. Luke Falk is interesting - could be a 'project' which is everyones least favourite word after Hackenberg but .... Also Vita Vea - I hope he drops to us in 2!!!
  7. JetHammer

    London games feelings?

    Touché - not ICF but West Ham definately won the World Cup! Oh and I prefer an Ale
  8. JetHammer

    London games feelings?

    There are a lot of hangers on at these games with no real attachment - I hate seeing social media during the games and the local coverage always roll out z-list 'celebs' who are privalaged to attend on the sideline. I never played 'Football' as a kid, being from the UK (from the south for the Northern monkey who said men are only men if they are from the north), so it is not in my 'fabric' as i guess it is for Americans but I love watching it, and am invested throughout the year via Game Pass and whatever podcast or website I can find. I have invested time to understand the nuances of the game and it dominates my week in or out of season. I attended a couple of games a few years back and was in awe of the fans that I spoke to who had made the journey from the States. Thats commitment. I would hate to lose a West Ham game (thats real pain Jets fans, to be a fan of West Ham AND the Jets) to another country so I could live without them in my country. The quality this year especially was also terrible.
  9. JetHammer

    FA Wish Lists

    Surely FA has got to bring some core peices. Replace Wilkerson with someone gives a sh*te, depth at CB some O-line help. Those must be priority if drafting QB in 1st is goal which it must be. FWIW and slightly off topic I really like Bradley Chubb and gutted that we will miss out because QB is such a need.
  10. JetHammer

    Ryan Jensen - UFA Center

    Agreed - thought we should have taken Elflein last year.
  11. What I love about Enunwa is his blocking - dude does not get enough credit and matches up to some of the best non-o-lineman in terms of blocking.
  12. JetHammer

    The Hack fan bus is fueling up....

    Me - until next years draft Seriously though, hope he wins the "competition" and gets playing time!
  13. JetHammer

    Tim Williams Interview

    Tim Williams interview on Draft Breakdown - http://draftbreakdown.com/exclusive-interview-with-alabamas-tim-williams/ Really good interview, honest and forthright. Thought the other day how he does not seem to be getting much buzz....I still think he could be an interesting second round pick for us.
  14. JetHammer

    HS Mock Draft...because why not

    A lot of love for this mock and I agree - three years down the line the Jets might look back on this draft as a key for getting some pieces in place.
  15. JetHammer

    Evan Engram

    I challenge any TE out this draft to be a better blocker that Enunwa - the guy is brilliant...

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