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  1. I would be happy with the following... 1 - Thomas Willis or beckton 2 - biadasz or Ruiz or best edge 3 - best edge or biadasz or Ruiz or we from Bryan edwards, van Jefferson, kj hill 3 - wr from above 3 - other we from above
  2. He sounds Antonio Brown, self-serving bat sh*t crazy. Also how does he know the rams and pats don't take calls on Donald and Brady!!! Jamal trying get his way with a move to his club. What a dick.
  3. Got to agree with that. I like Jamal but know when to shut up. Meant to be a leader
  4. I don't whether you are playing a third string qb, the offence looks dead. Opposition d knows instantly it's going to bell and gase looks lost on the sideline. I don't normally advocate rush decisions but gase sucks
  5. So the d has more touchdowns than the o this season...and sp are equal!
  6. Me too...however he is producing nothing that we can't get from 6th rounder fatukasi or some of the udfas
  7. All things considered the d has done okay. They are rarely off the pitch. I can't understand why the play calling is all behind the line. I don't think it is an overreaction to say gase is very poor. I hate saying that too as I usually want to give people a chance. He has to show that in his play calling. Jets are boring to watch on offence save for le'veon bell.

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