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  1. It's painful watching this cr@p every week. Same mistakes, penalties, big plays opposition offence, tiny steps on our offence!!! Just a sh,1t show
  2. Agreed, this is a stupid over reactionary thread! I think he has drafted ok overall. He has a questionable round 3 and 4 in his first draft, otherwise I like his picks, andd Clark I bet was going to be good before injury. We may never know!
  3. Agreed, don't judge him on one season with gase, why do jets fans right people off instantly. I think he could be great.
  4. I feel bad for Sam...Ifeel bad for the millionaire Sam darnold! Seriously though, I hope he gets into a good situation and has a good career.
  5. Agreed, rhetoric of missing on thuney is crazy. Why would thuney want come here if KC is calling? why would fans want another massive, splashy free agency contract when we have been burned before? Narrative is embarrassing. The fact that people are questioning JD after 1 not terrible draft is crazy too and makes me think we don't deserve success. I don't think the gase factor isn't helpful either...terrible coach, bad play calling, I am hopeful that we are trending up.
  6. I hope we avoid JuJu, golladay was my favourite, maybe Samuel but there are also so good draft choices. I would be happy to sit on Davis and draft the wrs. For me CB is tough to call as we have burned in free agency before
  7. I think this is a great marriage and I am excited by Salah so far but more importantly the offensive system. It has got progressively worse from the one magical season with fitzmagic. And even that was not really a success. How starved we are. I am cautious though, as January is a time for jets optimism One thing that is winding me up about the Watson link is that could of just drafted him....thanks Mac! I wonder where we would be if we had?
  8. I actually think we have some excellent pieces on d. Especially d line. If we can just fill it wit pass rush, top tier corner and and another pass rush option at lb I think that d is potentially very good
  9. My only nagging thought is that the 49ers d was ranked highly with superstar pass rush and sold secondary. As much as I like the characters in d and the model for building of our d, we don't have superstars. Sure we need pass rush and corners. I am positive however. Seems like the anti bowles interns of personality, and I hope shanahan's offence comes this way too
  10. How about trade out of 2, collect picks take best ol/we (Sewell, chase, Smith, Slater?). Trade back in to top 15 for Lance? Best of both, ride with darnold while also develop Lance....just a thought not an opinion
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