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  1. Joe Marler ladies and gentlemen!
  2. He sounds Antonio Brown, self-serving bat sh*t crazy. Also how does he know the rams and pats don't take calls on Donald and Brady!!! Jamal trying get his way with a move to his club. What a dick.
  3. Got to agree with that. I like Jamal but know when to shut up. Meant to be a leader
  4. I don't whether you are playing a third string qb, the offence looks dead. Opposition d knows instantly it's going to bell and gase looks lost on the sideline. I don't normally advocate rush decisions but gase sucks
  5. So the d has more touchdowns than the o this season...and sp are equal!
  6. Me too...however he is producing nothing that we can't get from 6th rounder fatukasi or some of the udfas
  7. All things considered the d has done okay. They are rarely off the pitch. I can't understand why the play calling is all behind the line. I don't think it is an overreaction to say gase is very poor. I hate saying that too as I usually want to give people a chance. He has to show that in his play calling. Jets are boring to watch on offence save for le'veon bell.
  8. I don't necessarily disagree with the above but to address the edge could it that Lee will move out there from inside. After all he has speed to burn the edge and is good in coverage. Did he not play there for Ohio? I seem to remember that we were all surprised when he was moved inside. Also ansah is still available...an option seeing as our front looks like a Swiss army knife now. Fyiw glad we got q but also thinking about the whatifs if we managed to trade out.
  9. Saw some people say he could be pro bowler at guard....anyone think we should, hopefully trade back and take him as a guard. Could have the q Nelson effect. I also think jets should look at interior as priority rather than lt. Lt is a need but not immediate like lg and c.

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