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  1. I think quinnen, 22, should stay. Cut/trade some of the other meat around DL and build around q with a coach that uses him properly
  2. Here is a crazy thought...Sam is fixable post-gase! I don't like the Darnold trade talk. He is still 23! Trade down top 3 pick to accumulate picks and build this thing properly around him with an actual coach around him. I believe in Sam! There is too much love around the league for him apart from at the jets. As an aside, I am going to do my nut if gase not gone soon. Guy is a disgrace!
  3. Problem is, I actually don't disagree with his obvious anti-gase campaign. Don't feel bad for him though 😁
  4. The problem has got to be Gase surely. The evidence is out there. Tannehill is looking decent with decent coaching. It frustrates me that when I watch highlights of other low to mid level teams and see them put some semblance of offence together. We just can't do it. It is soul destroying and the fact one game has destroyed an off-season of albeit blind hope. I want to see Darnold with decent coaching before judging him. I mean Minshew. Drew Locke, even Daniel Jones look like they can run an an offence. Darnold cannot be a bust. I would rather have an interim than Gase the rest of the way.
  5. I would be happy with the following... 1 - Thomas Willis or beckton 2 - biadasz or Ruiz or best edge 3 - best edge or biadasz or Ruiz or we from Bryan edwards, van Jefferson, kj hill 3 - wr from above 3 - other we from above
  6. He sounds Antonio Brown, self-serving bat sh*t crazy. Also how does he know the rams and pats don't take calls on Donald and Brady!!! Jamal trying get his way with a move to his club. What a dick.
  7. Got to agree with that. I like Jamal but know when to shut up. Meant to be a leader

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