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  1. It depends what that 15 month old tape looks like. I think Trey Lance will be an interesting example of this. Is he better off: 1. Playing a full season, taking hits, focusing on the NDSU offense/playbook. Then starting the pre-draft after his team's playoffs, flying to 15 different cities to interview, and starting his rookie year essentially exhausted. or 2. Working from September through April with his QB coach on pro concepts, working on his drops and pro-style throws and getting 1000+ extra reps under center, resting his body and preparing for his rookie year. We wont know the answer until we see how the kids who opted out or who were forced out do as rookies, but its going to make the evaluation process more difficult for GMs.
  2. Unicorn - OJ Howard 2017 draft round 1. George Kittle 2017 draft round 5. Pitts is a great athlete, "matchup nightmare", but if he cant block then he's just a big WR. If you want a TE you draft a TE. To me Pitts seems like an elite athlete who you will have to design touches for: At 6-foot-6, he plays just as big as his size indicates. More in the role of a big receiver, Pitts can align outside, in the slot, or place his hand in the dirt in-line. As an F tight end, his combination of size, athleticism, and hands makes him a multi-level threat for creative offensive coordinators. As a run blocker, he’s sustainable and willing as a one-on-one blocker, but also isn’t afraid to get his face dirty in the box, either. Pitts will need to go to a team that can use him in creative ways with an outside-the-box thinker orchestrating the offense that allows his assets to shine.
  3. I dont think its necessarily a player who can play in the slot, as you can put anyone in the slot. Its more players who cant play on the outside. I like Crowder, but he simply isnt big or fast enough to make plays down the field from an outside WR position, nor is he big enough to battle for contested balls on the outside - hence he is relegated to the slot. Someone like Samuel is fast enough to take advantage of single coverage on the outside, but also is quick enough to run jet sweeps etc. A guy like that lets LaFluer use motion even more to his advantage and help out the whole offense. Hes my first choice over Robinson.
  4. He played 15 games this year after playing a total of 4 the previous 2 seasons. I think the thing about a player like neal is that it shows how we really need a traditional 4-3 WILL who can run and cover. It would be great if Onwuaswor could fill that role, but Im not sure if thats his best fit. Either way, Saleh is gonna need to find a player to play that spot next to Mosley
  5. Yea, this isnt what im following. Both Lattimore and Ramczyk have non-guaranteed salaries. Yes they are under contract for 2021 so we couldnt simply sign them outright, but JD could also wait a year and not have to give up a draft pick. Now - Darnold is a different story. If JD thinks Ramczyk is an upgrade over Fant, he could possibly swap Sam for him and sign Ramczyk to a long term deal.
  6. After watching the games yesterday, the thing you took away was that we should build the Oline? Have to say I went the opposite direction, brady is brady but if you dont have an elite QB you simply arent gonna beat the Chiefs or Bills for the next ten year. Id actually raise the price for what Id pay for watson after seeing these teams yesterday.
  7. I like Wilson a lot and if he is the right fit for the offense, checks out health wise and has the character that Saleh and JD want then im completely on board taking him at #2. He can make plays down the field, go through progressions and seems to have the "it" factor. Yes he lost to Coastal, but he got them to the red zone to win the game, they just didnt convert, so im not sure you can put that loss completely on him.
  8. Are we more devoid of talent then some other rebuilding teams, yea probably. But stephen hill was picked in 2012, the Idzik 12 was 8 years ago and pryor was 7 years ago, those players wouldnt be at an age where we could count on them to help the 2022-27 jets when Watson is in his prime. Adams is an excellent blitzer, other then that he doesnt make his teams defense better and getting 2 firsts for him is an absolute fleecing by JD. Watson not only makes the players around him better but will bring at least one elite level skill position player with him. Making our current picks more then enough
  9. They may want more but unfortunately for them, its up to Deshaun not the Texans. Why on earth would he agree to a trade that guts a team of their entire future? When he could have his agent pair him with a free agent WR and join the jets along with two of the top 35 players in this draft?
  10. Please remember that for any discussions involving state taxes, player pay taxes to the state where they play their away games, so its not an all or nothing situation going from NJ to Texas.
  11. Can you explain "giving away the farm" , not in terms of past trades (Rams moving up for Goff for example) but in the context of this exact situation. Here are the specific caveats to this situation 1. The Jets hold the #2 pick that holds a "value" of 2600. They are not trying to get acquire a QB with an "early" pick in the 8-10 range that would be worth 1400. 2. They have 4 first round picks in the next 2 drafts prior to the first phone call to the Texans. No team has ever traded OUT of the #2 while having that pick be part of the "farm" that is given away. Plenty of times we have seen teams trade UP, while starting in the 8-10 area and needing to add second round picks just to get the conversation started because their #8 pick is worth 1400 because it doesnt represent the chance at a franchise QB, its represents a good positional player. So say the Jets can offer #2 (2600), 20222 first and 2023 first. Who exactly is going to beat that offer? And how is that "the farm" when we would continue to have 1st, 2nd and (2) 3rd round picks this year along with 1st, 2nd and 3rd round picks next year. Can we not still adequately build a team in that scenario?
  12. What role are you signing Perriman for? If he wants to be our 4th WR behind Crowder, FA, and Mims and play for $4/5 million per year, then Id love to have him back. If he wants to be one of our top 2 WRs and get $8-10 million per year, I dont think thats a good use of cap space.
  13. I like this idea too. Williams, Ty Johnson, Perine and use a 3rd/4th round pick on a RB that "fits" what Lafleur wants to do scheme wise. You can keep 4RBs these days.
  14. Jones could be a very affordable option, short contract, good complementary player. Id really like to see us pay for a WR like Samuel who is versatile and explosive and use our picks on OL/DL as OL in particular is deep this year.
  15. This draft isnt great at CB and a lot of the good players who will be available in the second round are slot corners. We are able to bring back Brian Poole in that spot but also got good production from UDFA Javelin Guidry in the slot and I think he will be a depth piece at minimum. It also seems like Richard Sherman wants to join Saleh and he would be a great CB to play across from Hall who will definitely be a starter. They will need a traditional 4-3 DE and while he fits the mold physically, Zuniga gave no indication he can be counted on. I definitely think we use 2-3rd round pick on a DE, with a guy like Tarron Jackson from Coastal Carolina being a good fit.

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