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  1. Id like to open the kicking competition and see if Martin can overtake Catanzaro. He basically out produced Catanzaro on FGs and the company line as to why he got cut was that Catanzaro was better on kickoffs, which more then likely is more Bowles preferring yet another veteran. For a season where if we missed a FG here or there really doesnt matter, to me we should have gone with the young guy to see what hes got in real game situations. Plus he will likely play for the minimum vs $2 per year for Catanzaro
  2. Post your latest QB rankings...

    Darnold Rosen/Mayfield Falk Jackson Stidham Rudolph Allen
  3. Breer On Josh Allen

    Curious why after reading that article you feel Mayfield is a bad fit for the offense. I thought the exact opposite actually, that both Mayfield and Falk would be excellent fits for what Morton is running. Falk is a really intriguing guy. Has all the intangibles, is VERY accurate and from most accounts throws with NFL type anticipation (ie the "throwing guys open"). However his arm strength falls somewhere between above average and weak (not sure what the actual answer is) which could push into the middle rounds.
  4. Bills bench Tyrod Taylor

    Big fan of Peterman too and I was shocked we didnt take him in the mid rounds. What really bothered me about passing on him was that the offense they ran at Pitt is VERY similar to what Morton was going to (and has done now) here. Motion, short passing WCO style offense with shifts and play action. That is exactly what peterman excelled at in college as it was a pro-style system. 4 year guy, good character, mobile, only laced an elite arm. Really wanted the Jets to take him especially once we got into round 4/5.
  5. Bills bench Tyrod Taylor

    I just dont see how after the hackenberg experiment, you can go back to the well on a guy with "awesome physical skills" and fix his accuracy. Also, after reading the footballoutsiders.com article on how Morton is using the saints offense that mixes in air raid and spread concepts, I cant see why we wouldnt look at QBs form those types of offenses instead of the polar opposite which is josh allen.
  6. The Jets should do this on draft day

    Baker Edge Price RB Luke Falk
  7. Excellent find, great article. Morton and Bates can really help take a college QB like Mayfield or even Luke Falk (plays in air raid now) and shorten their learning curve to get them on the field in 2018.
  8. QB: Baker Mayfield, Oklahoma

    Have you even watched Mayfield play, because your analysis seems to indicate you watched Johnny Manziel and wrote about him instead of Mayfield.
  9. I personally am not a fan of the 3-4 as you have to find specific players who are harder to find then typical 4-3 players and it calls for bigger ILBs which in todays passing league, struggle in coverage. The steelers continue to be used as an example of a good 3-4 defense but the truth is they havent been able to develop LBs in a long time (aside from Watt who is great) and havent won as much as they should have with their elite offense. What kills me about Bowles is that due to injuries in Arizona he wound up playing a 4-2-5 defense (media called it a "3 safety defense") and has been either unwilling or unable to play that defense here. I think our best opportunity to improve the defense going forward is to re-sign Ealy and allow him to simply "rush" as much as possible. We keep Mo and either play him as one DE with Mclendon and Leo as the DTs or ideally find a DE and play Mo and Leo as "4-3 DTs". That 4 man line can both play the run and rush the passer, while allowing Leo and Mo to use their athletic ability to get into the backfield. Lee and DD can be the "LBs" and we can utilize Adams as a hybrid playing in the slot and near the line where he excels making plays behind the LOS. This would also free us up to play a "cover" type safety with Maye to help whoever our weaker CB is and let maye roam a bit to make plays on the ball. IMO this not only puts players like Mo and Leo into the best position to play to their abilities to simply beat their guy into the backfield rather then worrying about gap responsibility, but it can free up Lee and Adams to be interchangeable as blitzers which Adams is great at and Lee has the speed to be good at. This also gets 5 DBs on the field to help mask any deficiencies we may have at CB in underneath coverage.
  10. Interesting Francessa points

    Great, fortunately they both seem happy and we have cap space. I thought all that matters is the results for Mac? If so the result is he acquired 2 contributing players for nothing. He doesnt deserve to get to Canton for those pickups, but they count.
  11. Interesting Francessa points

    This statement embodies exactly the problem with Jet fans - the inability to separate the fact that we do have a good core with the fact that we dont have a QB, those things for anyone who doesnt care more about being "right" about mac then actually having the Jets win are easily able to be separated. Do I want an edge rusher, absolutely. Do I want a QB other then Josh McCown, yes I do. Do I think Hackenberg was a terrible pick, yep. In hindsight should we have taken Vic Beasley over Leo, probably. But at the same time I am able to see that Mac hit on 2 FA pickups in Ealy and ASJ who could be contributors on this team for the next 5 years. I didnt jump to call Lee a bust after 20 games and it seems now that he could be a very strong player. Both our safeties are playing at elite levels for rookies (for rookies - they arent Earl Thomas today), McGuire looks like an NFL player who was picked in the 6th round and Robby looks like an NFL player as an UDFA. I also saw Mac acquire DD who is a good young player (not ray lewis - i just said good) and get a second round pick for a FA that we werent going to sign. John Elway traded up for Paxton Lynch and got a 5 year extension. Ozzie Newsome spent a first rounder on Matt Elam who is out of the league. Every team in the league passed on Dak Prescott. Ted Thompson doesnt have a good Offensive line. The job of a GM is extremely difficult and no one hits on every pick. You can dislike Mac and say we need a QB, but the fact that we have a good, young core on defense is just that - a fact.
  12. Interesting Francessa points

    There is a solid core of young players who care about winning and give max effort - something we havent had in a long time. Adams, Maye, DD, Lee and leo are all players who can be cornerstones of the defense for 5-7 years. Yes we need to sprinkle in other guys (Ealy?) but there absolutely is a core here of guys who want to get better and will. What adams and maye have done as rookies is very difficult in the NFL as safety isnt usually a plug and play position. I would like to see us find a young center, RB to pair with McGuire and a QB (cousins or mayfield) to lead the offense with Adarius and solidify the identity of the offense.
  13. I saw a good gif the other day of a fake quick hit to the WR, where mccown then turned around and we ran a screen to the other side - was a great play, and something we saw zero of on Sunday vs the Bucs. Personally, I think this offense can be very successful next seasons with ASJ at TE, Enunwa playing the hybrid H-Back/WR spot he did in 2015, Robby Anderson as one WR and Adarius/Kearse as the other WR. With improved center play (through FA or draft) and any QB who is either better then mccown (Cousins) or has a stronger arm and can run (Mayfield/Jackson) this offense can be successful due to the mismatch potential it presents. With the above group, you can have a good blocking group with Enunwa and ASJ and run the ball, or go 4 wide with a RB that can catch and hit short passes and especially bubble screens, especially with Robby being able to stretch the field on one side. That group (with improved center play - which is a must) can really ease the burden on a young QB or let someone like Cousins thrive by getting us in the right play call, and taking what the defense gives while being able to hit the occasional deep ball.
  14. Our offense/Morton are strongly influenced by the Harbaugh offenses that the 49ers ran. Power running game, play action, and motion/misdirection plays on offense to scheme WRs open. The issue is, and this was SO apparently on Sunday, is that our offensive line is not in any way a power running group. Winters and Wes Johnson are very light for their positions and McGuire and Powell are not RBs who do well running behind a FB. I believe Morton is a good OC, and adapts to what is going on, I just sincerely hope he can see that the Lawerence Thomas/run through the tackles isnt working and goes back to running out of a 3 WR set to get Powell and McGuire in space. That is when our offense is working best.
  15. As much as I think Morton has done a very good job here, I think the playcalling yesterday put our Oline in the worst possible situations, and is to blame for much of the offenses lack of production. The Lawerence Thomas Fullback story is great and all, but neither Powell nor McGuire are good running behind a 265lb FB, that is not who they are. Furthermore, Wes Johnson and Winters are not strong, powerful, heavy lineman who can run a power running scheme. They routinely struggle when they arent pulling or operating in space - yet all game yesterday we tried to pound McGuire and Powell between the tackles, which makes no sense to me. Our best rushing effort was against Jacksonville when we ran out of 3 WR sets. McGuire and Powell are elusive in space, and are very good at finding a crease when the team runs outside the tackles. Yet we hardly ever did that yesterday which is playing directly to our weaknesses.