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  1. I think we will know what type of coach Gase is very quickly, simply by looking at Frank Gore's touches. Gase's biggest issue as a coach is not being able to adapt. He sticks with "his guys" who dont happen to be the best players. Say what you want about situations, or schemes, but there is simply no reason a guy like Kenyon Drake can leave Gase and not "get better" but become an elite player at his position. Coaches need to be able to design and call plays that are best suited for their personnel and im not sure Gase is able to do that. If Gore gets more then 7/8 touches per game on this team then I think it will be indicative that Gase simply isnt going to change and unless we have a legitimate playoff run he should be removed for someone with more upside, preferably Ericy Bienemy.
  2. Its quite possible that the issue with Perriman was simply that the NFL is hard. Some of these guys have gotten by on shear athletic ability their whole lives, college included, and dont realize the work it takes to make it in the NFL and that it just takes a little time for the "light to go on". Injuries, etc all play a part into the adjustment, so hopefully he brings a competitive attitude to the team and is able to be the player he was last year.
  3. Im not sure about Gore and Bell out there together but I do think the plan you are discussing is a good one, but with 2 TEs instead of 2 RBs. Putting Mims and Perriman as WRs along with Bell, Herndon and Ryan Griffin would allow us to run the ball with 2 TEs and Mims who is a good blocker if the defense is in nickel or go 4 receivers and keep one TE in as an extra pass blocker. Herndon, Bell, Mims and Perriman would create some mismatches vs LBs or you can keep Bell in at RB to help pass protect and use Griffin as one of 4 very tall receivers.
  4. I hated the Fant signing at first but I think there is a lot of upside with him. He is also VERY far from overpaid. Its essentially a 1 year $10 million deal, that isnt overpaying for a starting OT who "could" be very good. Sure we could have resigned Brandon Shell, but there is zero chance Shell becomes a better player then what he is today. Thats not the case with Fant, especially since he will be moving to a more zone based system which should suit him better. I do think the LT/RT thing with him will be big, and I think its best if he stays on the right side and we just let Becton learn one position rather then having to switch. Putting Fant on the right side, next to a veteran like Van Roten, should also help him. OL is a sum of the parts and Fant playing with GVR and McGovern is a pretty big upgrade from Seattle's interior OL, which again "should" put him in a good position to succeed. If he doesnt, we will have $10 million to spend on a RT in 2021 Free Agency
  5. If we cut harrison who exactly would be the backup center? Given the age of our line, we likely won't be paying anyone over $10 million per year until (god willing) Becton's rookie deal is up, so investing money in a backup center who you can actually trust is a good move in my opinion. Id rather we extend him another year at under $2 million and ensure we have 2 centers that Sam can trust.
  6. Worrying about what Mac did or didnt do is pointless at this point. What is important is that Shephard was basically a sunk cost when he got suspended and instead came back and not only played "better" then we hoped but actually had excellent pass rushing numbers down the stretch. Putting out a legitimate 3-3-5 defense that can have elite run stopping ability while playing 3 DL is an advantage few teams have. Its very possible Fatuski, Q and Shephard can be an excellent DL for the next 2 years at a very low cost with depth of McLendon, Phillips and Anderson behind them which will then allow us to extend one of the DL and drop Anderson with no net loss of space or performance.
  7. Tannenhill just got a 4 year deal for $118 with $62 guaranteed and hes coming off 2 seasons where he didnt crack 3000 yards either time and had 17 tds in 2018 and 22 in 2019. If Sam goes for 3200 with 25-12 line that will rightly be considered franchise QB numbers and he will be in line for an extension.
  8. So who exactly should we allocate the resources to? Lets say we give Adams a 5 year $80 million deal (which would be nuts given we have him under contract but for arguments sake). Who in the next 5 years do we owe a huge contract to besides Sam? We will never pay a RB what we are paying Bell, and that $14 will come off the books after next season. Becton, god willing, will become the highest paid LT in the game, and that won't be for 4 years. Denzel Mims, god willing, will command a top 5 WR contract, also not for 4 years. Bryce Hall, Chris Herndon, or ???? will hopefully command big second contracts, all 3/4 years from now. So again - if we dont pay Jamal, who are we going to get in free agency that will be worth that $14-16 million?
  9. You think continuing this dance with Adams for 3 years (yes I understand the math and that we have control over him for that amount of time) is a good idea for the team?
  10. I also love the Ledyard take of being "cap strapped". Does he realize 50+% of teams have a ton of cap space every year and on top of that if the Jets dont pay adams who exactly are we going to pay? Do we have a LT or pass rusher I dont know about who needs $20+ million per year? You guys can argue that QB, LT, CB and Edge are all premium positions that should be paid before a safety. But if your LT is a rookie, you dont have an elite CB or Edge and your QB is under team control for 2 years - AND you have a RB coming off the books in a year or 2, you can afford to pay an elite safety and MLB and build your defense up the middle.
  11. A question for the people who dont think its worth it to pay Jamal. Would your thinking change if the Jets had a "Top 5" Defense? Its harder then I thought to find a single "Total defense ranking" but below are 3 different ones. Jets at 6 overall https://www.footballdb.com/stats/teamstat.html?group=D&cat=T Jets at 10 overall https://www.footballoutsiders.com/stats/nfl/team-defense/2019 Jets at 14 overall https://www.foxsports.com/nfl/team-stats?season=2019&week=100&category=DEFENSE&opp=0&page=1 With no pass rush, and literally replacement level CBs this defense finished somewhere between 6 and 14. I also believe that CJ Mosley, who is not just good - he is an elite MLB, would have made a huge difference on the overall play of this defense. Had the team "played better" and in turn been ranked higher allowing Jamals stats to contribute to a top unit on a team that would have been very close to the playoffs with Mosley (we certainly dont lose that Bills game with him), would you view him as more valuable then you do now?
  12. In the worst loss of the season, vs the Bengals, Bell had 10 carries and 4 catches. Im not sure how that is "getting Bell his touches" in a game we needed to win.
  13. Losing adams would have a huge impact on the defense (this isnt about whether I want to trade him or not or if getting picks for the offense is better long term, im simply giving my opinion on the 2020 and 2021 defense as you asked). The jets best defensive players for the next 2 years are Adams and Mosley and IMO Joe D and Williams have put together a defense built around them that will be a base 3-3-5 and play predominantly zone coverage. A Fatuski-Quinnen-Anderson DL, LBs of Jenkins, Mosley and Onwuasor, and DBs of Adams, Maye (as a single high safety), Desir, Poole, Austin/Hall/Wilson. Having a such a great run defense along with Adams ability to play in the box will allow the team to have stop the run on early downs while also having that extra DB on the field vs the pass. Adams versatility helps make that happen. The real value though comes on any "passing" down when we can take Onwuasor or Jenkins off the field, and have 3 down lineman, Mosley and Adams as "LBs" and 6 DBs in coverage. Having 2 players like Mosley and Adams who are essentially elite in both blitzing and coverage allows williams to generate a pass rush through disguising his blitzes and not losing anything in underneath coverage while also being able to use Maye deep to protect non-elite CBs. Can williams adapt to not having him, sure - if we were to get a pick AND a player like Ngakoue. No one is really dreaming of 2020 SuperBowls but I really dont think JD would agree to lose a player like Adams for future picks, especially since the fact of the matter is that Adams is under contract.
  14. Edge is a player who has good athleticism but doesnt have great play strength. He would be an absolutely terrible fit as a guard. College OTs sometimes project to guard if they have shorter arms/wingspans or dont have the athleticism to handle NFL speed rushers. Someone like Cameron Clark who is a good athlete and also happens to be very strong at the point of attack is someone who projects to be a potentially excellent guard. Just because a player can't handle playing OT at the NFL level, doesnt mean they can just play guard.
  15. Ive been paying close attention to the NBA, just because they are kind of "first" in this whole sports thing and also only have 12 players plus staff to manage. 2 weeks ago the NBA was optimistic about starting up. The owners individual, local TV contracts get paid in full at 70 games and all teams have played between 63-67 games to date, so it would be very easy to get to 70 and get the owners paid. Now this week, its not looking as good. Players are apprehensive about playing - likely because they have already received most of their 2020 money. Then you get into the discussion of what happens if a player tests positive - do they go home for 2 weeks? Is the whole team tested daily (75+ tests per day for an NFL team), or what if 10 players from one game are positive - does that team have to shut it down? The NFL has a huge revenue opportunity if they can dominate both saturday and sunday all fall if college football doesnt happen (which I can't see how it will). So there is tremendous incentive to do this, but its not going to be easy

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