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  1. Seems like someone we could afford to take a shot at..............hello Mac, are you awake.
  2. BCJet

    Josh Allen bidding

    You can add Brian Burns to that list too, who would be someone to target if we trade down. As much as I love Allen's athleticism, I think Quentin Williams is a better, safer player. No, its not at a sexy position like "edge rusher", but he can be an elite pass rusher from the interior and we can find speed on the edge somewhere else. Ideally, we swap with the Giants or Redskins and get Brian Burns or Sweat and then OL.
  3. BCJet

    Houston to the Colts

    Is this sarcasm? Im not a huge Luck fan, hes good but I'm not sure he is an elite player. That being said, they have the best Oline in football, a great 2nd year LB, malik hooker (if he can stay healthy), and add houston to the mix while also having 3 top 50 picks this year. They certainly dont suck
  4. BCJet

    Houston to the Colts

    2 years $12 million Sorry - mistyped. $12 million per year
  5. One of my favorite draft players ever was Barrett Jones. The Alabama center for multiple national championship teams when McCarron was the QB. I thought for sure he would be a steal given his college career. For whatever reason he failed to make it in the league at all. Out of football after being a reserve for 3 years. I think the problem with guys like him and Pierschaber is that Alabama just needs a smart dependable guy st the position as they are surrounded with so many other talented lineman. They aren’t elite athletes on their own. Just my opinion but it’s why I’m wary of Pierschaber
  6. I bet your proposed deal with Wash is more of an overpay that what Mac gave the Colts. Our deal with them was an overpay vs the chart, but in reality, keeping our 1 this year was much more valuable then if we had given up a second last year and our first this year. Look where we sit now. Mac's job right now is to make sure that both the Giants and Washington are in this, while also not overplaying his hand and letting one of them deal with SF and get to 2. Last year, due to Gettleman's idiocy, the Jets knew they could get to 3 and be fine. This year, if the Giants move this week to 3, they could get leapfrogged by Wash and be left with Drew Lock at 3....not ideal.
  7. BCJet

    Siemian to Jets

    Webb's scouting report is that he has a great arm, good work ethic, but coming from spread offenses he is basically Geno (minus the off the field idiocy) in that he can hit an open WR, but struggles with the speed of the game to "throw guys open". That comes with time for even good players, and with live game reps (even if its preseason). He is likely a true developmental QB who needs a couple more years to develop into a backup, which could be why we only gave Simieon a 1 year deal. Who knows, but either way, he now has competition to drive him from today until final cuts.
  8. This isn't enough. KRL posted basically the exact parameters to get this done fairly. 15 plus their 2nd and one 3rd this year, plus next years 1. Last years deal with the colts was different for a few reasons. We had 2 high second rounders, and the colts were staying in the top 6. Moving from 3 to 15 is a LOT more costly. Getting a 1 for 2020 is also a massive chip. Fromm, Tua and Justin Herbert (he will likely be picked later then he would have this year) will likely create a scenario similar to last year where if the Redskins pick is in the top 10, we can deal again and really stockpile low cost players.
  9. BCJet

    Siemian to Jets

    I remember watching Simieon's first start and he was able to keep his eyes downfield and also adjust to make a couple throws in the face of the rush. The issue with him is that he doesnt have any elite skills, so in order for him to be successful you need to have a great line, good defense and playmakers. Thats why he is a good backup and not a great starter. If he needs to play 3 games if Sam were to go down, he can hopefully take care of the ball, get us in the right plays, and not totally implode. And for $2 million thats a good deal for the team
  10. BCJet

    Siemian to Jets

    Why wouldn't we keep until final cut down? The less Sam plays outside the 3rd preseason game the better. If we can have a legit backup play with the starters in games 1 and 2 and a guy like webb instead of a first year, college FA, thats better for the team. And if webb is just ok, then hopefully we get him on the practice squad again.
  11. BCJet

    Siemian to Jets

    This is an Excellent signing Siemian has a good deal of starting experience, can get to his second read, is accurate on short slant-type passes in the middle of the field (Gase speciality) and is a decent athlete. He’s probably just as good as tannenhill ever was.
  12. The thing is, teams in other sports do things like this all the time, its just rare in the NFL because "anyone can win on any given sunday". Well that idea is what keeps bad teams bad. Once you have your QB everything else changes, we've just never experienced it. Miami is offering to pay players and give draft picks to clear salary and ensure they dont win games (Robert Quinn and Tannehnill as examples). Them drafting an OLB or OL at 13 isn't a bad idea. But you can't definitively say that it wouldn't be smarter to not be paying a first round pick this year, and get another 1 to ensure you can trade up if necessary. Worst case, they are picking 1 anyway, and can add a WR with our pick.
  13. No, thats not preferable. But if we started winters at RG and took Cody Ford at 13 who started at RT for 8 games and then moved permanently to RG and turned into an elite player, Id be fine eating the extra year of salary instead of hoping a good player, at a position we need falls to our pick in the 20s next year.
  14. Hold on - I think my point is being missed. There is no 2019 swap, its the Jets 2020 first, for #13 in the 2019 draft. Miami is clearly tanking, which is smart, and needs to ensure that if they are picking 2 or 3 next year, they dont miss out on a QB. Getting an additional 1 is the best way to do that. I would love to move back from 3 to 13, but that will cost miami too many future picks - that will never happen
  15. Lol - no, was that talked about today on Sirus? I personally dont think this is a bad team in 2019 and feel we should be picking in the 20s. Very rarely would teams trade a future unknown for a top 15/20 pick. We would technically lose one year of rookie cap contract, but if someone we love, who fills a hole (Particularly on Oline) I wouldn't be against it.

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