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  1. I really didnt like GW's subsection patterns today. I get that he likes to keep the DL fresh, but Leo and Q were on the bench too much, and at odd times. We had that long drive in the first quarter and he opened the next defensive series with Leo and Q on the bench. Thats ridiculous considering how little they had played at that point. Im fine keeping them fresh, but weather is cool, its getting to be midseason where these guys are in excellent shape and they need to be playing 70-80% of the snaps not 60%.
  2. You can argue the value of 3-4 DTs but we dont know how good Q really is yet and comparing him to 3rd round picks is just cherry-picking.
  3. I was at the game so didnt have the ability to see detail from TV but from watching as much of Q as I did, he was a beast today. He constantly strung plays out and was able to fight off double teams and get penetration into the backfield. This was also his second game against an elite C/G combo after facing Kelce. I think we are about to see him really turn the corner into an excellent player and it couldn't happen at a better time with the Pats suspect interior line.
  4. While the chiefs or any team struggling to stop the run should absolutely consider a trade for Leo, Damon Harrison is a relatively fair comp and he only netted the Giants a 5th round pick. The Chiefs could have a really good front 4 with Chris Jones, Leo and Frank Clark.
  5. Hopefully two DBs for the entire game. I hope Wiliams simplifies the defense as much as possible because Dallas has 2 players on offense who can hurt you, Amari and Zeke. Playing a 4-2-5 this week with Q/Leo as the DTs, Jenkins and Copeland as the "DEs" along with Hewitt, Cashman, Adams, Maye, Poole, Roberts and Trumaine (unfortunately I think Hairston is hurt). We can have Poole (who is playing very well) on Gallup, Daryl Roberts on Devin Smith and double Amari for the entire game with Trumaine and Maye. At this point of his career Witten should be able to be covered by Hewitt or Cashman with help from Adams but ideally Id like to see Adams used to shadow Zeke as much as possible out of the backfield. If we are able to get any sort of pressure without blitzing against the 2 backup OTs with that group of 4, we should be able to force Prescott to his 2nd and 3rd reads where he is going to struggle.
  6. Through his first 5 games Aaron donald had 12 tackles and 1 sack. It’s entirely possible the NFL is an adjustment for even good college players.
  7. While I don’t disagree with the premise of your post I think there is ample evidence of Mac being completely abnormal in his dealings with free agents. Both Myers and Andre Roberts essentially said they had no contact from the team let alone an offer. How does a GM not even call to see what a player wants. Then there is the center situation. In 2 years we saw Ryan Jensen, Weston Richburg, Morse and Paradis all change teams when we had a need and cap space. I find it impossible to believe none of them wanted to play here especially considering Jensen who went to the Bucs. Im sure the Jets last disfunction has played a role but in most cases these guys take the biggest check unless your GM incompetently ignores them......
  8. It looks like KC lost their best defensive player, DT Chris Jones to a groin injury and their other DT, Xavier Williams to an ankle injury. Both are scheduled for MRIs today. This is the type of situation JD should be calling to shop Leo, I don’t care if we have to pay 90% of his remaining salary. Get some draft capital from a team that needs to win now.
  9. I think it’s fair to wonder why we don’t throw any slants or back shoulder passes, especially considering those are timing plays where the ball can come out quickly and don’t require a ton of arm strength. To me it seems like we run too many screens and short WR bubbles. I hope that changes when sam is back but so far I don’t really see how our offense is innovative at all.
  10. This might have been true 10 years ago but do you really think Bama doesn’t have a legitimate strength and conditioning program and nutrition? Q got pushed around a little in the first half yesterday but also made some plays. Let’s give him a few games before we reach a judgement.
  11. Yes, he isnt a Gase or Joe D guy. It is absolutely inconceivable that Gase could look at the offensive line over the bye and decide that the person to replace is Brandon Shell. In no way am I saying Shell is great, but is he the one constantly missing assignments? Did Egodba show THAT much in practice that he deserved this promotion, because he got obliterated today. Gase is all about accountability when it suits him. Can someone explain why on earth Tru was playing today. Zero effort, multiple penalties - all from a player who has ALREADY BEEN BENCHED. Why was he playing? This season is a complete disaster and its week 5
  12. Leo isnt a star, is a disappointment considering where he was picked, and is not an impact pass rusher. But he is excellent against the run, and if there is a team that needs help in that area to contend for a SB run, he is worth a 3rd round pick.
  13. Ive mentioned the same thing in other threads. Shell is a better run blocker then pass blocker and struggles with speed rushers. He also is the identical size that Osmele is, so there is context for a player with his measurable playing guard. He would likely need a TC and preseason to get used to the speed of playing guard, but I personally agree that it could be a move with some upside.
  14. Steamroll? They scored 16 points, rushed for 74 yards and Brady threw for 150. Steamroll?
  15. The negativity here is pretty crazy. It really sucks Sam is out but good teams who have good coaches find a way to win when their backs are against the wall and with an extra week to prepare Gase, if he is a good coach, should have a team really fired up to prove people wrong. This Eagles team is also living on reputation more then 2019 results. They gave up 27 points to a Washington team that starts Case Keemun and Erick Flowers and lost to the Falcons. Yes they are well coached but they are beatable, and their offense without Jackson is much less dangerous. Falk has a full nfl game under his belt and hopefully used the 2 weeks of prep to get on the same page with Gase and the WRs I certainly don’t “expect” to win, especially without Mosley and Jenkins, but this is not the Pats or Chiefs we are playing.

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