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  1. BCJet

    This offense

    How about this - after 4 screens, all of which are successful, fake one and instead of robby blocking, have him run by the goddamn CB and throw it deep? When a play is working, it opens up other things, IF you actually try them
  2. BCJet

    Game Observations (CLE)

    But adams shouldnt need to be told that. I think its more on the LBs and however they are coached because regardless of who is in the game, we never have good underneath coverage.
  3. BCJet

    Game Observations (CLE)

    I rewatched the "lowlights" and we simply dont know how to play zone. On 2 instances Adams was essentially spying mayfield instead of covering his area and it led to completions both times. On top of that for some reason the middle of the field is constantly open, I just dont understand it.
  4. There has never been, and likely there never will be, a better opportunity for this franchise to bring in a new HC and unfortunately for Mac GM. We have the most cap space in the league, a franchise QB (even with what we saw last night we have one), and actually have a job that is desirable for the first time in AGES. Bowles is one of the most inept coaches I have ever seen and thankfully last night solidified the end
  5. BCJet

    Coaching-"adressing it"

    Can anyone on God's green earth explain to me how you could have 2 working eyes and think the Morris Claiborne should be covering Antonio Calloway? I am sick and tired of seeing teams put us in favorable matchups FOR THEM and we dont adjust. Miami rushes 4 against our rookie QB and is able to trap him into ints by dropping 7 guys into zone coverage. What do we do when a rookie who excels at short passing comes into the game? Stick with same defense we were running against a running QB who throws deep. Sure, lets rush 5 and play man - sounds like a great idea. These are simple things that have been going on for 4 years. Its absolutely sickeing
  6. Zero accountability, thats what this comes down to. Continue to run skrine out there no matter how much he screws up, no matter how many blown coverages, penalties, missed assignments, it doesnt matter. Missed meetings, no big deal. Didnt run your pattern through the endzone, we will get it fixed. Bowles shouldnt have been allowed on the plane last night
  7. Ogbah is a very good player and the Browns dumped Nassib and Nate Orchard in the preseason. Randall and Kirksey would also be huge losses. This is the type of situation that Bowles NEVER takes advantage of. We need to make sure that Garret is double teamed as much as possible and attack whatever backups are in the game for Cleveland on defense.
  8. BCJet

    Bad year for free agency

    Im not sure what Funchess has done so far other then be a bit in between a WR and TE who struggles to separate. If im Mac im focusing on a guard like Ali Marpert who would fit in the zone system. Id go hard after Barr or Fowler to be an edge rusher and Id resign Enunwa, Kearse, Tender Robby and extend Powell another season. Id resign Beachem as well as you simply cant find LTs on the open market, but to a contract that we can get out of after 2019 so that if a LT falls to us in the first round, we can take them and either trade Beachem, or have a good backup OT for 2019. Ideally keeping Clairborne for one more year would be great, but we could also go young next to Trumaine with Nickerson, Jones and more of a mid level FA. Our TEs are fine with Herndon developing and Sterling behind him. Im not paying Leveon $17/season.
  9. BCJet

    Game Observations (MIA)

    Im really amazed someone could watch yesterdays game and come away with this take on Darnold. He has thrown one bad pick vs detroit and one yesterday, which you included. I would hardly call that not eliminating turnovers, hes a 21 year old playing his first season in the NFL, hes gonna turn it over sometimes and hes going to miss open players. It happens to every QB in the league. The entire outcome of the game changes if Herndon doesnt drop a ridiculous 40 yard throw - was that Darnold's fault too? I was at the game and watched the "highlights" today, and not for a second have I thought he was the problem yesterday.
  10. We are going to hopefully resign 3 of our top 4 WRs with my personal hope being its Enunwa, Kearse and tender Robby, letting pryor walk. We will absolutely be active at OLB with someone like Fowler or Anthony Barr, but I dont see us addressing LT as its very very rare to find a good one if FA. I would be fine re-signing beachum and paying for a better LG next to him. We can then go into the draft and use our first round pick on a LT to groom behind Beachum for one year or an edge rusher and continue to try to find an OT in the 3-4th round. To the people saying we need to restock RB and TE. We currently have Herndon who is going to be a major contributor at the position (aside from the disaster yesterday) and Sterling who is a good young player and how likely would have had a huge impact yesterday if he didnt get hurt. We also have Crowell, Cannon and Mcguire under contract along with the possibility to resign powell. There is zero chance we go big on RB as its simply not a smart move for any team.
  11. BCJet

    Buster Skrine

    In 3 plays Nickerson had a near INT and I believe a pressure on stafford on a blitz. We have multiple years of Skrine's bad tape to show that he is a penalty prone player who isnt great even as the 3rd CB. On top of that there is limited practice time for someone like Nickerson to "beat skrine out in practice", sometimes its on the HC to try to mix things up and maybe light a fire under skrine - its not always simply play who may be better.
  12. BCJet

    Buster Skrine

    While the "cut skrine" narrative has been very popular here, its usually overblown and very rare that a guy like him would be released. That being said, we have 2 young slot CBs on the roster right now who deserve the opportunity to get experience and Skrine simply continues with the penalties week in and week out. Bowles could use this as an opportunity to have these guys be accountable by making an example of skrine and in turn getting to see Jones and Nickerson get some run in actual games.
  13. Anyone surprised we didnt try to put Hansen on the PS after he was waived by the Pats?
  14. Cleveland has the best defense that we are going to face so far, and we really are going to have to find a way to slow down their rush with mis-direction, screens and play action. They have a very average running game, so slowing down Landry is the biggest issue. Bowles likely wont change a thing defensively, but Id just put Trumaine on Calloway and double landry on every snap. Make someone else beat you. Cam Jordan and Sheldon Rankins had sacks (Jordan had 2) on sunday so it seems like Cleveland's line can be beaten with interior pressure as neither of those guys are "edge rushers"
  15. Why would we trade Kearse the day after our WRs admitted to not running good routes which caused an int? If anything, send them Pryor as a message to the rest of the team that if you are going to give a sh*t effort, then you dont belong on this team.

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