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  1. I agree - he doesnt have great hands, and given that he is a bigger guy at 265lbs, he isnt going to be strong running after the catch, so if he cant secure the jump ball type throws, his value really isnt as high as some might think. I have no problem paying him $2/3 million per season but dont want to break the bank for a middle of the road TE. As an aside, Cameron Brate is a FA and likely looking to move on from Tampa as that spot is OJ Howards going forward.
  2. Baker Mayfield

    We are really confusing on field leadership and off the field leadership here. Cam, Ben, and Russel wilson are all not exactly the most likable guys on their respective teams in the locker room and off the field. However with Ben and Wilson when they step on the field, and they need a late score, their teammates believe they are going to get them there because they are good players. Leadership is not just the rah-rah stuff as a QB. Leadership is putting in the time during the week so that your teammates know you are fully prepared to do your job, playing hurt, and performing your best when its needed most.
  3. Head Coaching Candidates

    There is improvement in the team, mainly the chemistry and effort that the NEW players have brought. Bowles as a HC hasnt improved one iota. Has there been any clear improvement in clock management, challenges, schematic execution, playing time, or ability to manage the players? Wilkerson has been late at least 5 times and he was benched for one quarter. Bowles just let a minute run off the clock prior to the opposition attempting a 53 yard fg with 3 TOs in his pocket Do we ever win a challenge? Has he continued to play matt forte over powell and mcguire? Did he give reps to jeremy kerley? The guy has shown no ability to excel at any of the facets of being a HC and his acumen can be evaluated separately from the improvement of young players on the roster.
  4. The issue with playing Hack with McGuire, Hansen and Stewart is that he needs veterans to be open and pass protect, otherwise it will tough to get accurate tape of what Hack can do. Ive wanted to see more of mcguire too, but the truth is the few games where he had more then 10 touches he hasnt done very well. If Hack plays, he should get some reps with powell or forte in the backfield and kearse/Robby at WR to see if he can at least make some NFL level throws and not get murdered holding the ball too long.
  5. Breer's Draft Column

    Clyton Thorson behind Mayfield - ill say thats "interesting"
  6. Head Coaching Candidates

    Our head coach just ran time off the clock prior to a 53 yard field goal when he had 3 time outs and was losing the game. He has 4 wins on the road in the last 2 seasons, two of which are against the worst team in the league (and possibly league history). There is zero evidence, aside from putting together a good staff this season, that Todd Bowles can do ANY of the jobs necessary with being a good NFL HC. He is a defensive specialist whose defense continues to struggle week in and week out, no matter what resources he is given. He has no clue how to manage the clock or time outs. He has lost the lockerroom for an entire season. He plays veterans exclusively, even though he had a ton of youth that needed to be developed and he hasnt shown the ability to be a good motivator (see our record). What more do we need to see from this guy to determine he isnt NFL HC material?
  7. Baker Mayfield

    I think the trying to make a big play vs avoiding pressure is a very fair argument about Mayfield. He also does seem to take chances down the field, but yet he doesnt have high interception numbers which makes me think he isnt reckless with the ball, even if he does look for big plays. The wilson comparison also makes sense and yes, they would rather have better protection so he doesnt need to improvise, but there is nothing wrong with roll outs and run/pass option plays as a big part of the teams base offense. If they are behind and need to spread the field and pass he should be in the shotgun anyway, so I dont think the height will play a big factor.
  8. Baker Mayfield

    Because for someone who watches as much as you do, you should know the difference between scrambling and moving inside the pocket. Mayfield moves in the pocket and throws - thats a quality that translates to the NFL. Jackson sits in the pocket, and then runs when it starts to collapse, that is a far more dangerous game in the NFL. Also, is it possible that Oklahoma is far superior to the other teams BECAUSE of mayfield? I get that he has a good LT and good RB, but he lost his top RB and top RB from last season and didnt miss a beat. I think everything will be much more clear once Mayfield plays one or two games against top, non Big12 teams
  9. Head Coaching Candidates

    If Schwartz could bring his defense here and keep the offensive staff, I would be all for it. My biggest question would be how would our front 7 need to evolve to play the 4-3 scheme schwartz runs? I think it would mostly benefit Leo who could move into the Dareus/fletcher cox role and be able to attack. We could potentially sign Ziggy Ansah or Brandon Graham (possible cap casualty) to help round our the defensive line, but would definitely need bodies to play his scheme up front.
  10. Baker Mayfield

    I have watched 3/4 of Bakers games and admittedly not every snap. I have watched 1/2 of Rudolph's games, definitely not watching every snap. From what I have seen from Mayfield is the ability to move around the pocket, keep his eyes downfield and make an accurate throw when the play breaks down. Rudolph seems to me more like Geno in the sense that he sits back, scans the field for someone open, and throws it to them. That is not the same thing and is why Geno is not a good NFL QB. NFL QBs dont have the time to wait until a player gets open, they need to study their asses off to know where guys will be on each play, and then have the ability to feel/escape pressure, while going through their progression, which is EXTREMELY difficult. Personally I think Mayfield, like Brees and Wilson, can buy enough time when the bullets are flying, and keep focused on his WRs in order to make the necessary plays. Im not sure Rudolph has that quality.
  11. Head Coaching Candidates

    Id take Lincoln Riley and Baker Mayfield combo this instant. I just cant see Riley wanting to leave that situation in Oklahoma, he could coach there and do well for the next 20 years.
  12. Adding to the already confusing situation surrounding Todd Bowles and the fact that his own GM cant fire him is the fact that this is an abnormally bad year for young HC Candidates. There is no Kyle Shanahan or Sean McVay or even a Jay Gruden that are up and coming guys who are ready for a HC job. Given the fact that the Bears and Giants will definitely have openings, along with some combination of the Colts, Bucs, Raiders, Browns and Bengals all might have openings, Im curious who you guys would want to come in here as HC. The biggest candidates out there that are realistic (Josh McDaniels and Matt Patricia arent coming here) are Jim Schwartz, Teryl Austin, Mike Vrabel, Harold Goodwin, Matt LaFleur, Pat Schurmur, John DeFlillipo and Todd Haley. Not exactly the most inspiring list.....
  13. Mayfield is definitely more of a favre type guy who wears his emotions on his sleeves (both good and bad) and is more likely to have beers with his offensive line, then a guy like Eli who was a buttoned up, QB. That being said, the biggest difference between manziel and mayfield is that Texas A&M was dying to get manziel out of there as he was nothing but a problem, whereas Mayfield's coaches and teammates rave about him. If he wasnt putting in the work, he wouldnt be as revered at OK as he is.
  14. Baker Mayfield

    Im hoping the Miller tweets are just him pushing his guy in Allen. More importantly though, it seems to me that Mac put a HUGE emphasis on competitiveness and football character in this draft. Again I dont want this thread to derail like the rest of them, but Adams, Stewart, Hansen and Dylan Donahue are all extremely competitive guys, who put football first - that is the way you pick players to avoid guys like Gohlston who didnt even like football. For that reason, it seems to me that Mayfield would be Mac's guy and that he simply shouldnt overthink it. We run a short passing offense that takes shots downfield off play action - isnt that exactly what Mayfield excels at? Taking it one step forward, Ive argued before that its easy to say "the Jets should do such and such..." as a fan who isnt betting their job and career on a player/pick. These guys put their job security and future in the league first, as they should. However in this particular situation, if Mac doesnt find a QB in 2018, he is done as a GM, so if there has ever been a time to push your chips in on a guy like Mayfield, wouldnt now be it? He cant play it safe and simply take the BPA (if we dont sign cousins or something), as the time for that has run out and he wont be around to pick in 2019 if he does that. If he is happy with the structure that is in place in the lockerroom, and happy with the leadership in Maye, Leo, DD, etc then it seems like now is the exact right time to take a big shot on not only filling the QB spot for years to come, but possibly finding the spark that this team needs from a leadership standpoint.
  15. Jets picking 10th right now: Merged

    Not sure if people saw the end of the seattle game but Sheldon was ejected for attacking the Jags victory formation and then punching a Jacksonville player when they took exception to that attack. All for 1 sack and 22 tackles. I dont want to turn this into a Mac debate, especially since this trade was an enormous home run, but its more that you have to build a team, not just assemble players. There was an article this past week about kearse who was an undrafted FA, and when he got here he went right up to Robby Anderson to set the tone of their relationship. Before every game he tells Robby "no one wanted you..." That type of leadership is so key in building something here for the organization, I hope we find more players like Kearse.