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  1. BCJet

    2019 Senior Bowl News and Invites.

    I read a Giants draft breakdown of BC guard Chris Lidstrom and at the end Pauline said he had him as a fourth round pick. I may be biased as a BC grad but the 4th round is preposterous for a kid with Lidstrom’s ability and experience in a pro-style, run based offense. In my opinion he is a plug and play RG and would be a steal if we got him in the 3rd.
  2. Speed matters if that is your main skill, like Tyreke Hill. Who even knows what routes he can or can't run, when you are as fast as he is, it doesnt matter. When I see Burnett, I see a guy who simply makes plays every time he steps on the field. He did it in college, he did it all preseason (I believe he finished with 11 catches on the Titans), did it when he was given a shot in the regular season and in is only 21 years old. He is exactly the type of player who should be given as many opportunities as possible in TC and can hopefully stick as a 4/5th WR. Again, and its the same point I made about Jones and Nickerson, Bowles didnt play him regularly until week 17 and yet we routinely dressed "Special Teams Superstar - who I never saw make a Special Teams play" Charone Peake over him.
  3. He will be 27 to start this season, so would be an ideal candidate for a 4 year $20 million contract, as long as he knee injury isn't devastating. I personally think that the best Olines are built from the inside out and if your guards are strong enough to not get bullrushed into the backfield (winters - routinely gets pushed 2/3 yards into the backfield blowing up plays) and can also pull/play in space, you are able to do so much more as a unit, that having someone like Shell is totally fine. As far as CB, we've spent 3 mid/late round picks on Nickerson, Jones and Jeremy Clark and yet due to Bowles continuing to run Skrine out there, we really dont know what we have in Jones and Nickerson, young players who have flashed enough. Teams routinely play mid round picks who flash in pre-season/TC/limited game snaps which is how you find cheap players. Maybe Mac sucks at picking, but maybe Nickerson would have been a better slot CB then Skrine all year, we just didnt have a HC who believe in playing young players. Jones and Nickerson also have excellent, NFL level athletic ability and Id love to see us have some guys to take chances on INTs.
  4. With you on Anderson, a good coach can find a way to utilize a good, high-effort player. What didnt you like about Roberts? He played very well when Trumaine was out and can likely be signed for a mid/low contract. As far as the free agency/draft part of the thread, I dont want to spend money on CB outside of Roberts. One of the biggest issues Bowles left us with was a lack of tape and experience for Nickerson and Derrick Jones. Jones played excellent all camp, and never saw the field until week 16 or 17 when he played very well. Nickerson also had some rookie mistakes, but also has a ton of talent and is an actual "ball-hawk type" player who we lack in our secondary. Clairborne is what he is at this point, and is likely not worth another $6/8 million deal. People will say its a huge "risk", but I think going into the season with Tru, Roberts, one mid tier CB signing, Nickerson and Jones is fine at CB and could turn out to be a very good group if nickerson takes step forward and Jones can round out the group as the 4/5th guy I also dont understand anyone wanting to replace Shell. Unless he tore all 3 ligaments, or had nerve damage that will keep him out most of the season, we dont need to even consider replacing him. He is a solid, young player - who won't command a huge contract. Id rather see us "over-pay" at center, keep long at LG/backup Center and draft a bigger, stronger guard to replace winters who has simply never gotten better regardless of scheme or how long he has been in the league. Clark would be a fantastic signing, I just dont see how seattle lets him leave. Id love to find a RB who isn't Bell, not because of the money, but we need a strong locker room and I dont know how he fits in with that contract and having been away from football for a year. Tevin Coleman seems like a better fit.
  5. BCJet

    Why no OC announcement yet?

    Well in theory its the same thing, the problem is that Bowles didnt call the defense and let Rogers do it while essentially doing nothing. Gase will control the offensive install each week and call the plays, marginalizing the OC job. That being said, it would be great to see someone other then Loggins. Gase may be the great offensive mind that we hope he is, but to bring in someone with more diverse experience is a very smart move. The offensive terminology can remain the same no matter who the OC is as long as Gase is HC, but there is always room to learn and it would show a great deal of humility to bring in someone else to bounce ideas off of
  6. BCJet

    Goodbye 3-4

    I can't believe there is someone defending Coples. He was a zero effort, massive underachiever, who was a disaster of a pick, considering we could have Melvin Ingram on the team right now. Anyway, as far as the 4-3, the only player who may struggle to fit into a 4-3 is Jordan Jenins, who I happen to like as a player but who simply doesnt have the skill set to play DE. Im not sure if he is strong enough to be a "run stopping" type DE nor is he fast enough to make teams respect his speed off the edge. Darron Lee should have the best opportunity to play a true weak side OLB and use his speed a lot more. We need to find
  7. BCJet

    Your Top 3 - Stack your board as of January 2019

    If we are somehow able to trade back, Ford would be a great player to target. Having a guard that can hold up at the POA and also has the athleticism to get out in space is huge for the Oline as a whole. Unless Shell has nerve damage or tore all 3 knee ligaments, then we should not even be thinking about a RT. He is a good player, who should be able to be signed for a reasonable long term contract. Signing a center, keeping Long at LG, and putting someone like Ford in for winters would really solidify the group, even with Beahcem having to hold the LT spot one more season.
  8. BCJet

    Goodbye 3-4

    Well said. Williams will put his best 11 out there depending on situational football. Thats what good coaches do
  9. BCJet

    Shoring up the OL

    Winters is an big part of the problem with our Oline. It isn't his consistency, overall he grades out well because he can move in space and plays with good effort. The issue is that 3-4 times a game he gets absolutely blown up, where he is pushed into the backfield and a play gets destroyed and results in a 2+ yard loss or a sack. He is simply not strong enough at the POA (ie - too light in the ass) and gets overwhelmed by bigger, strong DTs. As for Trent Brown, he is a case of a player "bouncing around" when its not his fault. SF simply drafted a "franchise LT" making him unnecessarily expendable which led to the Pats getting him. He isn't Jonathon Odgen, but give his age, id happily overpay him and waive beachem (who isnt bad) and soldify that spot and sign Paradis and then draft a mid round guard. I think chris lindstrom from BC and Cody Ford from oklahoma will be great guards in the NFL - would love to see us take one or both of them
  10. BCJet

    With Bowles In TB ...

    Lee deserves a shot to play weak side OLB in a 4-3. Its his natural position and should allow him to thrive with his speed.
  11. BCJet

    PFF Mock Draft- Top 10

    Terrell Suggs is a hall of fame who played in a "3-4" at 6'3 260 for his entire career, even though he probably dropped into coverage less than 3% of the entire sum of his career defensive snaps. Chandler Jones has had double digit sacks for the past 4 years at 6'5 265 and is absolutely not a "traditional 3-4 OLB in any way" Josh Allen is 6'5 260 as a senior in college. He can easily play his entire career at 6'5 265-270 and absolutely can fill a hybrid role as a DE/OLB with his hand on the ground 90% of the time, in any defensive alignment. When you pick in the top 3 you need to find an impact player at LT, QB or Edge - and Josh Allen is the only player that fits the bill in this draft and in no way do you pass on him because he isn't "heavy" enough compared to guys who played defensive end in the league 10 years ago.
  12. Rogers play was bad? 25 TDs and 2 picks on the season - what exactly is good play if that is bad? I dont even have a problem with McCarthy, my point is that you're evaluation of Gase is completely wrong. You reiterate that the dolphins offense was at the bottom of the league, could that have had anything to do with Brock Osweiler starting 7 games? What exactly should Gase have done with arguably the worst starting QB in the league? Who exactly wanted out of Miami, Jay Ajayi? He was really a big part of the Eagles after being dumped by Gase with his 540 yards since joining the team.
  13. McCarthy would not have been a terrible hire by any means. He has a system for developing young QBs - and that does NOT mean he is responsible for Rogers being Rogers, those 2 things are not mutually exclusive. I do think Gase is a better fit here mainly because I dont think the Jets were McCarthy's first choice while I think Gase really wants to be here with Sam.
  14. This is such an ill-informed take. Andy Reid, Bill Belichek, Pete Carroll - all of those coaches were fired, and the organization that fired Gase is one of the worst managed teams in all of football. Gase is smart, holds people accountable, and has proven to get results out of a roster that had less talent then the jets do. His record included 30% of the games being started by jay cutler, matt moore and Brock Osweiler - what exactly should he have achieved with those guys?
  15. There should be a maximum of 2 years for this Mac/Gase marriage. And if it’s one hear that works too. Sam is only 21 and Gase should help his development regardless of the team’s record but if this doesn’t appear to be working even in the slightest, Chris Johnson needs to fire every person i the building, bring in a well respected young GM (Eliot Wolff) and have him pick his own guy and that tandem takes Sam and this team through his 24-30 years.

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