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  1. BCJet

    Jets add two more names to GM search

    Both of these guys have been GM candidates before, neither of them are Idzik/Mac level candidates which is a good thing. Now we see if they will take the interviews....
  2. I went with Roster Management/cap but could also have gone with "other". In my opinion Mac's biggest issue was a lack of negotiating whether it be contracts or navigating the draft board. How could there not have been a single instance where we targeted a player and traded up for him? Mac constantly traded back like someone who was afraid to actually make a decision and seemingly wanted the board to dictate who he took. On top of that he actually got held hostage by Ryan G***anm FItzpartick - who exactly was going to pay him or let him start if it wasn't us that year? Gase doesnt not like bell. He felt that there were not other bids and we could have paid less to get him, again Mac negotiating against himself. We "overpaid" for Mosley because there were other bidders and wanted him, thats why Gase didnt care about the money. You have to be a shrewd business person to be a good GM, and hire good scouts to provide quality information so you can stack your board in FA and the draft and then make the moves you think help the most.
  3. BCJet

    I love Adam Gase

    Whats interesting about this post is that the factual parts of it happen to be completely wrong, so Im curious how you got to your opinion, "Get the most out of his stars" - you know that he was the coordinator for Manning's 55 TD pass season right? Id say thats getting the most out of a star player. "I want a coach that can win football games" - Winning isnt as simple as looking at a W-L record. Gase got a 10 win season out of a team with Ryan Tannenhill and Matt More at QB. Miami played in our division (so played the same opponents), and had similar talent to the jets and yet Gase won 23 games while the Bowles led jets won 14. Gase If you dont like Gase's personality thats one thing, but the guy can coach football. Im not sure how his personality will hold up but as far as Xs and Os that really shouldnt be in doubt.
  4. While the veteran QB angle is something Ive never really thought about, the truth is that a lot of the moves (tebow and gholston aside obviously) were somewhat strategic, but unfortunately depended on sanchez making a leap that was clearly impossible for him. Giving a rookie that defense and offensive line, and then adding in FA skill position players is a great way to bring someone along slowly. Then, when those players either get too old or require big contracts at the same time as your now not so young QB, your QB needs to elevate the play of the guys around him - and sanchez couldn't. I dont think anyone thought he would implode to being the disaster he was, but had he continued to progress, then the contract wouldn't have been that bad and the team could have built around him. I wish I had enjoyed those championship runs more
  5. Keep in mind, this was Mac's preferred choice over trading up for Sam
  6. Interior offensive and defensive lineman need to be powerful more then anything Offensive tackles need to be strong but also good athletes. Other then the above, every NFL player should be focused more on functional strength and flexibility over everything else. The Bosa's are workout guys, but given how ideal their bodies are for DE, they should be doing yoga and pilates as much as they lift if not more. Im happy we didnt have to take him
  7. Thats my point, there is nothing to research. You think he founded some company in silicon valley, or sat on the Board of GM, or built a wing at a hospital and its not in the google search?
  8. BCJet

    Jets Waive Leggett

    Jordan Leggett is an absolutely perfect example of how Mac has no feel for the draft at all. He traded down 4 times in the middle rounds of the 2017 Draft, while needing WRs and a TE. He not only whiffed on both WRs, but George Kittle went 4 spots before Leggett. Now obviously the whole league missed how good Kittle could be, thats not my point. My point is that rather then trading down when we knew we needed a TE, Mac had his choice between 3 TEs. Kittle - scouting report was that his floor is an elite blocker and his athleticism was underrated. Jake Butt - coming off an injury, but a second round talent if healthy. Jordan Leggett - an underachiever, who had good numbers but had questionable football character Well, Butt went at pick 145, Kittle 146 and Leggett at 160. If you can fill the role of blocking TE with a guy who also was possibly underused in college but comes from a pro system, just take him. There can't be a single GM that would have preferred Leggett over Kittle and yet due to absurd trade downs, we missed him. As an aside, only 1 TE went in the 3rd round and only 4 TEs went in the entire draft after these 3 guys (only one in the 5th), so its pretty clear that Leggett was the last guy left.
  9. I actually looked CJ up this weekend as well and was astonished that the first (and only) job listed on his wikipedia page is the Jets. Literally has not held as much as a board seat somewhere. How can we expect someone to competently run a multi-billion dollar organization in one of the most competitive industries on earth with zero business or football experience.
  10. I think you are misinterpreting what I was saying. The timing as far as doing it after the draft is meaningless, the Chiefs did it with a plan in place and simply didnt want to disrupt their draft process. For the Jets, the timing is bad for all the reasons you pointed out. CJ is clueless and this whole thing makes that very clear.
  11. The timing as far as the month, is meaningless. The issue is that we are now faced with a worst case situation of every candidate knowing that we could fire him and start this whole thing over in 2 years either by Gase continuing to be Gase or because Woody comes back from his stint abroad and wants to clean house. And a best case of only being able to bring in someone who wants to work with Gase. By not firing Mac in January, CJ let him run the coaching search and completely botch it by doing things like telling Matt Rhule that he couldnt pick his staff. Then we wind up with Gase (which hopefully works out) and Mac continues his ineptitude to such a level that he gets fired after the draft and now we need a GM who is willing to come into a less than ideal situation. Now personally, I think Sam is an elite enough prospect and that there is enough talent here that we should be successful, but there is no denying that GM candidates who could wait and get a 4 year deal paired with a HC at the same time (like in SF) vs joining the Jets in this situation might opt not to come here.
  12. No, the signs dont point to it. The next argument we will get is going to be how CJ spent millions of dollars on free agents this year. As if money matters given there is a cap floor and they have made over a billion dollars on this team.
  13. There’s nothing ownership could have done - aside from be competent enough for Bill Billichek to not quit after 2 hours on the job. Also nothing in my post is media driven. I love the Jets, want them to do well and hope that Gase and whoever we hire works out. That doesn’t mean I blindly support everything about the organization. I’ve followed this team and professional sports my entire life. Woody and Chris Johnson aren’t good at their jobs, if they were this team wouldn’t be in the middle of an 8 year playoff drought with PSLs selling for cents on the dollar. I’m not surprised about your stance though as you take your opinion as fact on this board day in and day out. SAR - Mark Sanchez was a good player who wasn’t given a fair shot to succeed. Truth - Mark Sanchez can’t land a 3rd string job in the league SAR - PSLs are a success because I like my seats. Truth - if something originally cost $5K and is now for sale for $200 it’s not a success for the team. SAR - Chris and Woody make bold moves and 8 years ago made back to back championship games. It’s not their fault it’s because the Pats are in our division. Truth - good owners get good talent by either having people want to work with them or by being humble enough to cede responsibility. Chris and especially Woody Johnson haven’t attracted talent to this organization because they aren’t good at their jobs
  14. Why would we move Brandon Shell or Jordan Jenkins. Young players on their rookie contracts with starting experience. Sure, lets trade them simply because they were drafted by someone else.
  15. Our owner is fine? Our owner is one of the worst in professional sports. Not only have the Johnson Brothers set up a structure that has proven not to work, but they have repeatedly forced GM candidates to accept coaches, rather then set up a partnership. That philosophy resulted in JOHN IDZIK being a general manager of a billion dollar NFL franchise. They have so little football sense and connections in the league that for two of the most recent main hires, they hired Charlie Casserly, a geriatric aged ex-football guy who has no understanding of todays league and went so far as to use an executive search firm, as if they were looking for a VP of Finance, not a General Manager of a New York football franchise. On top of that they are responsible for a stadium that cost $1.6 billion dollars and is an embarrassment compared to what other teams have built in the last 10 years. They updated the team's uniforms this season, and instead of unveiling them with a digital presentation (its 2019), they set up an in-person event, with a D list celebrity, in one of the worst displays of marketing I've ever seen. All this while watching their investment grow from $800 million to over $2 billion. Bad football sense. Bad business sense. Bad marketing sense. What exactly do these guys do well other then being better then James Dolan, the worst owner in the history of professional sports. I have no problem firing Mac, he was terrible at his job. But the way this franchise does things is a result of 2 brothers who have never had to accomplish anything in their lives running a multi-billion dollar organization in one of the most competitive industries on earth.

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