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  1. I get that you don’t really understand football but the above argument makes no sense if you actually watch the games. And to back that up here are the numbers regarding play action, but hey don’t let the facts get in the way of you spending your days trolling a message board
  2. If it’s the players can you answer why Gase hasn’t used play action or motion to help create mismatches for his “undermanned offense”? If the WR injuries are holding us back, can you weigh in on why Gase hasn’t used 2 TE sets given that Ryan Griffin and Herndon are healthy?
  3. I think because its hard to be worse then what GVR is putting out there right now. Hes been a big disappointment. The bigger problem I have (and I hate to keep harping on this but its the truth) is that we can't have all 5 lineman be elite, so you have to work around problems. The left side of the line is playing great. Let McGovern help GVR, put a TE to help Fant and run the ball - thats how you help your line.
  4. I have to disagree about the mechanics. I dont mind the weird arm angles etc, thats what makes him special. The issue is the 5-6 relatively simple throws from a clean pocket where his feet are simply not married to his arm. I would have assumed this would be coached into him at this point, but he continues to miss a couple throws a game that he should hit. I want him to succeed as much as anyone but it just seems like hes panicking a bit, which rushes his body and in turn leads to bad mechanics. Its a shame a terrible coach and OL led us here with Sam, but he just doesnt look right.
  5. Watching the breakdown of Becton by Brian Baldinger it is beyond belief that we aren't running 2 TE sets. First off we have no WRs. Secondly, the left side of the line is doing great, put wesco on the right side to help fant and we should be in 2nd and manageable every single drive. Its almost unfathomable how bad Gase is at adapting. Its as if he doesnt even watch the film.
  6. The Bills have also built on what Palmer teaches and designed an offense to suit their QBs strengths. Our coach is running drop back offense with screens and no TEs, even though our QB would be better on rollouts and putting guys in motion in a 2 TE offense. Its not just one persons fault here.
  7. Even better. CJ is still the owner, enjoy all the perks, and let someone smarter then you run the team. Very simple.
  8. First off - whenever you have time, would love to hear your full thoughts on Lawerence, in case we do somehow wind up with 1 overall. Personally I dont see us having enough bad luck to actually pick 1. If we do, I think JD has to take Lawerence but we can discuss that in December. What I do think is that we will be picking top 10 and likely will have a shot at someone like Trey Lance, which is a great consolation prize. First off we have 2 first rounders so JD can take a developmental QB and still add a quality player to help the team at 30 (or wherever Seattle will pick). Secondly, a guy like Lawerence ends Sam's career here, he simply has to start. Lance is a guy who can sit and develop behind sam while we hopefully give it one more shot with an actual coach - best case Sam somehow puts it together and we flip Lance for a future #1. Worst case Sam still doesnt improve, we dont pick up his option and we have Lance start opening day 2022 with a roster that added 2 new first round picks.
  9. Im not saying the OL is the issue, for the most part they aren't, aside from GVR who has been pretty bad. Our WRs also cannot get separation whatsoever. But Gase has absolutely no clue how to call a game, he has no feel for what is happening on the field. If you could just design plays and they would work, then you would just hire and MIT engineer to do it. You need to understand flow, what the defense is doing, and what your roster looks like. To now play 2 TEs with our depleted WR crew is so bad that its hard to even understand.
  10. Ive been watching this team for 30 years and I have never seen not just poor performances, but such a wide gap between the Jets and the rest of the league. Jets - Pats, yea a wide gap for a long time, but at least we had positive offensive plays and didnt seem like we were playing a different game then the rest of the league. This is a different situation. Yea I get that Gase has 2 years and what I would guess is $8 million left on his contract, but $8 million for a multi-billion dollar organization cannot stop you from making a smart decision. Plus, CJ needs to focus on getting fans to come back to the stadium experience in 2021 and having Adam Gase as the HC is not going to do that, regardless of the sunk cost. The question becomes how? The biggest thing is the offense, and Dowell Loggins cannot be the OC, he has no track record and is too much of a Gase yes man. Frankly, if CJ does this Loggins has to go too. Thankfully we actually have an OC candidate in Jim Bob Cooter. He was the lions OC and play caller for 2+ years. He obviously isnt Bill Walsh, but 2 years of play calling is enough of a background to handle the job for the rest of the season. When JBC took over from Joe Lombardi in Detroit he move away from zone blocking and more towards power as they didnt have the most talented line. I think our line would likely do better in a simplified scheme (block who is in front of you) and then figure out the true run scheme with the new staff in 2021. He also incorporated west coast principles to set up deeper passes. Frankly, Id hope JD would step in and tell him to find some rollouts, bootlegs, etc and play to Sam's strengths. Im not saying this is an easy task but we KNOW Gase can't do it, maybe this guy can. Shawn Jefferson has been a coach for 16 years and should be able to help JBC and possibly grow into a larger role in the future. Now I know everyone wants GW to take over as HC, but Joe Vitt has actually been an interim HC twice before and it sure seems like GW has enough on his plate with the defense right now so personally I would go with Vitt. Now, JD would have to have input here because we dont know how the GW/VItt relationship is, but GW doesnt really have anyone to turn the defense over to, as Vitt has never been a DC (and if they dont get along well enough for VItt to be the HC, then the reverse relationship likely wouldn't work either) and they just need someone to steer the ship and at least push the players. Plus, if the rumors that Gase had turned the half-time speeches over to Vitt, then that makes more sense. We have the Colts and then Denver who will start either Jeff Driskell or Blake Bortles. If we are 0-4 with a loss to that Denver team, that would be the time to rid this franchise of Gase, give JBC an extra few days to prepare and at least give this organization the opportunity to not completely destroy Sam's career.
  11. I think its a lot more realistic that we end up picking around 10th and take a kid like Tray Lance and help the offense with Seattle's pick. Lance is young and needs time to sit, so JD can have him compete with Sam and if Sam somehow improves under a new coach, then great you keep Lance for 2 years and then flip him for a first. If Sam doesnt improve you start Lance at some point in 2021 and have 2 picks in the following draft to build the team around him.
  12. Think about what this does to a young QB's psyche. He gets to the line and sees a play (and not just this one, clearly there are times he isnt ALLOWED to audible) that isnt a good fit for what the defense is showing and he know he has to simply run it and hope for the best. How on earth is that ok for a player's development. Its amazing to me that Gase thinks offense is simply play design and not flow of the game, adjustments to the defense, etc. He "had a play set for Perriman" - WTF does that mean, what if SF came out showing a double on perriman, is Sam supposed to force it to him? Gase wont even be a coordinator again when this is all said and done.
  13. Here are the actual stats from Sunday - not an opinion the facts. The jets used motion on 2% of their offensive plays Sunday. That was the 28th least amount in the entire league. All 12 of the teams who used motion the most.......Won their games.
  14. Its almost as if the information is available and able to use.... Ill never forget the Pats win years ago vs the Colts when they ran 45 times or something. BB was like "well the colts can't stop the run so we ran more". Sometimes the simplest solution is the right one.
  15. The Bills moved to a ton of play action on sunday and intermediate throws as that is what Allen does best. They actually looked at the player and the stats from last year and ADAPTED. Gase looked at last year, said "well the OL was bad and Leveon isnt a good zone runner" (both of which are true btw), its the players not me - ill just keep doing what I've done before. Absolutely zero humility or leadership.

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