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  1. It will be interesting to see how our defense is deployed against a team like Baltimore with such a great running threat at QB but very little game breaking ability on the outside. To me, its a great opportunity to use Hall as our nickel back. Playing a 4-2-5 with Hall at the nickel allows to keep 2 run stoppers at LB in Mosley and Quincy. We can rotate 4 defensive lineman all game and should be able to utilize someone like Kyle Phillips to help in the run game. Most importantly Whitehead can do what he does best and play in the box as a LB and leave Sauce and DJ alone on the outside with Hall playing as the nickel against Andrews. Andrews is a beast of a matchup for anyone but at least Hall has some size at 6'1 to keep pace in the middle of the field. I sincerely hope that Saleh and Ulbrich drafted Sauce with the thought in mind that he can be left on an island so that other players can provide help in zone or vs the run and this should be a great opportunity to do that
  2. Obviously win-loss is the metric used to judge a GM but its not that simple and I kinda of think you agree as the point about the 2015-2017 seaons is exactly my point. Id rather we take a slower approach and "tank" in 2020 rather then force ourselves to a 6-10 season as opposed to 2-14. What is the difference there, especially if we had to overpay or make shorter term decisions to get that 4 wins? Im also completely on board with both the AVT tradeup as well as Breece. This team is devoid of talent and JD acquired enough resources to then be more aggressive if a player came up that they loved, which is exactly what happened. I dont think a calculated risk is a deviation from a long term plan. If we had less assets, then Id imagine he wouldnt have been as aggressive, essentially giving up a top 100 player to get Breece, but we had the picks so the risk is lessened. I get that this team needs to win, 100%, I just am happy that he didnt mortgage anything in order to grab a couple meaningless wins on a bad team, while also growing roster depth.
  3. Im amazed that JD gets this much heat, really makes you wonder what people want. This is a guy who inherited a team whose coach and GM arent even IN THE NFL after leaving this franchise. They arent guys who "struggled their first time in a new role" or had some bad luck. They have literally been blackballed by the league, that is how poor they were at their job. Since 2012 the Jets have drafted the "least valuable players in the entire NFL" (link below). "Every one of the Jets drafts from 2012-2020 had a negative value score." That is almost an impossible level of futility - if we threw darts at a mock draft, the results would be better. On top of that JD wasnt even allowed to hire his first coach and had to work with Adam Gase, who as mentioned above, isnt the Colts or Rams OC, he is coaching highschool football. When JD took over, he turned the only players with any value into future assets that can actually help the team win games in 2022-2025. What did you want him to do, get 3 firsts for Adams? Get a first and a second for Darnold - a bottom 5 QB in the entire league? This team has been completely and totally devoid of offensive talent. We had Jeff Smith playing a prominent role in our offense and now we have Moore, Davis, Wilson, Breece, Michael Carter. We started seasons with Jonathan Harrison, Brian Winters and Alex Lewis starting. Now we have an OL with multiple players having probowl potential. The guy inherited a complete and utter mess. Instead of playing to the fans or to our moronic owner, he didnt make splash signings, made excellent trades for future assets and may actually have built a foundation for us to build on. Really not sure what people expect. https://jetswire.usatoday.com/2022/04/23/new-york-jets-least-nfl-draft-value-since-2012/
  4. I dont know about "nickel" but the top 4 CBs of Sauce, Reed, Hall and MCII are a solid group with 2 guys who have experience playing the slot and 3 guys with experience playing outside CB. Ideally we will not need to give them much help over the top, allowing Whitehead to play in the box and whoever the FS is to play a true centerfielder role. I hope that is Joyner myself but who knows. As for LB, I could see us signing someone, preferably Kwon Alexander, but I dont think we can simply go with the Nasirldeen/Sherwood experiment. That went really poorly last year and we dont have the safety depth behind Whitehead to move him to nickel LB.
  5. Yes, it is a possibility as AVT played there in college. Ideally we wouldnt want to move him around any more then we already are but if Herbig is the 6th best OL, then maybe you play him at guard and move AVT.
  6. This is how I feel as well. Could we have taken a DT with that pick to "fill a need", sure and it would have probably been hailed as a good pick on the day after the draft. But we are trying to build a team around Zach for the next 5 years and giving him a weapon like Breece is going to do exactly that. From an analytics standpoint there should be an additional factor that we had 3 other picks in the top 40. If JD had ignored edge or WR and taken Breece then I think you could question it as a bit of a luxury pick but thats not what happened.
  7. Exactly - having a backup center who makes less than $3 million and who seems like a great teammate and can provide some level of veteran mentorship is a good thing. Is Feeney great, no - but what teams have a backup center who is? Its either a position you develop (like the eagles with Jurgens - which is why they cut Herbig) or a position you hope to have a veteran like Feeney. Otherwise you wind up with the situation we had when mangold got hurt and we had a rookie get destroyed by the Ravens. OT: Fant, Becton, Mitchell OG: Tomlinson, AVT, Herbig, OC: McGovern, Feeney Thats the 8 that should make the team plus probably one additional player who I personally would like to be another veteran with OT versatility.
  8. Lazy? Quite a comment from behind your keyboard on a Jets website in the middle of a work day? Interesting take........... The guy didnt play well but its probably better to leave it at that then disrespect someone's work ethich who has played 7+ years in the league and made millions of dollars doing it.
  9. While I agree we definitely need a run stopping DT, there will be a big schematic shift in the overall defense that should help the running game quite a bit. Saleh has traditionally played with a single high safety on first and second down moving the strong safety down into the box to help defend the run and screen passes. Due to the lack of talent/ability at CB last year we played 2 high almost all the time which removed a run defender from the box and led to us getting gashed in the running game. Not only are Sauce and DJ both good tacklers on their own, they dont need consistent safety help. On top of that Whitehead is an excellent run defender so we will be able to crowd the box and play single high on early downs. As far as the DTs, Saleh focused on them penetrating into the backfield as opposed to taking up blockers (personally im not sure why we cant have more of a 2-gap philosophy on early downs to clog lanes but who knows) but that high risk-reward philosophy requires speed on the back end to be able to make up for the DTs penetrating and missing the tackle and we didnt have that before. I do think we need to find another DT (no clue why shepard is still here) who can plug holes but I think Whitehead is a fantastic scheme fit to help stop the run.
  10. His weight should be under control by training camp, that is one problem that is easily fixable. I just hope he develops the general "NFL toughness" that is required to play offensive line. He is going to get banged up every single week and he has to be able to play through some of the smaller things that come with the position. As for competing at LT, how exactly is the team supposed to do that? Have them alternate at LT and RT all TC? Personally there is zero chance that I would move Fant back to RT but its a little weird that in the video he is working on a pass set on the left side - so has the team not told him to work on both sides?
  11. To me, the Pats had one of the worst off-seasons of any team in the league. First off, while Im sure BB is comfortable having Joe Judge and Matt Patricia around, what exactly are those guys going to be doing for Mac Jones and the rest of the team. Judge is a former special teams coach, now coaching offense and Patricia is basically a coaching consultant on both sides of the ball. On top of that, they do not have an official OC and it sppears BB will have a big role in calling the offensive plays. While he is of course a top 3 coach in history, I cant imagine that calling offensive plays will come easily or not affect him also influencing the defense. As far as playmakers they took a guard in the first round which serves only to replace a good guard that they had in Shaq Mason. They will trot out Damien Harris and Pierre Strong at RB with Henry/JuJu at TE and Davonte Parker as their #1 WR. How is that offense scaring anyone at all? Defensively Judon is their best player and he can rush the passer but outside of him there isnt much athleticism and the secondary will take a hit losing JC Jackson. The Pats have traditionally won with coaching and mistake free football but without TB around to make everyone better I cant see how this team is very good unless Mac makes a huge leap and given his physical limitations it doesnt seem likely.
  12. Especially since we would have less than $1 million in dead money left on Davis' contract in 2023 if he could replace him.
  13. I dont see us like the Ryan Jets, that team was built differently and I think Schottenheimer was a big part of what held that offense back. The thing that I see from the draft and FA is not how many times we run vs pass, rather I see the offense getting a lot of "easier throws" for Zach then we had last year. When you watch SF when Kittle is healthy he does catch balls down the field but he gets a lot of yardage on shorter throws where the defense has been forced to stay in base to avoid getting crushed in the run game and the use of motion has frozen the defense a little so Kittle leaks out and gets a 6-12 yard gain. Those are the types of plays that should keep defenses guessing enough for us to get some good gains on the ground and then use play action to hit Wilson/Moore down the field. I really hope that Zach is able to get over the bit of the yips that he had on short throws as that is going to be a staple with this group of TEs. Im not nearly as worried about him hitting some downfield throws as much as the easy ones, even though that is counterintuitive.
  14. Kyle Pitts will have exceptional stats but when you look at "TEs" like him they are essentially WRs as they can block inline so when they are on the field the defense can move to nickel not be overly exposed against the run. The reason I love Ruckert is that he is an elite blocker with the possibility that his athleticism will allow him to be a "better" receiving TE in the NFL then he was in college. That happens to also have been the exact scouting report that George Kittle had. When Kittle came out his profile had his floor as one of the best blocking TEs in the league - that is all you can really ask when you get to the 4th+ round and why I was so disgusted with Mac trading down and winding up with Jordan Leggett. KIttle is so effective because teams have to stay in their base defense against him since he is such a devastating blocker and I can see our offense being very similar as all 3 TEs we have are good blockers and I think Ruckert can really learn from CJ and Conklin, grow into his role slowly and hopefully be a dominant starter in 2024 when both CJ and Conklin can come off the books. Love the pick!
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