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  1. BCJet

    John Harbaugh

    I like the idea of Harbough, but if we are going to suggest it, then that thought needs to come with an OC recommendation, which is much harder to do. The first thing that John H. would need to explain in an interview is why he has stuck with Marty M as OC given that his version of the west coast offense doenst fit Flacco's skillset whatsoever. After that, Im not sure who he would bring in as you need a younger OC but good, young OCs dont make lateral moves (LaFleur is an exception) so you have to poach a QB coach. What also makes this difficult is that we have no idea who is in harbough's circle as far as guys they are familiar with. One name that would be interesting from college is Matt Canada if he isnt brought back as the HC at Maryland. He was a good coordinator in college for Pitt then had a falling out with Ed Ogeron after being a huge hire by LSU. He then wound up as the interim HC all season but is known as a pretty good offensive mind. I do think Harbough would be able to bring in a good defensive coordinator - maybe even Mike Pettine if GB cleans house.
  2. BCJet

    Randy Fichtner (PIT OC)

    While this is likely true for a college coach, its not true for a young offensive minded coach as both Mcvay and Nagy have excellent defensive coordinators. Fitchner to me doesnt look like someone who is going to command the team, and if we were looking to the steelers, Mike Munchak could be someone who has HC experience but isnt the young up-and-comer that we probably need. We should fire Mac and Bowles. Promote Brian Hermdinger to GM and go hard after Matt Lafluer, DeFilippo or Dan Campbell. In both cases we could essentially keep Bates and Dennison. Lafleur and DeFilipo will be the play caller wherever they wind up, but Bates and Dennison could keep some continuity here and help install an overall offensive scheme. Campbell is going to need a playcaller and OC installer so we could keep a similar system and hope that Campbell can incorporate some of the Saints downfield concepts into the offense.
  3. BCJet

    Any Bruce Irvin updates?

    Does everyone realize the players also have a say in where they go? I like Irvin, but he wasnt willingly signing here (he turned down more money from the Pats and Steelers to play at home in Atlanta and for Quinn), so we would have had to claim him and his $3.8 million salary for the remainder of the season. We arent a Bruce Irvin away from contending and frankly at this point any wins are going to help Bowles case to stay and that would be worse then anything for this organization
  4. BCJet

    Possible HC Candidates

    I thought Shanahan was 70 but I still don’t think he would be a good choice as a HC. As far as John Harbough (Jim isn’t leaving Michigan) and Dan Campbell both would be good HC choices but both would also need an OC as neither has coordinated an offense or called plays before which is why the GM hire is so important. If it’s Mac (it shouldn’t be) or if we promote Hermdinger (which we should) they need to be able to evaluate whether or not Bates has done a good job with the offense and darnold. There are very few people who know what’s going on in the organization as far as whether or not it’s Bowes influence holding he offense back or if it’s Bates on his own. Personally if Bates is thought to be doing a good job with what he has to work with we could keep him and Dennison and bring in a guy like Cambpell to introduce some of the saints concepts into our offense, hold the players acountable, understand how to manage an NFL game and to find a capable defensive coordinator. That’s not a bad scenario at all
  5. BCJet

    Possible HC Candidates

    This is an excellent idea. Shanahan is simply too old to be a full time, never sleeping, stressed out NFL coach. It’s just too hard if a job physically at his age.
  6. Seriously, how does a strained quad keep Tru (or anyone) this long. i know soft tissue injuries can be difficult for elite athletes, but this seems crazy to me. Im guessing the heat isn't a huge deal tomorrow as Miami opted to let us wear white jerseys. I think we win tomorrow. Yes miami defense gave us trouble the first time but our line is better today then it was then, as is Sam, and we just played 2 elite defensive fronts so this should be a bit easier for the offense in general
  7. Donovan Smith is an interesting name - however is he actually good? There are some decent LT prospects that could be available in a trade down scenario: Andrew Dilliard Washington State Marcus Normal South Florida Yodny Cajuste West Virgina I think we look to trade down in the first and take some combination of tackles and edge rushers with 3 of our first 4 picks and a WR with the other.
  8. Great job putting this together. Personally I think Sam has played excellent the last 2 weeks. Minnesota and Chicago are 2 of the top defenses in the league and we were without 3 of our top 4 WRs, and for the Bears game our best RB and center, and yet Sam was able to protect himself and keep us in the games - as a 21 year old. Romo had a great interview after the game that sums up everything in this thread - spacial awareness. Sam has not an innate ability to move and feel pressure in the pocket, but he is unbelieveably accurate even when his body isnt set and it all comes down to his ability to process where guys will be and whats happening around him at an elite level. This team has its problems, Bowles is clueless, Mac has missed on too many picks, we arent mentally tough enough to consistently avoid mistakes but we have a QB whose ceiling is top 5 in the league, not just "good" and that is insane to even think about as a jet fan.
  9. If we lose both these next 2 games, Bowles CANNOT remain as the HC for the remainder of the season.
  10. Allen the OLB from Kentucky and Jonah Williams, with a strong edge going to williams
  11. The Jets will face Brock Osweiler this week in Miami and then due to a concussion suffered Monday night by Derek Anderson will face Nathan Peterman in Week 9 against the Bills. Edit - not sure if he will be out for the game against the Jets, i misread the tweet, its week 9 that he is starting.
  12. BCJet

    Next Head Coach?

    It was unprofessional because Saban is an insane competitor and wanted to sign Brees. The incompetent miami doctors failed Brees on his physical and he got stuck with Dante Culpepper instead. The guy holds people accountable, understands defense, and understands what it takes to win. He isnt coming here but if he would, give him whatever he wants.
  13. BCJet

    Next Head Coach?

    This is from www.turnonthejets.comm on Lafleur The Titans current offense is ranked 30th overall in LeFleur’s first season calling plays, but you need to look at some other numbers to really see the job he is doing: the Titans are currently top 10 in both plays per drive and time per drive, and QB Marcus Mariota increased his completion percentage from 62 percent to a career-high 66 percent. He helped develop Matt Ryan and Kirk Cousins, and this experience will make him incredibly appealing to a team like the Jets who want someone to develop their young QB.
  14. BCJet

    Next Head Coach?

    The issue with Campbell is that he is not a play caller nor has he ever been the main guy to coordinate an offense, he was TE coach in miami before getting the interim HC spot (for 10 games which is good experience) and then has been behind peyton and carmichael. There really needs to be someone evaluating Bates as a QB coach, mentor to darnold, and even as a playcaller because if we did need to find a coach who holds people accountable and who can be more aggressive on offense, but want to keep continuity then keeping Bates/Dennison and augmenting their offense with someone like Campbell's knowledge from New Orleans could be a good solution.
  15. BCJet

    Next Head Coach?

    You simply cant keep Mac if you fire Bowles because no HC candidate in their right mind would come into a situation where the GM could be fired a year after youre hired. These guys need to be a packaged deal. The move to make is to fire Mac, promote Brian Hermdinger and have him hire a coach who reports to him. Matt Lafleur is 38 years old and has enough experience under very good head coaches to make the jump to HC and his age would work well with someone like Hermdinger who is only 32. Hermdinger being internal can also help to keep some assistant coaches as he will know they pretty well, and let Lafleur bring in his own OC.

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