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  1. First off, not sure where you think you are, but this is a fan message board - where we give OUR OPINIONS, so if you dont want to concern yourself with my opinion stop reading the board. I didnt write the post hoping that Saleh would read it and then sign bortles. In answer to your other questions, I havent SEEN anything because Morgan hasnt taken a snap of live football since his bowl game. I clearly stated its possible the organization has seen something in practice that we havent since again, he hasnt played a snap that a single fan has seen. And I guess we will keep the "lose g
  2. We dont need a veteran to "help" Zach, what we do need is a competent player to come in and play 2-3 games if he gets injured. I have zero faith in Mike White or Morgan as we stand today. White has actually played a lot of preseason snaps with Dallas and was basically awful in all of them. Morgan has raw ability, and maybe the coaches see something that we havent, which is why they havent signed anyone, but it would be a big surprise if he is ready to play in regular season games. Bortles has won regular season games and could at least hold down the fort for a few games if necessar
  3. Tom Brady has been a "game manager" his entire career, aside from a few years when he had Moss. Managing the game is how you are supposed to play the position unless you have rare talent like mahomes. I hope that Zach Wilson spends the first part of his career learning how to manage the game, when to take chances and when to throw it away. When to force a ball and when to eat a sack. These are the plays that win games. Brady hasnt had an elite arm in 10 years and yet consistently wins because he doesnt make game losing mistakes. Now, do I also hope that Wilson has the athletic a
  4. One of the worst free agent signings in any sport in history, but JD has a clearly different philosophy to avoid situations like Trumaine Johnson. You simply do not give someone their "Last contract". The minue Trumaine Johnson signed his name to that paper he had zero motivation, other then whatever internal drive to win that he had, to perform as he knew he wasnt getting another contract after the Jets. You cannot do that. JD has shown with players like Davis and Lawson that he is willing to pay, but that he keeps the contracts short which is a great way to motivate the players a
  5. Personally Id love to see the offense get creative with Fant at TE, Carter/Ty Johnson, Mims, Moore and Davis.
  6. The issue with Fitz, and why I despise him so much, is that its entirely his own fault why he isnt a better player. And yea I clearly realize hes made millions and has had some success. This is a guy who maintains a "gun slinger" mentality like he is some sort of elite player and failed to ever embrace the nuances of actually playing the position and managing the game. Yea 2015 was fun, but in the end he threw a pick just like he always has because he couldnt learn to just play the position. And then on top of it he gets salty when people criticize him for the mistakes. Just a rea
  7. Completely agree, its not smart these days to have one bell-cow type RB, you are far better off taking a RB in rounds 2-5 every draft and hoping to hit on 50% of those guys. That will give you an inexpensive stable of RBs that can withstand an injury to the group.
  8. Im really not sure what people expect JD to do. Maye is a good player, not a great player and as a free agent he and his agent are able to search out the best deal possible while also dealing with the franchise tag. JD's job is to use the franchise tag to the organizations advantage, should he just offer more then $15 million per season to avoid negative press? Maye is likely an $11-12 million player, if he wont accept that then we should find another solution. Paying him $15 million "because we have cap space" isnt a smart way to fun an organization.
  9. While the LaFleur offense does have concepts that dont necessarily play to Mims strengths, this staff is going to be smart enough to use players at what they do best. Mims is a tall, fast, strong WR who had a decent rookie year even though he was injured, had bad QB play and an atrocious coach. Anyone who is ready to write him off should just go read the Quinnen Williams threads prior to last year when half this board wanted to trade him and thought that Ed Oliver was a better player. It takes players time to grow, especially if they are injured as rookies which both Mims and QW were
  10. Agreed, he is just a good player who isnt special - you shouldnt pay those types of players elite money. As for the trade, I really like the Eagles deal too, simply because young pass-rushers like Barnett are smart to acquire. Adding Barnett gives you a full year to evaluate what contract he is worth and gives you flexibility in the draft in case we cant get a DE in round 1.
  11. The trade could very likely go down as the best in franchise history....so far we got rid of a safety who has to be used as a blitzer to be effective and have a guard with a very high ceiling plus another first round pick. Also, lets not forget the additional benefit to Adams not being signed. He is EXACTLY the type of guy who can fracture a locker room with his nonsense and hopefully lead to Seattle having a terrible season which will increase the value of our pick.
  12. He struggled with drops in college and struggled with drops in minicamp - its not a conincidence. He has some excellent physical traits and is worth keeping as the 3rd TE (if we keep Wesco too) to develop down the road but he is the type of guy who needs to do an hour on the jugs machine every day for the next year until he fixes his issue with drops.
  13. Well said. I was shocked when I read this thread that Burton was still a FA and it seems like he would be a good fit here, but I dont see it happening. I cant see a scenario where Herndon isnt here, hes too talented even with the drops and Kroft is a good blocker and underrated receiver. Those 2 with Wesco and Yeboah are a good set of TE/H-back/FB
  14. I too think Perine has a greater chance of being cut then leading the team in rushing, that being said he showed explosiveness in TC and then got hurt. Watching QW's leap in his second year, having an injury like an ankle or hamstring can really kill almost an entire season. These guys come back early and play the year at 80%, thats gonna lead to anyone not being very good. Perine being good give us 4 legitimate RBs which is a ton of depth
  15. A real thread that’s discussing trading Denzel Mims for Zach Ertz. What a message board.
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