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  1. Totally agree. The only thing I cared about seeing Thursday night was that Darnold didnt fall apart like against New England and he clearly didnt. Yea, we would all like to see him tearing the league up at 22, but the reality is that rarely happens and more importantly there are a ton of outside factors that affect the QBs play, mainly the coach and Oline. As fans we are micro-analyzing not just game by game, but literally throw by throw and sometimes fail to realize that even Aaron Rogers misses throws sometimes. I just want Sam to finish the year strong and really work on his mechanics this offseason so that he becomes more consistent on the plays that dont break down.
  2. I don’t see this as heat of the moment yelling at all. I see Sam completely dismissing whatever Gase was saying which is completely different and is huge for this organization. People complain about kids/parents “these days” all the time but this is a situation where it would be nice if Sam and his father can channel their inner Manning and go to the organization if they feel Gase isn’t the right guy for Sam. This isn’t 8th grade. This is Sams career and it’s important enough to go to CJ and give their opinion and if it’s not favorable CJ better be smart enough to make the move.
  3. We did get crushed in a lot of ways but this is the best offense in the league and we were without multiple players on defense so it’s not overly surprising. The positive to me was that Sam didn’t wilt under the pressure of playing on the road vs a team like the ravens. As for Gase aside from the money, the situation is extremely easy to evaluate and yet I’m sure CJ will screw it up. What coaching skills or characteristics does Gase do well? Scheme/play calling, discipline, in game management, player development, and player motivation. Those are the skills that you need to be good at to be a good head coach. Schematically he is awful and tries to force players into his “system” even though that never works. The players don’t seem to like him, nor does he run a disciplined organization where you could say just the bad apples don’t like him. He throws his players under the bus then takes fake responsibility - that is the opposite of motivation. As the earlier article said he has awful at in game management and takes poor challenges. Why run an onside kick after a time out last night? Our offensive rookies haven’t showed much improvement and he has not integrated players like Montgomery into the system. Hes also terrible with the media, doesn’t seem to have changed his approach after failing in Miami, and wasn’t even the organizations top choice last year. So yea I think it’s fair to ask this organization that we all support why exactly this man has a job as the HC
  4. Belichick, Payton (with TB when Brees was out), Harbough, even Tomlin are successful because they dont coach some system that is "theirs". They build gamelans and schemes around the talent they have and find a way to get the players to believe or buy in to what they are doing - that is how to win in the NFL. Adam Gase thinks hes the smartest person in the room. He doesnt value RBs because he was successful one season with Manning throwing the ball a ton. He is arrogant and think that when he says "its on me", 10 seconds after throwing his players under the bus that they can't see through that. His gamelans dont attack the opponents weaknesses, and he doesnt have the ability to get someone like Bell to alter his playing style even one bit, to hit the holes a little quicker, because he has spent a whole season treating Bell like crap. When the coach thinks its about him more then the players you get a team like we currently have. One that loses to teams like Miami and Cincy, and gets blown out by anyone good. Bell has been a good soldier, getting minimal touches behind an atrocious line - practicing hard and saying the right things, even while being sent away from the team with "the flu" so his coach could make a point. Eating a $15 cap hit just so his coach can get his way and we can get a 3rd round pick is idiotic and sends a terrible message to the rest of the team. Instead of trading Bell, we should fix the enormous mistake Mac and Chris J made and fire Gase the day after the season ends.
  5. Here are the opening sentences from Fournette’s combine report under negatives: Doesn't make many defenders miss with open field shake. Aggressive, take-on style could lead to shortened career. Struggles to elude sudden traffic at line of scrimmage. Lacks looseness of hips to jump-cut from gap to gap. I get why fournette was a high pick but my point is a lot of it was hype as Dalvin Cook who went a full round later is a better player and Dillon has similar stats and running style and is being discussed as going 3 or 4 rounds later then fournette did.
  6. Leonard Fournette, who was 6'0 240 at the combine, finished his college career with 616 carries for 3830 yards - a 6.2 avg and 40 TDs. Receiving he had 41 catches for 526 yards and 1 TD (12 yard average). He ran 4.51 in his pre-draft. AJ Dillon, who is 6'0 249 lbs, finished his career with 845 carries for 4382 yards - a 5.2 yard average with 38 TDs. He had 21 catches for 236 yards (11 yard average) and 2 TDs. He should run 4.5. How is it that Fournette, while he played in a tougher conference, was a top 10 pick and Dillon is going to be a "mid-rounder"? Im a bit biased as Ive watched him for 3 years dominate and I also realize that he isnt going to be a very effective receiving RB, but this kid is faster then he looks, simply because he is huge at 249. I can't stand all this stuff with Bell and think he is being criminally underused by our idiot coach, but if we have a shot at AJ in the 4th round, he seems like a guy who will play in the pros for a long time for the cost of a late pick and who can step in and be a valuable contributor in 2021 if we move on from Bell after next year.
  7. While I obviously want the jets to win a Super Bowl, I also want to be entertained as much as possible - including a lot of the minutia that gets discussed on the board, the draft, etc. What makes this year so disappointing is that it has literally sapped the entertainment out of the season more then any other I can remember and its takes like this that make it so brutal. You think trading up in a draft that had 4 excellent QB prospects and winding up with Sam Darnold was a huge mistake? And on top of that you really think you know that the kid is a bust after 20 or so games and before he has turned 23 years old? Good for you. Aside from that awful take, the thread is pretty interesting. I think Mac's biggest mistakes are bigger picture things/philosophies. 1. He never had a certain type of player he targeted. Big school/small school. Good character/bad character. Good athletes/more "effort" type players. If you always target a certain type of player, you will hit on some just by math. If you never follow a pattern you put yourself in a position to miss on everyone which he did. Having Leo not be elite is one thing, as he was a good pro player, but having multiple 3/4th rounders out of the league entirely is beyond horrendous and indicative of not having a philosophy. 2. Mac also let the 2015 season go to his head and should have torn everything down after that year, rather then allow a player like Ryan Fitzpatrick to hold the team hostage even though it should have been clear to anyone in the building that we had a weak schedule and needed younger talent. Good GMs have a plan and every decision is made with that plan in mind. Mac looked at each pick and each decision as if they were independent events, rather then part of an overall process. He had no ability whatsoever to see the draft board - trading up and down with no apparent reason why. All those decisions are what lead you to make mistakes in FA and the draft
  8. Doing some reading on Willis and he is apparently an elite run blocker who also has an athletic profile that should allow him to be an excellent pass blocker. Seems like an ideal player to me. The wild card will be Austin Jackson as it’s possible that both Willis and Thomas grade out as elite prospects and both go in the top 10 leaving Jackson as a player to target if we trade down. Its really sucks to always be rooting for the jets to lose games at the end of the year but the truth is if we wind up picking 4 versus 9 we could come away with extra picks in a WR and OL heavy draft and still get an elite LT prospect. Hate to say it but losing out is probably the best thing for this franchise.
  9. Willis is starting to get a lot of hype. I personally didn’t know he was such a strong LT prospect until recently. That being said if Austin Jackson enters the draft there will be 2 QBs, 2 pass rushers, 2 WRs 1 CB and 4 LT prospects all with very high grades at positions teams will value. So that will likely allow us to grab one of the tackles picking 11th or better OR allow us to trade down if we are picking 7/8 and still potentially add one. It will be a really strong OT draft if Willis and Jackson enter which is great for the Jets
  10. This rookie QB thing is such a myth. Yea these guys are on cheap contracts, but are teams struggling to afford players once they pay their QBs? The cap is increasing every year, and the pool of players who deserve big money hasn't gotten bigger since the rookie scale was put in place. Yea, would it be great to have put a foundation in place that could win in Darnold's early years, of course. But Seattle had the cheapest QB in the league, then paid him, and are in the same place year after year. Sam will need to be paid at the same time Leveon comes off the books which will help lessen the blow. This is the least of our problems.
  11. In 2017 the Dolphins finished 25th in rushing attempts after finishing last in 2016. Gase doesn’t run the ball enough - it has nothing to do with talent it’s a flawed philosophy.
  12. Sure. So which elite WRs are contributing to their teams winning exactly? How is Julio Jones’ team doing? You think the Rams are happy with Brandon Cooks’ contract? How about the Browns and OBJ?
  13. You said they didnt matter, then pointed to 2 teams with very good young WR units, and another with good potential in some young WRs paired with some solid vets. You’re right. I meant more that spending money on WRs like Amari isn’t smart as those guys don’t matter as much.
  14. Because there are still good WRs in the league and we don’t have a great CB currently on our team. As for Jones not generating turnovers - Do you realize that teams stay away from him thereby limiting his ability to get picks? He was an All-pro player last year. I’m guessing the ints aren’t a big deal
  15. I didn’t say that we shouldn’t draft or sign WRs - I said I didn’t want to pay elite money to one WR like Cooper. SF has done a good job of drafting mid tier players which is a good way to stock the position.

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