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  1. Well, regardless of the sport, most elite players dont become coaches because the game comes so easy to them. Guys like mccown are the ones (doug pederson ) who become good coaches. There is more then enough time for mccown to enjoy his time off and hopefully meet with Darnold for a few sessions to study film and the playbook, etc.
  2. I also think the NFL over-complicates things for these kids. The NFL should simplify the reads for these kids and let them grow into their role. Matt Ryan had a great quote about his MVP season saying how that was the first time he began to simply trust that his WRs would be "there" and he just threw to a spot. That takes YEARS to get to (side note Darnold does that now which is crazy) for most players and in the meantime you can run a simplified offense like McVay is running for Goff which puts your QB and team in position to succeed. No rookie QB should be handed that ridiculous playbook that Marty Morenwhig had when he was here, asking them to run 15 variations of 100 different plays, its just not smart.
  3. Im sure its disappointing, but I think its a lot more terrifying to be 24, making $50K a year and realizing you might have 40 more years working in a cubicle. Hack has $2+ million in the bank, and enough of a pedigree (along with the knowledge) to coach the game in some capacity for the rest of his life. It could be worse.
  4. Fowler is an ok player, but carries an enormous risk as someone with both off the field and on the field issues. Giving him $30 million guaranteed is a scary proposition. The best case scenario for us is that Beachum plays well in this scheme, which fits him well, and Darnold's mobility minimized the position enough and allows to sign him to an extension with Garcia as a developing backup. That will allow us to take one of the true edge rushers in this class that have 10+ sack potential and also pay for a good guard to replace carpenter and improve the line as a whole. With respect to free agency in general though, the safest route for this team is going to be to resign some of the young playmakers IF they continue to develop and/or stay healthy. Leo (a definite), Enunwa, Robby, and Kearse in particular all have the potential to be resigned and 2 of them paired with Hansen gives the WR corps talent and continuity which allows us to spend on other positions. I simply dont think LT is going to be one of them as there are no players to pay (Lewan will not get out of tennessee). That being said if we want to pay Fowler and draft Jonah Williams, things could be worse.
  5. When did I ever say they would have better results? Considering in 2008 they finished second in yards, the answer would be no - i dont think we will have the number 1 or 2 offense in the entire league. What ive said is that your statement that the 2010 seahawks are a more accurate representation of what our offense will look like the the 2008 Broncos are is not correct. Keep backtracking though
  6. Hahahaha word play - super funny stuff, what a writer you are. So in Denver he and Dennison shared the 3 titles of OC, QB coach and Oline coach with Dennison as the OC, Bates called the plays and installed the passing game plan and Dennison installed the running game and ran the Oline. With the Jets he and Dennison will share the 3 titles of OC, QB coach and Oline coach, Bates will call plays and install the passing game plan and has Dennison who will install the running game and run the Oline. Yea - i think Seattle seems like a better comparison......
  7. "There is NOTHING about this guys past as an OC that says he will do anything but get Bowles fired " I must have mistaken the above quote as a rip there Skippy. I also wasnt aware that you knew whether he was offered jobs or not for the 4 years he was out of football? Anyway, how exactly is 2010 more indicative of his traits then 2008? In 2010 their Offensive Line coach Alex Gibbs, another zone-scheme running orientated coach quit after Training camp and they had a rash of injuries that crushed their offensive line leading them to be ranked second to last in rushing - how do you think an offense will do when teams know you cant run? How did the seahawks do the year after he left, since he was clearly the problem. Oh right, they finished 28th in offense, must have been Bates fault. The point that gets lost on you is that my mention of Schottenheimer and Marty is because we KNOW what we will get with them - a bad offense, which they have proven over their careers. We dont know what Bates will give us because the sample size is smaller, but what we do KNOW is that he has had past success with Dennison, and helped coordinate an offense well enough here in 2017 that his boss was fired and he was promoted. I know you want him to be successful, everyone here does, but you emphatically said he will get Bowles fired which is a statement that has no basis
  8. This is not a big deal in 2018. For one, Darnold has the entire playbook and can literally script 6 weeks worth of workouts with Bates, hand them to Palmer and have palmer run him through his drills. Then he can work on the playbook as much as he can alone, and god willing, he and McCown can get 10+ days to sit together and go over the playbook, audibles, etc together since Mccown isnt a coach. The next 6 weeks should be about terminology and mechanics so that he is ready to roll for TC. Yes it would be nice to do it with Bates, but Palmer is fine.
  9. When you are ripping Bates career, have you actually spent more then 2 mins looking through what he has done, and how it translates to the jets? I say that because you said "1 year as OC" which is true from a title perspective. But if you actually wanted to see what an offense that he runs is capable of you should read about the 2008 Broncos. Shanahan was the HC - who didnt call plays or install the offense each week. Bates was the play caller and who assisted him in the install each week, Rick Dennison, who served as Oline coach and coordinated the running game. Which just happens to be the exact setup we have here. That season the Broncos finished second in the NFL in total yards. The NFL currently employs career failures like Brian Schottneheimer and Marty Mornenwhig, guys who we have seen first hand have no idea what they are doing. We finally have a smart, young coach who by most accounts is good with QBs and we cant wait to rip him, even after a year where an offense that lost their top WR, had the worst center in the league and had Matt Forte playing RB was somewhat productive.
  10. BCJet

    Bates On Darnold

    Ive been watching the college QBs for years (since we always need one) and I loved Mariota coming out of college. Tall kid, accurate, can run, excellent character, etc. Overall very worthy top 1-2 prospect, and hes been a decent pro to date. Watching Darnold compared to Mariota in college, they are not even in the same category as far as what they can do on the field. Mariota is a classic college QB who was accurate with enough arm to hit open guys. Darnold CONSISTENTLY throws to covered players, sees spots on the field before they open, and can work the deep middle of the field. Those are things that take years until most players trust themselves to play that way, and he did it after starting 1 year in HS, and 2 in college with average coaching at best. Its preposterous that he fell to three and thank god Mac made that trade.
  11. BCJet

    Bates On Darnold

    I would have been fine with Mayfield and feel he has the skills to succeed in the NFL, but it is RIDICULOUS that Sam Darnold was passed over 2 times and fell to the NYJ. What this kid was doing on the field as a 20 year old, with three total years of playing QB was astonishingly good. The hardest thing for a QB to learn is to be calm when the pocket collapses and to throw to spots rather then to players and Darnold was doing that from the beginning. I firmly believe we have got real lucky to get someone who has a legitimate ceiling of the best in the league.
  12. BCJet

    Jets minicamp day 2

    I dont want to nitpick, but why does mcknown need so many first team reps? Wouldnt it be better to give him 20 and darnold 18 then 30 and 8?
  13. BCJet

    Jets minicamp - Day 1

    Ive been reading this site for a long time, going back to jetsinsider.com days and I can honestly say this is the most ridiculous take Ive ever read Sam Darnold, the best QB prospect to come out in years, a guy who never should have been available at our pick and who, if he starts opening day, wil be the youngest starting QB in NFL history.....should be traded if Teddy Bridgewater, a good, but far from great player, has a good preseason and training camp. Literally insane
  14. Tennessee has too much cap room to let Lewan walk and have the same situation as we do with a young QB to protect. Jake Matthews is in no way a top LT nor does he deserve to be paid as one. Our best bet in FA is to find a guy like Dante Fowler who becomes available because his team has a surplus at the position or is up against the cap (which is rare these days) and we can "overpay" them and hope they play well for us. The sure-fire, low risk guys are simply too hard to get in FA. This draft has 3 "franchise" LTs in it and 3-4 legitimate edge rushers. Lets hope that a couple of the QBs have great seasons and force their way into the top 10 so one of the 6/7 players at the positions we need fall to wherever we are picking.
  15. BCJet

    Duke Johnson Contract

    Agreed, its much more likely to hit on a RB late then another position.