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  1. John Beck likely makes way more that $500K doing what he does. He tutors multiple top NFL QBs and probably works about 20% of the hours of what an NFL QB coach does.
  2. Whats also interesting is the Bears have James Daniels, the iowa center prior to Linderbaum who for whatever reason continues to play guard and not center. He happens to be a free agent after this season, and I wonder if he could be a player who would thrive in a zone system and could be someone we look to in FA to replace GVR and play RG. I also think we could move mcgovern to RG if we draft Linderbaum which would also be a big upgrade at RG.
  3. I understand your point as well but its not that simple. Some weeks you want to change what you do in the hope that the offense prepared for what theyve seen on tape and wont be prepared if you change up your coverage, front, blitzes. However, that is what you do versus a rookie QB, not matt ryan and on top of that, no matter what a team chooses to do schematically, they should always ensure their players are doing what they do best. Mosely blitzing is simply not what he does best and if you want to try to "confuse" the offense by having him blitz vs drop, thats fine - do it once or
  4. Its not just the offensive coaches that dont seem to understand how to put their players in the best position to succeed. Why on earth are we using Mosley as a blitzer, especially in a game where the TE is gashing us and we are routinely getting beaten on slats in the middle of the field? He is NOT a fast player, who can get to the QB, he is an elite player when it comes to diagnosing plays who excels in zone coverage and we spend the entire game having him blitz? The whole point of Saleh's scheme is to get to the QB rushing 4 and in some cases 5 players - yet we spend an entire gam
  5. Its the coaches job to get the ball into the hands of playmakers - teams manufacture touches for players all the time, we just have not done that so far. Mims needs to play more and be used on slants, back shoulder throws and to put pressure on the defense with the ability to get deep. Moore should get at least 2 bubble screens per game (and NOT in the way we did it sunday) and then when the defense starts to cheat up on him, we take a couple downfield shots to him.
  6. So this might be an unpopular thought, and certainly if posted on the regular board would result in a million complaints about premium positions, but Kyle Hamilton should be a legitimate consideration for our pick. We are most likely not going to be picking early enough for Thibodeux After signing JFM, im not sure investing a top 10 pick in an edge rusher (aside from someone like Thibodeux) The spots we need to improve, IOL and TE are also not spots that you draft in the top 10 I think Linderbaum will be available in the top 20 Hamilton is going to be considered
  7. From Overthecap.com In total it works out to $55 million in new money with $14.815 million guaranteed at signing and $30 million guaranteed for injury . Given the early vesting date of his 2023 salary the effective full guarantee is $20.8 million. Another $4 million in performance escalators are also available to bring the max total to $59 million. The contract essentially mimics the recent Josh Sweat contract with the Eagles except this contract is four years in length versus three years for Sweat. It is the fourth year that bumps the annual value over Sweat’s. I believe that Frankl
  8. Couldnt agree more. Its not just about production, JFM can play both edge and DT, and can play the run and pass. Generally, I dont put too much stock in things like "the players will be mad that the Jets didnt play Maye", but in this particular instance, Id imagine this contract has a really positive affect on the lockerroom. By all accounts, JFM is a well-liked player and the narrative that anyone can work their way to a payday, has to help motivate the young players on the roster. Really good move by JD and as a fan, its nice to see a good player/guy get set up for life. Lets
  9. I dont disagree, but Id imagine JD wanted to see if Foley could thrive in a new scheme that focused on penetrating and getting upfield, vs occupying space and stopping the run. The thing about Foley (who btw I love as a player, seems like a leader, and is someone who can rush the passer), is that as for as DTs who get 3-4 sacks per game, they seem like somewhat replaceable players. Jonathan Hankins is a great example of a player like foley who is good, but always seems to be on short term contracts. We do have money to spend, however with Lawson on the books for a decent contract t
  10. JFM and Foley are both Free Agents and while all of us would love for JD to sign extend them now, there is ZERO reason why either of them would not test free agency. We can post all we want about scheme fit, etc but what if JFM goes into free agency with a 9-10 sack season at 26 years old? He will get Carl Lawson money. I hope we can bring these guys back, even if it means we draft a different position in round 1 next year, but no young DL is taking any sort of hometown discount, its too hard to find pass rushers.
  11. This is actually a huge concern (and similar to the Bowles/Kacy Rogers fiasco). When you get promoted its great having "your guys" to fill out whatever team you are running, but only if your guys are actually proven to be good at their jobs. It is well documented how close LaFleur and Saleh are, and its going to be very difficult for Saleh to give an accurate assessment of LaFleur's job. Its not just play calling or design either. Ty Johnson is being used as the 3rd down back and he cant pass protect. Mims is a weekly inactive for a dumb reason - those are very bad personnel decisions
  12. Not only what you said, but Mims has been put on the field for about 10 plays so far (preseaon and week 1) and in those 10 plays has produced 2 of the 3 biggest plays the offense has had (the other being the long catch by Davis vs carolina). Isnt it at all possible he is just a playmaker? Hopefully he is active today and gets a shot to make something happen
  13. Exactly, if something isnt working, and a key employee is essentially saying he wants a change - why not try it out. Even with ipads and still-frame pictures, its enormously different being able to see the field from upstairs vs the sideline Im well aware that the OC cant stop the QB from throwing picks, so thanks to everyone for that part of the analysis.
  14. So connor rogers tweeted today that Saleh said LaFleur is coaching from the sideline because Zach would prefer he is down on the field so they can talk more easily. He followed that up by saying that having LeFleur upstairs in the coaches box is not something they are considering right now. I think this is a huge mistake by Saleh. LaFleur has said his preference is to be upstairs since he joined the Jets and after two weeks the offense has shown very little rhythm to the play calling. I understand its easier for Zach to talk to his OC if he's on the field and we obviously want him to de
  15. Where are the easy completions on slants, quick outs or back shoulder throws (ie all the things Mims does well). LeFleur's plays seem to take too long to develop and we dont have the OL to run longer developing plays. I also dont see Wilson running any rhythm-type throws, to get into the game. Where are the three step drops, and hit a short slant to move the chanis and get Zach some confidence? I really think the offense needs to be simplified for a rookie QB.
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