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  1. Dilfer on Rosen

    I watched this yesterday when Rosen posted it and I thought the same thing - I cant say exactly what the real problem was with their conversation, but Rosen just comes off as very un-genuine. Does it matter if he is an elite QB on the field, probably not - I cant see Rogers being a very cool guy in the locker room. But I also think relating to the players around really matter and it seems like Josh is a bit of a doofus who simply isnt "one of the guys"
  2. Dilfer on Rosen

    I dont know about that. Aside from hand size, which does help Brees arm strength, I dont think the differential is that huge
  3. Dilfer on Rosen

    My counter to this is what exactly does Drew Brees do that well that makes him a HOF...its his ability to consistently throw accurately. I get everything you are saying but you have to be accurate to be successful, even someone like Cam Newton isnt successful until he gets into that 58+% area in the NFL and he was at 66% in his last year of college. Even when Allen played "great" in the bowl game, he only completed 58% of his passes. I understand that he will never be a rhythm passer and will be more of a guy who hits chunk plays down the field, but still, he has to get to 58% in the NFL to be successful and that worries me. I see mayfield and I see someone that plays QB well. He can move in the pocket, keeps his eyes downfield and is accurate from all areas inside or outside the pocket. Isnt that what a QB needs to do?
  4. Dilfer on Rosen

    You do know that Hackenberg would hit 1 or 2 ridiculous dime passes every game right? Its more then accuracy to me, its tough, its timing - you cant just laser every pass and that is one of the issues with Allen that goes along with his accuracy.
  5. Ive never understood why guys dont do this, whats wrong with the CFL? You would think with their rules manziel would tear it up there.
  6. Dilfer on Rosen

    I know you watch a lot of college ball, so can you elaborate on why you dont think Allen isnt that much of a project? Ive looked back at this kid all the way through highschool, junior college and Wyoming and he never once ever hit 60% completion %. Why isnt it an enormous project to get him to be consistently accurate in a league that is moving more and more towards spread concepts, with screens and short passes? Im very worried we are taking Allen and desperately want a reason to believe we arent making a catastrophic mistake but I dont see it.
  7. USC Pro Day on now

    Watching this now - Darnold doesnt seem to have much zip on his passes, anyone else have thoughts?
  8. Future Cap Room

    A more realistic scenario, if the offense does well and Bowles continues to be Bowles, is John Harbough. John Harbough has been hamstrung in Baltimore because he has never found a good OC to help build the right offense around Flacco. What we would offer him IF the offense is good and our rookie QB shows enough is a potential franchise QB, a good OC who has already worked with the QB and the ability to come in, choose his own DC and be the coach that we all wish Bowles was. Would be a great hire and also an opportunity to keep continuity on offense.
  9. For anyone criticizing Allen's supporting cast at Wyoming, please note that he completed less than 60% of his passes the every year he started in HS. He also played a year of Junior College where he threw for 26 tds with 5 ints - and completed 49% of his passes. Accuracy is a problem - it will be extraordinarily hard to change that.
  10. Landry Jones vs Baker Mayfield

    Bit - did you really read my post and think that in any way I compared Baker to Brady? And you are right, it does help the passing game to be 6'4 but its obviously not the end all be all
  11. Allen Hurns Released

    Is Hankins a true NT? He had a great season with the Giants getting 7 sacks, then its been really quiet for him ever since. I liked him a lot as a Giant, I wonder what the issue has been.
  12. How would you know a story like this? And why would Hermindinger go outside the organization to make a pick that important, Mac would be insane to allow that.
  13. Landry Jones vs Baker Mayfield

    First off, saying the Pats run the Erhardt-Perkins system is a bit of a lazy analysis. That is the terminology they use which differs from the "West Coast offense", but really the only thing the Pats do differently is they require their WRs to make more adjustments then most coaches, which is why they look for specific guys. That part of the offense is EXTREMELY difficult for WRs to pick up which is why it is so rarely used throughout the NFL. The truth is (and why this isnt talked about Ill never know), but the Pats have been running a "spread" offense for years. You think a 42 year old guy is drilling 20 yard out patterns? Brady has managed to continue to be successful because he is the ultimate game manager - he gets the Pats into the right play, ALWAYS knows where his guys will be, even if its for a 5 yard completion. His WRs are running bubble screens and short pick plays all the time. It gets the ball out fast, avoids sacks, and decreases the need for elite Olineman. Plus Brady happens to be extremely accurate so it works well. You then talk about Goff's team around him as opposed to the complete change in system being responsible for him being good. If you look at YPA (since its been the focus of this discussion) in 2016 you know who led the league in YPA, not Rogers or Stafford, but Matt Ryan, who by all accounts doesnt have a very strong arm. That is because his coordinator is exactly like Goff's in that they are excellent play designers and put their QBs in the best possible position to succeed, just like colleges do with the spread/"air raid". The NFL is one of the slowest moving, change resistant industries in the world. Brian Schottenheimer is still an offensive coordinator, a guy who has failed at the NFL and collegiate level consistently for 10 years. Same with Marty Mornenwhig - these guys never change. They have a playbook that worked 15 years ago and they try to make it work today. Well the rules arent the same and the guys rushing the passer are much better, so you need to adapt. Is Sean McVay some sort of genius? No, he simply looks at his personnel and finds plays that work, plays that he either designs himself of that he steals from other teams, why try to jam a 10 year old playbook into Jared Goff's skillset, thats just bad business. The arguments surrounding the Big 12 and "spread offenses" do matter, but they dont cause a bigger risk in a prospect then not being able to throw accurately does. Baker mayfield doesnt need to be taught how to play QB, yet Josh Allen does - isnt that a bigger risk? Is it some sort of revelation that Desean Watson was so good last year, or is it possible that the texans were smart enough to tailor the offense to his strengths? Maybe the defenses will catch up to him a bit, but isnt it equally possible watson can also adapt? And he is a player who certainly cant hit a 20 yard out any better then Baker can. None of these QBs are perfect, but to generalize so broadly that Baker cant be successful due to his college offense, when the entire NFL is moving towards those offenses isnt a great argument. Personally, ill take the kid who can play QB at an elite level today, rather then the athlete who has never (highschool included) shown he can accurately complete passes as a QB.
  14. While I dont care about Rosen wearing the anti-trump hat and dont feel its a big deal, its a bit different for the Jets organization as Woody essentially works for Trump. Just something to think about
  15. PSL Owners Sue the Jets

    Joewilly - dont waste your time arguing with someone who has disrespected every blue collar job in the US including firefighters and police in his time on this site and the earlier jets message board where he touted PSL GOLD for something that has now lost 50+% of its value. SAR lurks on this board and doesn't have an intelligent thought about QBs, the draft or our roster, yet if a PSL thread pops up he's the #1 poster. Hes someone who doesnt believe you should be able to throw a football in the parking lot before the game - enough said