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  1. Brisset had a very average season behind the best OL in the league. For a late round pick, whats the downside of brining in Foles?
  2. Theres been a lot of talk about the Colts possible moving up in the draft for a QB, but given their absurd amount of cap space and the fact that Reich was the OC when Foles won the SB, wouldn't it make more sense to offer the Jags a 6th round pick to take Foles' salary off their hands? Put Foles on that team with a first round WR and thats a much more dangerous team then the Brisket/2019 colts.
  3. If Robby did get $15 million per year he would be tied for the 12th highest paid WR in the league, but hey, why let the facts ruin an idea.
  4. Great call on Peat. Fluker to me is more someone who wasn't good at tackle, so they moved him to guard and he is not good at guard either. When we are looking at the Wilson/Beckton's of the draft, dont forget how well Orlando Brown has played for the Ravens. When you are as bid as these guys are its simply very difficult to get around them and Brown was considered to have much less play strength then Wilson or Beckton.
  5. 1. Graham Glasgow: young, tough, durable RG who can also play center. 2. Yannick Ngakoue: edge rushers rarely hit FA but Jacksonville has some cap issues. 3. Logan Ryan - should be priced a bit lower then Byron Jones but can likely come in on a 3 year deal. And be good, veteran starter.
  6. Guys the answer is very easy - for 3 years in Miami and a year here there is one constant, it’s never Adam Gase’s fault. Injuries, the OL, “not my guys” - Gase doesn’t understand its his JOB to get the most out of the roster he’s given. Bell isn’t some 4th round rookie who Gase didn’t pick. He is a player who was on a hall of fame pace, practices hard, is respected in the locker room and can run, catch and pass protect. What else should he do? Let me know when Gase takes responsibility for something and then maybe we can respect what he does as a coach.
  7. KRL - there is no place for logic in this thread, please keep your well thought out posts to yourself. Reading through some of these responses is downright comical. You guys think Bell is “old”, he will be 27 on opening day with a full year off included in the time he was “run into the ground”. Even if we discount his running, which was behind a line that finished as a historically bad group (mind you not “bad” historically inept) the guy is an elite receiver out of the backfield and in the slot and guess what......our coach didn’t throw to him. Probably because he was too old. Lets hope Gase gets rid of another back he underused and watch him thrive once he leaves. You guys should watch a few of Kenyon Drake’s games from this year. I guess he doesn’t have the style that Adam Gase likes either.
  8. Is there a solid sample size of guys moving from tackle to guard and being successful? I know Scherff was a OT who did it but who else? If a guy is a good OT in college but is short and/or has short arms then I get it or if they are better run blockers but can’t handle speed on the edge, I see that too. But it seems like the Tackle to Guard is mentioned a lot on the board and for a guy like Wilson who is 6’7 why would we move him inside?
  9. Wirfs is officially in the draft! I also saw Lloyd Cushenberry the center from LSU also declared. He’s big at 6’4 315 but I admittedly don’t know where he slots (2nd round?)? It also helps that Jefferson is in as well as Patrick Queen - I love Jefferson for the Jets as a second rounder and have no interest in Queen, but if he goes in the second it just pushes another player down to us.
  10. Why because he had a groin injury? You don’t think one offseason will heal that for someone without an injury history who is only 27?
  11. Exactly - it’s really not gonna age well. People can say what they want about how Rhule hasn’t accomplished anything but the guy just poached arguably the number one OC candidate out there to join him, that says quite a bit. If Rhule was here, it’s possible Mac would be which is very bad. But anyone who thinks the combo of Gase/Loggins is remotely comparable to Rhule/Brady is delusional. Additionally there is a common theme among all of these successful coaches and it’s exactly what Brady said and exactly what Gase doesn’t do. Stop blaming the players and saying they don’t fit what you do - design something around what the players do best. It is that simple. Gase isn’t Bill Walsh, he doesn’t have a “system”. He is barely a competent coordinator who should show some humility and bring in a QB coach who can help design a scheme around what Sam and the offense does best and continue to adapt that along the way. If he can’t he doesn’t deserve to be a HC.
  12. As a BC grad/fan it's sad to see him have to hang it up, but watching his video he said that he wants to play but just can't and its the smart move. I just hope he doesnt have long term issues. True MLB in every sense of the word. Fast, tough and smart. Might not have played long enough to make the HOF but it should be close.
  13. Jackson hasn't declared yet but he could rise through the process. Some posters have said hes more of a 2nd round guys but who knows. Same with Biadasz - hes good but isnt necessarily a better prospect then someone like Eric McCoy who was a 2nd rounder. If he is, then even more reason to take the WR at 11 and then OL with all of the next 3 picks if you want. Some combo of Lamb and Biadasz/Jackson or Wirfs/Wills and Justin Jefferson works for me. As an aside, the RB from LSU Edwards-Hellaire looks like an awesome prospect. Natural WR, quick feet and acceleration. Should be a 2nd rounder but will be a 3rd because he is short (who cares). Wouldn't mind that pick at all.
  14. Wirfs is currently waffling and May wind up staying in school which would likely eliminate OT for our first round pick. Simmons is barely a LB, he’s too much like Jamal and Chiason is too small to be an every down rusher. if we can’t trade down, we should take someone like Higgins and address OT/IOL in rounds 2 and 3. We could sign someone like Graham Glasgow, resign Lewis and Beachem and hopefully get someone like Becton in the second round along with a center or even another OT like Trey Adams. As much as we need OL, we might just get priced out at 11 and reaching won’t do anything. We need good players and have enough needs where we can hit on an elite guy at WR in that spot.
  15. He is the type of guy who would need to sit for 2020 and learn behind someone like Beachem and then hopefully take over LT in 2021.
  16. Why does a HC need play calling experience exactly? The reason Bienemy is a good HC candidate is not only because he has learned under Reid it’s because he is respected as an honest coach, who can relate to the Players and command a locker room. Any offensive prowess he has is an add on. The biggest misconception in the NFL over the past year is that because Shanahan and McVay are excellent offensive play callers then every team needs that as their HC. The truth is those guys are outliers. You need your HC to be a CEO, not just a play caller. The fact that Gase doesn’t watch the offense and has to give the challenge flag to Dowell Loggins is a problem. It’s not how a HC should run his team and it sends the wrong message to the 25+ guys who play defense. Bienemy may be able to be a HC and call plays, I have no idea. But maybe he is humble and smart enough to bring in an OC to handle the offense WITH his input and then he can actually coach the entire team. Either way, play calling experience shouldn’t ever be a prerequisite to be an NFL HC.
  17. BCJet

    2020 WR thread

    I read that Shenault is someone who will is going to have to have plays schemed for him to get the ball in his hands. Ive never watched a single snap of him playing, so I have no idea but curious if anyone else read that, as its something that is a huge negative in my mind.
  18. This scares me so much. While of course I want JD to be in step with the HC and draft players to fit what we want to do, this isnt Sean Payton hes getting in put from - Gase could be gone in a year and then we are stuck with OL who might not fit what we want to do. I just hope we find good players that can hopefully play in multiple systems.
  19. Between Biadasz, Cesar Ruiz, Henessey, Nick Martin, etc we should be able to find a center in the 2nd-4th round who can either start right away if he impresses or work behind Harrison for a year, get stronger and hopefully hold down the position going forward. I also wouldn't mind looking at Glasgow as a FA to potentially play center and draft a RG. Looking back, it is mind boggling how Mac had such a need at the position along with a ton of cap space and had Ryan Jensen playing at an elite level who essentially said he was taking whoever offered him the most money and let him sign in Tampa. I honestly wonder what on earth he thought about in general. When you have a need, cap space and a good young player available just do it.
  20. Not to add too much work to your list, but I think Cesar Ruiz (Michigan), Solomon Kindley (Georgia) and Matt Henessy (Temple) are all guys that will be in play for us in the 2/3rd round.
  21. BCJet

    2020 WR thread

    Isn’t he almost identical in size to Marquise Brown? Im not a huge fan of Hamler and both Brown and a similar player like Desean Jackson both have lengthy injury histories at their size. I’m just saying that teams are picking these guys with elite speed and Hamler certainly seems like he could fill the same role Brown does in Baltimore.
  22. BCJet

    2020 WR thread

    What worries you about Hamler, is it just the height? Personally I think Hamler may be available in the 2nd and compares well to Ruggs who is a likely first rounder giving a team pretty good round value with Hamler.
  23. JD needs to be prepared for a situation like this - and that means its likely worth spending money to keep Beachem to protect us from getting into a massive reach here. Personally if the top 10 go like this, Lamb should be the pick, but Id prefer someone like Beckton or Trey Adams in the 2nd.
  24. Just so we are clear, I never said Sherff wasn't good, but the guy is always hurt and the pro bowl is name recognition only. Demario Davis made first team all pro this year and didnt get voted into the pro bowl. I like Glasgow more because of his versatility. The ability to back up a position as valuable as center is very underrated.
  25. Getting beat due to physical limitations, which was the case with Edoga isn’t a huge deal for a rookie (see Brick). What is a big deal is his attitude and work ethic in the building. JD needs to determine if he has shed his “lazy” reputation from college to be a guy who will put in the time to get stronger and more technically sound. If he is, then we have a future starter at one of the tackle spots. If he isn’t, then hopefully we have a swing tackle for 3 more years.

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