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  1. Mekhi Becton, our top pick from last year , who is unfortunately going to struggle with his health as a 360lb human, but who also is talented enough to hold that spot.
  2. Look no further then what is happening in SF with Brandon Aiyuk, another top pick, who is getting buried by Shanahan for whatever reason. LaFleur wants Mims to know all 3 positions in an offense that is very hard to learn, and he hasnt done that yet. Personally, Id rather let him play, just knowing his outside role to see if he can just make plays, but thats me. Hopefully Mims continues to keep grinding and as the season progresses can get better and better, because I could easily see him moving on this year if he is buried at 4th/5th on the depth chart and excelling somewhere else wher
  3. I strongly disagree with this take. First off, Im very disappointed that Becton is hurt again, and I highly doubt we can count on someone his size every playing 16 games, regardless of if its LT or RT. I think thats just something you have to live with when you have someone who walks around at 360lbs. That being said, using another first round pick on an OL is a waste, given the other needs on the team. Good teams consistently find RTs in free agency, such as Morgan Moses. We would be much better off extending Fant to lower his cap number and as long as he plays well, also exten
  4. Does anyone know when Davis can start to practice? At this point, he is an extremely valuable player considering what we trotted out at safety once Joyner went down. Davis can play in the box and allow Maye to go back to being a centerfielder which should help eliminate the big plays like the Robby TD. I also really think the coaching staff needs to figure out what happened to Mosley because he was invisible against carolina. Im sure hes rusty but we need him to produce in order for the defense to continue playing at a good level.
  5. My guess is they waited on Goodson so that his salary wouldnt be guaranteed for the full season since he is a veteran? Seems like a decent LB - had 2 picks last year and has experience.
  6. Agreed. And to the Parcells point, he had a great saying - "everyone will be treated fairly, but not everyone will be treated the same." Im not saying Mims is some established veteran, he isnt but when he gets on the field, he seems to make big plays. It also seemed like from Saleh's comments that they want the WRs to know X, Z and slot which is probably not as easy for some guys. So if Mims excels at X or Z, and the other players have had an easier time learning all 3, then move THEM and put him in the spot that he knows best. I get that we dont want to make exceptions and have
  7. I agree completely with this post, however its not necessarily because of the ball Mims caught as it was a broken play. Im much more concerned with the general theme of how can we not figure out how to use this guy. Zach was pressured all game, wouldnt that be the exact time to give him a couple back shoulder throws to get the ball out quickly? Its not just Mims either. If Fant did something to "win" the starting job in camp, thats fine, but to watch him get completely roasted by Burns throughout the first quarter and not switch to Moses, is a problem. This wasnt a situation where
  8. I would be fine with Linderbaum, as it does seem he checks a ton of boxes especially schematically. That being said, I would rather keep paying Fant/Moses to hold down RT and use our draft capital elsewhere, especially given that there could be 5/5 real good edge rushers and we really need to find a TE.
  9. Brady is a good enough OC to take advantage of our rookie LBs with screens and crossers which is going to be a legitimate issue given the speed Carolina has with DJ Moore, Robby and Cmac. We really need to be able to stop the run and limit the screen game so Sam is in 3rd and long which should benefit the Jets, even with an inexperienced LB/CB group. Hopefully Maye. Joyner and Mosley can help cover up some of the inexperience we have because they are a very good group up the middle - its the outside where the problems are.
  10. So Jonathan Marshall AND Zuniga make it - thats pretty crazy to me.
  11. Carolina has 2 legitimate offensive weapons in DJ Moore and Robby plus an elite player in McCaffrey. The good thing for us is there is very little talent at TE and aside from Moton, we have a huge advantage in our DL vs their OL. I could see Joe Brady going after our young LBs on short passes to limit Darnold's time in the pocket and also getting CMac out in space vs the rookie LBs. If we can prevent those plays from turning into huge gains and force Darnold into 3rd and long where he needs his OL to hold up, I think they will be in trouble. QW in particular should utterly destroy
  12. Hopefully he is a decent run defender because while everyone is focused on edge pressure, our run defense hasnt looked great and we need players who can do both. Im as hopeful as any of us that Huff and Hamilcar can surprise as young speed rushers but neither of them is really ready for a 3 down role in this system, so having Lawson be able to rotate in with JFM and Blair at DE on early downs will be very helpful and we can rotate the young speed rushers in on passing downs.
  13. Carolina and Miami really dont seem to make sense to me as Carolina would need to move Sam + 3 firsts which would leave them with virtually no ability to improve the team as they also dont have a second round pick next draft. Miami I get with Tua, but it doesnt seem like cutting bait with someone like Tua so soon is smart. What does make sense to me is the Eagles - they just acquired Minshew who could backup Watson and they send Hurts and 3 first to Houston. Houston then essentially tanks with Hurts at QB and ensures a top 1-2 pick and has a full chest of picks to build around a you
  14. He has a huge contract but it looks like it doesnt have any guaranteed money after 2021 and his salary this year is $7.2 million. If they can figure out the money, he would be a really interesting player to go after as the compensation would be really low since you would be taking him off the Cowboys salary cap and he is a good player.
  15. You realize he had an all-pro WR next to him taking a ton of targets right? So far there isnt much more you could ask for from Davis, looks like an excellent signing and should be a great pairing with Moore.
  16. If the line is Fant-AVT-Mcgovern-RG-Moses then im ok with Zach playing 1 or 2 series but that is the absolute max. He has gotten in game reps, joint practice reps and has had enough time to adjust to the speed of the NFL. No reason to risk injury for him, or any of the other OL as they shouldnt play more than 2 series either. I hope we see a lot of Josh Adams instead of carter, a couple reps only for Elijia Moore and none for anyone important to the defense.
  17. The issue with protocol is that you really cant work out, so his conditioning could really suffer and its already an issue. Its entirely possible that we see some sort of time share at LT to start the season with Fant and Becton. Its far from ideal, but you dont want him out there if his conditioning is a real issue because it could lead to a more serious injury and we are fortunate to have a decent backup.
  18. Exactly. Typing his name and linking to his stupidity just fuels the fire to have him continue with this stuff. Congrats to Cowherd for making a ton of money, but hes as insufferable as they come with respect to the media and has an opinion that is completely meaningless.
  19. I saw this too - nothing wrong with Hick's production, Arizona just has 2 rookies. The question is though (and I know very little about Hicks) is what is his actual position, is he an ILB or OLB?
  20. Where is he? Hes coming back from surgery - you think he should be out there getting snaps in the preseason?
  21. Look, we have no idea what is going on with Becton but its possible that he just isnt a guy who goes all out in practice and if so who cares. Hes 6'7 350, its probably not so easy to go all out when you are moving 350 lbs around all day, so if he is in shape to play on sundays thats all I care about.
  22. Kroft played in cincy for an organization that has zero ability to judge talent or build a team. He was a 3rd round pick from rutgers who has great size for the position and can actually block. Hes an excellent #2 TE who will have to serve as our #1 this year as apparently Herndon just cant get it together
  23. Really calm demeanor in the pocket and the throw to Davis when the play broke down was a laser. Really solid 2nd game No reason to put him back in this game.
  24. Ive never been this pumped for a BC season. The OL is great, we have a legit QB and a WR who will likely be a top 100 pick in zay flowers. A 9 win season is legitimately possible, I just dont know if the administration can keep Hafley, hes just such a good coach and really loves the players, hes changed the whole program in 2 years.
  25. Linderbaum would be an absolutely fantastic pick late in the first round and could even allow us to move McGovern to guard for a year. BC center Alec Lidstsrom is also a consideration in the second round as another smaller, athletic Center prospect although I think our LG Zion Johnson will wind up being the highest picked of our OL group.
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