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  1. Saleh seems like a great guy and has some really strong/positive leadership traits. I think the long term vision, pairing the HC and GM and giving them a long leash, and focusing on football character are all excellent ways to build a strong foundation for the organization. That being said, to echo what most of us are saying, being a HC in 2022 means you are also great at the in-game management type things. The days of the rah-rah motivator coach are gone and he needs to improve that part of his skill set in order to be succesful.
  2. His backup is Hakeem Adenji a second year player who is a former 6th round pick from Kansas. Looking quickly at the cincy message board Adenji struggled when he played LT in the preseason but played better in the 2nd and 3rd games. The biggest takeaway here for me is that Collins being out will significantly impact their ability to run the ball because he and Alex Capps the RG are both good run blockers. If Cincy can’t run that means 3rd and long which should favor our defense from both a schematic point of view and personnel. I hope we are Huff dressed and a lot of JJ at DE and JFM at DT in passing downs.
  3. One interesting player who will be hitting free agency is Elton Jenkins on Green Bay. GB is currently $3 million over the cap for next year and dont have a ton of moves to make to free up space. He tore his ACL last year but started last week at RT and played well. he is very versatile with the following resume: During his first three seasons, Jenkins has 30 starts at left guard, eight at left tackle, three at center and one at right tackle. In 2019, Jenkins graded out as Pro Football Focus’ top rookie guard and a top-10 left guard overall. In 571 pass blocking snaps that season, Jenkins didn’t allow a sack. In 2020, Jenkins played 828 snaps at left guard, 97 at center, 32 at right tackle and 27 at left tackle. He handled every assignment with aplomb and was selected to his first Pro Bowl. Jenkins became the first Green Bay offensive lineman to start a game at guard, center and tackle in the same season since the 1970 merger. And in 733 pass blocking snaps, Jenkins allowed just one sack. Jenkins will also be 27 to start next year which fits the model JD likes as far as not giving guys their last contract. He could be worth paying big money to for his versatility although if Becton were healthy and Max continues to develop, center might be the spot where we would need him
  4. The argument that Davis does seem to have a nose for turnovers does seem valid but I think his inability to make the routine plays is too much of a liability to keep him on the field regularly. Personally, it seems like we kept Tony Adams on the team for his ability as a coverage safety and I simply dont see how he could be worse then Joyner at this point. I would rather see him mixed in to see if he can improve some of the miscommunication on the back end.
  5. Yep, and its not close. The Browns have a legitimate defense and we had tons of open receivers all day. Ridiculous take.
  6. Hmm - I really didnt see it this way. I think the team trusts MC more at this point but I think we will start to see the snap counts start to flip more and more each week until Breece is the lead back by week 8 with MC coming in as the backup. Its a good problem to have
  7. Cleveland is a much tougher opponent in the trenches then Cincy will be, but Cincy will be a completely different matchup then we have faced so far because of Burrow and Chase. This is when we will see what this team is really made of. Cincy is starting a rookie 4th round pick at LG next to a very average center. QW and the rest of the DL should really be able to push the cincy OL around and control the game - key word being should. Defensively they have 2 players in Hendrickson and Bates and no one else who should scare us at all. I really like this matchup going in and coming off our first september win in ages, I think the stadium will be loud enough to give us an actual home field advantage. Going into Pittsburgh with ZW back at 2-1 would be quite an accomplishment (especially since we would have essentially eliminated the Bengals from the playoffs at 0-3 with a loss against us)
  8. So we are going to have Yeboah and Cager active over Ruckert? I really find that hard to believe when we need as much blocking as possible against the Cleveland front 4.
  9. Sauce is +1000 to win defensive rookie of the year. That is fantastic odds for someone who will be playing every snap if healthy
  10. While I do not agree with the philosophy that LaFleur follows with the receivers needing to know each role before they play more, I think we should hold off on judgement for a couple more games when it comes to Wilson. Jetsxfactor posted a number of all-22 shots of Wilson running wide open all over the field sunday and either flacco didnt have time to get it to him or didnt see him. I really think given his route running and overall ability to separate we are going to see an uptick in his snap count and targets this week and going forward. I really hope we can get zach back healthy, because it will be great to see what the offense can do with these guys
  11. I actually think that JD is building this organization in the way the 2 he learned form our being built, Baltimore and Philadelphia and both of those organizations have one thing in common when it comes to QB - they realize that getting one in the top 10 isnt the only way to do it (and in fact its actually a bad way to go about it). Outside of picking 1 overall, when you have a chance to get a very low risk QB (Elway, Peyton, Luck, even Stafford) there isnt much of an increase in the odds of getting your franchise QB in the top 10, vs the next 100 picks. And if you have a strong roster, built on the offensive and defensive lines, then you can always be competitive, even with a free agent at QB. Yesterday the team struggled mainly because of Flacco's inability to play with any sense of urgency and is a statue with zero mobility. That being said, the defense had an excellent first half and simply got victimized by a couple great plays by lamar. On offense, even with inept QB play, Moore, Wilson, both RBs, and Berrios all looked like excellent weapons, so there is talent on this team. We just need to figure out how to get competent QB play
  12. This is what disappointed me the most about the offense, and I like LaFleur a lot. We have a TE in conklin who is excellent in pass protection, why not put him in the game, have a max-protect set and see what happens? Its possible that the Balt secondary is good enough that no one was open, but we wont know unless we try.
  13. I despise Mike White, but Flacco could not possibly care less about the outcome of these games. His body language after the play and on the sideline is atrocious and when the actual play is going on he just stands in the pocket. I I cannot see how this team could keep running him out there. I would rather see Streveler throw 5 picks then see flacco just sailing balls all over the place without any care whatsoever.
  14. "Will Saleh and Ulbrich show flexibility" is the biggest question of the season for this staff. This system does work with the right players but it also needs to be disguised and used along with man coverage otherwise its too easy to find the holes in the middle of the field (we also dont have Earl Thomas). I dont see the Ravens using 3WRs very often. Lamar thrived in 2019 when they were able to run a ton of 2 TE sets and Isiah Likely looks like a real player as their second TE so Im guessing that will be their most used package. Unfortunately for us, thats a rough matchup because Likely isnt a bad blocker at 245 lbs and is an excellent receiver. I dont think we can stay in a 4-3 look against these 2 guys given their ability as receivers and MCIII is too small, so we are going to need to play a hybrid nickel with hall as the 5th DB, matched up on one of these guys with Whitehead in the box. You also make a good point on alexander, this is a game where we really need his coverage ability.
  15. I really think this game will show us a lot about Saleh/Ulbrich and this defense as this matchup is tailormade for our defense and if they gash us up and down the field, I think it will be extremely evident that these guys do not adapt enough to survive. Moses and Juwan James are subpar OTs who match up very poorly with our ends. Moses is stout but struggles with speed and we will have JJ and Huff on that side who both should give him trouble on passing downs. Juwan James is 30, fairly light at 312 and not very good - and he will be getting a ton of Lawson who is very strong and should easily dominate the matchup. Overall, this means that for all passing downs we should be able to generate a rush with only 4 guys (staple #1 of this defense). Now, how do we stop the run. Well staple #2 is that the single high scheme allows for a SS in the box to help clean up the run and we have a SS in Whitehead who not only can do that, but also does well vs running QBs. As far as WRs, Baltimore does not have anyone who will require safety help, which will allow our LBs, Whitehead and Joyner to focus solely on our biggest weakness - stopping the TEs. Andrews and Likely should never be alone on a LB for a single play this game. If DJ plays we can put Hall on one of them or a LB/S combo on every passing down. Baltimore has stars in Andrews and Lamar - but taking Dobbins and Staley out of this game would give any good DC the opportunity to take away the things an offense does well, lets hope our guys can do that.
  16. So we have 2 tackles who were penciled in as starters, then we draft a mid round OT to develop. We lose a starter and then immediately sign a veteran to start, keeping Mitchell in a developmental role and that still isn’t good enough - who would you guys like to bring in here? And for those saying we shouldnt have waived Chuma Edoga have you watched him play football? I’d rather have max Mitchell and it’s not close.
  17. As much as I have supported Mims and think he could take over for Davis next year as the "bigger" WR, I also think Cager could give us 80% of what mims can, so if we can deal him we should.
  18. Great post. We have actually seen something like this before when Zach was hurt last year, saleh did the right thing, let everything with Mike White play out and it did in a way to put zach back into the lineup "organically". This whole situation does not need to be one or the other. Both "flacco should start at minimum week 1" and "we need to evaluate ZW this season" can both be true and they are. There is zero chance that the smartest decision is to have zach start against the ravens with 1 week of practice. We have a competent backup who will have had a month of work with the first team and who should absolutely start against the ravens. After that game, each week saleh will evaluate Zach's health and practice time along with flacco's performance and make a decision. If flacco is 4-0 zach isnt playing, thats just how this works, that is highly unlikely but if it happens, zach isnt playing. But most likely there will be a point in the first 5 weeks where the timing is right for zach to step in and hopefully show the organization he can be the guy.
  19. Strongly agree on Shepherd. What on earth could the staff be hoping for from him? He was an older rookie and has never improved, so why keep him over someone like Smart who at least could be a good player in some way. Ill be disappointed if Shepherd makes the team.
  20. Whitehead’s best skill is defending RPO vs running QBs. He is the spy with Sauce and Reed in man coverage and the rest of the team selling out to stop the run.
  21. BCJet

    Our DC

    The thing that Ulbrich needs to fix is his ability to disguise what we are doing. Not only has saleh preached the defense the team will play (yes a lot of coaches do that) but then we go out there and dont even mix in other coverages or try to hide what we are doing. Every scheme can be beaten if you dont mix things up. The thing that will be really telling for Ulbrich is that he is given 2 very strong units and with our CBs, who should need very little help, he should be able to do a lot with the rest of the defense - but the question is does he know how?
  22. Great story and I absolutely think he should be our number 3 QB. White is extraordinarily limited, and if he didnt have that fluke game vs cincy, there wouldnt be much of a discussion. Thankfully for White, he also got a great story out of it as throwing for 400 yards in an NFL game is legit - it just doesnt mean you are actually good. As for Streveler, we have seen this story before when guys light up 4th stringers and he has a very odd motion (similar to Rivers) but he can run, and definitely provides more of a spark then White. Not sure what else he needs to do to make the roster.
  23. BCJet

    Our DC

    The DC is a legitimate concern. First off, Saleh has said numerous times that he is not calling the defense, he is assisting and its his "scheme" but the gameplans and calls are all Ulbrich. In the Eagles game there was a great breakdown of the first eagles touchdown showing how we didnt disguise the coverage and it was a very easy read for Hurts ( which it was). Now its preseason and we arent gonna disguise certain coverages BUT we also didnt really disguise things well last year (which was the point of the breakdown). I really think we will know what we have in Ulbrich week 1 because that gameplan should be very easy to develop given the personnel on the field. The Ravens do not have a single WR on their team that requires extra attention and we have invested heavily at CB and in a safety who excels vs RPOs. We should rarely ever be in 2-high against the ravens nor should we be rolling coverages to a particular side and leaving the players in bad spots against Jackson. I do think that Dobbins will be closer to full strength they people think, but he still will be in his first game back so he will be given 20 touches max. The team can completely sell out to stop the run (including LJ) and Andrews and let the CBs stay in single coverage all day. If we dont see this - if whitehead isnt playing close to the line and spying Jackson, then I think its pretty clear Ulbrich doesnt get it.
  24. The decision is what to do with Fant. RT is going to be a competition between mitchell and becton, which is actually fine. You either get a second year player growing into the role as he was projected to or we get the bonus of Becton actually being able to participate in a game. To me, resigning Fant is a key move as the Ravens model that JD is following keys on not going into the draft "needing" to do something. If they pay Fant something reasonable in the short term, they can continue to develop middle round OTs unless someone falls to them in the draft and they can pounce. Center to me is a bigger issue. McGovern is a good, not elite player, who is actually paid accordingly. When players are unrestricted they tend to get overpaid, but if he likes this offense, he may be willing to do another 2 years at his current rate, giving us the option to draft a developmental center. The thing is that this offense really needs an excellent center - the falcons under kyle really excelled once alex mack came onboard, so I can see the team investing in the position. This draft does seem to have a good amount of center prospects im just not sure how many would fit outside zone.
  25. In addition to him sitting possibly helping him, it also really helps the coaching staff's ability to evaluate him as you get a legitimate 1-1 comparison as far as what another QB can do with the same offense.
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