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  1. Robby Anderson – At 23 years old Robby Anderson has distinguished himself as a vertical deep threat with the potential to develop into a well-rounded receiver. Excellent undrafted rookie signing by Maccagnan and company. Juston Burris – Also at 23 years of age, Burris showed the front office his resiliency by continuing to battle even after giving up big plays. Burris has promising press man cover skills and will continue to get better. Lachlan Edwards – Lach Edwards has tremendous leg strength, but needs to work on his consistency. I like the way he finished the season, but he did have some severe issues midway through the season. You can expect this 24-year-old to quietly improve into a solid punter with the help of coach Brent Boyer. Quincy Enunwa – 24-year-old stud! Christian Hackenberg – 21-year-old Christian Hackenberg is the biggest mystery in the entire New York Jets organization. Whatever you think of him, you better believe he’ll be on the week 1 roster. Jordan Jenkins – Jordan really came on strong towards the end of the season. He will develop into an excellent SSLB for the Jets. Look for this 22-year-old to breakout next season. Darron Lee – Although Lee struggled at times, his potential remains in the sky. The 22-year-old has the range and ability to become a huge force for the Jets. The growing pains were difficult to watch, but quietly, Lee began improving as the season continued. Jalin Marshall – Multiple credible sources have stated that they believe Jalin is going to develop into an excellent football player. The 21-year-old definitely left Ohio St too early, but you can see why the Jets kept him on the roster over better players like Jeremy Ross. Jalin is going to mold into a fantastic slot WR. I implore everyone to be patient with him. Lorenzo Mauldin – Lorenzo was really starting to turn the corner before his season ended due to injury. I meant that literally. Mauldin was starting to bend against offensive tackles pretty well during his midseason play. He was pressuring the QB at a solid rate his last 4 games. Now with Kevin Greene to coach him up, look for Mauldin to generate 8+ sacks next year! Charone Peake – Charone has excellent tools to work with. This 24 year-old has the potential to turn into an excellent gunner on special teams and provide quality depth to the WR group. As long as he stays healthy, Charone has the chance to develop into a solid player for the Jets. Calvin Pryor – Unlike some people, I’m not in favor of trading away 24-year-old first round draft picks for pennies on the dollar. Pryor still has the potential to develop into a legit strong safety for the Jets. Pryor was always very raw to begin with. Now that he is seasoned, look for him to finally break out and develop into a stud. Brandon Shell – Shell was quite impressive during his time starting last year. Shell looks the part and has the size and athleticism to match-up with a lot of defensive ends in this league. Shell’s technique could use refinement, but Shell has everything he needs to become a quality RT for us moving forward. Devin Smith – For anyone to say this 24-year-old is a bust, they obviously don’t know much about this guy. Look for Smith to breakout and become a starter for us in 2018. Health is obviously the main issue for Smith, but his physical tools can take him a far way. A full training camp is vital to his success. Lawrence Thomas – The biggest sleeper of our list. At 23 years of age, Thomas was playing at a high level for the Jets before landing on the IR list after week 3. His development will be a key factor for the Jets if they decide to move Wilkerson or Richardson in the future. Leonard Williams – This 22 year-old is probably the worst player on this list. Lol. Honorable Mentions: Austin Sefarian-Jenkins, Anthony Johnson, Nick Marshall and Doug Middleton. New York Jets Player Roster - Ages. (n.d.). Retrieved January 12, 2017, from http://www.newyorkjets.com/team/roster.html
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