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  1. I am happy with Saleh but Staley was my first choice for the Jets. Very impressive.
  2. The NFL can't let that kind of language be used without taking action. He was directly threatening injuries to opponents. This is CRAZY!!!
  3. This. Sorry to break up the party but Houston is NOT trading Watson unless someone massively over pays. There is a new GM in Houston who is "JD like" and won't give in to media pressure.
  4. If the owner leaves Staley alone the Chargers are going to be a big time football power for a long time.
  5. Very plausible scenario, good job. Mayfield is an absolute stud at tackle and I love the two "tough guys" at 34 and 39. My only real criticism is Chase at the top, no way I take him over Waddle or Smith.
  6. Morris did an outstanding job as interim HC in Atlanta with the defense playing much better under his control.(He altered the scheme after Quinn was fired). Getting him would be a huge win for the Jets.
  7. I was not defending Sam at all in my post. You made a blanket statement regarding young QB's that was not accurate, no big deal.
  8. IMO if they bring in someone to compete with Sam it will be someone who is familiar with the new offensive system
  9. This is not correct. See Tannehill, Allen, Eli Manning and especially Goff. You couldn't be more wrong.
  10. Congratulations Phil, what a great school! My twin daughters graduated there 3+ years ago and had the time of their lives. It's a great place to go watch a game and fans are really welcoming. Prepare for 4 years of good times.
  11. He's was my pick too. I pray he somehow falls due to his medicals. He's BETTER than Smith. (If healthy)
  12. I would take Pederson but Garrett? Are you kidding? He was a disaster in Dallas as HC and is a mediocre coordinator at best. Hard, hard pass.
  13. There was a story out that he was having second thoughts about leaving the Rams. He would be might next choice is Saleh doesn't work out.

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