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  1. Contingency plans; Josh Allen or Lamar Jackson

    Take Jackson,Lauletta or Rudolph later in the draft. Trade back and accumulate picks if Bradley Chubb is gone as I don't want a RB (Barkely) this high in a draft loaded with RB talent. I want no part of Josh Allen on the Jets.
  2. I would say Lamar Jackson is by far the better prospect. He has improved his passing in each of the last three years but this year he especially showed a much improved pocket presence, footwork and mechanics. He is a truly game breaking runner who can take it the distance at any time which puts tremendous pressure on apposing defenses. He is a Heisman winner, has played against top competition while showing great character and toughness. The only knock would be his ability to avoid injury in the NFL with his aggressive running style. On the other hand Allen has yet to demonstrate the ability to be a top statistical passer showing inconsistent accuracy , touch and decision making while playing mostly against third tier competition. That doesn't mean Allen can't develop into an NFL starter, he has all the physical tools to do so, but based on his college production it certainly would be a risk taking him in the first few picks of the upcoming draft. I feel it would be really crazy taking him over Jackson if he was available.
  3. Meanwhile another data point in the Allen evaluation. Poor accuracy and decision making......third day prospect. Interesting.
  4. Representing the Jets in a Mock on Facebook

    Really great job, I'd be thrilled with this draft. Nit picking you I would prefer to sign a veteran free agent center to help mentor our rookie QB and use 72 on the BPA of the CB's left on the board.
  5. I've posted for a while on this board that Baker is far and away the best QB prospect in this class. His attitude and swagger is exactly what this franchise needs to turn around the negative, losing mentality which surrounds it. I have a feeling though he won't be there at 6. Rosen is the Johnny Manziel of this class! He's a ticking time bomb ready to go off in a locker room near you.
  6. It really depends on your QB strategy. If you intend on taking one high in the draft then sign a veteran center who can help your rookie QB with pass protection calls, etc. An experienced center can really accelerate a young QB's development.
  7. Jets have work to do!

    No I would not agree that is the bottom line. The Jets have so many holes to fill at high value positions it's dumb to handcuff yourself cap wise with Cousins when you have no realistic chance to compete for a championship anytime soon. To enter cap hell with a depleted roster is the road to long term mediocrity. I will still give MAC a chance but he has not yet demonstrated the ability to grasp how to build an NFL contender. In his defense, I don't think he has full control on days 1&2 of the draft.......
  8. Jets have work to do!

    Hey, I'm no "Debbie Downer" but the fact is the Jets are not a good team and most importantly lack talent at the key positions which lead to winning and championships. OL, QB, edge rushers and cover corners are also the positions which you can't fill through free agency unless you overpay(See Cousins). That's why it's so important to build talent at these positions through the draft, which the Jets have failed miserably to do over the last few years. The Jets currently have no NFL caliber QB on the roster, a poor offensive line featuring the worst center in football, no NFL starting caliber CB's (Claiborne is a FA) and no edge rusher that an opponent has to game plan for. You can't fill these holes through FA, 2 or 3 maybe, but the long term preponderance of your talent core must come through the draft. Based on MAC's recent record I have no confidence in him utilizing those 9 draft picks wisely. Last year's draft was a disaster from which the Jets will suffer from for a long time, passing on talented QB's in round 1 and numerous gifted skill position players in round 2 for two box safeties with mediocre cover skills. Signing Cousins is a short term band aid which will extend coaching and GM jobs but will hamstring the Jets cap wise in future years and thus endanger long term championship aspirations.
  9. It's amazing how many things you post that have no basis in fact........
  10. This. At least somebody understands the importance of having back who can pass protect, picking up blitzes and protecting our potential rookie quarterback. Maybe he takes a small pay reduction but it makes no sense to cut him now. In addition, he can be a valuable rotational player targeting 10 - 15 touches a game. The whole premise of this thread is ridiculous as late round rookie running backs can almost never block coming out of college.
  11. Ryan Jensen - UFA Center

    I couldn't agree more with this thread.....go get him!
  12. I believe Bowles was very involved in the offense this year, as no way do I see Morton running such conservative, non innovative game plans if it was up to him alone.
  13. Todays bowl games....

    Larz, I agree it's tough but there is enough tape from this season to show the poise, accuracy and arm strength needed to be successful. Hey, I didn't like him as a top prospect after last year but he convinced me I was wrong!
  14. Todays bowl games....

    Thank you..and he never looked at the coach........