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  1. I don't believe a word of this. Meta knows that after the Ryan Kalil fiasco last year this will get lots of clicks.
  2. A significant suspension coming for Oliver...... definitely bad news for Bills fans.
  3. Not making excuses for him but Anderson played hurt with a separated shoulder most of last year. It's make or break for him this year. https://www.sny.tv/jets/news/jets-de-henry-anderson-dealing-with-a-shoulder-injury/311072350
  4. We won't know how good the Morgen pick was for 2-3 years. I thought we took him a little early too but the kid has a world of talent and after this draft, I'm not second guessing JD on anything.
  5. He certainly doesn't have perfect mechanics(lower body) and he definitely can't hold the ball so low before he throws. On the other hand has good mobility and throws the ball on the move very well keeping his eyes downfield when he's forced from the pocket. He has all the tools needed to succeed if he gets a year of good coaching.
  6. It's right out of the Patriots playbook and now SOP on the Jets. So great to see!
  7. My thoughts exactly. I had him as the #1 receiver in this draft.
  8. OT's Josh Jones, Lukas Niang and Prince Tega Wanogho all still available. We could have our starting OT's in place for the next 5 - 10 years.

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