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  1. I moved down to Charleston SC on Daniel Island six months ago and we really love it as the lifestyle is so relaxed and affordable. Haven't started rebuilding my golf game quite yet as I'm still working and have to commute up to New Jersey monthly..ugh. My twin daughters graduated from Clemson so we're big Tiger fans now and go to a few games each year. Wish the Jets would start drafting a few of players from there!
  2. Trubisky actually looks like he's regressed from last year with that "deer in the headlights" look on his face the whole game. It's going to be a long year for the Bears.......
  3. Thanks for that amazing insight, I didn't know it took two teams to trade. The point is that if we were going to stay put we should have taken a high value position where we are weak, like offensive tackle. Q was a great college player but only for one year plus he lacks the elite athleticism of a Donald.
  4. This is truly another low point in my 50+ years as a Jets fan. A pick that makes no sense on SO many levels.... I thought things would be different this year but I was wrong. I can't believe we didn't trade down.
  5. Good effort but you missed Christian Wilkins from Clemson. Should go top 10 -15.
  6. Keeping Flacco (statically is one of the worst QB's in the NFL the last three years) as your starting QB is a ticket to the retirement home for a GM regardless of who you take in the first round. Denver had a very strong draft in 2018 and can afford to give up some picks for the QB they covet. Among 34 qualified QBs over the last three years, Joe Flacco is second-worst in success rate (58%) and dead last in YPA (7.5) when his receiver was open (3+ yards of separation) per Next Gen Stats.
  7. Elway must get his QB in this draft or his days might be numbered. Numerous reports say he is in love with Drew Lock (as reportedly are several other teams after his visits) so he can't take the chance of someone jumping in front of him for Lock. Mac should have a willing partner to work out an acceptable deal. Someone will move up to take Lock as I think he will be the second QB taken.
  8. It's a no brainer to trade down. The two premium picks in 2020, from a team expected to be in the bottom third of the league, could set up the Jets to be a top NFL franchise moving forward.
  9. I would take Wilkins in a heart beat. He is the perhaps the most under rated player in this draft.
  10. Thanks for being not just a great poster but a knowledgable and loyal Jets fan....from someone who is a LONG suffering fellow gang green fan. Enjoy your day!
  11. I hope we do get a chance to trade down. Agree we should go O Line instead with Jonah, Cody Ford or Andre Dillard any one of which could anchor the line for Sam for the next 10 years. This is a critical foundational draft for the Jets and we must focus on can't miss prospects at OL, Edge and Corner. Sweat is risky as he is a great athlete but there are major concerns about his leadership and character.

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