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  1. The thing that stunned me about Adams is what a poor tackler he was, with poor technique going to his knees, etc. Markus Maye last year was a much better tackler not to mention his superior coverage skills. I still can't believe we took Adams at 6 with all the holes at value positions(OL,QB,CB1,Edge) on our roster.
  2. I've never seen a top rate NFL organization that didn't take at least one development OL in EVERY draft. Really hard to understand some of the things this GM does.
  3. Huh? He ran a 4.39 at the combine. Watch the Pitt game highlights......
  4. Nyheim Hynes for sure. With him in the backfield defenses would have to respect that speed and actually have to game plan for him. He would also give our new QB a reliable check down option. A great punt returner, it's been a long time since we had somebody like that. ......I'm all in.
  5. Mackman55

    Allen discusses his inaccuracy.

    Put on the tape of his game against Oregon last year. I dare anyone to say he is a first round pick after watching that!
  6. So sorry man. We'll keep her and you in our thoughts this Thursday.
  7. Mackman55

    Connecting the Draft Dots

    Hey agent from JACA, your scenario is absolutely possible at this crazy time of year. I can't however, see Bates signing off on Allen who is the "anti west coast offense" QB in this year's draft. With the apparent civil war going on in the Browns front office, I still think they might shock everyone and take Mayfield 1st overall as the compromise pick. This would force the Giants to take Darnold at 2 and guarantees them their choice of Barkley/Chubb at 4. Not a bad strategy.
  8. Mackman55

    Please no Josh Allen and no Mayfield.

    Wow, I'm all in on Rosen now........
  9. Yep. No blitzing and vanilla coverage only at the Senior Bowl. A great way to judge NFL QB's......
  10. The QB injury never talked about in this years draft is that Josh Allen has had major surgery in 2016 on his throwing shoulder after breaking his collar bone in seven places. The injury was so severe a metal plate had to be inserted to stabilize the break so it could heal properly. This is the second time he has broken the same bone as he suffered a similar injury in high school. I would think this has to be a major factor in evaluating Allen as a top pick this year. I find it strange that injury concerns are discussed ad nauseam regarding Rosen but never mentioned regarding Allen.
  11. Mackman55

    My top 3 mock

    If this comes to pass this franchise spends the next 10+years getting their butts kicked by Baker and the Bills.
  12. All the metrics clearly point to Mayfield as the best QB in this draft. If he was 6' 4" he wold be the consensus overall number 1 pick without much debate.
  13. God I hope not. The move to three was very simple in that I believe the organization feels there are three very good QB prospects in this draft and they want to guarantee they come away with one. Period. I hate giving up picks, especially on a team that has so many holes to fill but in this case it was absolutely necessary. I also think the owner gave clear marching orders to Mac directing him to get a young QB on board for 2018 or else. Of course the million dollar question is what three QB's are on the top of the Jets draft board? I still believe it's Darnold, Rosen and Mayfield in that order. Allen is such a boom/bust type of prospect that seems too risky for Mac/Bowles in this type of a make or break draft for their future employment.
  14. Oh yeah the senior bowl with no blitzing allowed and vanilla coverages? That's so much more realistic than watching him in a real game. So much like the real NFL.......