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  1. Man are you right about that. He was the best clutch hitter I ever saw, there is no way numbers can capture his value to that team.
  2. I'll be 66 in June. I have no doubt that Wilson will thrive in the new offensive system and be an exciting player. I would only trade out if Carolina blows us away with an offer for the 2nd pick which I still think is possible.
  3. Bingo! If the Jets got that return for moving from #3 to #6 this message board would implode.
  4. This. JD won't be able to resist auctioning off this pick for an additional 3rd selection and maybe more. I expect him to be very active with several moves both up and down.
  5. Hawkins is the one player we HAVE to get in this draft. He is the most under rated back in this draft and is perfect for the Shanahan "one cut" system. It's not just his speed and amazing quickness but he has the best vision/change of direction of any back I've seen in a long time. Opposing defenses would have to game plan for him each week as he literally has the ability to take it to the house on every play. He is also under rated as a pass catcher as he was seldom asked to play a receiver role under the Louisville system. How long has it been since the Jets had a real offensive threat
  6. It's mocks like this, which are absolutely realistic if JD goes all in on the trade down, which makes me think it will be too much of a temptation for him to ignore. Unless he gets blown away with offers for Sam I think he will trade out of the 2nd pick.
  7. The kid is one tough SOB, you can tell he loves football. He needs more work on his hands but I would LOVE for him to be a Jet.
  8. Great post, a lot to digest!
  9. Salmon in a Mango wine sauce , Butternut Squash Ravioli in butter sauce, greens beans, cheese and crackers, chips and dip, chocolate pudding with lots of wine and gin.
  10. I am happy with Saleh but Staley was my first choice for the Jets. Very impressive.
  11. The NFL can't let that kind of language be used without taking action. He was directly threatening injuries to opponents. This is CRAZY!!!
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