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  1. Mackman55

    Bell or draft?

    I would love me some DM but he'll be gone by then.....
  2. Mackman55

    2019 Senior Bowl News and Invites.

    Couldn't agree more. I was going through the QB film on Grier and this guy kept jumping out at me. Sills is 6'4" and could be a real red zone threat as he is one of the best "high point" receivers in this class. A converted QB, he's only played wide receiver for three years and so still should have some upside. He probably will drop after the combine so could be there on day three. Unfortunately I agree with Paradis as I don't see Mac taking a receiver high so we need look for mid round opportunities.
  3. Not a shock! Did you hear CBS color man Adam Archuleta during the broadcast yesterday begging Bates to open up the offense and let Sam throw down field? It cracks me up people on this site nit picking Darnold when he is forced to play with the least talented receivers and running backs in the NFL, a weak offensive line and all while being coached by a rookie offensive coordinator utilizing a 20 year old West Coast scheme. Amazing.....
  4. Mackman55

    Lee Suspended

    I lived in New Orleans in 1979-80 and you could not be more wrong. Those saints fans were incredibly angry and wanted everyone connected to the team fired. Believe me there was no humor in those bags, along with the nickname they gave their team...the "Aints". Stop making stuff up.....
  5. Amen! Ramsey is the last thing this team needs. If our GM can't draft, no amount of trades or cap space will turn this franchise around.
  6. Mackman55

    Is Chris Herndon...Good?

    Or catch....
  7. The entire refereeing crew from last night's Texans - Dolphins game should be fired for missing that tripping call on the kick return. Worst officiated game I've seen in over 50 years of watching the NFL..... something has to be done and done quickly.
  8. Not even close, a much better player.
  9. The Jets "D" was so bad in the 2nd half Mike Lombardi described it, after watching the game film, as a "Preseason Defense" as they stayed in a vanilla scheme. This is completely inexcusable for any competent coaching staff with no half time adjustments considering Baker was obviously playing the remainder of the game. How long can ownership put up with this?
  10. My 2yo granddaughter says she like me better in a hat....... help!!
  11. Mackman55

    2018 NY Jets Practice Squad

    Joseph got a positive write up during Vikings camp as he did show potential. Seems like a perfect PS pick up. As for Joseph, he’s been surprisingly alright for a third-string tackle in camp and may deserve to see second-team reps over Norton while the guard problem continues to create openings. He has a better one-on-one record than any first- or second-team offensive lineman, though he’s only had those reps against third-team defenders. That said, that kind of performance alone is much better than the other tackles in camp. He will have some issues with quickness from a player like Jonathan Wynn but for the most part can apply his strength to win most reps. https://zonecoverage.com/2018/vikings/an-update-on-the-offense-how-did-vikings-players-do-in-their-preseason-opener-and-in-camp/
  12. The thing that stunned me about Adams is what a poor tackler he was, with poor technique going to his knees, etc. Markus Maye last year was a much better tackler not to mention his superior coverage skills. I still can't believe we took Adams at 6 with all the holes at value positions(OL,QB,CB1,Edge) on our roster.

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