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  1. Calling a timeout there is a routine, fundamental, common sense thing that ANY coach in the NFL would have done...except on the Jets. As a coach this shows the players you have no confidence them!
  2. "The problem with going after guys with Glennon's sort of physical prototype is that quarterbacks who look and throw like Glennon and also can play quarterback at a high level almost always are drafted with one of the first picks." This year it's Josh Allen........
  3. It's hard to defend Mac's drafts the last two years. Last year's draft was considered the deepest/talented CB group ever but with six pics in the first five rounds we landed NONE of the top 15 CB prospects. We also landed no other value positions, like QB's or OT's..... no THAT's hard to do!
  4. When the Jets pick in the 6-10 range come April 26th (my estimate) next year down in Texas they should select Baker Mayfield QB Oklahoma. Last Saturday"s "crotch grab from heaven" should guarantee he is still available when the Jets pick, with no move up necessary. The Jets get the best QB in the draft and their franchise QB for the next 10 years.
  5. QB: Baker Mayfield, Oklahoma

    Trying to be nice but if that is your analysis you're missing everything. Mayfield has great pocket awareness and is always looking downfield thinking pass first even while scrambling. His accuracy, completion percentage and production via the pass are off the charts. Jackson is a gifted runner who is desperately trying to prove that he is a passer. They couldn't be more different.
  6. Can't believe the announcers didn't call out Kansas more for the coin flip or for the repeated cheap shots during the game. A coach who condones such intention behavior in a pre game ceremony should be fired on the spot. IMO Mayfield is a far superior prospect than Sanchez being a three year starter to Sanchez's one while displaying greater accuracy and far better pocket awareness.
  7. Post your latest QB rankings...

    1 - Baker Mayfield - Far and away the best QB prospect in this class. Veteran signal caller has improved each year and has shown poise, accuracy along with incredible leadership in helping Oklahoma to a possible playoff assignment. The only QB that can step in and start right away. 2 - Sam Darnold - Regressed this year after a superb 2016 as he adjusts to a new offensive system. Despite his off year Darnold still posses an accurate arm and the "it" factor in being able to make the big plays when most needed. A little worry would be how he would handle the cold, wet and windy east coast weather. ====== I see a big drop off after the first two----------- 3 - Lamar Jackson - Has taken another step forward as a passer this year with improved focus and mechanics. Not a 1-2 year savior but if put in the right situation could be a major weapon down the line with his breathtaking running ability. 4/5 - Mason Rudolph / Ryan Finley - Both have shown flashes of talent and production which must be respected. Should be drafted as developmental prospects and groomed. Would not draft under any circumstances: Josh Rosen - Terrible under pressure, he lives in the middle of the field when he can throw in rhythm, average QB when challenged. Injury prone, throws tons of bad interceptions. The most overrated QB in the class IMO. Josh Allen - Off his performances this year he should barely receive a draft-able grade. Plays most of his games against 2nd and 3rd rate competition, looked like a HS QB against Oregon's first tier athletes. A look strider, he is totally miscast as an read option QB absorbing way too may hits with his upright running style. Completely melts down under pressure in the pocket and sometimes appears most comfortable rolling right and throwing on the move.
  8. The conclusion of the article is a little misleading. Just because the Jets are putting in the most time scouting him doesn't mean they love him but are actually doing an extreme amount of vetting on all QB prospects this year, as they da** well better be! I can't believe even the Jets would be so clueless to think of Allen as a top prospect as I see him as a marginal prospect with barley a draft-able grade. The QB prospect that stands far above the class to me is Baker Mayfield of Oklahoma and he is ready to come in and start right away IMO. The problem for the Jets is that they lack competent OL play, a position they desperately need to upgrade next year. My first FA priority would be at center where they need to spend whatever it takes to bring in a top notch veteran who could stabilize the line and be a valuable mentor for a first year QB. If the Jets pick between 8-10 next year Mayfield should still be on the board avoiding a need to move up. I predict at the combine the two "Josh's" (Allen and Rosen) will wow several GMs throwing indoors in shorts, showing off their big arms and will move to the top of some boards. It happens every year.......
  9. This is the absolute low point in my long history as a Jets fan....they are so clueless in so many ways. They trade the most improved player and by all accounts their best slot corner, who consistently out played Skrine all thru training camp, for a JAG safety? There will be 10 Terrence Brooks available when the teams cut down in a week. What message does this send to a young team? Work your butt off, play hard and you get traded for a bag of balls while the guy you out played is starting? And who is Brooks, a veteran to help mentor our two rookie safeties? Nope, he's a guy who got cut from the Ravens because he couldn't learn the defensive playbook! I imagine getting Brooks was a priority because both of our new safeties can't cover downfield as they are both "box" players and at least Brooks has the skills to play over the top. MAC and Bowles have no grasp of how to build a team. CB along with OL, QB and dominant pass rushers are the most valuable positions and we have NO TALENT at any of them! Our #1 pick last year and our first 2 picks this year are virtually the same player, while our OL stinks and we came out of the deepest CB draft in history without any of the top15 prospects. Just so bad.......
  10. Welcome to JetNation.com. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.