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  1. I don't think I'd give up 2 number 1's but I'd love to have Flores here. He has all the makings of a terrific coach.
  2. The 1982-83 AFC championship game (The Mud Bowl) played in the Orange Bowl on January 23rd 1983 and I was there. Miami made sure the field was a complete muddy mess which allowed them to compete with a far superior Jets team. The field was so bad that players couldn't walk on and off the field without slipping and falling down. The Jets were an absolute lock to beat Miami that day and would have been favored IMO in the Super Bowl. To top off the experience the Miami fans at that game were the most degenerate group of human being I have ever experienced. As a result of the Dolphins allowing the field to be so trashed as to be virtually unplayable, the NFL announced the next year that the league would be in charge of preparing all playoff venues from that point on.
  3. Even the Seahawks fans don't think he can cover. https://www.fieldgulls.com/2020/9/21/21448639/jamal-adams-seattle-seahawks-ne-patriots-julian-edelman-coverage-blair-diggs-safety-scheme-belichick
  4. GVR had an absolutely horrific game today for the second straight week. He can't start next week.
  5. You must not watch a lot of football. The Rams would trade Goff for Darnold in a heartbeat. Sam has his issues but Goff is a deeply flawed QB despite having many weapons around him and a top 10 NFL coach.
  6. Fant handled Bosa quite will last year for the Seahawks.
  7. I watched Andrew Thomas for the Giants Monday night (I was a big fan of him in the draft). He played ok but definitely lacked the athleticism,strength and movement skills displayed by Becton on Sunday.
  8. Good post! How about a quick slant? How about a "jet sweep". How about an RPO? They did nothing to keep the defense off balance or guessing.
  9. I agree with you completely. I also think he was wasn't 100% healthy no matter what the Jets said. If you go back and read his quotes you never got confidence that he was ready to play.
  10. We're going to regret not hiring him for a long time....
  11. This. If he was truly injured he would be out, not limited.

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