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  1. Won't be long for Kingsbury to join Rule in the unemployment line. The Cardinals organization is a complete disaster.
  2. We're back to square one , offensive line is trash and the worst play calling imaginable.
  3. AVT has never played RT ever. Should be an interesting game this Sunday.
  4. Morstead was a much more consistent and better punter than Mann. Roster decisions where the best player is not rewarded send a terrible message to the locker room.
  5. and he has deathly slow feet, takes him forever to drop and set up.
  6. Have a great time relaxing with the family. Enjoy!
  7. One thing to take note of is he took reps on both the right and left side. In college he showed his versatility by playing RT and LT on the same series! This position flexibility was a major reason why JD liked him IMO.
  8. We need to get a developmental O Lineman and there is a great prospect I love left for day 2: Spencer Burford UTSA - 4 year starter with great athletic profile and experience at tackle and guard. Long arms and a fluid mover, I can't believe he wasn't taken on day 2 as he's ready to come in and contribute as a rookie. Go JD!!
  9. Amen! The worst sports broadcast of all time......
  10. Josh Allen and Denzel Mims. Allen was just so inaccurate and played such weak opponents. Mims is a head scratcher. I still go back and watch his highlight reels and combine performance...how can he be SO BAD?
  11. Mackman55

    Chris Olave

    Not correct. He can play inside or out.
  12. 1 - The player the Jets must draft is Jermaine Johnson from Florida State. He has it all, game production, elite athleticism, relentless motor and he showed out as the best PLAYER at any position in the Senior Bowl. He plays the position of most need for the Jets (along with WR) and can step right in and be a major factor on defense. 2 - I really hope the Jets can trade down from 10 and go with numbers in order to find a dominant receiver. I don't see much difference among the top rated group and really can't justify drafting any of them that high. If the Jets stay at 10 I would take Wilson but is he really that much better then his team mate Olave who you could get in the 20 -30 range?
  13. He "changed his mind" LOL. He finally figured out that the only thing worse than playing in the cold was playing on another crappy team.
  14. He's shown improvement every year since entering the NFL and at his age his best years should be coming up. Great signing.
  15. I think we can expect to see a TE in round 4, such as Jake Ferguson from Wisconsin, who impressed at the Senior Bowl.
  16. JD probably didn't want to go three years on his contract. He's a big loss, I really wanted him back.
  17. This is a dream draft, sign me up for this right now!
  18. Martindale is a damn good coach and well respected throughout the league. The Ravens defense was ravaged with injuries this year and it was a miracle they still won 8 games. This is a real shocker.
  19. So if someone doesn't agree with you and says something positive about JD or Zack they're a cult? Ok got it. Thanks for not stereotyping or mischaracterizing many of the Jet fans participating on this board.
  20. THIS! The NFL figured out this scheme years ago which is why most teams have gone away from it. You notice how Saleh always blames the players saying we need better "fight", "technique" and more "discipline"? He never blames the system which incorporates no deception or disguising of coverages. For this system to be successful you need 2 All Pro pass rushers and they need to stay healthy. I have no doubt that if the current Jets defensive roster was allowed to operate in a different scheme, with different coaching, the results would be very different. Someone should ask him about the 3rd and 19 play in the second half why were the Jets were in man not zone? That Eagle first down was all on the coaches.
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