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  1. Kinda have a pretty bad-ass defense

    Will never have a top D without a a passrusher.
  2. Draft Grade's

    Why are so many people panicking with the OL? The draft was terribly weak in OL and I honestly don't feel our OL is THAT bad. Could C be better? Yes. Am I sold on Beechum as a long term answer? No, but its not like they have some massive sink hole either. Not to mention they still have some "depth" at OT in Iljana a Shell. After cuts hopefully they can secure better depth at OG and C, but the sky isn't falling and it's far from the weakest unit on the Jets.
  3. One thing that's a damned shame

    Member when Blount punched other men and didn't get drafted?
  4. Decker is getting cut

    I think both WR additions are 3-4th WRs, Drafting both only shoot us in the foot since the WR position had the most depth on our team already. This just makes us have to cut from our strength rather than add more talent to weakness.
  5. Drafting Safeties isn't a bad idea....

    How the draft fell? Are you kidding me?!?! Willis and Bowser waere there. Take a passrusher. Cook kamara everett shaheen etc were playmakers on O sitting there. Add something that can build a team, not a unit. And who cares a great secondary will still get torched without a passrush.
  6. Grade the 2nd Round Pick:

    If it's a rebuild than get a Ballhawk to compliment Adams. This is repeptitive and dumb. Especially with Willis ther Secondary can't cover for 5-6 seconds every play. This team needs a passrusher, if they were going D again. Nevermind the complete continuance of neglecting offense.
  7. Draft Rumors

    Becomes a Jet next year
  8. Kraft and Bellicheck prob sent this chick after him
  9. King P's final mock draft (with trades)

    I disagree that the OL is one of our biggest needs. The group might not be spectacular and could be upgraded, but outside of C nothing is overly pressing (and even then we can survive - we wont be world beaters next year regardless). Why reach in a draft very weak at OL?
  10. Draft Rumors

    Pretty good draft, but Howard to the Chargers? I know Gates is old and injury prone at this point, but Henry showed he could be legit. Chiefs going for Webb in the first is pretty crazy too.
  11. My first reaction is the beginning is way too easy. Would've liked a few of those games against more challenging teams to dig us in a hole early, loose morale, and tank. Would hate momentum to build until we sh*t the bed after the bye. Couldn't be a worse schedule. Let's Hope some Dolphins and Bills start hot because Jags and Browns are a toss up and I don't expect the Raiders to have Carr that early in the season.
  12. Greenseed's Mock (w trades)

    If the Jets somehow amass that many picks, I think they should also target a developmental ILB in the mid rounds to replace Harris next year. Good teams draft in anticipation of future holes (I know, I know we've already got enough holes to fill without anticipation).
  13. Dear Jets, please don't F... this up!

    I can't believe I'm saying this, but I think the Browns are better than the Jets.
  14. Dear Jets, please don't F... this up!

    There needed to be another thread for this?
  15. I'd agree that USC QBs have a bad history Jets not withstanding, but he wont have the inexperienced label by the end of next year. Let's be glad we will have more game tap for evaluation.