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  1. It comes down to special teams more than anything. Both Berrios and Smith play them very well and may make the team based on that more than depth WR.
  2. Unfortunately, I fear Knapp was the next man up. Calabrese was prob. Second in line for grooming as he may need more than 2 years...
  3. I'm not sure why Ammendola didn't even get a look in that game. I figured they'd switch off in some way shape or form. At least the extended look at Naggar confirmed he wasn't the one, but does little to assess if Ammendola is.
  4. It's good and I'd sign up for it, especially year one, but man they played so many average to awful QBs that made them look more successful than they were. I'm not saying injuries didn't play a role. The D still has to do its job...but they were gifted an easy QB schedule. For the most part good QBs did great against and bad QBs sucked. Kyler may have under performed and Fitz prob over performed.
  5. When did I ever say that about Darnold vs Carr? Please enlighten me? At this point we know what Carr is. He's not bad. He's just not elite and cant push the ball downfield. Sorry but Carr has limited upside. After this many years of watching him you should be able to SEE that instead of pointing at numbers.
  6. The only thing that will slow the Raiders down is...the Raiders lol ...and Carr will ultimately hold them back. I know I know his numbers have improved each year!!! Lol
  7. I dont know how you can be overhyped if you make plays every practice. Should we expect 1400 yards in year one? Probably not, but the guy has looked like our best reciever out there from day 1 and even more importantly Wilson has chemistry with him. For comparison, we've had lesser receivers get just as much hype on here and do nothing.
  8. I dont think the limited role necessarily made him better, I think the D not focusing on him as the #1 made him better lol
  9. So wait...when a player gets more looks they get more production?
  10. Meh. I think he is a shell of himself and will continue to be injured. I don't really see him as much of an upgrade from Herndon. Maybe combined they put up an ok season. Either way I guess Jets will be looking to address this more next season.
  11. Because LeFleur was the OC? I get it it's the Shanny tree, but it's possible we run it slightly different based on the personnel we have. Right now our WRs > TEs. That may force more 3 WR sets than usual. We might not want to jump the gun on what is possible. If Lefleur is as good as we all want him to be, he will put his own stamp on the O and hopefully continue innovate.
  12. I was not completely sold headed into the draft and had watched a lot of film on all the qbs. I must say with all I've seen in camp so far (which isn't a lot public), he has looked way smoother and competent than expected. 3,350 24 Tds and 8 INT. All gas, no breaks!
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