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  1. So we give up 2, 34 and next years first for...the 32 year old QB? Sorry but I prob. dont want to give that up for Watson.
  2. Ya my mistake. Not sure why I thought that...
  3. With Campbell going to Detroit I think it is likely Glenn is offered the DC job in NO; which would block the Jets from hiring him.
  4. UB represent (alumni here)! I think he is solid value. I think he could develop into a starter and plays hard enough to contribute on STs right away. In the 5th that's not the worst for rookies. Admittedly I only caught a handful of UB games this year when they were televised so I don't have a further breakdown on him, but if I miss out on EDGE I often target him later.
  5. I know you addressed it, but if I'm looking DL I'm trying to find EDGE over DT. Might be good value, but we just don't need it at that point (no problem adding depth/development later on with a lot of picks). Not against RT at 23, but I think you can find some solid ones in rounds 3-5. I can't help but love the value of Vrabel or Lucas. Maybe I'm wrong? I have no problem looking for OLBs switching over to a 4-3. You don't overdraft them so at that point I don't mind the value. I like Schwartz and Carter at those spots too. The one big miss is not addressing CB at least once. Good job overall t
  6. If we are not cutting Fant I don't want to spend 34 on a RT that is sitting. I'd rather take Lucas or Vrabel later and get an impact offensive player. If Freiermuth is there you've got to pull the trigger. If not, given your draft offseason, I go for best WR available. TY Hilton isn't enough to stop me from adding talent to that group. Switching to a 4-3 Jets will need to add an OLB for the scheme. I might look for one at 38 or 68 (if I flip and take a top OC earlier) instead of a safety since we just drafted one and you are resigning Maye. I like some of your late round selections at WR,
  7. In my mocks I've been targeting Lucas or Vrabel alot around that point. Some really solid mid-round RT prospects this year.
  8. In my sim mocks I usually pick EDGE if one falls or I've been really liking the idea of going with Freiermuth, TE. I expect to the Jets to go after a WR in FA and a top TE can really create mismatches regardless. At the top of the second I think it is imperative to get the top OC available though. I might even secure Myers at 23 if we go with Fields at 2 for familiarity and continuity. Might be funny if they go after Olave and Myers both with the next 2 picks!
  9. I like this option too. It also gives the Jets the ability to let him walk in FA and collect a comp pick.
  10. Will never have a top D without a a passrusher.
  11. Why are so many people panicking with the OL? The draft was terribly weak in OL and I honestly don't feel our OL is THAT bad. Could C be better? Yes. Am I sold on Beechum as a long term answer? No, but its not like they have some massive sink hole either. Not to mention they still have some "depth" at OT in Iljana a Shell. After cuts hopefully they can secure better depth at OG and C, but the sky isn't falling and it's far from the weakest unit on the Jets.
  12. Member when Blount punched other men and didn't get drafted?
  13. I think both WR additions are 3-4th WRs, Drafting both only shoot us in the foot since the WR position had the most depth on our team already. This just makes us have to cut from our strength rather than add more talent to weakness.
  14. How the draft fell? Are you kidding me?!?! Willis and Bowser waere there. Take a passrusher. Cook kamara everett shaheen etc were playmakers on O sitting there. Add something that can build a team, not a unit. And who cares a great secondary will still get torched without a passrush.
  15. If it's a rebuild than get a Ballhawk to compliment Adams. This is repeptitive and dumb. Especially with Willis ther Secondary can't cover for 5-6 seconds every play. This team needs a passrusher, if they were going D again. Nevermind the complete continuance of neglecting offense.
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