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  1. I'm not sure if anyone has made this point, but do you think it could also be gamesmanship? Don't we want Baltimore to keep guessing who they'll face? I would've kept it a secret till game day and every other week until Zach played. Bellicheat does this sh*t all the time and no one gets their panties in a tivy.

  2. 15 minutes ago, Averagejetsfan1421 said:

    Mims will be a guy that shines on another team, they say it takes 2-3 years to see what a player really is, he wasn’t a player jets should’ve drafted he was developmental at best, but that wide receiver class was not very good outside off Jefferson and maybe 1 other receiver that got picked early in the 1st round plus with no actually meetings I can see why they drafted him 

    Lamb, Jefferson, Jeudy, Pittman' Higgins, Aiyuk...ya there was no one in that class...

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  3. Another point to throw out there is Streveler provides a good scout team QB to prepare for Buffalo, Baltimore, etc. That alone might be worth the roster spot protection if all things are equal in the coaches eyes. 

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  4. 49 minutes ago, IndianaJet said:

    No stream for the same reason reporters aren’t allowed to take video of the 11 on 11s.  


    Def. More of a competitive advantage thing. Don't wanna give anything away to your opponents. 

  5. 2 hours ago, BornJetsFan1983 said:

    I missed this the first time around, but I think great. He may have has some issues last year but I would imagine him getting back to his accurate ways and def like him more that P. Even though he is probably the best kicker we have had play for us in a long while. 


    I'm fine with the move. They both weren't long term solutions, but I don't think he gets more accurate moving from a dome to Metlife.

  6. 17 minutes ago, Integrity28 said:


    Dreams and Jet Nut shut up already.


    If they don't can someone just start a new thread so I don't have to scroll through this nonsense on a camp update thread. These silly arguments can be entertaining at times...other times they are super annoying. This case is the latter. 

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  7. 30 minutes ago, #27TheDominator said:

    If these other tams had these guys so highly rated, why didn't they pick them? 

    We hear a bunch of squawking that the Bills were ready to pick Hall in the first, but they traded up for Elam ahead of Hall and Johnson.  Obviously they had Elam rated higher, no?  Would Jets fans be peacocking around if we'd picked Elam? 

    We didnt need to...we got Sauce. They needed a CB and panicked to get the last first round graded CB. They sacrificed. Look at the draft this way...those teams all went O with runs on WR (which we were ahead of the run). Jets got value on JJ because of this. Some teams in need of WR towards the end of the first got terrible value. 

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  8. Really good discussion. Dont remember who alluded to it in another thread but we might be looking at attempting some position less secondary. While we might not have the best talent, we seem to have improved our depth and versatility a lot. Lots of guys can be rotated into FS or Nickle. I hope Ulbricht has enough creativity and balls to try it out. Get innovative even if it fails. 

  9. 8 minutes ago, PS17 said:

    Walker 10000000%. Better draft capital, better talent, and has the size to be a work horse unlike Cook. You turn that pick in the second you’re on the clock.

    I also think Cook over any of the tier one WRs (Williams, Wilson, London, Burks, Olave) is a huge reach. The earliest he should be considered is 1.08 and even then I like other players over him. 

    I get it. I just dont love Seattle's offense right now. Cook could be a big play RB and catches a lot of passes. We also start drafting next week, which I hate. There is no reason to rush, but every year its early. I'd like to see how the rooks are in camp...oh well.

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