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  1. I definitely would see your point in most cases, but remember Bowles was hired before Macc, which to me never made sense. If Macc was going to make a move for another HC, I think this would've been the year to cut bait.
  2. Can't complain about that deal at all. If I were him though, I'd have taken an offer with a better team to make me look good haha
  3. Kicker is one of the only things Jets have addressed: Catazaro.
  4. Kicker is one of the only things Jets have addressed: Cantazaro
  5. If you read my criteria I mentioned one last pay day along with contending. I gave my opinion that I don't think the Jets will fit that. We have money in Forte and Powell and have a lot of holes with the releases.
  6. Forte was also coming to a team that won 10 games the year before and a fringe playoff team. This team has been dismantled and AP and Charles are looking for 2 things: one last pay day and a contender. I don't think the Jets will fit either criteria this coming year.
  7. I do understand that teams are calculating the depth of the draft in relation to the CB market though. Will be interesting how that influences the amount teams are willing to pay.
  8. The idea that the Jets should pass on a FA because of how deep the draft class is at a certain spot is not the way to think about it. Jets need to fill needs in FA. Yes, This draft is really deep and hopefully we can get some good players at DB, OLB, TE, or RB, but we only have so many picks. Getting Perry doesn't put us out of the running for selecting another OLB. Same with any other position.
  9. NFLN reporting Marshall to sign with the Giants for 2 years $12 million
  10. Agreed. That 2 better be second overall, not second round.
  11. He has upside and he was a huge sleeper TE for me the last few years in fantasy football, but injured way too often, has some locker room concerns, and is just entirely too inconsistent. All the talent in the world, but I'm not betting on him.
  12. So we're going to trust a report coming out of Chicago? Just throwing it out there...
  13. You're absolutely right, unfortunately. Can't fix it all in one draft. There will be great opportunities in the mid rounds and it will be interesting to see the direction Macc goes.
  14. Definitely wouldn't mind somehow accumulating more picks. Glad we at least got an extra 3rd. With so much talent they have to hit on these picks. Depth and youth of this roster can be severely improved at WR, TE, DB. I'd love a replacement for Forte too! Good teams draft before positions become needs.
  15. Seems like a slightly more athletic version of Enunwa. To me it's a luxury pick. This team has been desperate for a real TE: 6'4+, 250+ (blocking is a plus). I suppose if the Jets fell in love with him and want to go the Chargers route and just have huge WRs I guess I can live with that, but they still need a TE too.
  16. I feel like Flacco is probably his ceiling and a better comparison for his skill set. Agreed that with the right cast top 15 isn't an outrageous thought, if you look at his career numbers. The more important question will be can he put those numbers up consistently throughout a season and from season to season. If you look at QBs finishing between 11-15 over the last 5-7 years you'll notice that it fluctuates a lot. Consistency more than ability will determine how long he lasts.
  17. Granted the argument could be made they originally drafted a QB high in 2004 because Brees only flashed his first few years and wasn't consistent. The same could have been true for Glennon if they let him play and sat Winston his first year or two. This development we will never know, however, we just may see that maturation next year...or we may see a Osweiler. We don't know.
  18. Brees 2004-2005 stats: Record comp% Yards TD-INT 11-4 65.5% 3159 27-7 9-7 64.6% 3576 24-15
  19. I feel like I'm in the minority, but I wasn't all that impressed with Darnold. Darnold, like other college QBs in their second year starting, could also fail to live up to the hype. Do I want the Jets to purposely throw games? No. But this is shaping up to be a bad team next year. I would much rather stomach a really bad season, if the Jets are in position to draft a possible franchise QB. I'm not against the overall premise of sucking to accomplish this for whatever QBs may stand out heading into the draft next year.
  20. maybe Pryor doesn't have it, but he's still on his rookie deal. I think price alone allows him to be a serviceable backup on a team that has nothing in the secondary right now. Maybe this adjusts post-draft, however, I wouldn't cut bait just yet.
  21. Is anyone watching today? Who are you looking at? Who is impressing you? Admittedly, I'm using this to start my research so I'd love everyone's thoughts.
  22. I agree. I would rather they just publicly state it and be clear what they are doing. Not only to be honest to the fans, but more importantly to prevent the half a** measures. They've started to trim a lot of the fat and still have a ways to go, but I'd like to know what to expect heading into FA rather than feel this uneasiness.
  23. I think 4-3 is the only realistic way to go. Lee is better suited for that system too.
  24. As this is the draft forum, what do you expect to get compensated from Richardson and Marshall?
  25. He's not going to command that. With his salary, age, and reputation in the locker room, you're lucky if they get a 5th.
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