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  1. If they don't can someone just start a new thread so I don't have to scroll through this nonsense on a camp update thread. These silly arguments can be entertaining at times...other times they are super annoying. This case is the latter.
  2. Is SF really deserving? Who do they have outside of Samuel and Aiyuk (if Kittle isnt counting)?
  3. We didnt need to...we got Sauce. They needed a CB and panicked to get the last first round graded CB. They sacrificed. Look at the draft this way...those teams all went O with runs on WR (which we were ahead of the run). Jets got value on JJ because of this. Some teams in need of WR towards the end of the first got terrible value.
  4. Really good discussion. Dont remember who alluded to it in another thread but we might be looking at attempting some position less secondary. While we might not have the best talent, we seem to have improved our depth and versatility a lot. Lots of guys can be rotated into FS or Nickle. I hope Ulbricht has enough creativity and balls to try it out. Get innovative even if it fails.
  5. I get it. I just dont love Seattle's offense right now. Cook could be a big play RB and catches a lot of passes. We also start drafting next week, which I hate. There is no reason to rush, but every year its early. I'd like to see how the rooks are in camp...oh well.
  6. I've got the second pick. I already know Hall will be #1. I need a back more than a WR (Chubb, Etienne, Carter are my top 3). Do I go Walker or Cook over Wilson?!?! I'm torn.
  7. There is at least a little competition there. Maybe Hall gets some reps there too. It's not the end of the world. I'll say this, a FS as we know is more final peice than building block. If Cine or Dax didnt go off the board end of round 1 they wouldve been targets, but I dont see any FS worth it. If I'm JD, I get a LB like Muma that can start on the outside but take over for Mosely next year. Maybe another DT/Edge. Let the D develop and improve this year and target a FS early next year to finish it out.
  8. Not for nothing, but this is what is keeping my wife happy. She eats this red carpet sh*t up. I'll sacrifice the pageantry so I can watch the draft for 3 days without a fight lol
  9. This is a terrible idea. At that point Deebo has full leverage and jets will need to pay him whatever he asks. Cant reneg the deal after the draft...
  10. I wouldnt say broken more than a work in progress. Remember this is the result of rookie first rounders getting paid elite salaries and vets wanted a bigger slice of the pie and owners fidnt want to get screwed by busts. They'll modify things.
  11. Interesting question that just crossed my mind. If we do draft Sauce, could Hall play FS? He has played well outside, but cant play inside. I think hes big and physical enough and has shown decent enough ball skills. It would be a way to get all the talent on the field in the back end.
  12. They just dont want to get sued for a HIPAA violation more than they give a **** about their privacy.
  13. Ya, let's not mention all the team captains he's also drafted...that just doesnt fit the narrative of the writer....
  14. Seems like the exact opposite of a good guy...
  15. They also signed Reed and Whitehead. I'm not saying this is a too 10 D, but it should be better than last year. How could it be worse...
  16. It's funny you focus on hands and then mention Pierce. To me he is not a natural catcher of the ball. This has jumped out in the tape I've watched. Anyone else notice this? No issue taking a chance on him in the second, especially if doubling up.
  17. It's a typical offseason fluff piece, but I'd rather see hes working than not. Jets are most likely preparing like hes not part of their future (aka drafting a WR early), but if somehow he emerges as the X we all want none of us will complain.
  18. Not many teams can and will pay Deebo's ask. 49ers seemingly one of those teams. We would have the leverage if the 49ers want to get something for him before he hits free agency. Slow play this one until they panic.
  19. I wont mind the idea of taking him in the second if he falls (like many top centers before him). Being a good GM means not overvaluing a player/position. It's not worth the extra assets and the 5th year option isnt necessary either as the position doesnt cost much to tag or extend long term. Dont force moves. If you're going to trade up it's going to be for a position that's higher premium.
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