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  1. I know it's easy to double check...but seems like he was at Wagner when Calabrese was there.
  2. Did that feel good? Are you happier now? Thanks for all your amazing insight! Where would this board be without your contributions.
  3. Honestly out of all the consensus top guys he's also easiest to drop as a hot take and be right. Besides Peirce his top 5 all have one or two traits you can pinpoint and say this is how he will be a good WR (right or wrong). Wilson might be best all around WR, but there is nothing he excels at. He has 40 time speed but isnt a classic burner out there, hes not a premier route runner, hes not big or great at contested catches... I'll gladly take him on the Jets, but I dont see a whole lot separating him and Olave and Olave has seemed to slide quite a bit. Seems like better value. But it's a moot point if Wilson tears it up and Jets are left with another bust.
  4. Seems like Feeney is a good Locke room guy. Someone who keeps the team glued. That's worth something (maybe not 3 mill). If it helps the team gel and grow I'm cool with keeping him on as a bottom roster guy that can play OG/OC. Hopefully he's not the first one off the bench and we dont see him on the feild at all.
  5. Maybe, but honestly I just see weak talent at the top. I'd give up those assets for a game changer. Even if you have to pay him (usually not on board with both).
  6. Come on JD!!! Cap space and picks in a bad draft. I wouldve given them both this year or 1 and 1 eaaasssyy
  7. Can't help but wonder why Atlanta? Pitts and who? They dont have enough on O or D and now wont even have draft capital. Got to assume they at least go after Juju.
  8. There's always money in the Banana stand!
  9. 6th rounders don't make much comparatively. This is his shot to get paid. He's already had the opportunity to play for his hometown and I am sure staying close to home is a factor, but I would never ask the man to forfeit his biggest opportunity to provide for his family long term. That is a terrible ask.
  10. Depends what we do at 1, but I'll assume EDGE. I still go with Sauce as the best prospect of the group. From a team building standpoint I dont love it as I know our system doesn't value CB high. I WANT to take a playmaker badly, but when you force picks you end up making mistakes. I dont think either of the WRs are worthy of pick 10. Might take my chances to see who is left at the top of round 2. Really hate that I'm saying that too. Just where we're at. Combine didnt do a hell of a lot to separate the Wideouts and I feel decently confident someone will be there. At the moment I am supporting the trade route paired with a mid round flier.
  11. Way more interested in Cooper for this reason. At the end of the day we dont necessarily know that the draft compensation will be less, but its projected to be less. Age and assumed cost makes this a no brainers over Lockett. Not to mention Cooper is a bit more versatile.
  12. But we cant just assume the same will be true just because it happened once. It happened to work out for both teams. It's been stated in so many threads before when this trade scenario is brought up...this is not that kind of WR class and there are zero guarantees we are getting a stud WR even if hes the first off the board at 10. Pay your money and take your chances with Cooper. Stop complaining about the salary. We have space and we need to inject this offense with bonifide talent to properly evaluate Wilson. If Cooper looks past his prime, we can move on from him and/or Davis next year. No harm no foul. If he is good and Wilson sucks we have the peices to lure a vet QB hopefully for win now mode.
  13. My garbage dynasty team got slightly better today
  14. While wife was pregnant I got her Authentic" it was ok for non alcoholic stuff
  15. How do players not at least have their entourage do the betting for them?
  16. As a short guy I'll never list that as a negative lol I agree with your points on both prospects. I'm far from in love with Burks. I just dont love the idea of pairing Robinson with Moore.
  17. And theres a massive difference in value taking a Berrios replacement/4th WR at 38 and taking just about anyone else with more value (TE/OL/S/LB). At least Burks has WR1 upside. Robinson doesnt even have WR2 upside as long as Moore is on this team. 3rd round or later has value.
  18. The problem with this is the opportunity cost of drafting a gadget player over another prospect vs just signing the guy that already has that role. If that's the case just pay the premium draft capital for Burks who can do gadget stuff, but also has the size/speed to develop into WR1 over time.
  19. Just because you see player x is a FA and it's a known commodity, that doesnt automatically mean it's a good fit or that our coaches approve. Still important information in terms of allocation of funds. Maybe they see similar tape/roles for players costing way less? In any case, they're spending this time watching college film too. Sorry to disappoint you but they've got access to better quality film than your jpegs on the dark web. Nice try though.
  20. All the coaches are catching up watching film on impending FAs. Remember they missed a week doing Senior Bowl. If they're present for interviews that seems like a much better use of resources and time.
  21. NFL Network always streams
  22. Our window moves up to immediately if we Feild an explosive offense. If he becomes the missing peice next to Moore and Davis, it's worth it.
  23. He was already a college OC at Wagner on Staten Island. In theory it looks good that we hired a good staff but the reality is the Jets need at least one more year of stability around Zach. I also think if this coaching staff were to succeed, he'd be the prime candidate to be groomed for future OC if LeFleur were to get a HC job. Our coaches need to help him see the big picture and practice patience.
  24. To some extent. If this next draft is just ok, but Zach seems to take the next step JD is safe. If JD has a great draft, the team improves, but Zach stinks then they are in position to add a vet qb for a run as the new NFL model.
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