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  1. You've been around long enough to see the results of picking the "best player" in the draft how many times now? It hasn't worked. While I agree to some extent that the talent is important...hence his inclination to draft high RAS, but wouldn't it be nice to have a well defined scheme that you can identify players for. There is a reason teams like Pitt, Bal, Pat's keep churning out good D into playoff runs. It starts with stability and scheme.
  2. Dont see how Chark is under spending big. Cant deny the talent, but hes always injured. Not even banged up here and there injured...missing significant time in 2 of 3 seasons injured. Cant deny when hes played hes made an impact, but I can only see this going 1 of 2 ways: decent money for 1 year probe it deal OR small money on longer term.
  3. My memory is that bad lol I thought Pennington was after leftwich. Geeze.
  4. This. Really jumps out on full game film. I want to like him so much more. I'm desperate to vault a WR high enough for #10. But despite his height/weight/speed and doing things that translates well to this O, hes very raw and flawed as a prospect. I just don't see it.
  5. He's never done it. Not even as an UDFA. He's all of a sudden going to do it now? Sorry, not happening.
  6. At 9 mill I'm not taking either, but in no world is Anderson more valuable as a #4 when he doesnt play specials and Berrios is more than solid on specials.
  7. I'm more concerned that Watson isn't this years Mims. Tall, fast, good 1v1 at the senior bowl that made me think he had better route running ability than what Baylor asked. He was my 5th overall WR that year...cant believe I was so wrong.
  8. Baseball seems to be doing this a lot now. Will definitely be interesting to see if it can translate.
  9. Wait...you claim not to know the psychology of people you never met - Watson - but then make a blanket psychological statement about the women - feeling powerless to act.
  10. If it's a weak class I'd rather trade draft capital for players or to acquire extra capital for next year. What good is 9 picks if itll turn out to be '20s class?
  11. Makes sense on both accounts. Late first would give them the 5th year of control still. Which for a player who wont start right away is needed. The cost/year is also much lower to offset the Darnold contract.
  12. The flip arguement only works if you can increase a players value. Much harder to do when you're already using the 10 pick. Either way it's not happening.
  13. I'd also say go with the strength of the draft. If its deep at a position dont just wait and take value. Stack one position and it becomes a strength and depth.
  14. Not something I really considered but a very good point for resource allocation. Maybe it causes him to slide a bit if other teams have this thought process too. Of course all it takes is one.
  15. 10 to 13 gets a first and 45 but 6 to 24 only gets a first and 56? Weird. It's all fairly unrealistic to acquire those assets anyway so...
  16. At the end of the day logic is good. Wouldn't love it personally, but I can live with it.
  17. It's a different take on approach so I commend you for that. I just dont love the idea of investing a premium pick on a CB for this D. Id rather take the shot at EDGE and get whoever they like most. Also don't want to bank on Njoku so much that we wait that long for a TE. No complaints on the options there.
  18. Being that it was a short term deal and Beck is going back to his private business with no sign that Beck's services will be retained next year, the league and NFLPA can't do anything about it. I'm sure Jets aren't the first to do this and wont be the last.
  19. He's not signing here. If it's a short deal hed take less money on a contender that will showcase him (aka staying a Ram). He'll be a distraction with a young qb. We've seen it over and over again.
  20. Watch some full game tape. It leaves more to be desired from a potential top 10 pick. Yes, the explosive plays are there. Yes he can be used in some dynamic ways. Yes, he has the size speed ratio. Theres a lot of boxes checked, but he's very raw (route running, getting off the LOS, body positioning, etc.) and gives very inconsistent effort and he doesnt seem to always play to his speed when he is lazy. I really want to like him more, but I don't want to force myself to fall in love. I'll watch a few more games (Alabama, Ole Miss).
  21. Isnt features, but I think hes better than his numbers. I wouldn't get him first, but if we double dip, I'd love for him to be here. Pair him with either one of the better receivers OR with McBride and have a great combo for 2 TE sets.
  22. For the most part I agree here. No WR will be worth the price at 10. Whatever is left at 35 wont be worth it either. If they can make a trade or sign a FA WR I am all for that first and foremost.
  23. If this is as weak a class as people say (especially at the top) sometimes it's better to go with the safest pick even if it's not positionally great. A few years from now it's better to have a solid to elite player at a non premium position than someone who is a bust.
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