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  1. It would be nice to get him top of round 2 but I don't see it happening. I dont want to pick any of these guys top 10, but if there isnt a trade down option I think hes the only one I'd take a chance on if his athletic testing matched up.
  2. Agreed and he has the physical tools that can develop into a dominant WR1. So worst case scenario hes high floor role player/gadget on O, best case he develops from there into a huge threat opposite to Moore by the time Davis expires. I think hes my favorite WR option for the Jets.
  3. Weird timing. Just wait another week or do it months ago.
  4. Ya, I've come to the conclusion that was stupid thought. Another possibly stupid thought: could Mosely play the SAM? If we choose his replacement at the top of the second could this work? Then let Nas and Sherwood compete for the WILL.
  5. Watched it this morning with my infant. It helped lol
  6. While it would be nice to add a Robinson or Adam's, I think Chark is a much more realistic target. Has the size and speed. Just needs to stay healthy. Tough to invest money on a player with that track record but his skill set meshes nicely with what we have. If not I'd like to target Burks in your trade down scenario.
  7. I was surprised he stayed last year...staying again would be crazy from a value standpoint. Hes got more to lose than gain. But at the end of the day if college is that important to him, kudos.
  8. I see the comparison, but going back and watching Evan's after London and the legs look like they are moving so much faster including set up moves/cuts/agility; not just straight line. As someone else said, London just looks like hes in concrete (longer stride can attribute to some of that). I'm going to invest some time to finding some all 22. I'd like to see him through each play during a whole game. I hate WR highlights where the camera angle looses them for half the play. It might convince me otherwise.
  9. I would be ecstatic if he ran a 4.55. Just doesn't look sub 4.6 on film to me.
  10. There may be a good one at that spot. LB U maybe? But then would they move Mosely outside? Hard to imagine spending major draft capital on ILB to have them sit.
  11. The last part is why I thought it might be tried out. If LBs are used less maybe a reason to throw someone like Jackson there for a few plays a game rather than pay/draft one. But overall, you're right in that it may not be worth it. Just let him do what he is best at and rush the passer.
  12. I haven't watched any tape yet, but those of you who are more knowledgable... Lets say Jets take a DE in the first. Do you think Jets look at any of the hybrid OLB/DE like Jackson as an early down SAM then come to the line on passing downs? I know that's a much different role just trying to think outside the box as a way to help our weaknesses at LB and provide some versatility if injuries continue.
  13. They may feel they need to get one elite talent before it's all dried up, if they feel there isnt much to offer in round one.
  14. That was me last year. Ended up with pick 4 instead of 1 because we changed the rules for a year based on consolation bracket reverse order got ETN, Zach Wilson and Carter. Traded a 3rd this year and conditional second next for Watson. I have kupp and pittman. Gotta hope one of Michael Thomas, Golladay, Chark, or Samuel do something and I'll be decent if Watson plays or dare I say Wilson improves.
  15. Ya, I think I'm going to have the first or second pick. I prefer a stud RB. A lot will depend on where these guys fall.
  16. @Paradis there seems to be a lot of contested catch guys in round two. What's your take on the second tier guys: Doubs, Ross, Dotson, Tolbert, and Ezukanma?
  17. Not sure it'll be Saleh in JDs ear. From a value standpoint I dont see WR at 7 being great. I think seeing who falls at the top of round 2 as a fine approach if they cant trade back since there doesn't seem to be that 1 standout WR.
  18. My first impressions (and after these videos ill go back and watch full game tape) is that none of them are top 10 picks and are far below the last two classes. I wish there was a Julio or Megatron this draft. Would be exciting to have a real shot at an offensive game changer, but it's not here, IMO. I think I lean towards William's electric speed or Burks physical abilities and hope for the best. London just looks like a slow posession reciever at the next level. Not really what I would spend a high pick on. Would've loved to see his 40 time more than the others.
  19. I agree. I hope we can get an elite EDGE in the top 5. Seattle's pick is a little no mans land for our needs. I wish there was a legit #1 WR talent this year. The class doesn't seem bad, but none are head and shoulders above and I'm not sure I'm comfortable picking any in the top 10.
  20. I could be wrong. I'm only at the beginning of my pre-draft research. Some are sayings it's a weak class. I wont argue yet.
  21. You pick before the draft? Or is that who you want to draft depending what team gets him after?
  22. Always willing to take a first next year over a second this, but keep in mind this is likely a deeper draft than last or next year. Many went back to school instead of declaring amid the covid year. Might factor into it.
  23. Spectrum also says Bill's Pat's but 506 has it listed as Jets JAX.
  24. It comes down to special teams more than anything. Both Berrios and Smith play them very well and may make the team based on that more than depth WR.
  25. Unfortunately, I fear Knapp was the next man up. Calabrese was prob. Second in line for grooming as he may need more than 2 years...
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