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  1. Again, I'm not expecting a bunch of mid rounders to start right away. I'm responding to a hypothetical; which is ridiculous to begin with. Instead of complaining about Jets not addressing OL in a draft that hasn't happened yet why dont we see how it plays out.
  2. That's a great haul, but at this point I cant imagine many of those players falling so far (Davis, Green, Jones among others).
  3. If they dont make that pick then I hope they fill up on mid rounders. What am I supposed to do, get mad at the Jets for picks they haven't made yet? In a perfect world they wouldve done more leading up to this point, but they didn't. I'm sorry you have a suspicion they think they're set. Nothing about what JD has said has let me believe that. So you can be SOJ and I'll be optimistic. No worries.
  4. I'm not arguing our line needs serious upgrades. I can be hopeful it continues to be a priority via the draft like it was last year with Becton and Clark. Keep drafting talent and development (no matter what you think of Clark the thought process is there to develop depth). Dont deflect. You said it was Burrow all over again. Bangles drafted 2 first rounders on the OL before picking Burrow. In that case, I hope Jets do the same and get another peice at 23 for the OL. Hope we choose better than the Bengles.
  5. Fo you expect at OL at both 23 and 34? I dont. In this scenario I would assume Jets still get OL help with the other pick. A lot of good OL in the mid rounds too for double dipping and development.
  6. I agree. Seems like the value (and players I like) happen to be in the 3rd. I wouldn't mind trading back from 34 and up from 107 to target role players and peices to the puzzle on both sides of the ball (Green, Eskridge, Tremble, Elerson Smith, DB/LB).
  7. It's significantly better than what the Jets did leading up to and after drafting Darnold. Just because a player busts doesn't mean they didn't attempt to address or invest in it.
  8. Oh Come on Bit this is such a false narrative. Cinci invested in the line in the years leading up to drafting Burrow and he still got injured. sh*t happens. Williams was 11th overall in 19 and Price was 21st overall in 18.
  9. You're a year too late lol Is it bad that I like the 3rd round a hell of a lot more than the value at 23 and 34? I'm good to trade back at 34 and up from 107 no problem!
  10. Where did 43 come from? Did I miss something?
  11. Gainwell is a favorite of mine in mocks. If he is there at 86 I usually take him. It's a tough spot for prospects I like though (Green, Tremble, Eskridge, Elerson Smith).
  12. Agreed. Eich will be very underwhelming in the first round. If we miss on Jenkins at least go for high upside/athlete in Cosmi.
  13. I personally don't see AVT as an OT (take that for whatever it's worth). He holds his own, but you can tell it's a struggle and he gets pushed back a lot. I think Jenkins can handle the right side and has the demeanor for it too. I still like the idea of moving him inside for the year and taking over RT after Fants contract is up (assuming he is cut).
  14. So for you AVT > Cosmi? I think I might do Cosmi then hope for Green in the 3rd.
  15. Nelson >>> AVT. AVT is a solid guard, but I watch him and I don't see dominant or elite.
  16. 5 of them are QBs. It's reasonable to assume JD wasn't going to draft another LT (Sewell)...we had rumored interest in Pitts so not sure why he wasn't interviewed, but who else are we supposed to have been interviewing there? Chase? That's basically the top 10 this year.
  17. Jets started interviews before they traded Darnold. Trading back from 2 was on the table. That is more the reason why they interviewed guys like Waddle. Is a trade up in the event of a slide possible? Sure, but that's not why they were originally interviewed.
  18. Not panicking is one thing and not addressing it is another. There will be decent prospects in round 2-4 and it does seem like you prefer one in round one. However I disagree that the last decade of ignorance means nothing. It means that we dont have an established pipeline yet. Clark might be ready, but he might not be. Getting one starter this draft is important and getting at least one more to develop to continue building the pipeline is also important. We want guys who will step in as Fant etc. leave for FA. Other teams can get away with starting players from the 3rd round to UDFA because they've been developing talent over time. We just dont have that to rely on yet and we will be setting ourselves up for failure if they try to get away with that this year.
  19. Interestingly enough I don't think JD picked players that were necessarily fits for Gase. In any event I understand where you are coming from. Good coaches should be able to scheme for the talent they have. From what I have read over the years Saleh has evolved his D based on his talent and I like that. However, I also disagree with you. While there might be some talent too good to pass up, generally speaking you need players to fill roles. We finally have philosophies on both sides of the ball. Give them the pieces they need to execute. No reason to pick a "better" OLmen if they cant reach the second level. That does nothing to help our team. No reason to pick a CB who is better at man when we are running zone. In the end, the players won't reach their potential and the team wont move the needle. Jets have done the BAP thing for like a decade with awful results. Part of that has been really bad GMs and talent evaluators; part of that have been coaches that have brought zero culture since Rex, but thats legit been our strategy. The good teams have stability and draft players that fit what they do. Hopefully we can get there some day.
  20. I'd like to believe it too, but weren't we supposed to be using more wide zone concepts last year? I can't really recall actually doing it, but I remember reading about it leading up to the season.
  21. I wont bother quoting that whole thing, but thanks for your detailed response. Very thoughtful. We disagree on some things, but that's what will make watching the draft interesting. Let's see what JD ends up doing and debate over the lineman he passed vs the ones he took. I wont comment back on everything, but here are a few more thoughts... As per Brown, you are right with the bull rush which is why I said he needs to get stronger. I def. Wouldn't take him before round 3. Radunz so far to me doesn't seem like he will be a top end starter on the left side. I think he can be adequate which is why I think right side might be better. When I watch Cosmi I dont see project. Seems pretty comparable to Jenkins. But like I said I'm far from an expert. I see what I see. Again, I'm no master of technique as it relates to Green, but honestly he seems to outrun his assignments and either misses them or is in bad position. In the NFL I think that will be less of a problem.
  22. Thanks for the time. Here is my take based on the film I've watched (far from an expert): - ATV I agree. I think he is a bit overrated and I dont see him at an OT. I think he can be a good LG, but I'm not sure I see elite and that's what you look for in a first round OG - disagree on Jenkins. I think he has the athleticism to play zone. Can be a RG immediately and hopefully RT in the future. - Dickerson moves better than Humphrey on tape (could be the system for Humphrey as he grades out elite RAS). Also think he can play zone. Injuries is what holds him back. - overall, I like addressing OC later with Meinerz, Dalman, or Menet. - love Meinerz and Green. I think both can step in at OG immediately, but will also benefit from time on the bench to learn. Both can also play OC and have versatility. - I'm ok tak OJ ng Radunz at 34 if we miss Jenkins or Cosmi. Speaking of where is Cosmi??? I think he has the same upside of Jenkins. - Brown I dont see as a LT and we aren't moving Becton in 2 years when he is ready to play. I rate him lower than the other RT prospects because he needs to get stronger and I dont see him as versatile with ability to jump inside early. - I personally didn't love Eichenbergs tape. Just seemed to get moved a lot and didn't look athletic. Maybe I was watching the wrong games? Someone convince me here.
  23. There is just way less tape and info on guys this year. So part of it is GMs going the safe route with OL.
  24. Jets *hold my beer*...draft another DT at 2 and pass on QB
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