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  1. Interestingly enough I don't think JD picked players that were necessarily fits for Gase. In any event I understand where you are coming from. Good coaches should be able to scheme for the talent they have. From what I have read over the years Saleh has evolved his D based on his talent and I like that. However, I also disagree with you. While there might be some talent too good to pass up, generally speaking you need players to fill roles. We finally have philosophies on both sides of the ball. Give them the pieces they need to execute. No reason to pick a "better" OLmen if they cant reach the second level. That does nothing to help our team. No reason to pick a CB who is better at man when we are running zone. In the end, the players won't reach their potential and the team wont move the needle. Jets have done the BAP thing for like a decade with awful results. Part of that has been really bad GMs and talent evaluators; part of that have been coaches that have brought zero culture since Rex, but thats legit been our strategy. The good teams have stability and draft players that fit what they do. Hopefully we can get there some day.
  2. I'd like to believe it too, but weren't we supposed to be using more wide zone concepts last year? I can't really recall actually doing it, but I remember reading about it leading up to the season.
  3. I wont bother quoting that whole thing, but thanks for your detailed response. Very thoughtful. We disagree on some things, but that's what will make watching the draft interesting. Let's see what JD ends up doing and debate over the lineman he passed vs the ones he took. I wont comment back on everything, but here are a few more thoughts... As per Brown, you are right with the bull rush which is why I said he needs to get stronger. I def. Wouldn't take him before round 3. Radunz so far to me doesn't seem like he will be a top end starter on the left side. I think he can be adequate which is why I think right side might be better. When I watch Cosmi I dont see project. Seems pretty comparable to Jenkins. But like I said I'm far from an expert. I see what I see. Again, I'm no master of technique as it relates to Green, but honestly he seems to outrun his assignments and either misses them or is in bad position. In the NFL I think that will be less of a problem.
  4. Thanks for the time. Here is my take based on the film I've watched (far from an expert): - ATV I agree. I think he is a bit overrated and I dont see him at an OT. I think he can be a good LG, but I'm not sure I see elite and that's what you look for in a first round OG - disagree on Jenkins. I think he has the athleticism to play zone. Can be a RG immediately and hopefully RT in the future. - Dickerson moves better than Humphrey on tape (could be the system for Humphrey as he grades out elite RAS). Also think he can play zone. Injuries is what holds him back. - overall, I like addressing OC later with Meinerz, Dalman, or Menet. - love Meinerz and Green. I think both can step in at OG immediately, but will also benefit from time on the bench to learn. Both can also play OC and have versatility. - I'm ok tak OJ ng Radunz at 34 if we miss Jenkins or Cosmi. Speaking of where is Cosmi??? I think he has the same upside of Jenkins. - Brown I dont see as a LT and we aren't moving Becton in 2 years when he is ready to play. I rate him lower than the other RT prospects because he needs to get stronger and I dont see him as versatile with ability to jump inside early. - I personally didn't love Eichenbergs tape. Just seemed to get moved a lot and didn't look athletic. Maybe I was watching the wrong games? Someone convince me here.
  5. There is just way less tape and info on guys this year. So part of it is GMs going the safe route with OL.
  6. Jets *hold my beer*...draft another DT at 2 and pass on QB
  7. It also gets us ahead of any run of the top OL. Lots of needy teams in front of us. If we do this, JD needs to trade back at 34 and get that 3rd rounder back. I love the value in rounds 3-4 this draft.
  8. I think it's more likely to be the reverse. 66 is prob. too late to grab a RT prospect. I'd be using 23 or 34 on one. Realistically to play RG and groom for RT next year (Jenkins/Cosmi/and maybe Radunz fir that). At 66 it is easier to find a guard or center only prospect.
  9. I don't think I'm willing to part with 86 and 107. To me Cosmi isn't really a drop off from Jenkins. I'm ok parting with a 3rd knowing he can prob trade back at 34 and recoup it.
  10. Agreed. This WR class is nowhere near last years. RB seems ok, but I know you don't really love most of them (and I trust your opinion). Another reason to fill up on OL and take a shot or two in the mid rounds at a WR/RB who can take it to the house on any given play, but maybe not be a "starter." There will be some good talent on D in the last 4 rounds to get someone at every level.
  11. The only thing I would change here is LB for FS. We took a Safety last year and we can FT Maye another year if we can't lock him up. I see the point of again trying to create a pipeline and have people to step in when someone walks, but if we are looking to do that LB seems way more thin. We don't know what we have in Mosely and he can get cut next year, Davis is a one year flier, Cashman is prob. not a long term answer....then a lot of nothing. We need depth/ST here at minimum.
  12. Ya, this seems impossible to me. I don't actually expect JD to draft 2 OL in the first 4 picks, but I see no way he ignores it till the late rounds. On another note, there were a lot of surprises. tremble early second round, Koonce in the 3rd (UB alum here), Schwartz in the 3rd among others.
  13. No some of those guys are more 3rd rounders, but I like them too. Gives some flexibility if the board doesn't fall right early or for double dipping.
  14. I dont mind AVT, but only as a LG. His tape at tackle reminds me of Edoga. I just dont see him as a tackle at all. At 23 give me someone who can play OG immediately but possibly take over for Fant next year: Cosmi/Jenkins.
  15. Ok but what planet dudes are there at 34? I'm hoping we go OL at 23 and I'm not against doubling up. EDGE guys have a lot of question Mark's high. Only the LSU receiver really fits prototypical size and I'm not against him either but also redundant skill set with Mims and Davis. So I just dont see exactly who we are missing out on. I'm usually not a fan of RB high as a rule, but I'm leaning back to Etienne at 34. We dont have a TE as a safety blanket and this draft really isn't deep at TE. I dont love the value of Freiermuth at 34 (maybe trade down?). I think Etienne could be that safety valve for Wislon and I think that's worth an investment in his development. If JD went CB or EDGE I'm not going to cry about it. If JD focused on other areas on O I'll be more than happy. If he took a rb at 34 I'd see the value in it even if it's not a premium position.
  16. Agreed. Listen, I won't be mad if JD took a defensive pick in the first 4, but I won't be crying if he went O all 4 picks either. We know the O needs heavy investment. The switch to a 4-3 also needs pieces, but honestly not as many. Do they need a #1 CB sure, but the guys we have can be good enough for zone, but lacking in depth. Signing someone post draft like Nelson can be big if they can't address it. Jets also need LBs. I still wont mind punting that until the 4-5th round too. Get some depth and see what Mosely and Davis can do as patch work for now. Again, I wont cry if they take a Werner or Cox, etc. earlier than that either.
  17. This isn't news and really should be standard. Each team runs a different system. Some players will not fit that system and will either be ranked lower or off their boards completely.
  18. You've got a pretty low bar for being enraged if a LB on the 4th pick will do it. C'mon pick 66 is not a sign JD is a lapdog for Saleh or even that Saleh is pounding the table for D. 3 high picks on O is a good start. Would I like to see more? Sure. But not every pick in this draft is going to be O. There just aren't enough roster spots to allocate for that. QB, OL, playmaker/OL will be a good foundation. I'd prefer we go O until the 5th, but I wont lose sleep on a 3rd rounder.
  19. Dont get me wrong I'd have no problem taking him, but when I watch the tape I dont see the athleticism. I'm sure that's scheme related, but he was always in a phone booth....at least the games I watched.
  20. @Paradis I know you've talked about Rondale Moore too. It seems these two have some similarities with physique and skill set. I know that Moore adds in jet sweeps and handoffs, but do you think the value of Eskridge is better since he may be had in the 4th? Do you think Rondale is that much better to spend a mid second (maybe even earlier)?
  21. Really not sure their grading system here. How are the Jets not last? This isn't about hitting on first or second round picks. This is about the entire draft. Jets have zero depth and talent on the roster because barely any mid to late round pick hit or is even in the league. Even our early round picks that hit aren't on the team anymore. That should also count as a negative.
  22. I'd also add that a late round pick really wont move the needle in a trade up in early rounds. If you want to move up in the 5th? Sure! I agree try to secure developmental players or core STers. Remember, UDFA are just that free agents. No guarantee who you want will actually sign with you. If you draft them you own their rights.
  23. I think both of you have really solid analysis. @derp this is more of what I was thinking when I mention positional premium - versatility. I'd rather take a shot someone who can play OG right away, but be able to kick outside due to injuries or development. Guard ONLY prospects have to be HOF level trajectory if they are picked that high. I don't necessarily believe Davis is that nor do I believe he is athletic enough for outside zone. Give me Cosmi or Jenkins any day over Davis at 23. Smaller and/or athletic IOL only can be found in the mid rounds and there are a bunch I would consider in the 3-4 rounds.
  24. It's pretty underwhelming. A few months ago Davis and Meyers would've seemed great, but just not sure they're athletic enough. I'd prefer the earlier pick to have RT upside as it's a more premium position.
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