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  1. Draft Mock - Trades Included - April 20

    You must realize every single pick we have is top 6-12 of that round, we are not many picks from the end of the previous.
  2. Draft Mock - Trades Included - April 20

    Yea my biggest surprise was Allen falling to 12 & yes a lot of these players could be projected to go higher - but hey pre-mock draft rankings mean very little, we have always seen players fall who were supposed to go "15 picks earlier" etc. Recently saw a mock with Allen dropping to 12 - but I view as a top 5 player.
  3. Trade - Sheldon Richardson DE to Falcons - Falcons 2017 Third Round Pick Trade - 2017 6th Overall Pick to Browns - Browns 12th Pick, 2nd Round, and 4th Rounders for 2017 Draft: 1. S Jamal Adams - LSU 2. CB Tre'Davias White - LSU 2. QB DeShone Kizer - Notre Dame 3. CB Quincy Wilson - Florida 3. OLB Derek Rivers - Youngstown State 3. OT David Sharpe - Florida 4. TE Adam Shaheen - Ashland 5. WR Chad Williams - Grambling 6. C Pat Elfien - Ohio State 7. RB Aaron Jones - UTEP This would give our secondary three extremely talented rookies while providing some young depth on the offensive side as well. Thinking BPA approach.
  4. Trade: Sheldon Richardson - Atlanta Falcons - 3rd & 4th Round Pick Draft: 1. CB - Marshon Lattimore - Ohio State - Quickly Improves Major Weakness on Defense 2. TE - David Njoku - Miami - Athletic Dimension Over Middle & Improves Huge Need 3. C - Ethan Pocic - LSU - Could Compete for Opening Day Starter 3. T - Frederick Johnson - Florida State - Huge Frame Provides Depth & Competition for Camp 3. WR - Dede Westbrook - Oklahoma - Speedy Slot Receiver that had 17 TDs Senior Year 4. CB - Kevin King - Washington - CB is Deepest Position in Draft & Adds Further Depth to Now Strong & Young Corner Group 5. OLB - Eujuan Price - Pittsburgh - Terror as Pass Rusher 13 Sacks & 23 TFL as Senior but Short Frame & Undersized 6. OLB - Darius English - South Carolina - 6 ft 6, Athletic Frame Pass Rusher but Lean & Needs to Add Muscle 7. FB - Sam Rogers - Virginia Tech - Multi-Asset FB w/ Pass Catching, Throwing & Running Ability Thinking Falcons 3rd and 4th rounders are late so could be worthy value? Adds some youth to our offense while patching up our secondary which in turn can allow our front 7 to dominate. Still need a QB though.
  5. Fixed. I knew that lol - typo / brain fart.
  6. Free Agents: QB - Mike Glennon - Source Says Done Deal, Vet Who Can Compete w/ Young Boys CB - Logan Ryan - Smart Young Physical Corner, Exceptional Tackle Skills OT - Ricky Wagner - Versatile Experienced Tackle, Still Has a Few Years Left Trade: 1st Round [6th] Pick & Sheldon Richardson to Browns in Exchange for 1st Round [12th] Pick & 2nd Round [52nd] Pick & 2018 2nd Round Pick - Browns Draft a QB & Leapfrog Before Chargers & Bills, Allowing Browns to Draft Garret & QB for Future. Draft: 1. OLB Dereck Barnett [Tennessee] - Dynamic & Elite Pass Rusher, Continues LB Youth Movement 2a. CB Tre'Davious White [LSU] - Deep Corner Class, First Round Talent w/ Exceptional Agility & Cover Skills 2b. WR John Ross [Washington] - Elite Speed & Catch Radius, Slot Receiver & Game Changer 3a. C Nick Martin [Notre Dame] - Offensive Line Rebuilding Mode, Value Pick w/ High Character 3b. OT Chad Wheeler [Southern California] - Offensive Line Rebuilding Mode, Compete & Provide Depth 5. TE Jordan Legget [Clemson] - Need Playmaker & Depth Badly, Young Above Average TE w/ Potential 6. FS David Jones [Richmond] - Depth & Special Teams Contributor, 6ft 2 Size w/ Potential to Play Sub Packages 7. ILB Harvey Langi [BYU] - Depth & Special Teams Contributor, 6ft 2 & 250 Pounds Provides Added Strength to Front 7 Just my thoughts, feel free to rip them apart
  7. Updated Mock - 3rd Extra Comp Pick

    Thanks for the kind words. We need a TE badly - just because Amaro didn't work out with Idzik doesn't mean Mac can't find a good one. It is called depth bro - our offensive line is our weakest link - sometimes it is okay to have multiple offensive lineman on one team that can start? My bad didn't know we don't have a fourth round pick.
  8. Updated Mock - 3rd Extra Comp Pick

    Trade: DL Sheldon Richardson to Atlanta Falcons for 2017 2nd Round Pick. Draft: 1. RB Leonard Fournette 2a. TE David Njoku 2b. CB Jalen Tabor 3a. OL Dion Dawkins 3b. OL Taylor Moton 5. OLB Carl Lawson 6. C Cameron Tom 7. OLB James Cowser While I am aware Fournette is not our biggest need - I think he will be best player available - and Forte looks done after this year. Him and Powell will be an exceptional 1-2 punch for multiple years moving forward. Adding a diverse TE in round 2 will also help our WR get open on the sidelines. I think it is important we add some youth to our offense as our recent drafts have been focused on defensive side.
  9. Welcome to JetNation.com. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.