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  1. Who woukd have thought Elijah's Moore is fast. Can someone get that kid the damn ball.
  2. I wouldn't be surprised if Doug Pederson is Jets OC at some point.
  3. Wasn't he just saying what everyone actually thinks about Goodell?
  4. I recall Josh allrn missing very easy passes as a rookie. Not comparing the 2 because who knows what Wilson will be but let's give it more than 5 games.
  5. Oh I'm not disagreeing about Douglas. He very well might be a bad GM but getting rid of Gase and Darnold was not premature. Let's hope they realize those offensive coordinator is sh*t and move one from him fast.
  6. We need a new OC. That backwards pass was so ******* bad.
  7. Defense as a whole is better than I expected
  8. Why don't we wait to see what this young team turns into before claiming him a bad GM. This is the youngest team in the nfl.
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