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  1. I'm pretty sure anyone who thinks cam newton is still a good qb hasnt watched him play the last 2 seasons. Dude can't throw the ball.
  2. Jets will either sign Sherman or Moses by training camp. Maybe both
  3. He isnt a win a superbowl at all cost kinda guy. Maybe the biggest quote I came across this entire off-season about him.
  4. Remember when Darnold was going to be Brett Farve because Farve also threw a pick 6 on his very 1st pass
  5. he said Zach Wilson not Sam Darnold
  6. Because apparently missing otas is a huge issue. If this is an issue during training camp then we might have a problem.
  7. Doesn't that left tackle play right tackle for the bucs? Honest question I forget if he moved over or not.
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