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  1. All wilson has to do is not throw a pick 6 on his very 1st pass attempt and he is already better than darnold.
  2. I'm just glad we have a qb that can throw an out route
  3. Look I woulda opted out last year also if Adam Gase was my coach.
  4. Hayden Hurst is far from a top tight end but would still be the best on the roster.
  5. Guess we need to reach even further for reason to bitch after a good draft. Always someone on this site.
  6. Yall crying over 5th round picks lmao
  7. This dude Giants just took looks slow to me plus knee issues. Glad we didn't take him.
  8. How about Tyler lockett? I'd take that production.
  9. Not gunna happen. They will take a pass rusher.
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