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  1. What is he suppose to say to the team? That they might have the right things in place to win? It' called instilling confidence.
  2. Ghost420

    MOCK DRAFT 04/04/19

    There is zero chance if we stay at 3 that we take Jonah Willaims. He just is not worth that pick with players like Allen, Bosa, or Williams available.
  3. Tannehill was hurt most of the time Gase was there. One full season he had over 4k yards and over 20 tds.
  4. Did you read the article? He said all he was asked to do was run go routes and he thinks he has more to offer than that.
  5. YA I mean I don't really care if he was there or not but his album is terrible haha
  6. Ok but are you defending or criticizing him?
  7. The Vernon Gholston of WRs
  8. Ghost420

    AAF Already Folding?

    Noway they can steal away better players. XFL players won't eve sniff 1 million dollars. Think I seen average pay is like $75k.
  9. At least they started to protect defensive players also not just offense. WE still see big hits every week.
  10. OK let's just say there is no offensive lineman in this draft work a top 3 pick. NONE
  11. Jesus Jet fans are a joke. We could have signed every player in Free Agency and some of you would still bitch. We got 2 of the best players on the market that is a fact. Who cares if we overpaid we have the 2nd most cap room in the nfl.

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