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  1. While metlife is garbage. Bills is the worst I ever been to.
  2. Either way metlife is garbage compared to these new stadiums. Looking like a giant AC unit.
  3. Do people believe Rodgers won't be a Jet? Lmao
  4. Pretty sure he just showed up to pro day out of shape. Pass.
  5. Not really, they used Ingram alot also. Williams will take his spot.
  6. Our tight ends are JAGs. Need to draft another or sign someone.
  7. Down voted? Do people think Conklin and Uzomah are good tight ends? Maybe Schultz isn't worth it but team needs to upgrade the position.
  8. Those tight ends suck. Sign dalton Schultz.
  9. It's a game, you get people who are good at playing it first and foremost. Berrios isn't any good who cares if hrs professional.
  10. Yes we need more bad players because they care committed to the team
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