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  1. Ghost420

    Adam Gase Presser - Monday

    A lot of people upset about Gase. It could be worse I just seen the Dolphins are probably hiring the patriots linebacker coach.
  2. Ghost420

    Simms on Gase and Bart on Bowles

    Old enough to remember? It was 4 years ago hahaha
  3. Do you think Landry is a WR1? Dude is has a bigger contract than Julio Jones. That is why he was traded.
  4. Ghost420

    Maccagnan is laughing his a$$ off.

    I am laughing my ass off reading people lose their minds over a football coach. It is comedy gold.
  5. Ghost420

    Romo thinks Gase is good for Sam

    Ya Ajayi would have done great for them with hit blown out knee. Landry is over payed for a wr that runs 5 yard routes.
  6. Ghost420

    This Oughta Be Fun

    What is this guy suppose to be like after a loss? Is he suppose to be happy? I don't see how anything he said makes him a dick. Because he said they got the sh*t kicked out of them? Because he said they got kicked in the nuts? Sounds like honesty to me
  7. Good for him. Im good on that loud mouth.
  8. Ghost420

    A Rex Ryan poll of our bipolar fans :)

    All no's for me.
  9. Ghost420


    Was he suppose to say he sucks?
  10. I never said he wasn't good but he still benefits from Brown being on the other side.
  11. 1,500 yard 8 tds he aint going anywhere
  12. I get that but how is this guy qualified for a NFL job when he couldn't win in college?
  13. Why would the Bucs trade Evans?
  14. Did JuJu make him expendable? JuJu see a ton of single coverage because of Brown.

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