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  1. They can still work on a contract when he is tagged no?
  2. 2 crossers are open on that first INT also.
  3. If Jets keep Sam 1 more year you trade the pick to a team that wants a qb. That's is the top option.
  4. Treasure might be pushing it. Guy had a decent year in a contract year. Q Williams is superior.
  5. Ya because he went on to have a great career elsewhere.
  6. The funny thing is Sanchez > Darnold
  7. Really it probably comes down to whoever is the best pass blocker to plays LT but you would think using a 2nd pick on a lt would give them the upper hand
  8. If you take Sewell at 2 than becton moves to RT
  9. Ya right. The team was more explosive with Flacco on the field. That's a fact.
  10. Other than the fact tannehill was still decent under gase when healthy. Darnold just sucks.
  11. I disagree. Both Wilson and fields are better prospects. Name 1 thing darnold does better.
  12. Imagine thinking moving on from a sh*tty qb id a stupid move.
  13. Do they? Sutton juedy snd fant. Who else?none are ridiculous btw.
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