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  1. Someone tell me what defensive players the Chiefs are paying a billion dollars to? Mathieu is getting average 14mil a year. I wouldn't pay Adams more than 15 per yr. Yet the Chiefs aren't even paying Chris Jones.
  2. He could have inserted anyones name and I would have made the same comment
  3. Im not a Pats fan. Just dont like wishing injuries on anyone. Much rather beat brady at full strength than hope he gets hurt
  4. I guess it wouldn't hurt. Id take clowney over ryan tho
  5. Ryan makes no sense dude plays vs slot most of the time. We already have Poole.
  6. Dude was signed to be a backup. Why wouldnt anyone hate on this move
  7. Cry me River. At least now they won't be having their money robbed from the baskets they pass around in church
  8. The problem is ppl arent responsible. Im not disagreeing with opening places up but just letting it be a free for all is a recipe for disaster.
  9. You're right only steers and queers come from texas
  10. You don't need church to practice religion. So there's that.
  11. Damn man you are the toughest mofo ever.

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