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  1. He also coached half a team this year to the playoffs.
  2. I hard on Darnold but after watching Josh Allen today Im good with Darnold. Wish we had a sound team around him like Bills do Allen.
  3. Josh Allen makes some boneheaded decisions. HE makes some great plays with him arm tho.
  4. I didnt mind the pick until i heard him tsllimg about how he wouldnt hire a trainer because they wont be on the field with you, he could just watch you tube videos.
  5. 3 winning season's outa 10. Ron Rivera is nothing special.
  6. Ron Rivera 3 winnings season's outa 10. Dude is overrated.
  7. Rivera is know near the coach Reid is. sorry.
  8. I wanted bell not gunna lie but he is either washed or just doesnt work in this offense.
  9. He still cant throw the deep ball very well
  10. Im talking about him not stepping into throws. Not just this game. Everygame.
  11. What does that have to do with Darnold being scared to step into throws or up in the pocket?
  12. Can someone teach darnold how to step into a throw. Dude is so scared in the pocket

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