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  1. Next week is SB week
  2. Bengals Niners Don't care what they say about mahomes ankle. He's going to be limited moving around
  3. There's a reason he's never gotten a chance. Dude doesn't run that offense.
  4. Thibodaux killing it out there
  5. Im still holding out that Moore is a good WR stuck with a bad OC and QB. We will see.
  6. Id consider signing JuJu. He was pretty good as a wr2 next to antonio brown. Also Paris Campbell.
  7. Nan gve me Rodgers, Carr or Jackson. Anyone else isn't worth it.
  8. Henne would have been the best qb on this team. Let that sink in
  9. Carr wasn't good this yr either.
  10. You just been waiting to get that off your chest haven't you
  11. Tannehill was sarcasm. I would take Rodgers or Carr but I dont think Carr makes this team anything than maybe 1 and done in playoffs
  12. Mike white will not be starting for this team. If he is you can say by to Saleh and JD.
  13. Do coaches count against the cap?
  14. Cant wait for Ryan Tannehill
  15. if this team goes into the season with Jameis or Baker Jesus Christ. Carr I wouldn't mind but would have huge expectations., 63-79 as a starter isn't very clutch.
  16. Who? Carr? Tannehill? Brisset? Ppl acting like Jackson would be the best qb available is wild.
  17. I would nt be thrilled with Cousins or Carr for that matter, but these are the realistic qbs for the Jets next season. Unless you want to sign Tannehill.
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