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  1. Right other places are making vaccine or negative mandatory and still not at full capacity.
  2. Good. If they are going to make vaccine mandatory than open op fully.
  3. So this is his 2nd real off season and he was suppose to turn us into contenders after 1? After the last 2 gms literally have almost 0 players left on the roster they were do bad. Someone just seem upset their man crush Gase got fired.
  4. Well obviously if Jets had later pick that means they won more games. Which would mean Darnold played well and Gase would also still be coach.
  5. Even tannehill was able to throw for 4000 yards with gase as his coach.
  6. I'll take either but guess is wilson
  7. What did you expect for this bum? Please do tell. The fact we even got a 2nd is a miracle
  8. No 6th this yr 2nd and 4th next. Noway they were ever getting more than this
  9. Won't matter because wilson or fields will be jets QB
  10. Sure maybe is he doesn't have like 22 accounts of sexuak assault or harassment or watever against him. The ship has sailed.
  11. Only a ******* idiot would give up a bunch of picks for Watsonn right now.
  12. You can make a highlight film for Mark Sanchez and geno Smith also
  13. 1st 3 picks will be Lawrence at 1 then fields and wilson next 2 picks. Who knows what order. Ill die if niners take Mac jones
  14. If we take a lineman and don't trade the pick Douglas is sh*t.
  15. We have a left tackle thats why. Did you see what dolphins got for the 3rd pick? Not moving the pick would be criminal if they dont want wilson. Anyway they are taking wilso so none of this matters
  16. If the Jets aren't taking a qb they would be trading the pick. If not Douglas should be fired.
  17. Just being drafted is a dream come true probably.
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