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  1. Perriman as a deep threat is worthless with Darnold under center because he can't throw the ball deep.
  2. If Bucs aint gunna us Godwin the Jets sure could.
  3. Niners entire team is hurt I would give them a pass on this season. **** the Bills though.
  4. I was actually surprised he has more tds than ints
  5. I haven't been right about a QB since Russell Wilson went in the 4th round and I cried Jets didnt take him.
  6. Yes because Bell was helping this team so much.
  7. 200,000 people say different but this forum isn't about that
  8. Teddy looked like sh*t last week. Panthers are as bad as the jets.
  9. That's ok. He will be blocking for trevor Lawrence throwing tds to Devonta Smith in 2021
  10. I remember taking coples over melvin ingram. Guess whose still in the league

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