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  1. I see no reason why the Jets wouldn’t at least give him a look
  2. As per Boomer Esiason, it was them, Seattle and the Cheats. I can’t believe he chose the Pats over us. 😒
  3. He looked like he did at the beginning of last year. If his first read wasn’t there he didn’t know where to go. I hope we don’t have to wait for the last four games to see him play well.
  4. Receiving corps are as good as the QB throwing the ball to them. As Sam gets better so will our receivers numbers.
  5. and I’m reminded which team won the Super Bowl last year and who remains being their QB. The only teams to defeat Tom Brady and the Belecheats have been teams that have collapse the pocket from the interior. (See the NY Giants) I get it though. It would’ve been great to have traded back for more pics and filled more needs. I wanted that too but after Murrat went first and seeing how no other QBs were valued very high I’m glad Maccagnan didn’t just trade back for crappy value. He may not have been offered anything. We don’t know. However, I’d rather get one stud player than a couple of decent ones if that’s all the compensation that was being offered. Hopefully we can trade Lee for some value and get an extra pic. If not I’m not freaking out. It’s not like I’m expecting to win a Super Bowl this year anyway. I’m figuring 2020 or 2021 is the time frame for our expectations to rise.
  6. Kyler Murray seemed to be the only QB any team would’ve moved up for. Once he was picked the trade down scenarios were gone and the Jets went BPA. Can’t blame them.
  7. Revise is simply the best cornerback to ever play the game. He completely shut down some of the greatest WRs to ever play the game... and yes he was better than Deion as well. A much more complete CB. Peterson shouldn’t even be the comparison.
  8. Jawaan Taylor should still be the pick. We never won or lost anything because we didn’t have an elite edge rusher. Great opposing QBs usually render them useless anyway (see Dee Ford and Tom Brady). Building the OL is the most important thing that can be done to advance the development of not only Sam but our entire offense. Our defensive scheme will prove to be a more valuable asset than any other defensive player we draft.
  9. The Seattle uniform change was by far the best. Great color change. The Bucs logo is awesome.
  10. Honestly, there’s nothing special about these uniforms. In fact, the Jets uniform was one of the most bland and boring uniforms in the league. Pretty much anything will be better than what we have now.
  11. How a sports story or signing can be “sexy” or not. That drives me crazy.

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