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  1. So is that you just don’t like Christians? Is being a non-Christian part of your criteria for being a good coach?
  2. This needs to be the demand of the fan base. He should’ve been the hire to begin with. He’s perfect for the Jets. He knows how to put out dumpster fires and raise teams up out of ashes.
  3. Jamal Adams is easily the best player on this team and has been the only guy to bring any sense of energy to the field in years. Those who think he’s not great simply don’t know and have obviously never coached football at any level.
  4. How do we even know Anderson is a bad receiver? He hasn’t had anyone good throwing to him.
  5. Brady could coach each positional group while playing the game better than Gase and all of his assistants.
  6. Is it not amazing how through the years the average lay person Jet fan has more insight into the draft and Coach hirings than the people who do this for a living. They’d be better off just creating pols for every decision they make and let the fans decide.
  7. Why do you care if someone starts a new thread? It’s amazing what people complain about.
  8. It’s like therapy. It helps to know you’re not the only one suffering. My wife doesn’t understand but you all do. Thanks.
  9. We play the Giants. If we get steamrolled and Johnson keeps Gase I’m out. Just can’t do it anymore.
  10. This post makes me think that maybe I can break free from this albatross too. I’m really considering it now.
  11. This can’t be all on the players. Darnold is developing bad habits and will be ruined.
  12. When Fitzpatrick three that pick in the end zone to the Bills, preventing us from getting into the playoffs, I watched my nine year old son cry for 45 minutes. It killed me. I punched a whole in the wall.
  13. I don’t know why I did it. I’ve been a Jet fan for over 30 years so I know what it’s all about. Still though, I made my son a Jet fan. I love him. I really do. I just can’t explain why I passed this misery on to him. Forgive me my boy.
  14. How do you evaluate a player when his offensive line thinks they are a bunch of matadors?
  15. I hate to say it but I don’t want Darnold starting next week. It’s mean but, I’d rather see Falk get his head handed to him than Darnold. This is the worst offensive line I’ve ever seen the Jets trot out. We need our franchise QB in one piece. He doesn’t need to develop bad habits because he’s scared of dying.

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