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  1. It's not that I don't like Frank Gore. I do but, seriously, at 37 years old how can his body play like its 27? It can't. Bilal has proven to be a solid and steady player for this team for years with a two thirds more tread on the tires. There's also no question that he's faster and a better pass catcher than Gore. He would've provided more diversity to the offense. Not a devastating blow to this franchise by any means, (when you don't make the playoffs for years nothing is devastating) but, choosing Gore over Powell doesn't make sense to me. Hope I'm proven wrong.
  2. Wait. The writer of this eval had him as a top ten pick? Did I read this correctly?
  3. Don’t be surprised if we take another offensive lineman. JD may be trying to build a wall for Sam on the cheap and will let some of our new signings go after this year.
  4. The word “potential” doesn’t mean this guy is some average player who might be good some day. Bechtin is really good now and has the chance to be the game’s most dominant LT for the next decade. It’s a no brainer type pick. We got very lucky to land this guy at 11.
  5. I’d much rather pick and choose which threads I want to read even if they’re on a similar topic or player. Having them merged into one giant conglomerate of posts makes it difficult to find things you may want to comment on or respond to.
  6. I've been wondering why we haven't signed him yet.
  7. What do I know. I guess it makes much more sense to trade an all pro for the 17th pic overall and a third rounder. Perfect strategy.
  8. So to you he’s just another safety? He doesn’t make the defense better as a whole?
  9. The man is not simply “a safety.” He’s a transformative defensive force. He changes the way offenses play much the way great defenders of the past have done. Was Troy Polamalu just a safety? Of course not. Same with Jamal. He’s a pass rusher, great in zone and is excellent in pass coverage. He inspires his teammates. A true team leader who raises the level of play of the entire defense. He is a rare Jet player that is literally the best at his position in the league. Seriously, how many times in Jet history has this team had the best player at their respective position? Probably less than you can count on one hand yet some of you think it would be wise to trade him for draft pics. Draft pics? Is that because the Jets have had this amazing draft history throughout the years? I chuckle at the notion. Considering the Jets are a team that perennially lacks talent, why would anyone want to trade their best talent away? Complete foolishness.
  10. Honestly, all these "new" uniforms are a disappointment including ours, except for the black ones. There is nothing edgy about any of them yet they hype it up like they're going to be something amazing. And to think, they hire marketing firms, designers, etc... spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on research and development only to come up with something that moves some stripes around.
  11. How much of our bad receiving code was actually because of the horrific pass blocking?
  12. I guess he needs the money. Poor guy.
  13. I’m still shocked that after years of rebranding research that went into creating a new Jets logo that’s what they came up with.

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