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  1. All jokes aside. That sucks. Q was a great find in the 6th round and immense potential to be a #1
  2. This was the first guy I thought of when I read this post. There was an article or something rumored JD was having discussions about Samuels with Carolina
  3. The reality is that big jump happens from year 1 and year 2 when the CS and system stay the same. Goff I think is rare that he changed CS and system year 1 to year 2 and had a huge jump. I give credit to that situation more to great Coaching than Goff making the jump he did but he definitely took a step back in year 3 and I think that was a combination of him regressing and personnel issues on the offense. So he is an interesting one to watch. Smith is also an example of finding ground with stability in consistency and growth in the same CS and system. I believe this being Sam's year 2 in the same system and a better OL around him we should see a nice jump from him.
  4. This is a big if group.. someone said not even close to being good. I disagree about it not being close but a lot of ifs: IF Enunwa and Doctson can stay healthy - Enunwa when healthy is an above average WR. Doctson is a solid contributor that adds good depth when healthy. IF Perriman finally put it together and can be consistent IF Mims lives up to his potential Crowder is gonna Crowder.. So we got 4 players with 4 big ifs..... If 1 of those if goes our way we got work to do. If 2 of those ifs go our way, We are good. IF 3 of them go our way we are great. IF all 4 go our way, watch out. Ideally if Mims can have a year like DK Metcalf and Perriman can be consistent everything else is gravy.... Not really counting on Enunwa that is an injury that is too much to ask for him to come back from. Doctson just needs to stay healthy and focused on learning and growing as an NFL WR. LOTS OF IFs. I do think Perriman can fill Robby's role. It's all about Mims and how he develops
  5. It was reported JD asked Mann if he was comfortable with Kick Offs as well as punting and the kid said yes. So I don't think he would be kicking FG's but he would take on Punts and KO
  6. You really should look closer at the posts i responded too.. Cause they are not the same stats. But I'll spell it out for you and give you a little help. Your first post gave stat line of 66 catches for 1600 yds and 6 tds. Which is not a single seaon stat of Gallups nor his career stats Which makes your first post incorrect from any angle. Your second post responding gives his correct 2019 stat line. But whatever! Sorry, you don't see how incorrect your first post was. good day
  7. Thanks for correcting the mistake with the misleading stats in the other post.
  8. I agree 1000%.. The injuries are why I have him 3rd on my list same with Edwards at 2 on my list. If there was no injury history I think they would be 1 and 2 and Pittman would be my 3rd choice. But man I think people are sleeping on Edwards
  9. If we could use Williamson to get a 4th and we package our 2nd and 4th to move up higher in the 2nd is it worth it? I feel like a WR will be there at 48 and we wont have to move up.... Now the lower part of the 2nd round and the 3rd Round is interesting to me. if we have 2 3rd's and 2 4th's (if Williamson can get us a 4th) there might be play to get back into the lower part of the 2nd or move up higher in the 3rd for an edge guy.
  10. A lot of people love Mims. Honestly the 6 guys i have listed would all be a great pick for us.
  11. I personally want a WR and I am going to be honest there are at least 6 guys I would be ecstatic with. I am listing them in the order I like them and I would take them depending on who is there 1. Michael Pitman Jr 2. Bryan Edwards 3. Laviska Shenault Jr 4. Tee Higgins 5. KJ Hamler 6. Denzel Mims Who you taken? Gimme Pitman Jr

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