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  1. Gase - Yes, Darnold - No They only way Darnold doesn't get another shot is if he somehow implodes this year. 7-6 last year with NO Oline. No running game because of a terrible Oline, terrible play calling and based on execution terrible play design , he still managed to get Ryan Griffin and Robbie Anderson paid.
  2. This quote was from 2 weeks ago when the NFLPA was pushing players to get a better safety plan in place by the NFL. So I would take it with a grain a salt.
  3. The hate for him is funny to me. he was a very good G but couldn't stay healthy and playing thru some injuries like he did was admirable but his play suffered, We can only hope Lewia and Van Roten play at a healthy Winters level.
  4. I get your logic but based on pure talent. The Niners are way better. As well as there is no Home Field advantage with no fans in the stadium. the travel might for the Niners might help but does it make this game a pick'em. I don't think so. I think this Jets team is underrated and has a chance to develop nicely but until they play and become a cohesive unit on D and O the Niners are still favorites, easily. With that said I certainly can see a win if everything falls right for us
  5. By A lot. The Niners went to the Super Bowl. I think the Niners are the best team
  6. Defense was fine under him. Offense was and still is our problem. Minimal and declining talent of the offense and terrible drafting to re-load the offense was a huge problem. But with that said I do think his OC and DC were problems after the lack of talent.
  7. No doubt but lets see how this past draft plays out and start judging Joe D from there. Not what Idzikm, or Mac did.
  8. I don't think he does either but I think if Sam plays well and his stats are there and he isn't the reason for losses we probably stay with him. I do think I remember quite a few NFL reporters stated one of the main reasons JD took the job was Sam. So hopefully he is a little more invested than we think but it would be ignorant for JD to be all in on Sam and not have a backup plan in place. And JD looks to me like we finally have an adult in charge and I am sure he has a Plan A - Plan B - Plan C, Plan D etc.. in place and I am sure one if not more involve what to do if Sam doesn't work out.
  9. Whats your point? I am on Sams side. I know how awful the OL was. I am not sure why you got the impression I am against Sam. But but he definitely needs to produce this year and I expect a lot more from him and I do not expect an outlier game like the NE game. But with all that draft capital it's shortsighted to think he isn't on a hot seat. It's not a burning hot seat but it's warm. I love Sam and I think we got our guy but it's the NFL he needs to keep improving is all I am saying
  10. BINGO.... good players like who.... Wilkerson - we paid him and look what happened. Richardson - Look at how his career ended up, Pryor - Meh Lee - a backup - Williams - solid but never lived up to his draft position. Milner - Injury prone. Listen all of these guys flashed potentia, not one was consistent. Adams is a great player with 3 years of great play but like you said Jamaal forced this trade. And for the record even if Jamaal was happy as can be being a Jet and the Seahawks offered this trade I gotta think 8 out of 10 GM's make this trade. That is a crazy haul for a Safety
  11. He's on a hot seat but he does not need to win 2 playoff games this season. He needs a nice jump in running the offense with what should be a better OL. Give me 63+ compl % with 4000+ yds 25+TDs and 12 or less INts. Wins and losses are going to be subjective but if Sam can do that I see at least 9 wins he will be back.
  12. Getting a pass rusher is a necessity. You need 3 things to be a winner in the NFL a Franchise QB, a Franchise LT and an above average to Franchise pass rusher. So if the options prior to the trade was: 1. Keep Adams and sign him for 17-19 mill a year or 2. Trade Adams and a 4th for 2 #1's, a 3rd Round pick and McDougald or 3. Trade Adams and a 4th for 2 #1's, a 3rd Round pick and McDougald then turn around Trade 2 #1 for Ngakoue and pay him 20 million. #3 seems like the absolute best option. everybody is worried about paying salaries,and calling paying Ngakoue short sighted is short sighted. At the end of the day players have got to get paid. And a QB, LT and Pass rusher are a must. If Jamaal Adams was an all pro pass rusher, he'd have been paid. With Sam here and Bechton here, and with Mosley coming back from injury and easily picking up the slack for what Jamaal did in the box adding the pass rusher like Ngakoue is a smart move. While still having an extra 1, an extra 3 and McDougald filling in the coverageat Safety for Adams. Adams lined up at LB an exuberant amount more than he would have this year with Mosley back.
  13. All jokes aside. That sucks. Q was a great find in the 6th round and immense potential to be a #1
  14. This was the first guy I thought of when I read this post. There was an article or something rumored JD was having discussions about Samuels with Carolina

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