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  1. There is only one reason to trade a talent and a player like Jamal Adams and that's if he comes out and says trade me because I don't want to be here. That's it. IF he doesn't come out and demand a trade Joe Douglas should not trade him.
  2. I loved Erik McMillian but he was great his first 2 years and complete liability after that. Green was a good player but no where near the talent of an Adams. Darrol Ray and Burgess Owens.... Come on man. They were solid players but that's it. None are Adams, none have his ability, none played on the level he plays.
  3. Just curious. What safety in Jets history is better in your opinon.... Victor Green, Erik McMillan, Kerry Rhodes, Bill Baird??? We have never had a safety like Adams. It's only year 3, I am not calling him the Best ever, Just pointing out if you are gonna say someone isn't good at something at least have some facts to back it up. Because he is very good in coverage. And for the record I hate the temper tantrum he threw. I hope that doesn't become an issue with him becasue if his attitude is always gonna be like that I am all for trading him. I hope it was a learning and growing experience and it never happens again. I am just gonna state the facts on the player he is and the fact is he is one of the best, if not the best, safety in the NFL right now
  4. That's your narrative. Or Williams recognizes we have no pass rusher and Adams also has a skill set he can utilize to get to the QB which, I know this might be shocking to you, helps the pass coverage. He's an ALL-Pro Safety. He is an ELITE player. End of story, any argument after that is you trying to justify your take on Jamal Adams. Been a Jets fan for over 40 years and there are maybe 4 players, maybe 5 that I considered elite on Defense that we have had. Gastineau, Kleco, Abraham and Revis and maybe, maybe Aaron Glenn as far as being elite. and Adams is right up there and he's only in year 3.
  5. Do you have an idea how he grades out in coverage? last year he stats in coverage were excellent This year Williams has him at the line a lot more but saying he is not good in coverage is ummmmm, hmmmm inaccurate at best
  6. I am not hoping for that.. That's a miracle if it could happen... I would just like us to be consistently ranked 16th. Give Sam an average OL and he'll be just fine. For reference he looked great yesterday and the line was ranked 20th for the week.
  7. Define Clean pocket. Cause Sam has rarely been in a clean pocket. He's made some great plays under duress as well. This OL is so atrociously bad that when he's under pressure and makes a good play it's gets discarded because it looks like a clean pocket compared to all the free runners and lack of Blitz pick up from the OL. I did expect more from Sam this year but I did not expect the OL to be this bad. They have played 2 games this year where they actually graded out as the 22nd and 20th best OL of the week, The Dallas game and Yesterday. Every other week 31st or 32nd. I mean Jesus in games where the OL played just bad. Sam has gone completed 67.7% of his passes going 42-62 for 631 yds 6 TDs 2 Ints. I look at that and I am very confident in Sam. Where I lack confidence is the organization building an OL around him. They need to do what New Orleans has done before it's too late. And quite honestly if they can build an OL that can just be ranked 16th in the league every week Sam will be fine. Imagine what he does behind a New Orleans or Dallas like line.
  8. First step in minimizing and avoiding these mistakes will be fixing the OL. Eradicating - well much like Brett Favre there won't be any eradicating but watching him yesterday throw a couple of balls away when he had time to try and force something was a good sign. It's a good sign he is learning an understanding it's ok to give up on a play. Fix the OL and continue that mental growth everything will fall into place. We have 6 more games this year to see if he continues that mental growth and an off-season to try and fix the OL. Hoping next season they will be at least a top half OLine, and praying hard a top 5 OL. They say Miracles can happen.
  9. If you ask me it's a couple of things with the OL 1. Harrison is a better C than an old Khalil 2. Beachum at LT playing better back from his injury 3. Lewis playing better than Osemelie They are playing better but with that said they still are not a good OL.
  10. Except we lost to the Dolphins and we are not as talent-less as that team.
  11. He is a good player and I think is a good scheme fit. With that said Herndon has a much much bigger upside and I am disappointed in what has transpired this year with him. I am curious to see if Gase can scheme a way to utilize both of them. Yesterday he had a lot of 2 and 3 TE looks and it was effective.
  12. I am with you brother. I was 5 years old when I went to my first Jets Game in 1976. Not knowing much about football but the Jets won 34-0 against the Bucs. I thought they were the greatest team in football. A game in which Richard Todd played. Little did I know pretty much the only worse team in football that year was the Bucs. LOL. But with that said I fear he could be a Winston but I don't think he will be. I don't have the rose colored glasses I had on for Sanchez I just see too many good things from him when the OLine elevates it's play to below average. Darnolds progress is gonna be on Douglas more than Gase IMO. Douglas has got to fix the OL THIS offseason.
  13. I am glad you point out those 2 throw aways. That was a big display of growth in my opinion. In the past the gunslinger would have kept slinging it. Ala Jeff George and jay Cutler and Jameis Winston. Those throw aways were his best decisions today. And when a qb can truly understand that throwing it away might be his best decisions, not only in the moment but his best decisions in a game, that's when you know you have something special. Now it's one game so I won't say Sam has turned the corner yet. But if he starts making flipping the ratio in which he has been making those decisions consistently then we can see just how good he can really be.
  14. He's young and has to work through his ups and downs. Just impossible to do when the line plays as poor as it had. Though a stellar game today and it was a very good performance sans 1 throw by Sam. A consistently decent OL will tell us who Sam is. I am hoping for the best, I think this kid has it but my fear is he will be just like Jameis Winston,wildly inconsistent.

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