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  1. From Now. 10 weeks from today is 7/13. Not sure on the exact date of Training camp but he should be ready in time probably a bout a week before camp
  2. Oh I let him go a while ago. Said the split had to happen. But Darnold is 23. I don't think it's a single digit change he tunrs it around. I think if the Panthers are the right situation it's a solid. 31.56% chance
  3. Unfortunately, the split between the Jets and Darnold had to happen. Talent wise a lot people feel Darnold would be the #1 or #2 QB in this draft. The problem here is projecting talent to NFL play is a great mystery no one really has solved. batting .300 is great in baseball batting .300 on getting a draft pick right is beyond great. Add in the mystery of did Gase and the Jets break Darnold so much he is not repairable is juts another piece of the elementary statistics equation that makes moving on from him the smart move. I am the biggest Darnold supporter. rooting for h
  4. He's worth a flier. But I would not give up much more than a 5th rd pick. I am sure Chicago would want more
  5. 1. I think you completely undervalue the importance of having a quality backup QB and finding a Quality Backup in the 4th rd is great Value. 2. Now the comment in a later response about Morgan never seeing the field is interesting? Does he never see the field because the next QB is very good and stays healthy or does he never see the field because he's not good enough. I assume you insinuating the latter but if JD and Saleh are comfortable with Morgan being the backup at some point he will see the field and we can judge if he's a good backup or not. Please remember where a Kirk Cousi
  6. I mean they passed on DK Metcalf to take JJ Arceca-Whitehead and Justin Jefferson for Jaleon Reagor... So there is a solid argument in there. I trust JD
  7. It's 9 mill and it's a no brainer to pick up his option at that price regardless of if you plan on keeping him or not. And the Jets have to pick up the option this offseason (after year 3). Not after year 4. Which is also why it's a no brianer
  8. Was Mahomes the #1 overall pick? And for that matter in the last 35 years what have their been 4 ( Both Mannings, Elway and Aikman) #1 overall picks that have been QBS to win the Super Bowl. And for that matter how many Super Bowl QBs have been picked outside the top 5 in the last 35 years? 12 and how many picked outside the the top 10? 11. With Mahomes being picked right at 10. If people don't start understanding the coaching is the biggest factor for an NFL team and for QB to be successful, there is no point in having a conversation. Does anyone in this room believe Mahomes would hav
  9. JD will have time regardless of what the fanbase thinks or wants. He definitely deserves it. He has 1 draft under his belt and outside of the injury Bechton looks like a LT that should have gone higher than he did and we got him at 8. Now the injuries that has been though out this class is concerning. Alot we can say about it lasck of mini-camps, - lack of real training camp and preseason games, and of course GASE but I won't say that (opps guess I did). Though I think Pernine is showing he can play in the league at a good level and maybe better if Gase wasn't here. Seems like reports o
  10. Gase - Yes, Darnold - No They only way Darnold doesn't get another shot is if he somehow implodes this year. 7-6 last year with NO Oline. No running game because of a terrible Oline, terrible play calling and based on execution terrible play design , he still managed to get Ryan Griffin and Robbie Anderson paid.
  11. This quote was from 2 weeks ago when the NFLPA was pushing players to get a better safety plan in place by the NFL. So I would take it with a grain a salt.
  12. The hate for him is funny to me. he was a very good G but couldn't stay healthy and playing thru some injuries like he did was admirable but his play suffered, We can only hope Lewia and Van Roten play at a healthy Winters level.
  13. I get your logic but based on pure talent. The Niners are way better. As well as there is no Home Field advantage with no fans in the stadium. the travel might for the Niners might help but does it make this game a pick'em. I don't think so. I think this Jets team is underrated and has a chance to develop nicely but until they play and become a cohesive unit on D and O the Niners are still favorites, easily. With that said I certainly can see a win if everything falls right for us
  14. By A lot. The Niners went to the Super Bowl. I think the Niners are the best team
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