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  1. What makes anyone think Rodgers wants to leave one Lafleur and go play for another? I'm pretty confident most of the rub with GB is due to the Coach.
  2. He dropped David Harris (age 32), Fitz (34), marshall (32), decker (30), reivs (32), mangold (32). And cleaned up contracts/players that have proven unsuccessful elsewhere (Wilkerson, Richardson, Lee, Pryor). What was on this team in 2016-2017 that we should have kept long term? What draft picks did he hit on in 2017-2019 other than QW (jury still out at his price) that set JD up for success? If adding players to sell jerseys (that we are still dealing with cap ramifications in 2021 and beyond) is your idea of a successful rebuild / tear down, than you might be alone.
  3. He actually has a reasonable out after this year, save 9mil cap hit if they cut him in the offseason next year. Would not be surprised if he is on the outside looking in by the end of the year if JD hits on his draft picks.
  4. The tear down that included signing aging veterans like Leveon Bell and Mosley (Trumaine the year before)? What on earth are you smoking.
  5. My hope is they flip the 23rd for 2 2nd round picks (if someone in their top 12-15 doesn't fall to them). With 4 picks in the 2nd round they can pick up a CB, multiple linemen and an offensive playmaker. JD needs to bet on himself (and I think he will) to find starting caliber OL in the middle rounds of the draft.
  6. Wouldn't more punts be more taxing on the kid's leg? You don't ask a closer to pitch more than an inning and we shouldn't expect him to be on the field 5+ times a game. His yards per punt significantly dropped off in the 2nd half of the year as he accumulated the most yards in the NFL in 2020. I have faith he will see success in 2021 when he isn't required to be on the field as much (I hope!).
  7. Keyshawn? Santana moss? Agree that these last 15 years have been abysmal watching them take defensive player after defensive player while being frustrated with each coaching staff when the offense doesn't sniff the top 10 in that same period.
  8. I agree that they may be sincere at this point but that Adam Schefter report is coming with Saleh on the job for a few days (if that). They certainly haven't made a decision on his future with 3 months of tape and combine to review. I just do not see them reviewing his tape for the next 3 months and seeing something that justifies tying their careers to him.
  9. This is the correct answer. Anything other than this for the next 3 months is a smoke screen. Saleh and Joe D would not be dumb enough to tie their careers to Darnold. It can go only 2 ways IMO after the 3 years we have of tape: 1) He stinks up the 2021 season and we burn a year of the rebuild. And by all accounts I have heard to date, the 2022 QB class is not good. 2) He has a good to OK season (Top 12-18 QB) where we get stuck and have to lock him up at $30 mil/year on a multi-year deal. Of the 30 games on tape, I have yet to see a single half or quarter where I have said "wo
  10. Last year I started watching the "One Jets Drive" video series that the Jets post weekly starting during training camp / preseason going throughout the year and I must say I have been pretty impressed with the production and access to team personnel. The production I would say is close to being on-par with HBO's Hardknocks and I like that its limited to under 30 minutes, and free! Was great to hear douglas speak about the plan for the year and the Adams trade. Has anyone else watched? Thoughts? https://www.newyorkjets.com/video/one-jets-drive
  11. Agree on not wanting Newton, can certainly see a QB controversy there if / when Darnold struggles during the season. However, I don't think we run into a similar controversy / predicament if a Flacco / McCown is backing up Sam. The whole team knows Darnold is the #1 for the 2020 season regardless of his play and that the old man backup is there in case of injury. I would find it to be very detrimental to the young offensive talent (Mims, oline) if we got stuck starting Morgan / Fales for any more than 2 games next year if Sam were to go down. Would rather have an experienced Pro to h
  12. These schedules are based on rotations amongst divisions and also the place a team comes within their division in the prior year. The only thing the NFL has say in is what part of the year the matchups are played.
  13. This gives them a ton of flexibility to start the season late. Everyone will still have the same amount of division and conference games for the playoff tiebreaker should they have a shortened season.
  14. Love that he's already asking for the playbook on the draft day call. The interview was great too. He says all the right things for a guy that is playing behind a young franchise qb. Just wants to make himself valuable to the team in any way he can. Not talking about trying to setup a qb competition or beat Darnold out to start. He knows his role and that he'll get his chance when/if it comes.
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