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  1. After having a PSL for 7 years, here has been my experience. Sit next to the same fans for decades, they become your good friends. False, season ticket holders around my seats constantly sold their tickets via Stubhub Guaranteed not to sit next to idiots. See prior note. And even the season ticket holders around me were a bunch of drunk fools. No hassles with getting shut out of a particular section for a particular game. Stubhub has every section for every game available. You can go to the SuperBowl and sit anywhere you want nevermind some meaningless Jet game. No concerns with payment methods, dubious sellers, duplicate tickets. Not a concern, Stubhubs policy is phenomenal. Was sold duplicate upper deck tickets for an Eagles concert in Philly 5+ years ago. The Stubhub office put me 10 rows from the stage within 20 minutes of notifying them, credited me for the entire ticket purchase and gave me an additional $200 in credit for future purchases. Sit in your seats next to your friends for playoff games. When's the last home playoff game the Jets have had? I don't recall sitting next to anyone, nevermind my friends, during a Jets playoff game at Metlife. That leaves you with the following that you pay a 50%+ premium for compared to what you could have gotten on Stubhub for the past decade: VIP Invites to OTA practices. VIP Invites to training camp. VIP Invites to meet players and executives at Florham Park. VIP Invites to on-field pregame warmups.
  2. This is where I think dropping to 11 wasn't too bad. Much easier to trade down the #10-#25 picks then it is for a team to jump into the Top 10 for a non-QB. Would love to trade back 5-10 spots and pick up some extra draft capital.
  3. Just there and can confirm. Being at the Garden is event of a lifetime for some people regardless of the Entertainment. Disney on Ice would be a sellout. Now that I think of it, I'd rather watch Disney on Ice indoors than what the Jets put on the field last week.

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