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  1. I'd offer him 2 years $19 million ($9.5 APY) with $12 million guaranteed. Can cut bait if he has a terrible next year and gives the team ability to pivot in 2021 draft/FA. Anything more and he can kick rocks, good luck elsewhere where he wont be on the receiving end of 90+targets.
  2. After having a PSL for 7 years, here has been my experience. Sit next to the same fans for decades, they become your good friends. False, season ticket holders around my seats constantly sold their tickets via Stubhub Guaranteed not to sit next to idiots. See prior note. And even the season ticket holders around me were a bunch of drunk fools. No hassles with getting shut out of a particular section for a particular game. Stubhub has every section for every game available. You can go to the SuperBowl and sit anywhere you want nevermind some meaningless Jet game. No c
  3. This is where I think dropping to 11 wasn't too bad. Much easier to trade down the #10-#25 picks then it is for a team to jump into the Top 10 for a non-QB. Would love to trade back 5-10 spots and pick up some extra draft capital.
  4. Just there and can confirm. Being at the Garden is event of a lifetime for some people regardless of the Entertainment. Disney on Ice would be a sellout. Now that I think of it, I'd rather watch Disney on Ice indoors than what the Jets put on the field last week.
  5. Mike: Adam Gase, Head Coach of the Giants
  6. Add Giants, lions, and bills to that list. Ravens and chargers made playoffs, so I believe they are exempt.
  7. Just need to have the worst SOS and we are all set.
  8. Down year in the AFC? The Pats missed the playoffs with 11 wins.
  9. Use common sense much? 75% of season ticket holders based on your above comment live in NJ (7 million in North/Central NJ)
  10. NYC boroughs (8mil) and North/Central Jersey (7mil) account for a grand total of 15 million. Half (which is stretch) of which are Jets fans. Thats 7.5m 20 million was close. LA football must be selling out at an alarming rate with their population of 20 million and tons of rich funny money spending folks.
  11. It makes everyone without a PSL very happy knowing you paid full price for tickets this year and when they go 4-12 and you'll be paying full price without Sam Darnold next year. This $7 a game is nonsense, not everyone wants or wanted to signup for a 30 year ticket plan.
  12. Guys like me represent 99% of the population. Eli Manning is not a top 3 quarterback.
  13. On what planet are they arguing this?
  14. What draft picks or signings in his first 2 years (outside of Leo) will be on the team 2-3 years from now? Am I missing something?
  15. Make sure you have radio to listen to the 1st place Jets if your power goes out.
  16. I can't agree more. Not sure how they score more than 17 ppg. 17 ppg game = 32 field goals and 25 tds on the year. If the RBs score 5-7 TDs rushing, that means McCown/QBs have to throw for 18-20 TDs. I don't see how on Earth that is even possible.
  17. It also opens the door to dimensions where the Jets have won 13 out of 14 division titles and 5 super bowl titles. Don't get stuck in the dimension where the Jets haven't been to the Superbowl in 48 years.
  18. I am certainly not looking at preseason. I would have guessed 14 ppg 2 months ago. Nothing positive has changed from a personnel standpoint to change that. If anything, watching this preseason makes me want to say that 14 ppg is too high.
  19. I'm not even looking at what the Jets have done in the preseason. This team on paper, eye test, any other test you want to give them, has no shot at averaging no more than 16 ppg on offense. If you disagree with this, please inform me what starting unit on the Jets offense sniffs the top 25 this year. If you think the Jets score more ppg than the Giants this season than you must be a great judge of talent.
  20. 14 ppg usually gets you the worst record in the NFL. Not sure what kind of magical offense you think the Jets are going to show up with Week 1.
  21. A few others: Keep the coach around who "lost" the locker-room last year, has terrible clock management, and approaches the game super conservatively Check! Address one of the team's worst played positions in 2016 (CB) by signing a player who never plays (Claiborne) Check! Have the NFL's worst offense in 2016 and sign/draft 0 immediate impact players in 2017 Check! Have the worst QB depth in the NFL paired with the worst top-end WR core in the NFL Check! Tell everyone you aren't tanking Check!
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