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  1. Patriots players protested. I would love to find a quote or interview from a Patriot fan saying he missed the Superbowl because of those protests.
  2. Only a few less than Colin's Ws in the NFL. Can't wait to tie his record. Maybe readership on this site will drop 30%.
  3. So you let one individual on a field of 100+ dictate what media you consume, when it has little to no effect on what you are watching? That is like saying if you don't agree with me, then you should find another message board to bitch about Colin Kapernick on. Please do.
  4. I would love to know the % of prime time games that players knelt, cause I'm pretty sure the dolphins and 49ers were not involved in many. Feel free to make up the % like SAR I has done above with no evidence or support. If you are not watching a football game cause a player from another team you do not root for is kneeling, you are a pathetic individual.
  5. http://uk.businessinsider.com/nfl-ratings-down-for-2016-and-might-continue-to-slump-2017-2?r=US&IR=T Ratings might continue to slump in 2017. This is all Colin's fault! Not sure how they will recover the 30% viewership drop. Maybe offer PSLs to TV viewers? That should get them in the seats to watch all the games.
  6. https://www.si.com/nfl/photo/2016/10/20/nfl-television-ratings-decline-causes - Here are 9 other reasons why viewership was down. From what we hear and read, 29% of it must be Kaepernick.
  7. Good luck. No one will even take my PSL's for free.
  8. Thanks for the great education. No wonder why I can make points that you cannot counter argue. Feels good to be the first one to have a real education in the family.
  9. The Jets don't deserve to have a QB in the ring of honor outside of Namath. Being the 2nd best QB in Jets history is not that much of an honor hahahahh. If Sanchez deserves to be in the ring of honor, I guess Rex should join him as well. Man, you do have great jokes. I didn't know this was a comedy website too.
  10. Geno is a bum, whether he played or not. I am grateful (and the rest of us Jets fans should be) he didn't play in 2015. I praise Fitz for what he did in 2015, but wish he wouldn't have taken himself out of the game on such a stupid play, which is entirely on him, not Geno. If you are putting that much stock in Geno's loss, I guess Jimmy Garoppolo was the 2016 MVP. Here's the play in case old age is starting to set in for you Mr Sar. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xmr7mtmileI&list=PLVWKplvi1NH15Ex5YaE71IQ78i_ypRvUi
  11. I think Geno is trash, but your argument for scapegoating him for the 2015 season is pretty shallow. Do you really think he would have went 10-5 in those other starts? If not, sounds like not ponying up $600 bucks was the best thing that could have happened to the Jets. Fitz could have won either the Buffalo or Houston games if it wasn't for his limited ability due to his injured hand which were accompanied by passer ratings in the 50s. And if you are going to blame the defense for getting burned in those games, you for sure have to blame the defense in that Oakland game (or even week 17 where
  12. Man, I have been on this site for about a week and already know who the biggest troll in town is. The Oakland loss WAS on Fitz and its BECAUSE he only played 3 minutes. Good quarterbacks know how to protect themselves when scrambling, but this jacka$$ decided to not slide after the first down with plenty of room to spare. I clearly remembering yelling at my TV for him to go down. The team prepared all week for Fitz to play 60 minutes. He let them down. Not only did he miss this entire game, he was injured for the next few weeks (going 1-2, with the win against the lowly Jags at home
  13. The Cardinals, Patriots, Colts, Lions, Broncos and Browns have all opened stadiums within the past 15 years. None of them require a PSL to be a season ticket holder. Congrats on your savings, but what about those of us who did not have tickets 8 years ago or those of us that don't want to be a season ticket holder for 30 years and just the next 5-10 years?
  14. Last time I checked, every other NFL team doesn't make their fans buy a PSLs, and the ones that do don't share a stadium with another NFL team. If there are so many millions of Jets fans in the metro area, why do they need a PSL to guarantee that the seats are filled?
  15. My dad thought the same thing 20 years ago. Look at where we are.....Jk, some of the best moments I have shared with my dad have been at Jets games. Even made it to the 2009 and 2010 AFC championship games, although disappointing, experiences I'll never forget. Enjoy the games!
  16. And as a previous season ticket holder, I have never sold a ticket. But I will never be fooled into buying a product for more money than it is worth.
  17. Better to give them out for free than lose money on the tickets. When you can't sell the tickets for even 80% of the face value, what is the purpose of owning a PSL? To give Woody more money than you would on the open market? And if anyone wants to go to a game (or every game for that matter) via the open market, guess what, they do not need to spend as much as a PSL holder. I am having a hard time understanding why someone would be thrilled into buying a product that loses value the minute the tickets are shipped this season (and in the foreseeable seasons).
  18. We have seen the same. I had not missed a game since we bought the tickets before 2 games this year (lucky I was stuck overseas for work). It's been very rare to see the same faces week after week. When the market value of the tickets drop 30% before the season even starts it makes little sense to continue, which I predict will last the next 3-5 years. It's basically a wash walking away from the PSL if that trend continues. Only now we lose out on a fancy jets umbrella each season. Looking forward to having the pick of the litter of seats in the coming seasons. Enjoy your v
  19. Thanks for sharing. I am in my late 20s and bought them with my father thinking the same thing. The atmosphere at Metlife (both due to size and Stubhub) is quite upsetting. No matter how well the Jets are, NY will always be top on the list for opposing fans to visit. You can't even bring up the excuse "they sucked last year." Week 1 last year against Cincy and the place was absolutely filled with Bengals fans. And this was a year of promise, maybe some false promise, but coming off a 10-6 season with a similar crew back again you would think the place would be electric. I have very little hope
  20. Can't justify spending 3k on tickets when you can get individual tickets for 50% or less than face value when they suck and at or near face value when they are halfway decent. There is little incentive to sit in the same seats game after game when its just a cesspool of miserable f**ks who are in the same boat. The atmosphere at Metlife is not what I thought it would be when I got the tickets, even when we had the run in 2015. Not sure how some people on this site think they are getting PSLs for "cents on the dollar.' No, you are getting them at market value because no idiot in their ri
  21. I've had a PSL for the past 5+ years. This year, I will most likely not be renewing my season tickets. I paid 5k (in full) for 2 lowerlevel endzone PSLs. I figured why send 3k down the drain for this year and just let the PSL lapse. I have tried to sell on a few websites, but clearly there will not be any takers. Curious to see how many others are doing the same this year or at least considering.
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