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  1. If you recall, they drafted Cadigan to play LT. We were dying for a LT and I wanted Gruber from Wisconsin but TB grabbed him at 4...and we took Cadigan at 8 to play LT. So it was a double screw up...he was a "pumped up by steroids" player to begin with and then landed up at OG. Haight was just idiotic. Guy had a 4th round grade on him and also was drafted as a LT prospect...only to be moved to OG and never distinguish himself there either. Our 2nd rounder that year, Doug Williams out of Texas A&M, was a borderline 1st round pick at RT...he didn't even make it our of training camp.
  2. From an impact and draft position standpoint its hard to ague anyone other then Gholston with Ron Farout and Mike Taylor (1972) runners up. After that for first rounders...Mike Haight, DRob, and Roger Vick. But I have to agree that the most PAINFUL pick of all time was OBrien over Marino. I liked OBrien but that missed pick was the gift that just kept on giving for a decade and a half.
  3. Wow. Awfully cocksure of yourself huh? But considering I am fairly sure neither of us has the last name Johnson, I guess we shall see if I have an "idea of how wrong am" around this time next year. My guess is Mac stays, Bowles goes. Curious if you will retract your over the top statement if you turn out to have no idea how wrong you are. Guess we'll see...
  4. So you think they are both gone unless the Jets win 7 or 8 games? See I disagree. I dont think Woody is going to want to go through the process (yet again) of finding a HC and GM. Especially if he's in the UK. I think if the team shows progress he will look for reasons to keep them both regardless of record. If the team is awful and gets blown out each week then yes, one or both are likely gone. I just think Mac has a longer leash then Bowles does right now since Woody (and much of the fan base) is clearly on board wiht this purge and he hired Mac on the recommendation of Casserly and Wo
  5. Really? How so? I certainly don't mind being disagreed with with some explanation. But tossing a silly insult out in response to what I felt was an objective assessment of the situation in my opinion is kind of weak. Exactly which part of my post do you so vehemently disagree with?
  6. I don't think either guy is on the chopping block per se. The fact that they are in FULL rebuild now tells me that Woody is not going to be at all concerned with record this year. he wants to see progress and that means two different things for Mac and Bowles. That said I think Mac has more leash then Bowles does For Mac it means 1. seeing how his recent draft picks progress (especially Hackenberg) and 2. the job he does in this draft restocking the team (at least on paper). Barring an absolute disaster (like Idziks Dirty Dozen fiasco or Hackenberg showing absolutely nothing) I think
  7. LOL...you and I are clearly on the same page on that draft. I hated pryor. I recall Idzik saying he could be a "centerfield type". Yeah...right. And I still cant believe we passed on Moncrief in rd 3 for a CB no one had ever heard of. It was the best WR class in 20 years and we had a dire need at WR...and he waits until rd 4 to take two and its a 165 pound midget and an oft injured possession guy who ran a 4.6. Idzik set us back 5 years with his horrid drafting which is why the rebuild really should have started in 2015. He drafted something like 21 players over 2 drafts and 85% were of
  8. Totally agree. Prior to FA you could draft pure BPA because you had 12 rounds in a draft and you could keep guys forever. But FA changed all that. You need to continually backfill and replace players who leave after 4 years. I totally agree with your positional analysis. I hated taking Pryor because he played a position that to be frank is being phased out. I didnt hate Lee (even though I think 3-4 ILB is not a first round position) because he seemed versatile enough to cover and blitz also. My new theory on drafting is "consider need but never reach for need" and try to use premium
  9. Again I dont think anyone is advocating tanking. Im sure these guys will play hard all year and try to win. The issue was the QB. The roster has been decemated of so many key vets I dont see it as more then a 2 or 3 win team. Signing a decent level starter like Cutler probably would have been worth 2 or 3 extra wins. Romo may have been 5 or 6 extra wins. But none of them in my mind equaled any type of playoff success. So why bother? Thats why McCown made so much sense. A vet presence just in case Petty and Hackenberg sh*t the bed but a guy who wont go out there and give you those extr
  10. In my opinion getting a new HC is as important as getting a QB. But Woody wasnt going to fire Bowles after 2 years. It would look really bad. He gets 2017 to further prove that he is totally incompetent and needs to be replaced. Mac will likely be safe though and then will hand pick his next HC (who will actually report to him as any HC should) and that will be Macs final shot here over the next 2-3 years.
  11. This could be the worst Jet team since 1995 (not as bad as the 1976 team which in my opinion is the worst we ever put on a field). That said...3 wins max. Just have to hope Cleveland wins 4. And I understand the argument that draft picks are no sure thing and we have blown a ton. But until we find our QB, we are stuck in the mud and the only place we are going to find that QB is with a very high #1 pick. And Darnold at least seems to look like the surest #1 QB since Luck.
  12. I agree. I think McCown will start week 1...and perhaps weeks 2 and 3 and 4 also. But by early October he will either be hurt or inefective and/or Hack or Petty will be next man up. My HOPE is that Hackenberg is in there by week 8 and we can get a real look at him so we can determine definitively if we are drafting a QB in 2018 or not.
  13. I think that sums it up. Either that or find out that by some miracle Hackenberg is the real deal and move forward with him. But getting a Romo or Cutler or rolling the miracle dice and commiting to a Glennon makes zero sense to me.
  14. Exactly...an even better reason to have signed him. He should only play if Hackenberg and Petty fail first. That doesn't happen if we sign a Glennon or a Cutler or a Romo. This is a rebuild year with a potential pot of gold at the end of the rainbow (Darnold? Rosen?) if our current kids fail. There is NO sense in getting an established vet QB so we can sit the kids and win a couple more meaningless games with no chance for the playoffs.
  15. I have to be honest, I am actually MORE interested in this season then I was for last season. Yeah we are going to suck big time this season. I think we are looking at a 3 win season and maybe worse. But you know what...that's FINE so long is there is a PLAN in place which there finally seems to be for the first time in years! MANY Jet fans knew that the 2016 team had no real shot of winning anything. We knew 2015 was a fluke and that we didn't have the QB or the roster to do anything more then MAYBE contend for a wild card spot in 2016. We haven't had a legit SB contender since the 2011
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