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  1. Carson has been a phenomenal player in the league, aside from his durability. He runs so hard...and still has nice moves and real decent speed. One of my favorite players in the NFL. A great guy too. Youtube his highlights if you like watching RB play. He has some pretty amazing highlights so far.
  2. I have a source. He said one of two things will happen in the next week... Either Sam will be traded or he wont be. Will report more as i learn it.
  4. Bro, jets fans are the worst. suchhh a miserable group of people. Please just disregard the BS. Many of us can read and understand the context of such a post. Thanks for sharing.
  5. Check back in a year or two.
  6. Sam has the confidence of a pimple faced nerd asking the hottest chick in high school to prom. He toast. Set him free.
  7. What the hell for? They pretty much all got drafted before Mims. Like i said, this board will always cry and find something to bitch about. Jesus its unbearable at time.s.
  8. I wouldn't worry about this tidbit for one reason. A few years ago, i joined into an organization as a HC and really didn't have any immediate impact on the personnel decisions, but through working daily with the GM, my influence was imprinted on the team and the course of our franchise changed for the better. Two good minds working together is a powerful thing. Only difference really, is that i joined into my friends dynasty fantasy league as a co-owner. We won the chip. 16 teams, with budgets/salaries. Pretty impressive if i do say so myself $1100 winner
  9. Jesus man. Jets fans on JN are insufferable. Not sure which is worse, the JN posts or the actual new york Jets. Mims is a rookie with no camp, a shi$T coaching staff, a soft game manager for QB against a good CB. Berrios is a back up slot WR. What the hell are you even talking about?
  10. I think the NFL has changed so much in recent years to help the young QB... I am confident any of these top 4 QBs will be as good as darnold is currently playing. Its not good, that is no stretch of the imagination to see a rookie have better numbers than sam.
  11. Only way this is plausible is if the new coach wants that opportunity to bring Sam back from the QB graveyard or ownership meddles. Both are terrible situations if you ask me.
  12. I mean...even if you are right... a good GM can't let players revolt/walk and talk all over the HC, no matter how much of a tool he is. So, i wouldn't take this as "GASE is sending him packing", more so "Joe is dealing with another hard personnel issue on a 0-11 team". Sh^T happens when lots of people are unhappy. Nothing too crazy about this.
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