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  1. Yeaaa... I think you're probably right. Was meant in a tongue in cheek way. But i do thing the longer he plays for Gase, the more damage is being done.
  2. I do give Gase a lot of credit. To convince an owner/GM to give you a HC job is masterful, given his skillset. He should just get a HC job every year for whoever wants to rebuild. He can be the face of the league as a "Bridge HC". If QB's can live in that niche, why cant Adam Gase? 😆
  3. Note: This was reported Friday. When the narrative that "SaM GuNNa LigHt iT UP OnCe He PLayS w/ ALL His WeApONs" was still alive. At this point, they are ruining whatever his value was. I am sure 12 teams would take him... for a 6th round pick. 😪
  4. Yes... most certainly. the last 2 games of the year. Ramp up his reps... get that dude some PT.
  5. I think its got more to do with... who they are as coaches right now and what will they bring to the team in the future. Jim Harbaugh would not be a good hire, because of many reasons. The only reasons you typically hear are the dumbass reasons like "He cant beat OSU..." So, not only is he prickly and wears people out, now he seems to have taken the foot off the gas that made him successful in his career. There's more to why his team isn't performing.
  6. Jesus man... So bad... My IQ drops even trying to come up with a reply to some of these dumbass threads. Are these made just to keep the website ticker counting worn out arguments?
  7. Yea... but that is to logical for JN. I would rather say that he is DEFINITIVELY an "injury prone" LT who won't ever play 16 games, therefore JD is a terrible GM, and we are doomed to suck forever.
  8. What i see: TL - More zip, good wheels TL - been doing it longer JF - more wheels, less zip Both can be great. Comes down to what is between the ears... something NOONE here can or will know about until we draft one of these kids and put them to the test.
  9. Jamal Adams was sweet in a downhill roll. Coverage was never his strong suit. He is a very good to great player... but no where near worth 2 firsts.
  10. Agree. Between LV, CLE, LA, MIA and NE... we ain't losing them all. Rams and SEA will beat us no doubt. But those other teams could suck/lost any given week and it wouldn't surprise me. That what mediocre teams do... they win some games vs great teams then they lose vs teams they should beat.
  11. Agreed, Odds of us landing 1 or 2 gotta be close to 90%. Picking first is still probably only 60% as of now.

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