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  1. correct. the idea that they should clean house if zach isn't good i disagree with. I would keep JOE no matter what. He has executed the franchise reset perfectly. Not saying it was perfect, but the logic behind it all is there.
  2. JD > BOB > ZACH... and i do like zach
  3. Maybe i will be wrong, but i don't think it happens. The “Kings Ransom” comment from Connor (beat)... JD won’t be paying a kings ransom. NYJ would have a VERY GOOD idea of his cost/situation... as both coaching staffs are friends. Douglas’ package for THill was NOT a kings ransom. Even paying the 10th pick + a 2nd or 3rd, isn’t really a kings ransom. Point is, i believe SF has all the leverage and have no incentive to trade DS at anything less that a fleecing (multiple firsts + some). Jets aren’t going to package up tons of capital like that... esp for a guy that wants paid and had way more injury concerns than he can afford to gamble on. Deebo had major reliability concerns coming into last year from an entire career (back to HS) of always being banged up. 1 elite year. Not to mention the ole' "trade for and extend" hasn't really paved the way for a conservative guy like Joe to now throw in the towel on his "Player Value" system he seems to live by (paying players on value deals). Adams? Mack? Cooper? Idk... i just don't feel like most of these examples in recent memory ended up being great value for said player. Trading for a player who will make 20m more per year than the 10th pick presumably would. Realistically, i don't think he gets moved. Kyle also strikes me as a stubborn SOB (aiyuk situation) who is pretty oldschool for being so young. I think there is no way KYLE wants to give up his coolest toy, to his staff that dipped out on him... We have seen kyle already get hurt feelings from this type of stuff (matt lefluer/rogers situation). Who knows. I would be down for the trade. I just don't think JD is, given the price and other factors.
  4. Look dude, you don't know what you are talking about. Just go back to "read-only" mode. Please.
  5. Stop. We aren't taking a WR at 4. It's like you people keep thinking JD is going to morph into a 13 year old boy playing Madden in his bedroom with some of these ideas.
  6. I know nothing. Like what i am reading.
  7. Couldn't agree more. Depth at WR in the draft. I would be 100% ok with us taking a WR late in the first (trade up) or w/ a 35 or 38. I prefer 35. We have heard a few things from JD/RS over and over again. Building through the trenches. They will be spending premium draft assets on the DL and OL every year. That's the model. Not saying always in the first round of the draft... but its pretty clear they prioritize trench play, and their actions (JD specifically) are consistent with that. I believe that joe is very methodical about his approach to team building. I think he was given the reigns to rebuild this franchise using a "long term approach" to handing player contracts, FA, drafting. I don't think they are content with what we have and will continue to add these position group. But alas, i am a fan. I want a WR at 10. And i am not saying we wont take one at 10... but it won't surprise me if OPs hypothetical comes to fruition. This year is gonna be fun.
  8. trying to convince ppl online of anything is already a losing battle.
  9. This board/NYJ fans are hilarious. JD aint getting cooper, he aint signing any of these fancy big named players. You guys NEVER learn.
  10. maybe i am an ass, but if becton stinks and decides to be a lazy turd i will never forgive him. #cyberbully
  11. yup. not looking great. One more year and will should know for sure. Not mad that non top 100 guys arent beasts... they arent supposed to be. Anyone from rounds 4-7 that can spot start and be depth is good. But if you miss on your top 100 picks, it doesnt really matter. All comes back to MB and DM. Those hurt.
  12. Great post. Makes all the sense in the world. I got confidence in Joe, Bob, and Zach. Next year will be legit.
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