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  1. You are right. This was a great game. We are a great team. Things are going to go awesome the rest of the way. I'm excited.
  2. Yeah. MAYBE. But this team is a train wreck and we are bad in a year when it's good to be bad and we just can't wait to find a way to f*ck it all up. Getting Garrapolo or Alex Smith is all just more of the same failures. Jets are far too stupid and dysfunctional of an organization to have things break their way and fall into place for them. The variables you mention never work out in our favor. If we don't find a way to turn this organization around in spite of itself, they will be doomed to go from doormat to 9-7 playoff pretender and back down to doormat for another 10 years.
  3. If this were real sports, with a focus on recruiting. I'd agree. But it isn't. It's NFL bullsh*t drama. They made it so that if you don't have a QB you have no shot at contending. When you minimize other positions like they have, the focus on winning becomes marginalized. You are not going to be winning much w/o a QB. So it becomes a chicken/egg scenario. The system in place to get talent is the draft. We don't get to win and point to that and get recruits to see that we are really trying and winning and a good place to come to. It's a draft based system and we are doing everything w
  4. Yup. But everything is going to be fine. Just enjoy beating horrible teams and missing out on QBs. It's cool. We can just try to pay a fortune to trade up unless that team, you know, needs a QB. But hey...we have 80m in FA dollars to spend!!! Maybe we can get Alex ******* Smith!!!!!
  5. Probably just to remind you of what a salty little pussy you were/are. Wahhh somebody's words hurt me. Eat sh*t pussy.
  6. If they don't have the right guys, they get fired. But then we will still miss out on a QB for the next guys. Sorry. The dysfunction on this team is from the very tiop. As long as we have a Woody setting the tone for the organization and creating a backwards reporting structure, we will never be a legitimate franchise.
  7. Your super mario references have no effect on me. Now go toddle off and tell mommy how you got offended on the internet one time.
  8. Proof that this organization has no idea what it is doing, have a HC and GM working towards seperate goals, an owner and his little brother letting the inmates run the asylum.... It is what it is.
  9. Don't worry.....he's "being developed" ... for another team.
  10. Yes. Let's support the Jets winning meaningless games against horrible teams. What a ******* wasted season. We are struggling to beat the Browns and Jags, but I'm supposed to be super pumped that we are going to get those wins early before we get slaughtered the rest of the way and miss out on getting a QB and ever being a legitimate contender because....that's what good fans do. I'M SUPER PUMPED. Jets are a ******* joke of an organization.
  11. Yawn....can't we just go back to a simpler time when we were all trying solve the worlds problems through snarky personal attacks on twitter? Maybe here we can all just **** around and be dicks on a football message board? Please? The social justice debate needs an off switch. It's f&cking exhausting pretending to give a sh*t about everyone else's feelings 24/7.
  12. Cousins is either a Redskin or a 49er. The rest of the options are just sh*t. Can't wait to see which journeyman scrub we rally behind for 2018. This carousel is ******* awesome...RIGHT?
  13. I'm heading out to the Walgreens. Does anyone here me to pick them up some tampons? Seems like heavy flow all over the place.
  14. My best guess is this: To him, you are a kind of authority figure here. Authority figures are supposed to be just and kind and omnipotent and empathetic to every plight of every person. Because life is supposed to be fair and that is how the world works. Something like that? Now shut this thread down.....I AM DEEPLY OFFENDED!
  15. Didn't Connor Williams shred his knee? This list has to be from July. BTW if Williams drops to rd 2 bc of injury....that's the trade up moment - assuming we don't lose out and have the top pick anyway. It's up to the Browns if they can find a way to out Jets us and beat us down into a season ending tailspin.
  16. It is true. Brees is one of the exceptions but even he was not without risk. He tore his shoulder up in his walk year and Chargers had Rivers waiting in the wings. Not a normal situation at all. Players can range from Elite, to great, to good, to just avearge/jag, to bad, to total sh*t. The great ones don't hit FA. Yet you want to pay the good ones as much as the great ones and then you sit there 3 years later wondering why you don't have a good team. Look at the Giants with their 100M dollar defense. How is that working out? You can't pay good players at the top of the market an
  17. Also Why would cousins not go to SF? He can walk in there day 1 knowing the offense and he;d get a good, offensive minded HC in Shannahan. Or he can come play for Bowles.
  18. Chasing players in FA is always a recipe for disaster. These are the guys deemed not good enough for their teams to find a way to keep, and then they hit the open market and get paid at the top of their positions. BUT LETS GO WIN FREE AGENCY!!!!! We are wasting a golden opportunity to tank and rebuild and set this team up for success long term. But hey we are really getting a good long look at a 38 yo QB that we have on a one year deal. So there is that. And we are establishing a winning culture so long as we play the Dolphins, Browns and Jags. Nevermind that we had to scratch an
  19. A FQB is not enough on it's own. But it IS required. Trying to win like the Dilfer/Ravens, Johnson/Bucs, BrokenManning+Osweiler/Broncos is not a recipe for success. Goff and Dak are not great imo. But the 1-2 of the incoming class MAY ACTUALLY BE. But we beat the Dolphins, Jaguars and maybe soon the Browns! Yeah baby!!! Hoping to get a FQB and taking steps to acquire one is the issue we are talking about here.
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