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    Dan Marino fake spike game. I was there sitting behind the end zone and saw it up close.
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  1. The state of NY/NJ football..... maybe we can send them Hack and Petty next year so they can try them out too BTW
  2. Mike Westhoff back in the NFL

    One of the best coaches we ever had. He will do well there.
  3. Today was a total s*!t show
  4. Thunk that is the Jets coming back down to Earth
  5. This guy could be the OC the Jets have had in many years
  6. I'm so happy to be a Jet

    I think one of the biggest issues Bowles had was picking good assistants. Whether Rogers is a good coach or not his assistants make a huge difference. He seems to be getting better at recruiting them. The ASJ situation is the first time in a while that I recall a player speak glowingly about the organization and it was genuine. What it translates to IMHO is the opportunity to get players who want to prove themselves as they see the Jets as an organization that will give them a chance to develop.
  7. jets viewership down the most

    yep I do somiliar things to what you. I also sometimes start watching a bout 30 minutes latte and ff through commercials until I catch up
  8. I can make that same effort sign me I will take half of what he got
  9. jets viewership down the most

    thanks? LOL I either used Beta, VHS, DVR, and online sites to make sure I watch. When I was younger it was a Sunday father/son ritual which I now share with my kids
  10. Instant Replay

    I don't like it either in any sport. It is not natural
  11. If a football game is played and nobody watches did it happen? Lynch is a tool. He acted like a d-bag when we played them
  12. Tankers will love this Mock

    the Giants will draft a qb