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  1. Princess Mal is prolly there saying..... see I should get more than him.. because I am better than him
  2. really good player, really big whiny baby Is the juice worth the squeeze here, prolly not
  3. I am so over Princess Mal...... I hope they let him sit and ride the bench and burn up his prime We need to break his attitude for the sake of the Jets...
  4. Totally agree with this. I think the Jets GM is smarter than that...unless the stupid offer comes...
  5. This is 100% my thought too... So he doesn't know his kids names but he knows this?
  6. Maybe but his asking price is beyond the franchise tag cost at this point.
  7. I think we franchise tag him twice and that gives the Jets 4 years of control. and as a safety those numbers are not too big. I would make this toolbag sit if he doesn't like it...these are his prime years and they will be burned along with his top earning potential. Since he is a narcissistic tool bag he deserves this
  8. Adams is as much of a toolbag as he is a skilled player. I would not trade him. I would let his ass sit and rot rather than sell low..
  9. Maybe so but..... There are so many holes to fill besides WR... There may be some values in the UDA's because it is so deep....who knows...
  10. can I get my 30 seconds back? reclaiming my time.....

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