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    Dan Marino fake spike game. I was there sitting behind the end zone and saw it up close.
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  1. let him rot His career will take the bigger hit possibly
  2. Is it too early to call him a flop? Seriously though way to begin your career with confidence in yourself
  3. I only root for players under contract. Wake me up when it changes
  4. I have suffered for too damn long it has been downhill for me since Richard Todd. With all that being said i still want Macc to hold the line. Darnold can burn his first stupidly, wecan draft top 5 again. Besides can we really coach him up with his staff? I am obviously an optimist.... I hope It goes better than my expectations
  5. sciond

    Oakland Raiders release Hackenberg

    maybe the Mets can sign him to a minor league deal
  6. I stand by this except now we know.......
  7. sciond

    I give the Jets draft an F-

    they could have drafted nobody after Darnold and it would be an A for me.....
  8. sciond

    Suck for Sam in 17

    let's hope we don't suck with Sam
  9. sciond

    So we got a QB....

    let's hope we can develop him
  10. sciond

    The trade up by Macc was genius!

    Have not been this excited since we drafted Lam Jones
  11. sciond

    Cimini has Jets finishing 7-9

    7-9 i think is generous.... Jets really have a mediocre roster and a few injuries from disaster again
  12. sciond

    Poll Darnold vs Mayfield

    Anyone but Rosen.... literally anyone
  13. sciond

    Baker Mayfield and the AIQ test

    I am ABR anyone but Rosen
  14. I remember this like yesterday. I saw JWN play numerous times at Shea as a kid. He was great surrounded by not so great most of his career. My father who remembers him better than me claims that his running ability was amazing at Alabama. His career of course was derailed a bit as every single opponent went after his knees every game. Imagine if he had the "Brady" rules......
  15. And you think Mac could do that?

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