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    cars, cigars, martial arts

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    NY/NJ transplant living in the south
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    Charlotte, NC/ Delray Beach FL
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    Martial Arts, Golf
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    Drink Bourbon

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    Watching Namath at Shea
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    Dan Marino fake spike game. I was there sitting behind the end zone and saw it up close.
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  1. JD get on the damn phone....
  2. I don't remember reading that in scouting reports. Any evidence of that?
  3. Meh we can debate sh*t about this guy all day I think the bottom line is that he is a tool bag and needed extraction form the locker room. He can now commence crying with AJ
  4. Wilson may have been the problem as well he is an old dog....
  5. You do know though he will play for more than one year... A good OC schemes to the QB
  6. ZW was the consensus #2 pick. Yeah he sucks donkey balls however almost everyone called that wrong
  7. AR is not guaranteed. I would push every button Personally I would rather have Lamar
  8. So GB has no cap room to sign free agents until AR is traded. They are in cap hell. Anyone wonder if the Lazard signing was JD sticking it to them a bit? Although he is a nice player as well and the Jets needed a big receiver.
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