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  1. So I watched the press conference in full...... I actually feel worse.....I am going to need a lot Advil this year
  2. more defensive lineman will be drafted with our luck
  3. lack of known quality prospects elevates his status
  4. sciond


    We could get rid of everyone except him and Sam and our talent level would be about the same
  5. my positive is maybe this hire will get Macc gone too
  6. sciond

    NO ONE Wanted McCarthy

    So I wanted McCarthy and we did not get him . HOWEVER even of he was not the right guy for the job it still doesn't make sense that we hired this Gase loser (based on record) for the job. As Jet fans suffering is what we do.
  7. Rube Goldberg likes him too
  8. sciond

    Adam Shein on Todd Bowles

    if we could play a Bowles defense every week..... we could probably win a game or two just saying
  9. sciond

    Gase hire has grown on me

    Like black mold? sorry I am not there yet......
  10. sciond

    Jets Free Agents

    most of those guys can GTFO.... very few quality players there
  11. sciond

    This Oughta Be Fun

    well at least he is charming......
  12. sciond

    Is Gase official yet?

    so it OK now to start the countdown to his firing?
  13. woopy..... OK I feel much better now nope
  14. it isn't trolling if it is true......

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