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  1. I would pay attention to the top 10 college players as the Jets will draft in the top 10.....7-10 feels about right with some good bounces
  2. Thank for the roundup.... This is the first time I recall the jets did a great job rounding up UDFA signings. Doesn't mean any will pan out,however they were on it and well prepared. The kind of stuff the our rivals used to only do
  3. so JD may know what he he doing........
  4. Still mad at your parents? maybe get out more
  5. Hell no..oh and btw the next year is supposed to be a deeper draft
  6. A+ We finally have a smart GM.. 1) he has a plan 2) Nobody can really say if Wilson is the home run we hope. However they said they want people who love football and he is that guy besides the other obvious things 3) Has done something no recent GM here has done drafted people to protect the QB. We can't say whether his picks will be everything we hope for, however we can't really fault his plan IMHO
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