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    NY/NJ transplant living in the south
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    Martial Arts, Golf
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    Drink Bourbon

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    Watching Namath at Shea
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    Dan Marino fake spike game. I was there sitting behind the end zone and saw it up close.
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  1. Things are definitely changing Now we are looking at upgrades versus let's just get NFL level talent here
  2. I hope this guy kills it. I like this guy. These are the type of players/people we have been wishing for
  3. Good guy, but glad we upgraded. I wish him well.
  4. ugh these lists..we need to get out more....
  5. I am not going to stress over these things now, just going to enjoy the promise of the draft results.
  6. Here is the good news. I will never waste any time reading his posts....
  7. H e just has to put it on film in the NFL and all will be good otherwise.... we will have LULZ here instead
  8. This gave me a headache
  9. Been a long time since we have seen core competence at the GM position.
  10. Dude is a class act all the way
  11. He is a nice player but his position is not a good value at 3 or 4 for that matter
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