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  1. Maybe so,but then we will need a safety as well....and yes the price is really really steep How did it go not resigning our Pro Bowl kicker last summer due to cost? Although granted his year has not been stellar. Like I said I am basing my opinion on us rarely having a homegrown star and he is star ATM.
  2. Totally agree I would say has some impact,although limited.... I would also say his impact will grow exponentially if the team improves....how about some cornerbacks behind him
  3. Darnold..because most QB's like Jackson when their speed goes their career tanks with it
  4. I would keep at market value. When is the last time we had a true homegrown star at any position?
  5. convince the Johnson family to sell and move to England
  6. Rex is right... No matter what you think of him, how have the Jets done since he left?
  7. Just about 50 years o embracing the suck.I watch every play of every game...I have the NFL package since I moved away. However until something changes I will not attend a game or buy any Jet gear until there is s major change. I am protesting, but not walking away....too late in life now suffering is all know mainly
  8. so at the end of the day..Belicheat was right about the ownership.

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