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  1. So cover 0 didn't mean that you cover 0 receivers? Pretty soon you will hear the wind leaving the Bucs fans sails.....
  2. Idzik is set for a return..... we don't need this guy
  3. I gathered my kids up last night and said get ready the circus is back in town....
  4. so this is my WTF moment of the year.
  5. bubby brister would be a solid choice. He knows NY
  6. Boy that Macc is one smooth operator.....
  7. as someone who grew up in NJ...Yep I would never move back.... I don't miss the taxes, tolls, or traffic only miss pizza and bagels
  8. So I watched the press conference in full...... I actually feel worse.....I am going to need a lot Advil this year
  9. lack of known quality prospects elevates his status
  10. We could get rid of everyone except him and Sam and our talent level would be about the same
  11. my positive is maybe this hire will get Macc gone too
  12. So I wanted McCarthy and we did not get him . HOWEVER even of he was not the right guy for the job it still doesn't make sense that we hired this Gase loser (based on record) for the job. As Jet fans suffering is what we do.
  13. if we could play a Bowles defense every week..... we could probably win a game or two just saying
  14. Like black mold? sorry I am not there yet......
  15. most of those guys can GTFO.... very few quality players there
  16. well at least he is charming......

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