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  1. No, because we will be more competitive. Additionally did you notice the other teams did not sleep all off-season? Perspective is everything.
  2. 5-6, maybe 7 if they get lucky is where I am thinking. However I think the build is tracking well so far.
  3. I am so over these hype videos....
  4. For a Moment I thought you were a Bills fan....
  5. meh.... Just in case maybe we should send him some crayons and coloring books
  6. Might be the first time in a while The Jets will actually NFL caliber players
  7. Voted no, however AVT could be great for us for 10 years possibly. The high cost was real though for an OL
  8. Well it's a step... and good news
  9. In 50 years or so of watching the Jets he was part of 2 of the best seasons I remember..1982-3 being the best I remember even though it ended on a bad note with the Fish cheating(kinda).
  10. If they get to 8 wins I will break out the really good bourbon...
  11. If only he had a magical Tweet like Tua..... I guess this was our warm and fuzzy for today
  12. Do people sit home and think of the dumbest thing they can post to see who responds? Some people need to get out more
  13. who cares...he is irrelevant and sucks
  14. !977 Malibu Silver ..pic not mine but very similiar
  15. Things are definitely changing Now we are looking at upgrades versus let's just get NFL level talent here
  16. I hope this guy kills it. I like this guy. These are the type of players/people we have been wishing for
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