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  1. Daniel Jones didn’t start last night either. Giant’s head coach Joe Judge treated the like the old 4th preseason game to evaluate backups and back end players. Maybe Matt Ruhl is doing the same thing or maybe there is a problem the Panthers are revealing like an injury or COVID. I’d bet on the former.
  2. Bill Belichick, he was Jets coach for a day, never coached a game for us. He maybe the only undefeated full time, permanent HC in NFL history! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  3. The Jets need to try something novel in the NFL these days DEVELOP WHAT YOU ALREADY HAVE. Yes Gang Green messed up the development of Mark Sanchez with bad personnel moves and questionable coaching and worse play calling; however it doesn't mean they can't get it right with Petty and/or Hackenberg. Patience people, the Jets have the parts to be good right now on both sides of the ball if the brain trust does it right. Part of doing it right is being smart with the draft and not becoming the Cleveland Browns. The Jets have to channel another AFC north team, the Baltimore Ravens who usually r
  4. So what!? He was still one of the best at his position, 1 play doesn't change that!
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