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  1. Joe the Breadman

    Teams interested in trading for Jordan Howard

    All things considered this could very well be the BEST possible ourcome....all 3 of those guys collectively could theoretically be cheaper than Bell.
  2. Joe the Breadman

    So who are we trading down with again?

    This x1000....one of these 2 will be the pick and it will probably be offense the rest of the way.
  3. Joe the Breadman

    Pre-combine Fanspeak Mock: Bosa slips to 3!

    The Fanspeak mock draft simulator is pretty good I notice a lot of people quote it or share their mocks from it. Dont know if any of you have seen the mock draft simulator on thedraftnetwork....its very well done and truly kills the fanspeak version. I believe its thedraftnetwork/mock-draft-machine Check it out and have fun!
  4. Joe the Breadman

    Robert Kraft Arrested - Prostitution Sting

  5. Joe the Breadman

    Bell is now an out of shape fatty

    I'm not going to pass any judgement here until he actually takes a physical with a prospective club and his current weight is announced. I love what this guy brings to the table talent wise but is he a good citizen in the locker room or is he a douche? I believe Steve Mclendon stated he would be the "Jamal of the Offense"....does Mac have the sack to make a roughly 50 million dollar gamble on LBell? Or does mac sign Tevin Coleman and draft David Montgomery/Damien Harris?
  6. Joe the Breadman

    My wish for 2019

    My only wish for 2019 is to hit the Powerball Lottery
  7. I really believe I would barf and crap simultaneously if this came to he true.
  8. Crowell is a very average back, and Eli McGuire=Cedric Houston. A very replaceable player. Trenton Cannon well his skillset remains to he seen. A pretty uninspiring trio and an area definitely needing upgrade. If the Jets fail to bring Bell on board well Tevin Coleman and one of Damien Harris/ Josh Jacobs or David Montgomery would not be a bad alternative. But all of this is moot if the offensive line is not overhauled first. It's the most glaring mess right now.
  9. I hear you man but there is a good chance that the first 10 picks are all defense. QB needy teams this year can go after one of Flacco/Foles/Bridgewater and draft one later or even next year. Outside of Haskins I dont think any of these 2019 qb prospects are true first round material. Ryan Finley and Brett Rypien are quality prospects who will be there in the third round. Sucks for the Jets to own #3 in a front seven heavy top 10. Heavy sigh.
  10. Joe the Breadman

    Elijah Holyfield declares

    Hi all. In the conversation of running backs, what is the board's opinion of Darrell Henderson rb Memphis? Another good player is Devin Singletary out of FAU. Either of these players could probably be had early day 3. I feel this crop of running backs are being somewhat under rated ...hope the Jets pick up a back in this draft.
  11. James Conner says 1400 all purpose yards and 13 touchdowns ( in 13 games) was pretty successful
  12. Joe the Breadman

    So what are the odds....

    Hi all. Was discussing various football topics with my nephew and the predraft Jets trade up last year came up. Granted that the QB menu was a lot juicier last year, what are the opinions out there about a team ( or 2) potentially contacting the Jets about an early trade up to secure their QB of the future? And if so which teams would be most likely to attempt this?
  13. If Todd Bowles could go a rewind to change one thing I think it would have been discipline....I feel his grip on overall command eroded pretty steadily. He needed to chew more ass and hold these real prima donna athletes to a high level of accountability. Lord knows they are sure being paid well enough.
  14. Joe the Breadman

    Jets Should Pursue Jadeveon Clowney in FA

    He should definitely be one of the FA the team kicks the tires on. The beauty of signing Flowers is that it hurts the hated Pats.

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