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  1. He can hang it up today and good riddance. I will drive to Foxborough from Texas and take him to the airport if it will seal the deal.
  2. And there were actually people upset at "the timing" of Mac being fired. He should have been kicked in the nuts as well.
  3. Either Kelly or Douglas should work...just as long as everyone communicates well, shares a common vision and plays nice. That could be a tall order.
  4. I truly believe Leonard Williams isn't going anywhere...the Jets have precious little talent as it is. Quinnen and Leonard Williams haven't played a single down together yet. And they are already letting Leo go? The reporting league wide concerning the Jets has totally gone off the rails.
  5. I thought John Clayton was dead and buried. And now he "sees" the Jets trading the best running back on the roster since Curtis Martin? Hahahahahahaha
  6. Where in the hell has Gase been all our lives?
  7. Well it should be interesting without Macc !!!!
  8. Preach it bro...many of us are 10000% with you
  9. Exactly. I doubt we the fans will ever know what really happened but I'm sure there is a whole lot more to the story. I'm firmly on the "this was addition by subtraction " band wagon. It seems "Mac must go" was the mantra here for a long time....now that he is gone people are bitching about the "timing".... I like Gotti oops I mean Gase more and more everyday.
  10. Santana Moss wasnt much bigger....he always reminded me of a 6th grader in pads
  11. Truly how in the f*** is Mac still in that office. Getting lucky and having Darnold fall into his lap is not a qualifier for retaining him. I respect #33 and what he brings to the defense but passing on Mahomes and Watson is unforgivable.
  12. And who in the hell over there is going to deal with LBell?
  13. I agree completely. Hopefully the above mentioned group of players can generate enough chaos to help out the corners. I'm hoping a healthy Marcus Maye can be a difference maker as well.
  14. Morris Claiborne has definitely had his day. The team has 3-4 young corners that need to be evaluated. Throw their butts on the field. Sink or swim time.

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