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  1. Oh to be a fly on the wall to hear what is REALLY happening with DMims... Realistically speaking....what is his fate? I just can't help but feel he will be traded by the deadline. Why keep him and hold up a roster spot for a player that will be useful to the team.
  2. Hahahahaha......on the money.
  3. Nice work man. I believe Tristen Hoge is related to Merrill Hoge ex Pitt Steeler
  4. Yup. But when JD traded away both 3rd's the light bulb went on for me. JD is hoping to move down a bit and recoup one of those third round selections. All this depends on how in love they are with who is available at the top of the second. Personally i take either Jenkins or Owusu and call it a day.
  5. I agree 100%. Pat Freirmuth should be available at 34.....he will be add a lot to this offense. WR is very deep again that position can wait. Add a TE, a RB and at least 1 olineman in the first 3 picks ( after ZWilson) i am a happy man.
  6. To be honest i would think the team definitely drafts one early.... maybe 2. Fill that edge rusher/ defensive end room up. We certainly have enough draft capital
  7. I think the ship has sailed on the Darnold era. JDouglas will reset the QB position if for no other reason than the economics of the whole thing. He owes Darnold nothing.
  8. Anyone see anything official on Zack's height and weight?
  9. I have been both a reader and infrequent poster on this board for a very long time ( i remember a dude named Bob Jensen if anyone recalls). And this is definitely the best post i have ever read here. Thanks for putting this opinion out there.
  10. Me too man. The "updated " version is down right terrible. I could go on and on over this subject
  11. Houston can try to deal him all they want...Watson has the final say.
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