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  1. Joe the Breadman

    So what are the odds....

    Hi all. Was discussing various football topics with my nephew and the predraft Jets trade up last year came up. Granted that the QB menu was a lot juicier last year, what are the opinions out there about a team ( or 2) potentially contacting the Jets about an early trade up to secure their QB of the future? And if so which teams would be most likely to attempt this?
  2. If Todd Bowles could go a rewind to change one thing I think it would have been discipline....I feel his grip on overall command eroded pretty steadily. He needed to chew more ass and hold these real prima donna athletes to a high level of accountability. Lord knows they are sure being paid well enough.
  3. Joe the Breadman

    Jets Should Pursue Jadeveon Clowney in FA

    He should definitely be one of the FA the team kicks the tires on. The beauty of signing Flowers is that it hurts the hated Pats.
  4. Joe the Breadman

    Dakota Dozier.. G or FB ?... or both ? ? ?

    Will Dozier even make the roster next season?
  5. Joe the Breadman

    Offseason timeline and important dates

    Hasn't the draft always been at the end of April?
  6. Joe the Breadman

    Gerald McCoy- Possible Bucs cap casualty

    And there are quality defensive linemen a-plenty in this next draft
  7. Joe the Breadman

    Trumaine Johnson

    Trumaine Johnson was the biggest disappointment on the team ( in my humble opinion) bar none. And the Cleveland game where he started up with Landry and got flagged over it . And the "quad injury". And 10 other moronic plays where he clearly looked like he was trying to get flagged. It just seemed like he clearly didn't give a sh*t for the overwhelming majority of the season. What a drag. A rich one at that.
  8. I hear you. I grew up in Brooklyn and I didn't even know college ball existed....it was the Jets for me and I had a distant interest in the Giants. That was it. There just wasn't a tradition in New York for it.
  9. That's DT Quinn Williams of Bama and DT Ed Oliver of Houston. I can understand you not being a college football fan if you are from the greater NY/NJ area....I didn't really like it until I moved here to Texas. And truth be told the college game is 10x better than the pro version.
  10. Joe the Breadman

    DC options remaining

    I've read several posters bang the table for a Rex Ryan resurrection but I just dont see it happening for many reasons...but I just cant stomach a rewind to Club Rex. Talk about not holding anyone accountable.
  11. Joe the Breadman

    Color me unimpressed with Gregg Williams

    All things taken into consideration I honestly believe that the organization really loves Kris Richards and is waiting on some kind of yes/no answer from him post Rams game. I think by tomorrow dinner time-is everyone's cards will be on the table.
  12. I dont know if there are any college football fans here but I have seen Kyler Murray play live twice... he is a real little guy. Watching him run out of the tunnel he looked like a 7th grader in pads. For those of you who remember Sanrana Moss running out with the team it was kinda like that. Baker Mayfield at 6' drew a lot of fire from the talking heads. Murray will be equally lit up. He should stick to baseball.
  13. Joe the Breadman

    BREAKING: Jets going to hire Gase

    And this thread should now be closed. This post says it all.
  14. Joe the Breadman

    BREAKING: Jets going to hire Gase

    So if it's to be Gase then the next question is this....how attractive are the Jets as a landing spot for Leveon Bell as a free agentl or any of Antonio Brown, Mike Evans or AJ Green via trade? Are the Jets a team that a player WANTS to come and play for vs what we had in Bowles?

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