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  1. I believe the cap hit for Osemele is like 11 million.....I dont see him coming back
  2. Depending how things fall out could WR be a possibility?
  3. Just a quick question to those who feel the Jets are going to beat Dallas....what has the team displayed on the field to make you feel they are going to beat the Cowboys? sh*t I'm just hoping they are in the game when the 4th quarter starts. Think I'm gonna go camping these next few Sundays and give this a break. You young guys wave the flag and keep things warm til draft day.
  4. It is difficult indeed not wanting to side with those who are pro "emptying the stadium". When you consider the time, energy , effort and money required to see a Jets game one would at least hope the team is competitive and would make the journey to the stadium worth it. But this mismanaged mess of an organization has for too long banked on millions of people from the tristate area spending tons of money on their brand. But the current Jets brand is potentially the worst of all time, and that is saying something indeed. If there was ever a time for the fans to really make their disgust known it is now. I am completely and totally sick of all things Jets. I'm done.
  5. The Jets are going to get murdered for the next three games. Plain and simple. 31-6 type games. The next game where the Jets will appear to be at least competitive will be Miami. And that's regardless of Darnold returning or not. He wont be 100% when they throw him on the field and I'm sure he has lost a bunch of weight. No way he is ready for NFL level contact. Sam Darnold will be back to feeling right again probably as the season is ending... Heavy heavy heavy sigh.....another gut wrenching season dealing with this team.
  6. I know I have said this many times before but this time I really mean it....this team is the worst I have ever seen. EVER
  7. My question is when does the never ending garbage that the Jets trot into the field end? Is this truly the best a team that is representing the premier city in the premiercountry on the planet can be? I will turn 56 next spring and in my lifetime I can only remember 4 "great" seasons....'86..'98..'09..and 2010. That's it. That's all. 4 seasons. What a mess.
  8. Was in a pretty good mood til I decided to check the board today. What a bad move. Good mood right out the window Its amazing how this team year in and year out goes from bad to worse to putrid. The Jets simply cant get a break.
  9. I dont think Jetsfan80 is being negative here....I think what's going on here is he is on a hair trigger when it comes to the Jets....we are just so used to gloom/doom/despair and agony. Last time I felt this way was the beginning of the 1999 season. The Jets were viewed as a potential AFC representative to the superbowl... And game 1(against the Pats no less) I'm horrified to watch Vinnys Achilles tendon explode...Leon Johnson's knee explode...watching (our punter) Tom Tupa throw a TD.... that's the one season I wish could have been erased. And now I think that plagued year is revisiting us. Makes me do ******* sick and tired of being a Jets fan. So no.....Jetsfan80 ain't being negative.
  10. The defense looked like crap against the Bill's. On the other hand CJ Mosely played a HECK of a game....
  11. Nothing for nothing but how did Peter Schraeger get that job

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