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  1. Joe the Breadman

    The Jets changed their offensive philosophy

    If the Jets lose to the Bills, Bowles should be shot instantly.
  2. Joe the Breadman

    Le'Veon Bell, Yes Or No?

    Sign me up
  3. Joe the Breadman

    Le'Veon Bell, Yes Or No?

    Name them huh. You dont think there will be 2 o-linemen and an edge rusher available to us next off season? With the amount of cap space the team will have? You don't think there are 2 o-lineman that will shake loose that wont be immediate upgrades to what we have? Ditto for edge as well?
  4. Joe the Breadman

    Ryan Tannehill ruled out; quick thoughts.

    I literally "lol'd" when I read this....the defensive meltdowns against Dolphin backups gb's were just amazingly horrible. Sometimes I'm amazed I still back this ridiculous organization.
  5. Joe the Breadman

    Le'Veon Bell, Yes Or No?

    I agree completely with this. I pass on 27 year old running backs with issues. He is a prima donna and we just dont need this dude in the locker room. It seems that Pittsburgh's running game is going just fine without him and his attitude. Spend the money on 2 quality offensive linemen and a "name" edge rusher. But not a running back.
  6. Joe the Breadman

    Is Chris Herndon...Good?

    Unfortunately the team will pick up Johnny Mitchell before Mickey Schuler
  7. Joe the Breadman

    Jets Decision to Waive Pryor a Curious one

    I'm thinking he is not the best citizen in the locker room.....
  8. I liked the Crowell signing.....I can do without the unprofessional b/s. Same goes for Trumaine Johnson.
  9. Joe the Breadman

    If We Lose to Denver

    What makes you so sure
  10. Joe the Breadman


    Is he injured?
  11. Joe the Breadman

    Quarter Point Observations

    I think I speak for the majority when I say that the organization needs to move on from the Macc/Bowles era. Replace Bates and Rogers as well. Clean sweep. Next season the Jets will have a high first round pick, a butt ton of cap space and a young highly touted quarterback....the organization simply cannot be complacent with these turds.
  12. Joe the Breadman

    Fire Todd Bowles. Fire Kacy Rodgers

    And dont forget Baker Mayfield last week
  13. Joe the Breadman


    I'm ready for any change favoring offense....I'm just so tired of the Todd Bowles show. Pretty sure we can lose Mac as well....he flat out sucks at drafting....I think if the team goes 6 wins or less these two are history.
  14. Joe the Breadman

    Are the Jets...

    Anderson was killing Stafford. That one play where Williams and Anderson combined for a tackle crushed Stafford
  15. Joe the Breadman

    Are the Jets...

    All I can say is WOW. Defense and Special teams executing on all levels.. but what has impressed me the most was the poise and confidence exhibited by Darnold. I'm flat out loving it.

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