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  1. The Jets are on the hook for mucho millions owed to Bell next season....hopefully some team thinks they are going to the next level if they acquire Bell and can work out a deal with Big Joe. We can only hope.
  2. Any way Joe Douglas offers up Maye as well? Package Adams and Maye to the Cowboys and there is no telling what wheeler-dealer Jerry Jones would cough up. I live in central Texas and can tell you firsthand that the 2 positions Dallas needs to really shore up is Tight End and Safety. My friends and family members scream about this weekly
  3. That noise everyone in the greater New York/New Jersey are just heard was me barfing after reading this.....and i live in Texas.
  4. Navy vet here 82-86.Aviation Antisubmarine Warfare Tech..... USS Kitty Hawk/ NAF Diego Garcia/ NAF Kadena..... Proud as hell to have been a member of the most vicious gang on the planet....the US military.
  5. I think right now the Jets have so many wounded players the coaches are simply working with what they have. The decimation of our ILB corps was unbelievable.
  6. Ooooops sorry about the double tap
  7. Anyone know if Lawrence Cager WR Georgia is draft eligible?
  8. Anyone know if Lawrence Cager WR Georgia is draft eligible?
  9. On the money. We all are going to see exactly what king of owners the Johnsons really are
  10. Good afternoon all. So I have read several times in various threads that one of the potential stumbling blocks to terminating Gase is that the Jets are still paying Bowles. The idea of paying 2 ousted coaches plus a new one would probably not be all that appealing to Chris Johnson. So I am basically asking : How much does the team still owe TB? How much would the team owe Gase if they fired him? How much to get a real coach in here? And I guess the real question here is... is the sum of the above the questions worth it to CJohnson to clean up this disaster?

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