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  1. Houston can try to deal him all they want...Watson has the final say.
  2. So is Gase still getting terminated Monday?
  3. What an excellent post. I like Arthur Smith as well and really am amazed with the work he has done at Tennessee. It all revolves around Henry and maybe Jonnu Smith. It appears the Titans prefer their receivers to mostly block. The only thing i would change in the above would be to draft a new TE relatively high if possible. Even 2. Smith seems to distribute a lot if passes to both Jonnu Smith and Anthony Firsker.
  4. It would appear that he ( in so many words) told Gase and co. to basically get f****d.
  5. Might sound crazy but when i read the thread title for some reason i thought G Alex Lewis had some sort of car accident and had suffered some kind of traumatic amputation. Whew.
  6. Ouch. Very ouch. Unfortunately this is probably not far from the reality
  7. I am sure they will bring in competition at camp. May the best leg win!
  8. For gods sake cut this young man some slack...he literally just turned 21 five or so days ago. And he is in the midst of one of the most amazing days of his life. How much stupid sh*t came out of all our mouths at 21?
  9. Welcome to the Jets Mekhi Becton....hope you have a great career here!
  10. Mekhi Becton was absolutely the right pick... as we have all read & discussed ad nauseum that the truly "right way" to start the rebuild on offense was to identify and draft the most badass OL available....and JoeD did just that. Wirfs is a true G that was pressed into playing LT when Alaric Jackson was injured. He was ok in spot duty. Forcing Wirfs into a T would be Robert Gallery- like. As far as people bemoaning Jeudy/Lamb ...well all four primary OLinemen were all off the board by pick 14....there is a real lack of quality OL and if you can control a quality LT for 5 seasons vs 4 you do it. OL contracts are outrageous. For those in the WR camp.who are butthurt over this well you better get ready for more pain because i think tomorrow night CB or Edge will be weighed just as heavily in round 2 as WR. And imma thinking its gonna be CB. In round 3 a receiver will be selected....maybe 2!!
  11. Lamical Perine is another player to keep our eyes on....very smooth and natural receiver as well.

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