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  1. Joe the Breadman

    Darnold Mention In Breer's Column

    I had this very conversation with one of my nephews as to "when" Darnold could potentially start. After looking at the schedule it starts off rough ...not particularly because of the caliber of our opponents but the Jets will play their first 3 games within a span of 10 days... Jets at Detroit on Monday night to start...Jets vs Miami (home) that Sunday... and then off to Cleveland for Thursday night. 3 games in 10 days. Pretty brutal way to start. Then off to Jacksonville and home vs Denver. I think McCown starts and I look to week 6 home vs Indy for Darnold to begin his career.
  2. Heavy sigh....I'm so sick of the Pat's. Plain and simple.
  3. I don't understand why both fans and press already have the Jets trading Bridgewater away. I understand that if he is actually does show he is "together" he could be prohibitive financially to keep but I think having a healthy Bridgewater and an up and coming Darnold next season is certainly more attractive than Darnold and ??? McCown wont be in a Jets uniform next season. Spend the money and keep him. Work something out. If a team truly wants to keep a player they always seem to find a way. The only way the team should seek a trade for Bridgewater is if he outright requests it or if some qb hungry team blows Mac away.
  4. Joe the Breadman

    Jeremy Bates crucial to Darnold's Development

    If the Jets go 5-11 again this just might happen
  5. Joe the Breadman

    Jets working out OL Byron Bell

    Things are heating up...Jets claimed OT Tony Garcia ex Pat
  6. I agree. It does seem to consume a lot of the bandwidth around here lately. But I definitely understand where the dissention is coming from. Instead of drafting a quality mid round OL yearly and developing a "pipeline" Mac prefers to kick the tires on mid tier free agent types and stock the oline with very few actual draft picks.
  7. If there was ever a year for a trade down it would be next year. This year was all about quarterbacks. Next year the draft is all about the trenches and the Clemson defense. The quality of the offensive tackles available next draft should be superior to this last group. I hope Mac can select a quality tackle AND a quality interior lineman...Mac should go on a spree and draft nothing but offense. It's all about surrounding Sam Darnold with what he needs to get it done.
  8. Joe the Breadman

    This Board Will Explode If

    This. It's already beyond time to take the Hack experiment out behind the shed and humanely put a bullet in it. The whole thing is toxic. Release Hack and us ( the fans) from this misey.
  9. Joe the Breadman

    Who will lead 2018 New York Jets in Receptions?

    With any luck that receiver is not on the team yet. From the ones we have available Enunwa. Dark horse pick is Pryor.
  10. The ultimate screwball comedy was "Its a Mad, mad, mad world... that movie literally had every single star of that era. The remake "Rat Race " was pretty funny.
  11. Joe the Breadman

    Dolphins claim Petty

    As per Bleacher Report
  12. Joe the Breadman

    Jets Deal for Anderson Solidifies D-Line

    I hope he passes the physical. If he doesn't Indy will compensate the Jets and send a 7th rounder back next year. So all told the Jets walked out of the draft with 3 d-linemen and then picked up 4 more as UDFA's. Mac just seems to uberfocus on one or two positions per draft and then calls it Miller time.
  13. Joe the Breadman

    A look ahead

    I was curious about this myself and checked out several "Way too early" mock drafts for 2019 and it seems that it will potentially be both offensive and defensive line heavy. And a lot of Clemson players.
  14. Joe the Breadman

    The weird player crush this board had with Rosen

    Personally I was on the "any one of the qb's not named Josh Allen " bandwagon. But any love for Rosen was sure easy to extinguish once he started running his mouth post draft. It's probably a good thing he is in a part of the country like Arizona versus being in New York. In hindsight...Rosen night have been a bigger accident waiting to happen than Mayfield.