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  1. Positive Report on Christian Hackenberg

    Bro I hope you are so right. This team so needs a boost. I will be happy if he can manage more touchdowns vs turnovers.
  2. I hope you are right too
  3. And So It Begins ...

    I would take a Stafford or Flacco today
  4. This Is What You Want To Hear ...

    Hahahaha...me too.
  5. Jets Acquire OL Alex Balducci Off Waivers

    Brandon Moore says hi...he thought it was a great idea to become an offensive lineman after playing d-line in college.
  6. This x100. That is what the whole hoopla is about. With Solomon Thomas staring the 49ers right in the face, the Bears should simply have had the discipline to let the draft come to them and not lose their minds. But Lynch and co. worked Pace over and got quite the haul. Even if some team had traded up to 2 and took Trubisky, Solomon Thomas would not have been a bad consolation prize. And if the object of the trade up was indeed Thomas well then Trubisky would have been right there abailable to them. And then drafting 3 small school prospects didn't exactly help the situation out. I checked out a couple of Bears fan forums and those people were completely raging over there...i mean losing their minds.
  7. Was curious to see their reaction to the Trubisky pick...that they are completely enraged over....were talking waving the pitchforks and torches high into the air. The one I looked at was chicitysports.com
  8. ESPN Head Cuts

    This x1000
  9. This is.a great question. I want to call out the entire mixed bag of opinions concerning the top OT's in this draft. But if I had to choose one it would be Cam Robinson. He's projected anywhere from mid first to low second round...and this guy started at left tackle at Bama as a true freshman. A quality offensive lineman with 45+ starts in the SEC ....hope Mike trades down and drafts this guy. If the Jets truly want to rebuild its all about the offensive line. I'm so sick of how management along the years has run this unit down. Just my 2 cents.
  10. Should I feel bad if this literally made me " laugh out loud"?
  11. A successful Jets would look like...

    Well said....all I know is I wish this draft would just get here already!
  12. Welcome to JetNation.com. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.