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  1. People are pledging allegiance to the general manager of an historically terrible sports franchise. Other people are dying to know what number Wilson will take so they can rush out to buy one of the ugliest pieces of clothing ever created to sport said doordasher's name on their back. "Strange day out here @ Windswept Fields"
  2. Do you remember years ago, in a different place than this - but very similar, there were a group of Jets fans that thought Matt Jones out of Arkansas was going to take over the league? Pepperidge Farms remembers
  3. Maybe, or maybe the Chiefs and the Jets were both just desperate to improve their offensive lines, willing to pay a premium. What reassures me is the two firsts, two seconds and cap space we'll have next year. Even if this move was expensive, we can afford it.
  4. But we had to give up two third rounders for AVT and we wouldn't have had to give up any picks for Thuney. And of course, a proven commodity is more valuable than a projected return.
  5. We overpaid (when weighing positional value with the trade-up cost) to immediately improve the protection for our rookie quarterback. I think that's a fair assessment. I think there are reasonable critiques and defenses of that move. Think about it this way: If we had signed Thuney, we were willing to overpay a guard to protect our quarterback.
  6. I don't agree that it's a distraction to bring in a vet QB. But, I think there's a fair argument to the 'we don't need a vet qb'. We've got Knapp and a much larger coaching staff than the previous regime. If we had someone that could start the season, I'd prefer that, but I don't see anyone of that quality available.
  7. Don't do it! If you must have another grown man's name on your back, at least go for those T Shirt versions -they're a 1/3 of the price and then when they cut the player after he assaults a dozen massage therapists it can be the designated 'landscaping, gutter cleaning, gym, garage cleaning, painting' shirt.
  8. Didn't Bradshaw play pre free agency and when the draft was over ten rounds? This league is different now. Teams can't stockpile talent like it's 1970. Green Bay burned resources trading up for a future quarterback, one that was a reach at that spot btw, all while being in a legit SB contention window. Rodgers might be cranky and a bit of a prick, but he's right on this one.
  9. The article has a title that presents a question and then the article itself interviews a guy that says "He's awesome, it won't be a problem". I see you Brian Costello. Covering all them bases eh?
  10. Maybe. Or maybe it's the type of thing that would've been said regardless of who we drafted? "The Jets coaches discussed their preference for Mac Jones over Trevor Lawrence in this system" What was never going to be written after last Thursday? "The Jets felt like they screwed themselves by winning two meaningless game and settled for Doordashin' Timberlake" All that said. I'm happy we got Wilson.
  11. Lance in San Fran has scary potential. And it's fun for Fields to have A Rob catching passes from day one. Can't wait to watch Mac Jones get crushed by Quinnen.
  12. Apparently dude did well against TE's and RB's, but struggled against receivers. I'm alright with that. Let's see how it plays out.
  13. Relax hombre, I'm defending your criticism of this article and also understand you've been a Wilson hater for a while now. If I remember correctly, you wanted Fields. I saw that post, we agree on the vision, and I understand you're rooting for the little doordasher now. All is good.
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