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    2010 Divisional Round Playoffs, Jets 28 - Pats 21
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  1. RedBeardedSavage

    What are u listening to right now?

    I'm sure a lot of you have seen this too, it blew up quick:
  2. RedBeardedSavage

    What are u listening to right now?

  3. RedBeardedSavage

    Darnold Starting and QB Development

    I don't understand: "well we drafted him high, so he's gotta play now!" "since when did sitting help anybody?... Dorsia?...nobody goes there anymore" "We've got to compete this year... because..." Aaron Rodgers sat. Carson Palmer sat. Pat Maholmes sat last year. If we had the Texans roster and coaching staff, sure, maybe we give Darnold a shot to win the job. But we don't. We've got Bowles and a bottom third roster. I love that we got Darnold. I'm excited going forward. But we've still got McCown and this offensive unit is a long way from a good supporting cast. The most logical thing to do is to give Sam the time to learn how to be a professional for a year, maybe throw him a game or two weeks 16 and 17, and then spend a lot of money and draft capital next year on offense... hopefully get a new head coach in too; one that we're confident can develop a quarterback.
  4. RedBeardedSavage

    Darnold Starting and QB Development

    Meh, we're all question marks on offense. If Robby stays out of trouble, If Kearse duplicates last year, If Enunwa returns strong, If Beachum, Long, and Rawls stay healthy, If Shell continues to develop... then maybe it's worth giving Darnold the keys. The safer option is to redshirt year one.
  5. RedBeardedSavage

    Darnold Starting and QB Development

    Redshirt year 1. He's 20, our offensive roster stinks and we're not contenders by any stretch.
  6. RedBeardedSavage

    Day-3 (Rounds 4-7)

    I want to build an offensive line like Dallas or Philly. I can think Shell has been a pleasant surprise, to a degree, and still want to add depth, opportunity, and athletes to that unit. As a franchise, we seem to be infatuated with five techniques. I wish, instead, if we felt the same way, and spent as many resources, on offensive tackles.
  7. RedBeardedSavage

    Please no Josh Allen and no Mayfield.

    I get that you're trying to get clicks for your article and sh*t, but you know, it'd be a lot cooler if you didn't.
  8. RedBeardedSavage

    JetNation 2018 Mock Draft DISCUSSION

    @Lith & @Dcat - thanks guys, you did a great job.
  9. RedBeardedSavage

    Star College QB's who struggle in the Pros

    I agree. I think most of it, so long as you pick a player that has a baseline of talent and is willing to work, is luck and situation. To this day I think Kellen Clemens might have been a good one if McCariens held on to that TD pass in Baltimore; Clemens would have engineered a last second comeback win @ Baltimore against Ray Lewis, Ed Reed and Terrel Suggs in their prime - moments like that can make careers: a player builds self confidence, earns the belief of his teammates and the faith of the fan base. This buys him the time and confidence to develop. But JMac let the ball slip right between his hands and it ended sailing directly into Ray Lewis’s chest for the easy pick. What could have been an amazing comeback win on the road by an upstart quarterback against a superior team became a game ending interception and the world shrugged it off because we weren’t supposed to win that game anyway.
  10. RedBeardedSavage

    JetNation 2018 Mock Draft SELECTIONS

    Carolina Panthers select Martez Carter RB Grambling State @Patriot Killa OTC
  11. RedBeardedSavage

    JetNation 2018 Mock Draft SELECTIONS

    With the 234th pick in the 2018 NFL draft, the Carolina Panthers select Jake Wieneke WR South Dakota State
  12. RedBeardedSavage

    Forum on Arden Key

    I don't want Key because I don't think we're the team that can afford that risk. There are too many holes on this roster to take a chance on someone that might be out of the NFL by the end of his rookie contract. I've been dying for this team to draft a true pass rusher, but Key is too risky. For me, he makes much more sense for a team that can afford to miss, especially considering we'd likely have to move up to draft him.
  13. RedBeardedSavage

    JetNation 2018 Mock Draft SELECTIONS

    With the 197th pick in the 2018 NFL Draft, the Carolina Panthers select DeShon Elliot S Texas
  14. RedBeardedSavage

    JetNation 2018 Mock Draft SELECTIONS

    With the 160th pick, the Carolina Panthers select DT Deadrin Senat from South Florida
  15. RedBeardedSavage

    JetNation 2018 Mock Draft DISCUSSION

    The Panthers are willing to move up in the fifth round. Get at me.