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  1. Starting to believe this as well. While Sauce is a complete player and undeniably great, I feel like we're better served prioritizing scoring points and, to a much lesser extent, rushing the passer.
  2. Good point about the in-division quarterbacks. Giants also have two top ten picks and a bit of a built-in 'redshirt' year with no expectations.
  3. 1. "I just googled TE free agents and didn't read past the first one. You want a TE that's a willing blocker? Well you're wrong"
  4. Good for Becky. Curious how much contact he's allowed to have with the Jets and whether they can track his offseason fitness? How will we know how well he's doing before the draft?
  5. Does Neal fit the wide zone or is he a gap/power scheme player exclusively? Someone posted the interview with Thibs and Joel Klatt where Thibs said he chose Oregon over Alabama because Oregon has Nike HQ and offers a better education than Alabama - where he admits he would've won championships. Part of me wants to say "smart kid", and another part of me thinks this is exactly the type of player Saleh described as "the player who doesn't love football, but loves what football gives him" It's early in this process, but if I had to choose two players right now @ 4 and 10?
  6. Would be really cool to be one of those rare teams that finds a tackle outside the first round - would absolutely redeem this front office for the Becky pick. Although, the Fant signing kinda did that too, but yea, we need a RT now too.
  7. There was a long time ago, on a site not-to-be-named, where I created a thread after Brady Quinn's junior season saying we should intentionally lose out all of our games the next year in order to be able to draft him.
  8. Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  9. For some strange reason there's a premium valuation placed on cornerbacks in a league that is largely legislating 'tight coverage' out of the league.
  10. They drafted Chad Pennington 2.0 and are just now realizing it. I'd rather have rolled the dice on any of the other prospects in '21 for a shot at greatness than settle for a perfectly executed play action pass to Jerald Sowell in the flat.
  11. I watched that Michigan playoff game. He was invisible. Worse, he was barely on the field - I don't think they trust him against the run in college. That makes me nervous.
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