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  1. RedBeardedSavage

    Top 50 Free Agents 2019

    Agree with this. Signing one of those centers has to be a priority. I’d throw in Fowler Jr as a fallback option at edge-rusher if the others don’t hit the market. And I’m also not enamored with any of the offensive skill positions players on that list. Leveon would be the only weapon worth big money IMO. Doesnt look like the ideal year to have 100 mil in space and be in need of offensive help.
  2. RedBeardedSavage

    Gase Fair Expectations

    It’s not about wins for me in the short term. This coaching decision is all about developing Darnold. So long as we responsibly allocate our cap and draft (haha, Macc), I expect Darnold to pass for 4,500 yards, 30 TD’s and have a 2:1 TD to INT ratio next year. If that is accomplished, Gase will have been a good hire.
  3. RedBeardedSavage

    To our Anti-Gaseous Brethern

    Darnold passes for 4,500 yards and 30 tds. 2:1 TD to INT ratio. Hes 21. I’m not expecting division titles till the guy in Boston retires. In the meantime I’m satisfied with a coach who will develop Darnold. Sure, ideally, I’d have liked the Michigan Harbaugh, with Kliff or Gase at OC and Greg Williams af DC, but that wasn’t going to happen. If we get Greg Williams at DC, I’d feel much better.
  4. RedBeardedSavage


    We're not signing Hunt.
  5. RedBeardedSavage

    Hypothetical trade for AB

    I’m aware of OBJ’s issues, but I guess for me, hearing about what AB did on the cusp of a playoff-deciding game - quitting on the team - that’s worse for me than most things I’ve heard about most players (extreme offthefield violence/violence against women excluded).
  6. RedBeardedSavage

    Hypothetical trade for AB

    He can eat his soup with a fork and talk to himself for all I care, so long as he doesn’t pick a fight with a quarterback mid week and then refuse to play in the biggest game of the year to prove a point. AB is a prick. OBJ is a diva. The latter can be dealt with, the former can go f*** himself.
  7. RedBeardedSavage

    Hypothetical trade for AB

    Evans is the safest, sure but I agree that I’d rather have OBJ over AB... OBJ is off-field crazy (will get in trouble) whereas AB is locker room crazy (will alienate the team). I’d just rather try to manage/work around the partier than the cancer. But I doubt we get any of these guys. Giants not trading him to us. AB only worth a later round pick considering his age (and his crazy)- doubt Steelers deal him for that. And why the F would the Bucs deal Mike Evans?
  8. RedBeardedSavage

    Andre Roberts and Jamal Adams All Pros

    I was a hater- and this season has forced me to change. Sure, Mahomes or Lattimore would’ve been nice... but Adams is elite, and I’m happy he’s a Jet.
  9. RedBeardedSavage

    Why we should NOT be drafting defense again.

    I would prefer to draft offense as well. The combine could change some things. An offensive lineman or skill position player that’s considered a reach now could be a bargain come April. But a corner/pass rusher could prove themselves worthy of our pick too. Think about where Khalil Mack was projected at this time in his draft process. If the draft proves deep with o-lineman, and since we’ve got hundred million dollars in space (and the realization that we’re not fixing everything this year), I could envision a scenario I’m happy with where we draft an elite edge rusher first and then draft multiple o-lineman rounds 3-7.
  10. Baltimore and Chicago have the first and third overall D respectively. Chargers have a top ten D too. The game defining play in the super bowl last year was a sack/fumble by the Eagles. I want to spend more resources on offense and I want an offensive coach. But we still need corners and pass rushers - that’s my biggest beef with Mac, we prioritized D... but we still don’t have an edge rusher, and Trumaine Johnson sucks. Anyways, let’s see how the bears, ravens and chargers do before we declare defense is dead.
  11. Only a team that's a bonafide contender should be calling up Pittsburgh. This would be a disaster for us. I don't want to give up the pick and I'm definitely not signing Bell to a huge deal. Bowles and Mac would have to be absolutely desperate to do this.
  12. RedBeardedSavage

    Mack traded to Bears

    Are there any offensive players on the Jets right now, outside of Darnold, that you think will for sure be on our team in two years? We've got to prioritize that over getting an edge rusher; even one as talented as Mack. Mack might genuinely be worth the two firsts and the money to some teams, but not to us. And probably not to the Bears either because of this: Strange move all around.
  13. RedBeardedSavage

    Do we have an Official Video Games thread here?

    Wow. Completely blown away by that; a definite buy.
  14. RedBeardedSavage

    What are u listening to right now?

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