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  1. Only a team that's a bonafide contender should be calling up Pittsburgh. This would be a disaster for us. I don't want to give up the pick and I'm definitely not signing Bell to a huge deal. Bowles and Mac would have to be absolutely desperate to do this.
  2. RedBeardedSavage

    Mack traded to Bears

    Are there any offensive players on the Jets right now, outside of Darnold, that you think will for sure be on our team in two years? We've got to prioritize that over getting an edge rusher; even one as talented as Mack. Mack might genuinely be worth the two firsts and the money to some teams, but not to us. And probably not to the Bears either because of this: Strange move all around.
  3. RedBeardedSavage

    Do we have an Official Video Games thread here?

    Wow. Completely blown away by that; a definite buy.
  4. RedBeardedSavage

    What are u listening to right now?

  5. RedBeardedSavage

    Do we have an Official Video Games thread here?

    If there are any PS4 Destiny 2 players here, get at me on PSN after Forsaken releases next week. PSN id = RedBeardedSavage.
  6. RedBeardedSavage

    Jets interested in Fowler Jr.

    We should absolutely buy low on Fowler jr. Hes a head case, he hasn’t lived up to his potential and the jaguars D is loaded... that’s why he’s available... at 25... at the second most important position in the sport. If we can trade a day three pick for him and send off Teddy in the next week or so for a day two pick, then we did some nice business to get better now and plan for the future.
  7. RedBeardedSavage

    What are u listening to right now?

  8. RedBeardedSavage

    Anyone here ever quit drinking?

    I can't say I can relate specifically, but I can relate generally. My vice of choice was weed. I quit a daily habit about nine months ago at age 31. You'll likely have to change habits, I'm sure everyone on here has told you that, but you'll also have to some shed some friends. That might sound ruthless and sh*tty, but it's the hard truth that you need to hear. I bet there are some friends that you wouldn't be friends with if you didn't share this vice. Those are the people that need to go. Accept that you'll have to suffer some social consequences; you're not gonna be that "down AF" guy anymore, but you'll feel better when you look in the mirror and that's what matters.
  9. Meh, the best player I've ever seen was this guy: Don't care about stats. Don't care about longevity. I still watch this youtube on the reg every couple of months: And that was just his rookie year...
  10. RedBeardedSavage

    What are u listening to right now?

    I'm sure a lot of you have seen this too, it blew up quick:
  11. RedBeardedSavage

    What are u listening to right now?

  12. RedBeardedSavage

    Darnold Starting and QB Development

    I don't understand: "well we drafted him high, so he's gotta play now!" "since when did sitting help anybody?... Dorsia?...nobody goes there anymore" "We've got to compete this year... because..." Aaron Rodgers sat. Carson Palmer sat. Pat Maholmes sat last year. If we had the Texans roster and coaching staff, sure, maybe we give Darnold a shot to win the job. But we don't. We've got Bowles and a bottom third roster. I love that we got Darnold. I'm excited going forward. But we've still got McCown and this offensive unit is a long way from a good supporting cast. The most logical thing to do is to give Sam the time to learn how to be a professional for a year, maybe throw him a game or two weeks 16 and 17, and then spend a lot of money and draft capital next year on offense... hopefully get a new head coach in too; one that we're confident can develop a quarterback.
  13. RedBeardedSavage

    Darnold Starting and QB Development

    Meh, we're all question marks on offense. If Robby stays out of trouble, If Kearse duplicates last year, If Enunwa returns strong, If Beachum, Long, and Rawls stay healthy, If Shell continues to develop... then maybe it's worth giving Darnold the keys. The safer option is to redshirt year one.
  14. RedBeardedSavage

    Darnold Starting and QB Development

    Redshirt year 1. He's 20, our offensive roster stinks and we're not contenders by any stretch.

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