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  1. I mean, even if they're both average that's a fairly big improvement from the past decade. I'd continue with that for a few years, build a good roster, exit the basement of the NFL and enjoy watching the games on Sunday.
  2. It'd be cool to have some continuity @ the top of the organization for a while too. If Rodgers gives Saleh and JD two more years, even though they're not perfect, I think that's better than throwing desperate haymakers for Harbaugh or Payton and ending up with Demeco Ryans.
  3. Not surprising, but I think this is why the Rodgers move happens. Woody, Douglas and Saleh are all desperate.
  4. I don't have any stats to back up, but it feels intuitive that a team with an offense that can consistently score can force their opponent to play more aggressive/risky and therefore potentially create more turnovers? I thought early in the year, we forced more turnovers, and then when the offense fell-off-a-cliff, we stopped creating turnovers on D. But yea I haven't checked the stats, it's just my dodgy memory.
  5. I understand that position. The other side of that is that most of our talent is young and on rookie contracts. Hypothetically we're in a window now, with good quarterback play. In several years we'd need a rookie QB on a rookie contract when guys like G Wil, Sauce and AVT get paid. I think with Rodgers, we can take a run now, and then think about 2025/2026 drafting a new quarterback. Carr to me is more of a "let's just fight for relevancy" - which is fine, it's still an option, but I don't think it quite leverages the advantages we have now to be a true contender.
  6. I understand that. Carr is option B as far as I can see - I'm willing to give up picks for a future first ballot HOF'er. But if we strikeout there, I'll got the Derek Carr route.
  7. Starting to think the best move is attempting to extend Corey @ a cheaper price than fishing for a WR in the open market. If that's not a possibility, I'd rather just cut him and draft someone in rounds 2-3.
  8. The quarterback they chose is a bust. We can't sit back and pretend like "hey we just need a tackle, a FS, maybe a pass catcher healthier/cheaper than Corey Davis and perhaps some young depth @ linebacker and we're set". JD and Saleh have built a solid roster, but ultimately if ya fail @ QB, you need to adjust the initial plan.
  9. I think you're absolutely correct on all of this... which is why we need to just say "f*** it" and trade for Rodgers anyway. Throw caution right in the winds face and lets have some fun!
  10. Conditional based on Rodgers. We get A-A-Ron? We cool, Hackett. If not, I'm getting flashbacks of play-action dumps to Jerrald Sowell in the flat on 3rd and 7.
  11. It's only OK if you acquire Rodgers.
  12. Frank Reich wants to be a head coach. Darell Bevell is staying in Miami. The Eagles guys are in high demand, plus their season isn't over, so we have to wait and see there. I think those are the practical assumptions from this?
  13. Tough choice but I went with Mahomes because he had 5k yards and 40 touchdowns after losing Tyreek in the offseason.
  14. Slow down, we haven't even traded for him yet and you sound like you want to buy his online Real Estate courses.
  15. - another thread has this exact video/clip posted a day ago - there is an extensive conversation in there 'bout it - there are other Rodgers threads about the cost in cap space and cost in trade value, in fact I think there's a separate one for each! - Flax milk fortified with protein has been a game changer for my morning coffee. Goddam it's good, it's 8 grams of protein per cup, and I don't get the dairy farts. Whatever hipster came up with this sh*t is a genius.
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