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  1. He isn't Johnny Manziel

    Exactly. It wasn't Johnny Football's size that cost him his NFL career, or the offense he ran in college, or his arm strength, or his on-field cockiness/antics... it was drugs, partying and addiction. Until I hear that Baker has those same problems I'll disregard the comparison as superficial and lazy.
  2. Mentor-bridging a rookie QB

    I always thought of it as giving a rookie time; time to learn the playbook, time to learn how to be a professional, time to get accustomed to the speed of the game. Maybe the rook takes over the second half of the season, maybe he gets one game like Pat Mahomes - whatever makes the most sense depending on our record and the young quarterback's development. Besides, I'm not so confident in our offensive line or weapons. Maybe we just shelve the QB for a year till we improve those areas. Confidence means a lot in this world and I think a lot of quarterbacks failed because they had theirs shattered in their rookie season. But you're right, I don't think mentoring has much impact - but for me at least, if having a vet start the season gives a prospect time to adjust to the NFL behind the scenes, I'm all for it.
  3. Loving Josh Rosen (merged)

    He's impressive: a lot of accurate throws in tight windows. 5:44 should have been a pick... terrible throw off his back foot that went right through the safety's hands. The fake spike was icing on the cake; I enjoyed that a lot. I was not a big Rosen fan, I worry about his health and most of his throws seem like five-yard throws to me, but he had a nice game and has grown on me a bit. I still like Darnold the most. I've got no idea how this thing is going to play out but I feel much more comfortable @ 3 than I did @ 6.
  4. Good Day to be a Jets fan

    A laconic phrase may be used for efficiency (as in military jargon), for philosophical reasons (especially among thinkers who believe in minimalism, such as Stoics), or to better deflate a pompous individual (a famous example being at the Battle of Thermopylae). Another prominent example involves Philip II of Macedon. After invading southern Greece and receiving the submission of other key city-states, he turned his attention to Sparta and asked menacingly whether he should come as friend or foe; the reply was "Neither."[3] Losing patience, he sent the message: The Spartan ephors again replied with a single word: Subsequently, neither Philip nor his son Alexander the Great attempted to capture the city. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Laconic_phrase
  5. Do you agree?

    A lot of us get negative about this team easily... but goddam it seems like everyone that doesn't bleed green is sh*tting on this trade, and you know what? F*** 'em. This was a good move by the Jets. If we draft Allen I may have spoken too soon...
  6. Mohamad Salah LFC

  7. As someone who wanted to sign Cousins for a large part of the offseason, I'm happy with this move so long as we don't draft Allen.

    Everyone has their preference of quarterback, but it does seem like the vast majority of us do not favor Josh Allen. Agreed?

    Soooo the knees don't bother you (because he's rebounded...twice already...which also means he's had to rebound twice already... because he blew up his knee twice in three years). The analogy with the Lambo (i.e. that it's impractical and doesn't address any foundational issues with this team, and that money is better spent elsewhere) doesn't bother you and you think the 4 year 25 mil deal we gave Buster will somehow be comparable to what the Honey Badger gets? Yea, you're gonna have to do better than that. And remember, we don't have to spend it all this year. We're not a Tyrann away from winning the Superbowl, the division or, f*ck-it, even eight games!

    This is Buster's last year of his contract. How many years and dollars will the Honey Badger get? We're not always going to have the most cap space, right? Just because you come into a lot of money doesn't mean it's wise to buy a Lambo, understand? We're not a win-now team; I don't want to us sign a surplus player for big money. How many wins is the hybrid nickel/safety going to add our total next year? Didn't we just spend nearly 20 million on two corners and drafted two safeties back-to-back in rounds 1 & 2 next year? Do we have to drop more money into the secondary just because we can? Do we have to spend all of it this year? We don't need this player. He's going to get a lot of guaranteed money and be signed for a lot of years. And then there's his knees: http://www.espn.com/blog/arizona-cardinals/post/_/id/20624/a-patient-tyrann-mathieu-calls-second-knee-rehab-easier A 5'9 safety/corner hybrid with two gruesome knee injuries in his past whose played only one full season in his career... sounds like a safe bet and a smart move! Let's give him five years, 50 million with 30 of it guaranteed! ...

    Because not every player signs a one-year deal. We will owe this guy money for a while; money that could be otherwise spent (down the road) on more important positions like say pass-rushers, offensive-lineman, and offensive-playmakers of any stripe. We just drafted two safeties back-to-back in the first two rounds last year. We just signed Trumaine Johnson and re-signed Morris Claiborne. We've spent enough resources on whatever position you want to label the Honey Badger. Buster Skrine sucks. Doesn't mean we have to replace him with a ten million dollar a year nickelback (as you label him).

    His knees. His size. And he's not a traditional nickel corner. Whatever scheme-it-up situation you want to argue he played @ LSU or on the Cardinals, he's not Aaron Colvin and I don't think you want Mathieu's primary responsibility to be covering the slot WR. If we were a team that was close or adamant about going all-in this year, I'd be really excited about this. But we're not. From a strictly entertainment perspective, I'd love to watch this guy every Sunday, but he's not a foundational piece, he's a surplus player; the honey badger is not a starting point for your defense. He's the cherry on top of an otherwise good defense like the Giants or a defensive wildcard for an all-in-win-now team like the Packers. When your quarterback is McCown or Bridgewater, you don't keep a player like this on your roster for ten million dollars a season. That's what the Cardinals realized.

    We'll be paying our nickel back Honey Badger money though. And he's not really a nickel, is he? He's not really a safety either. He's a good football player without a clear position that can make some splash plays. I think the Honey Badger should go to a win-now team because I think the expiration date on his career quickly approaching. I'd bet he's got about two years of quality football left in him.

    I'm convinced he would be a poor investment long term. He's 5'9 on bad knees without a clear position. It'd be fun to see those five out there in a nickel-three-safety look but, I mean, I thought the goal here was to get Bowles & Macc fired - not build some beast secondary that, paired with no pass rush and a below-average offense, could win us six games.