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  1. non Jets Lamar Jackson is the league MVP Zeke has a career year Jets Carl Lawson has double-digit sacks Jets are top 10 in rushing yards on offense
  2. Ends up in Arizona when D Hop decides not to play over the shot.
  3. The interesting narrative here is that the Bengals did not re-sign Lawson and opted to sign Trey Hendrickson from the Saints after we signed Lawson. Did the Bengals panic after we signed Lawson or did they know something we didn't? It's difficult to give the benefit of the doubt to either organization. We'll see how it plays out. I was a big proponent of signing Lawson and I'm bullish on him being a top ten edge rusher in the NFL next year. But ehh, I'm clearly relying heavily on those pressure applied metrics and assuming this scheme combined with the continued emergence of Qui
  4. Odd site this time of year. Declarations of fandom, 'Gaze walks into a bar'.
  5. I like how ya brought up both Quinnen's rookie year and that Mims might not be the ideal fit for this offense. = Shouldn't be too harsh judging rookies but I am concerned of Mims' role in this scheme. But I've got think that if Wilson is really a down-the-field, YOLO thrower, Mims is likely the best target for that? Gonna be interesting to watch how that plays out. Excited to read training camp reports.
  6. Good argument for Chase Young given age, freakishness, team need and positional value... blah blah blah. But like, f*** defense. I'm tired of it. The better answer is AJ Brown.
  7. Good thread. I think it's safe to say, as many already have, that J Davis will be the strong. The other spot is wide open. I have no idea, and I've enjoyed reading everyone's speculation. Agree with @slats about the nickel package being the most common look, with only two LB'ers, or maybe even one LB and a safety in the box. Curious to see if Mosley + Joyner in the box with Davis + Maye over the top is a look we use in third and long? @JiFapono: "Ham Nas" is a glorious nickname @kdels62 is right about Cashman. Excellent fit for this scheme; will be injured in the first defe
  8. It's scary taking RB's high because of the propensity of injury. If it were me, I'd take King Henry. Might not have the same upside as CMac or Cook, especially in PPR formats, but I feel like that dude is built to survive in the NFL.
  9. This. Top 8 offense. Bottom 5 defense. The back seven of this D could easily stumble their way to a bottom five defense. We can draft defense next year. I want to score teh points.
  10. Also genuinely believe they just liked our last two drafts and the Saleh hiring. PFF is meh, but I enjoy these two, especially around draft time. FWIW, at another point in the episode from which this was clipped, those two were arguing that if we signed Moses both believe Wilson would throw for more yards than Lawrence. At least the positivity is cool.
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