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  1. Forget hating on Bell or Gase. The signing hasn’t worked. The offensive line is the primary reason. Don’t be fooled by Powell running decent against a terrible run defense last week. And don’t be fooled by Gase’s seeming mismanagement. We just don’t have the personnel to make this work. We should part from Bell this offseason for that reason alone and use whatever resources we can get for him to build what we need. The same should apply for Adams. It doesn’t mean these guys are bad guys; they’re just better off somewhere else. We’re better off going cheap at RB and S - if we were in a window where we had a legit shot at a division title, I’d say we should keep them both for that window. But that’s just not the case, and it’s best to be unemotional about it.
  2. for all the pizza haters https://umbertosfamily.com/pages/umbertos-new-hyde-park If you’re on LI, go there miss that place
  3. Hot dogs are disgusting. I don't care what they're made of; they taste like sh*t. Blue cheese is an abomination. Alcohol sidenote: Craft beer sucks - I live in CO and everyone is obsessed with brewing and they all suck at it. Wine is pretentious. If you like wine - that's fine, none of my business. If you like wine so much that you need to talk about your flavor profile and describe a particular taste with "notes of _______" or "that's a good year for that vintage" - you're a douchebag.
  4. We're on our third string quarterback. Can't say I've seen anything impressive from Gase thus far, but given the circumstances, I don't expect much. If not for our kicker in the first game (or the CJ injury), we'd have won the game we should've before the avalanche of bad luck happened.
  5. Darnold looked great in the last four games of last season, great in preseason, and rough in the first game. The game was terrible, the fourth quarter was brutal and we're all rightfully pissed off. But this isn't a trend; in fact the trend is the other direction.
  6. Early 2000’s Chiefs on offense - that line dominated and Priest Holmes was fun to watch. Tony G was a monster. Late 90’s early 2000’s Bucs on defense - just fun to watch how much pressure they applies and how many turnovers they forced.
  7. We’d have more depth and a better roster... but long term, we’d have an inferior quarterback. I’d rather take the hit now and have Sam for the long term than the better roster now.
  8. This. It’s not that Clowney isn’t better than Jenkins, because clearly he is, but he’s not the edge rush messiah. Short-termism ruins most sports franchises. I’d rather play the long game and bet on Darnold’s future than gamble draft picks and a massive contract on Clowney. Save those dollars, and especially those draft picks, and let our GM build around Sam properly.
  9. Meh, that d-line fell apart, the o-line fell apart and Tom Coughlin was a better coach than than the next two guys. Hate to defend Odell, but the Giants have been mismanaged for a while now.
  10. WR If I could have the talent of any player in professional sports, it's this guy:
  11. Did Keto for 6 months and lost 40 lbs. Had to update as well. Can’t say these are cheap, but I like ‘em: Mavi for jeans and khakis Mack Weldon for underwear/socks/t shirts Bonobos for shirts

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