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  1. Like these two, and since UBI has been mentioned here, I figure this is worth passing along since it dropped in the past 24 hours:
  2. They’re pretty good @ receiver and they went all defense...every pick...the entire class. Doesn’t at all seem like an indictment of Mims as a prospect.
  3. We agree they packed in a bit too much in the finale. I also enjoyed Marshawn in there, he was fun to watch. And don't get it twisted, I love the philosophical dilemmas the show challenges the audience with. Is Dolores right? Is Serac right? Are their means justifiable? Is Caleb being manipulated, and if so, for good reason? Also really enjoyed the transition from the park to the real world - I thought that was much needed and really interesting. It makes me think a lot about data collection and how it can be used as a predictor of human behavior. It's pretty scary, actually. I listened to a great Sam Harris podcast episode a while ago wherein the guest, Tristan Harris, spoke about I believe Facebook and Google, using the personal data they've collected on people, can predict with ridiculous accuracy whether someone is manic depressive (and what phase they're in currently) or whether someone has the very early stages of Parkinsons disease. I thought that was incredible scary - especially considering they're selling this information to the highest bidder - companies that can push adds to the manic depressive (Vegas trips when they're manic etc) and sell that early diagnosis of Parkinsons to insurance companies. Westworld does a good job, IMO, of painting a future with those realities taken to their logical evolution. So yea, I like the show, I just feel like it has a mountain of potential and doesn't come close to hitting it. It's the Sheldon Richardson/Mo Wilkerson of shows for me. It's not Vern Gholston. It's just a show that has flashes of brilliance and many moments of 'WTF?' or 'that's lazy writing'. Anyways, I will continue to watch because highs of the show are definitely high. Thought Ed Harris killed it again this season. "I'm gonna save the f***ing world" haha.
  4. I hear ya - it was always interesting and I looked forward to it each week, but I don't exactly feel the same way as I gather you do. I really liked the 1st and 4th episodes - and whichever one that had Charlotte go full Terminator. But it felt rushed a little? And that finale, I wasn't crazy about. It felt like there was a lot of melodramatic long looks into the camera and there was some plot choices that bothered me. Idk, that show is immensely frustrating to me - it has some absolutely brilliant moments, a great cast and an always interesting backbone (humanity's relationship with AI) - but it seemingly doesn't deliver the way I think it should. Anyways, it was a welcome respite during 'the Rona' and I don't regret watching it. Will watch the next season whenever it drops.
  5. Yang is on to something. Read a good book recently: Utopia for Realists. One of the first chapters was about a pilot homeless program in the UK wherein they just gave the homeless money directly. It ended up costing less and having better outcomes than anything anyone has tried on that front before. I'm talking something like 2/3 of the folks given money were not homeless and had job within a eighteen months or something of that nature. It wasn't just 'better than the last thing we tried' - it was a fairly resounding success. Whatever side of the political spectrum you plant your flag in; any policy that's humane, costs less than any previous solution (including ignoring the problem), and has better outcomes is worth piloting in our own country. Anyways, I think we're going to have to open up and adhere to a manageable form of social distancing. Direct cash stimulus to Americans, which I fully support, must have a functional economy to pay for it. I imagine something like half capacity at establishments, no mass gatherings, masks out in public could help us get the economy moving again without being a complete free-for-all of community spread. We'll see - this is going to be the big debate for the foreseeable future.
  6. This. The Ravens are built the same way: Earl Thomas, Marlon Humphrey, Marcus Peters. They've got no true pass rusher. The Titans are pretty good on the back end too: Adoree, Malcolm Butler, Kevin Byard. They don't have an elite rusher. Landry is solid. You can get creative with the front 7 and scheme pressure. It's far more difficult to mask bad secondary play.
  7. https://www.google.com/amp/s/mobile.reuters.com/article/amp/idUSKCN2270RX
  8. No worries at all; I thought your post was in reference to the exchange between HighPitch and myself. And either way, I think it's healthy for reasonable people, such as yourself and, I hope, myself to disagree. That reuters article I posted earlier about the testing in prison I thought was interesting. 96% of those that tested positive were asymptomatic. That's wild, I thought. I start to think about how that would translate to the total population... But I'm also aware that I want social distancing to end because I'm stir crazy at the moment, so I'm aware I might be overly optimistic/wishful thinking.
  9. I don't know if we actually know what quarter we're in. All I'm saying is - the more information comes out, Covid-19 appears to be less dangerous and more prevalent than originally thought. I don't think that's particularly controversial and I was happy to be safer than sorry, both individually and as a nation. But with time, and information, I'm allowed to evolve in my view of the situation, no?
  10. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-health-coronavirus-prisons-testing-in/in-four-u-s-state-prisons-nearly-3300-inmates-test-positive-for-coronavirus-96-without-symptoms-idUSKCN2270RX We'll have to watch and see how this plays out, but I thought it was interesting and worth passing along.
  11. More and more as this slowly grinds on and we learn more about the virus - I share the same thought process as you. I was super careful for the first month of this, really since the first Monday of March, but I've since been less and less strict. I go to my brother's place regularly, I go to the grocery store much more regularly (it's across the street lol), and I dropped off my car for service today, will be getting my windows tinted mid-may, and just generally am far less concerned than I once was. I still practice social distancing, I haven't drank or smoked in two months, my 'in-person' social life is near non-existent, I wear gloves and a mask when I'm out, I wash my hands religiously... but I'm ready to get back that out there. I can't wait for the bars to open up here in Denver. It's going to be like the roaring 20's here this summer once this opens up: I'm not keeping score here yet on whether we overreacted or not. I don't know if I myself overreacted yet. Maybe all the steps we took prevented a worse outcome. But the original numbers were something like 200k deaths in this country with social distancing. Now that might still happen, especially with a second wave... but I think what we've learned is that it's not as dangerous as we feared. And that's great news.
  12. Sams got a bit of gunslinger in him, and you’ll love it sometimes and hate it others. But I’m good with it. I don’t buy the ‘Sam’s gotta step up’ narrative - it’s about the rest of the goddam offense stepping up. As many in this thread have already mentioned - the offense was completely non-functional without Sam last year. Suddenly he comes back and we’re beating teams we shouldn’t. A clean pocket, a running game and some #weaponz will allow Darnold to put up the #’s we all want.
  13. Agreed on everything. The only things I’d add: He buys into data analytics for scouting, in-game tactics, and nutrition/exercise programs for individual players. He’s embraced modernity. He’s got incredible personal charisma - that might be what truly differentiates him. If he did all the things you and I praise him for but wasn’t such a goddam rockstar as a person, I wonder how far he’d go. Also, just philosophically, Klopp wants to play aggressively and emphasizes ‘playing beautifully’ which I think helps culture and attracts talent.
  14. Yea that’s gonna alienate professional athletes. Might work on rookies but sooner or later if your team hates going to work everyday... Why can’t every coach be like Jurgen Klopp?
  15. At this point, not all that interested in a trade. Unless it nets us an immediate upgrade at WR, a true #1, then I think we missed this offseason’s window to move him. The draft is over. Time to focus on preparing for the season.

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