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  1. What went wrong with Mo.

    Some players sign a big contract and are done. It happens. It's very human; some people get rich and their motivation dies.
  2. Star Wars Episode VIII has begun filming

    ***Spoilers*** Chewbacca was excluded from anything meaningful. The entire Canto Bight storyline sucked. But other than that, I don't understand the hate; specifically the "political' hate. I didn't see this movie as political at all. I think a lot of y'all just need to relax on seeing politics/social issues everywhere you look. The fact that Holdo had a reasonable if depressing strategy and Poe's plan was a massive gamble wasn't about male vs female; I read that as being age and experience versus youth and inexperience: An admiral's plan versus a pilot's plan. And drunk Yoda, Warfish? Come on, if you watch The Empire Strikes Back I bet you'll find that Yoda in TLJ was a lot more like the ESB Yoda than the prequels Yoda. And Rey failed on multiple levels in this movie; failed to get true training from Luke, failed to convince Luke to join the resistance and failed to turn Kylo to the light. In fact almost all of the heroes failed in this movie; except they were able to narrowly survive thanks to the time Luke bought them. Not saying it's a great movie. Not saying its even close to The Empire Strikes Back. Definitely think it was overrated by critics. But goddam this movie was so much better than the prequels and I think a lot people are nit-picking the sh*t out of it. I'm happy that they took some risks. It was a pretty good Star Wars movie and it was original in a lot of ways.
  3. Star Wars Episode VIII has begun filming

    I liked it. It wasn't as epic as some of the reviews I had read. It's not close to Empire. But I enjoyed it. SPOILER Do you think Kylo was lying to Rey when he said her parents were nobodies? Does it matter? The Snoke throne room scenes were epic. The whole Canto Bight story arc was weak. BDToro's character was cool though. Didn't really understand the whole Rose/Finn love arc they threw in at the end but alright maybe she just likes him. Kylo, Rey and Luke were excellent in this movie. And the Yoda cameo was great. Well done; much more like the Yoda from the OT than the PT, which I thought was a good choice.
  4. What's your ideal offseason plan?

    Move on from Bowles Trust in Mac Promote Morton to HC Re-sign McCown for one more year; draft a quarterback early this year - perhaps even trade up if necessary. Get rid of every other QB currently on the roster. Cut Wilkerson and Skrine Keep Ealy and ASJ Spend money on offensive line I genuinely like our offense this year. It needs some work along the trenches and we have no future at QB but we score points and finally play a modern offense designed around the forward pass. I don't think many coaches will want to come here, so I suggest promoting Morton. He's done a good job as far as I can tell; all of our happy surprises are on offense this year. The wideouts we have are fun to watch. Maybe Mac is smart for finding them... maybe Morton is a good coach for developing them... or maybe we just got lucky. However that happened, it happened; and in todays NFL I want an offensive minded head coach, a future at QB to develop and to throw lots of resources at the offensive line. I think that should be the recipe for every rebuilding team. If we can get a better offensive HC to come here; sure. But I'm trying to stay grounded and forego the "sign this beast short money" route; whether it's a coach, QB or any high priced talent that we foolishly think sees the NYJ as a "great opportunity". The only people we're an opportunity for are the unknown and the hungry. That's fine though; let the Giants bring some old bag out of retirement that the game has passed to coach their team. We'll take our chances with youth and innovation. What's the worst that could happen?
  5. Star Wars Episode VIII has begun filming

    Agreed. There's no way they give him his own trilogy if they didn't love what he did with TLJ. I've already got my tickets for opening day (the Thursday night showings around me in Denver are already sold out), I've already read a lot of theories online about different ways they could go with the story and what people have been able to piece-together from the trailers and behind-the-scenes footage that has been released - basically I can't f***ing wait. For the record I don't understand why so many people are down on Episode VII in this thread. I grew up a massive Star Wars fan; The Empire Strikes Back is my bible. The prequels were pretty terrible movies and Episode VII was a return to form. Was it a rhyme of A New Hope? Sure. Is it a perfect movie? No. But it felt so much more like the original trilogy than the prequels and was the first meaningful expansion of the Star Wars universe, for me, since Shadows of the Empire on N64. I picked up Battlefront 2 on PS4, I've been scouring the internet for spoilers, watching stupid zero-content/clickbaity analysis videos on youtube and now I'm talking about it on a football board... less than a month... your Tauntaun will freeze before you reach the first marker...
  6. Worst Coaching year

    Tough choice but I went Bowles 2016. Would've liked to see Bowles suspend Marshall, Mo and Sheldon indefinitely last year like the Giants did with their corners this year. But Bowles has bounced back considerably this year; even though he's just kinda went from zero to mediocrity. I'd still love to see us bring in an offensive mind as head coach. But I really Jerry Reese is worse than both. That team he's building has spent so much on defense; has Odell Beckham and Eli Manning but the offensive line is absolutely atrocious - the reason their season fell apart. They can't open holes and they cannot protect the quarterback. The coach and the players all share the responsibility but wow Reese you fundamentally misunderstood what has been ailing your roster for the past five years. Take away one of those corners. Take away Brandon Marshall. Take away Eli Apple too. Fill those needs in later in the draft or with bargain Free Agents. Use that big corner money, the Brandon Marshall money and the Eli Apple pick on offensive lineman. You could have a LT, a solid veteran guard or center and a first round talent to bolster that group and their season would be completely different.
  7. Well, I didn't come up with the logic or define unarmed; I cited a study from the Washington Post. Another poster cited a study done by Harvard and published in the NYT which brought different information. But I'll take a stab at responding anyway... The terrorist in NYC was using a vehicle as a deadly weapon; that to me and probably most people reading this, would not be considered unarmed. I don't know where "my stats assumed every police shooting is unjustified" because again, the data I cite is courtesy of a an exhaustive collection by the WaPo (not "my stats"); and somehow illustrating the difference in likelihood between police shooting unarmed blacks vs unarmed whites is not saying every police shooting is unjustified... but I am saying, as I think it's fair to do and not particularly hard on police, that the shooting of unarmed citizens by police officers should require even more of a burden on the police officer to prove that he was in danger seeing as the only threat on their life was seemingly coming from the person they shot, who had no weapon. Again we're not talking about a terrorist running over people like Paris or Central Park; I would argue that fella's deadly weapon was his vehicle. You've probably seen the videos online of people getting pulled over, being told to produce license and reg, and then upon reaching for the glove or inside the dash, are shot by police officers. We've seen a lot of those videos from dash cams or unfortunately from the girlfriend riding shotgun in that one video. It seems to happen more to black people than whites; and it seems the cops are acquitted more than not, and that's why I think people like Colin Kaepernick and BLM, even if I think they're misguided, have a point.
  8. Alright, it was a bad source and a mistake; fair enough. But I went on to respond to the stats anyway; I'm not interested in being one of those people that immediately shuts down a dialogue over something like that.
  9. Question For The Tank Crowd

    Also got the Sunday Ticket this year against my better instincts. Also was expecting to tank but have been pleasantly surprised by the team, McCown especially. I hope we draft quarterback next year in the first two rounds and sit him; let McCown play for another year while the rookie learns. But we could use some more playmakers on offense, another corner, a lot of help along the offensive line (although I admit I thought there were going to be worse) and for the love of god can we get someone who can pass rush off the edge? And I like the new offensive coordinator. But Bowles... I still think I'd rather have a new coach, even if he's done better than expected.
  10. Back when the game was played by MEN

    Can't say I read the whole thread; read the first page, see a lot of old timers v youngens. Don't really think you have to go that far back to find an NFL that was more fun to watch... I doubt this guy could play a game in todays' league without fines/suspensions/penalties watering down his talent: To those who've compared it to gladiatorial combat; they've got a point. The people who also have said it was more fun previously are right too. And yea, I wish Jamal Adams is half as good as Sean Taylor.
  11. Listen I think we agree on most things; i.e. most cops are solid people doing a difficult job, systemic racism is a reality and Colin Kaepernick could've (and should've) chosen a better way (more convincing, that is, to a wider audience) to voice his protest. I don't know what his girlfriend did. It's nice to find to common ground, NoBowles. Good post.
  12. I saw you originally cite "the American Renaissance" website with this data last night before I went to sleep, now you've cut out the middle-man and went directly to the FBI source (which your link, btw, doesn't exactly bring me directly to this statistic either... poor form fella, poor form); hey at least you're ashamed of reading/citing the American Renaissance website - that's a start I guess? But say, for the sake of argument, that it's correct (and that 2013 wasn't some weird deviation from the norm) - does that mean racism in our nation's police force doesn't exist? Or that unarmed blacks are being shot at a far higher rate than unarmed whites (a signifier of inherent and systemic prejudice when you use state sanctioned deadly force on someone who does not have a weapon far more on one race of people than another) doesn't matter? Or that the recent horrifying videos of these shootings that have went viral (and the subsequent acquittals of the police officers) doesn't smell a lot like injustice? I mean, I think you'd have to be extremely PC to say that the black community doesn't have its problems. And I think you'd have to be extremely ignorant to say that systemic racism isn't part of American life; especially so for blacks. I might not like the way Kaep protested; but goddam it seems like every time someone in the black community tries to point out racism someone not from that community has to bring up crime rates in black neighborhoods as I guess a reason to say "yea!? well here's why!" as if to say "until you get your act together as a race, we'll continue to treat all of you as a threat!" By the way, is there way to search for murders committed by socio-economic status? Do you think race is the best breakdown or maybe is there an economic element too? I don't know; I need a sandwich. My advice to you is to stop reading the American Renaissance... And when you cite something; have it link directly to the piece of information you're looking to convey; because right now I click on your link and see this: Because now you're making me do all the work; and maybe you didn't see the statistics about us redheads, but we're lazy...
  13. I don't really know what that's supposed to tell us? How does that compare with whites under the same parameters? Sounds like you've proved that statistics can be powerfully manipulated to say what you want - the statistics I provided at least had context and were quite clear; unarmed blacks are five times as likely to be shot by police than unarmed whites. That's fairly clear and directly accounts for why blacks might want to address the issue. As to your second point; you put me in the odd position of having to reiterate the point I made in previous posts - which is that I don't really like the way Kaep protested even if I understand that the underlying issue he's looking to bring into the political discourse is real; i.e. racism is a reality and the black community/black issues are either largely ignored or downplayed by many Americans. I don't think he's going to convince anyone of anything by doing what he did; which is what bothers me about his choice of protest. But it also bothers me that I see a lot of people, like yourself, that would rather provide a convoluted statistic without context in order to continue to ignore a systemic issue in our country. Why can't we say "hey Kaep, I hear you, but that's not the way to make your point - you're just going to piss people off"? Instead it's a lot like Climate Change; rather than discussing solutions we've got to continually argue over whether it's happening or not. And again; I don't know why we have to sing the national anthem and wave the flag before a football game anyway. The two have nothing to do with each other and it seems odd that we do it in the first place. How about we keep sports and nationalism separate save for the Olympics and the World Cup? It seems like a cynical move by the NFL to pump so much patriotism into their game; and now it's blown up in their face - the NFL kinda got what it deserved in that respect.
  14. Hey that’s where I get my neutriceuticals from!