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  1. After watching both videos - the two best throws were from Darnold (the strike to Herndon on the crosser and that ridiculous 'no.no.YES' throw to Berrios that was dropped in the endzone). But I didn't see the anticipation that Wilson clearly has, and Sam looks frantic/rushed too frequently. But I mean, sh*t, Wilson is untouched every play and Darnold is under regular pressure throwing to Chris Herndon and Braxton Berrios. Granted, I'm a Darnold-truther (true believer of the Darnold-anon narrative), and these are all excuses. I can't deny that. But I would like to see Darnold with better protection, weapons and finally, most importantly, with some good goddam coaching - just as you said. There are BYU lineman older than Darnold and he's got three years in the NFL.
  2. What sucks about the new trilogy was that I was really enjoying the first hour or so of The Force Awakens. I was sold. I was in. And then it became 'fire the giant planet weapon', 'blow up the giant planet weapon' and I felt cheesed. The next two movies sucked. The unfortunate part was the possibility - good casting, interesting characters (at least initially), and I thought the whole two opposing sides of the force love story was actually a good idea, just poorly executed. And WTF did you do to Luke? And why is Leia flying out in space? And who the f*** is Snoke? And how lazy of you to bring back Palps at the end of the third. All so goddam silly. Anyways, Empire Strikes Back is still my favorite movie of all time.
  3. I believe both Christensen & Empey both already went on their Mormon mission, so they're older than your average prospect. Just something to consider. I know both are in the draft from running mocks - usually day 3 picks. But from the video, they do play a zone scheme and the blocking is stout. Possible late rounders for us as scheme fits depending on their age.
  4. Interesting channel. Worth passing along. For all the "content" channels like NFL Network and ESPN put forth about the sport, none of it is as interesting as stuff like this. And yes, you can tell I'm 'pandemic bored AF'.
  5. I was wrong... but I'm happy about it.
  6. Pitts & Toney? Rousseau & Phillips? Slater & Newsome II? Interesting. I'm going to say Slater & Newsome II.
  7. You two see this? re: Kwity Paye "He clocked the second-best 3-cone time on the team at a blistering 6.37 seconds, which would have topped anyone at the 2020 combine," Feldman wrote. "Paye’s 40 is also moving at 4.57, with a solid 34-inch vertical and 30 reps on the bench press. Paye’s 40 time and 4.15 pro shuttle time are better than any D-lineman or edge player who tested at the 2020 combine. His 11.3 time in the 60-yard shuttle is also elite." https://www.si.com/college/michigan/football/michigan-football-kwity-paye-jim-harbaugh-nfl-draft-2021-first-round-pick-don-brown-wolverines-defensive-end Dude is 6'4 270 lb. I don't know enough about the player to say how good he is; but I see him mocked high... then see those #'s and it makes sense. Deserves to be in the conversation at least.
  8. Clearly the circumstances are different between Mahomes and Watson - and it's more than just the roster, it's the entire culture/organization. I'm happy to go get Watson, even considering our deficiencies elsewhere, and pay the premium. But that's because I've seen him succeed in the NFL. And obviously Mahomes has ridiculous arm talent not seen since Favre, maybe Vick. It's taking the jump from the collegiate to pro game, and the development aspect I'm more curious about. If I'm Joe Douglas this offseason, and the Watson trade doesn't materialize, I'm trying to understand how best to find and develop my next quarterback. How much am I weighing the talent of the prospect versus the situation I'm putting that prospect into? That's where I'm at thinking about this problem and I need more information, both on the prospects available, and how quickly I can improve the situation around him. Right now, excluding the Watson trade, I'm currently not enamored with the QB choices at pick 2 and understand we've got a lot of work to do to improve the situation. I'm leaning towards punting on that position until next year. But we're still early into this offseason.
  9. Understood. I'll look for some statistical analyses of 'landing spot' and bust rate on my own. If you happen to come across something, let me know. Obviously I'm thinking about Darnold in all of this. But even more importantly, is whether or not we should even take another quarterback prospect high until we improve the situation - hopefully a year from now.
  10. I'm curious if there's anyone who has any statistical analysis on the situations these quarterbacks are placed in? It'd be incredibly hard to judge given you cannot know what Sam Darnold would do if having gone to the Chiefs a year after Mahomes and vice versa. But as a layman that isn't well versed in data analytics, just from 'watching the footballs' on Sunday, it's clear that situation Mahomes landed in was near perfect for developing a quarterback, no? Esteemed, innovative offensive coach Sit for a year Travis Kelce & Tyreek Hill Stable, although not spectacular, offensive line I just think it would be informative and interesting to see any type of analysis of 'situation' and its impact on bust rate/hit rate.
  11. We'll see how they test out athletically, but seeing as Devonta is 170 lbs, Waddle is in the 185 range and Chase is 200+... I've got to think that puts Chase in a different category. All respect for Slim Reaper and what he accomplished this past year, but it's fair to be concerned about how his game translates to the NFL.
  12. When I think about Mike Maccagnan's roster building:

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