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  1. Round 1 (#3) trade to Broncos for Chris Harris Jr, #10 overall and #41 overall Round 1 (#10) Andre Dillard OT, Washington State Round 2 (#41) Elgton Jenkins C, Mississippi State Round 3 (#68) Jaylon Ferguson Edge, Louisiana Tech Round 3 (#93) David Long CB, Michigan Round 4 (#105) Terry McLaurin WR, Ohio State Round 6 (#196) Diontae Johnson WR, Toledo Round 7 (#217) Olive Sagapolu NT, Wisconsin
  2. RedBeardedSavage

    Draft Trade Rumors

    Would you take Trent Williams or Scherff in a package with the Redskins second rounder this year to move down to 15?
  3. Want: Offensive lineman Don't Want: Defensive lineman
  4. RedBeardedSavage

    The case against Williams is weak

    I think he was hurt for the playoff run, but I hear ya. If we're stuck @ 3 and he's the top player available, I won't complain. But I really think it's on Mac to engineer a trade down, because at this point, I'm just not interested in QW, Bosa, Allen or Oliver. I want players that will help Sam.
  5. RedBeardedSavage


    Anyone notice that stare down that Bran gave Tyrion after T spoke with Sansa? WTF is that about? Is Tyrion hiding something?
  6. RedBeardedSavage

    Offensive Line or Bust!

    Agree with this. If we stay at three, I don’t think we’re taking an offensive lineman until round three. If we trade down in the first, I’d love to take a tackle and a center in the first three rounds.
  7. RedBeardedSavage

    What's the difference?

    This. Bell and Osemele will help. CJ Mosley will help. If Crowder can stay healthy, he’s a decent weapon. But really, our biggest get was a competent coaching staff. We’re halfway into March, so it’s really early for this, but I think we’re in that 6-8 win range... Maybe more like 9-10 wins if Sam plays like week 16 2018 Sam.
  8. RedBeardedSavage

    Proposed Big Apple Draft Swap

    I know we’ve needed a true pass rusher since Abraham left. I know Allen, Bosa and even QW from inside could really help this D. But all I want is to bring in as much offensive talent as possible. I’m good with the scattershot approach, and we need more picks for that. Trade down
  9. RedBeardedSavage

    Mike MacCagnan's legacy of career extension

    Lucky. Get used by Cousins? turned out to be a blessing Trade up blind to three and have the #1 QB on our boards fall into our laps? This is the defining moment of his tenure As illustrated by the OP, he’s a sh*t GM. I think he’ll be here year at least through next offseason, which is a shame - but I actually like this coaching staff he’s put together here... maybe, just maybe, he drafts well this year and we reassess his legacy. Could just be post Bell euphoria...
  10. RedBeardedSavage

    Mike Maccagnan Appreciation Thread.

    After the Osemele trade, I’d said I’d be ecstatic if we landed Paradis and Bell. I’d have traded Mosley for Paradis, but ok, Mosley is a good player that can make our rush defense stout and come up with the occasional big play. The Bell acquisition is great. Solid job so far, Macc. We’ll see what ya do with the remainder of our cap and in the draft.
  11. RedBeardedSavage

    Debate - Bell vs Coleman

    This is the key. It’s not about Bell bringing us glory. It’s not about whether, generally speaking, giving a second contract to a RB is wise. It’s about Darnold. We get Bell and Darnolds odds of becoming an elite franchise quarterback increase. Coleman doesn’t move the needle.
  12. RedBeardedSavage

    My Top DT Of The 2019 NFL Draft.

    I've been of the opinion that QW is better than a blue-chip prospect but liked this post a lot. Make some good points and has me reevaluating my thoughts. Good stuff.
  13. RedBeardedSavage

    What player available at #3 would make pick untradeable?

    Quinnen Williams. Right now, we're probably best served by sliding down and taking 2 of the 3 of these guys in the late 1/early 2: Andre Dillard, Paris Campbell, Chris Lindstrom. But I think QW will be a star. A lot depends on how we help Sam in free agency. The more improvement I see on offense before the draft, the less I feel obligated to force offensive players in the draft.
  14. He's probably on PED's. Maybe I'm being too presumptive, but I think most of the NFL is on PED's. Most importantly, Metcalf has a checkered injury history and doesn't have the production considering his physical gifts. It's not that I couldn't see him being a true #1, it's that his likelihood to bust is too high. A lot of Jets fan will be angry, but I think the safest player is QW @ 3. I'd prefer to trade down and come away with say, Paris Campbell and Chris Lindstrom, but we might be stuck at 3.
  15. RedBeardedSavage

    Alabama DL Quinnen Williams vs OSU Edge Nick Bosa?

    Slightly prefer QW. I worry about Bosa's health. The elder Bosa misses games regularly. Younger Bosa already possesses a checkered injury history. If we can't trade down, I think I'd prefer QW.
  16. RedBeardedSavage

    Jets Place 2nd Round Tender on Anderson

    I’d like to see him produce for one more year (and stay out of trouble) before he gets a serious contract, but I’d take a second rounder if someone signs him. Sound move.
  17. We agree on everything but Bell. Your reservations about him, both as an aging RB getting a contract and his expected effort level once paid, are more than fair. My main issue with your assessment is that I don’t see where we’ll be limited by signing Bell. There’s nobody I’m worried about RE-signing currently. It’s likely none of those elite pass rushers being tossed around here will actually hit the open market. What are we saving this money for? Your assessment of his character might be valid and the general philosophy of not paying a RB a second contract, I agree with - albeit in a vacuum. If we’re confident as an organization that Bell’s gonna come in and work hard, then he will make Darnold’s life a lot easier - and that’s the long term plan here. I’m not worried about who we have on the edge on defense over the next two years, or who’s playing corner over that time. I’d be happy to be that team that’s lopsided offensively until Darnold is 25, then we can start building a balanced team. Bring in people now, even at a premium, to grow our investment during its most precarious time. It will come down to the what we learn about Bell’s character; not the price, in my opinion.
  18. Why not choose to suffer that reality on the defensive side of the ball with low cost players and allocate the premium money for offensive talent like Bell and Paradis? Even if it cost us half of our cap space to fill out the team and re-sign the players we want to keep (the two Andersons, Daryl Roberts, Andre Roberts), which is probably an overestimation, we’re still left with more than enough to sign Bell and Paradis with space left over. If it’s $50 million to fill out the team and $30 million to land both Bell and Paradis, we’re still in good shape. We need to help Sam immediately, even if it means overpaying those two. Besides, I don’t see how it’s mortgaging the future, it’s paying a premium we can afford.
  19. We can afford to pay a premium because of our cap space and we should embrace paying that premium because signing Bell will give Darnold an elite player that’s better than good at every phase of his job to rely upon. I don’t expect Bell to be as productive here as he was on the Steelers; we don’t have their line or their receivers. But seeing as we’ve got a 100 million dollars and a 21 year old franchise quarterback, the entire goal of this organization should be to put players around Darnold that will help him succeed.
  20. RedBeardedSavage

    Are the Jets an expansion team?

    Agree with this part. The next two months should be about avoiding disaster. They’ve already taken a risk pairing Gase with Williams, then there was that whole issue with Williams’ son and then the hiring of Vitt. I could be wrong about any of that being an issue but, from the outside, it looks like a powder keg. And then my next biggest concern is how we approach free agency. Signing a bunch of high priced vets in a weak free agency year could be a disaster. I hope we’re smart enough to realize that only one of those top pass rushers (if they become available), Paradis or Bell is worth big money. I hope we’re smart enough (and fortunate enough) to trade down in the draft too.
  21. RedBeardedSavage

    Mock Offseason; amateur pragmatist

    ***Not comprehensive; there are more depth players I could see signed or let go, just wanted to take a crack. Caveat #2: by no means do I count myself a draft guru; the extent of my knowledge is reading other people's work/watching youtube*** Assumptions: None of the elite pass rushers (Lawrence, Clowney,Clark) hit the open market We pursue Bell, but he signs somewhere else - although I'd love to be wrong about that With a new coach and a 22-year-old quarterback, this isn't a one-year rebuild Free Agent Signings Matt Paradis (Denver) C Chris Conley (Chiefs) WR - read an article about him being a good WR when the play breaks down; could pair really well with Darnold seeing as that's one of his strengths too Brandon Graham (Eagles) DE Mark Ingram (Saints) RB Draft Trade down Jacksonville #3 for #7, #38 and #69 - Jets receive 2265 draft value chart points, Jaguars receive 2200 Pick 7: Jawaan Taylor OT Florida Pick 38: Chris Lindstrom G Boston College Pick 68: Joe Jackson DE Miami Pick 69: Terry McLaurin WR Ohio State Pick 94: Edwin Alexander NT LSU Retain* Andre Roberts KR Robby Anderson WR Morris Claiborne CB Daryl Roberts CB Jason Myers K Deontay Burnett WR Let Walk* Buster Skrine CB Jermaine Kearse WR James Carpenter G Henry Anderson DE (he was the man this year, but I don't think he fits long term) * I'm aware there are more players than this that are free agents; I stuck to the people I consider important departures/keepers I'm attempting to be realistic while addressing a fundamental weakness of the team; the offensive line. There aren't any Faneca's or Damien Woody's that I see out there, so I don't think we should be spending big on a guard or a tackle in free agency. Paradis or Morse, while both injury prone, are good centers and I think it's an absolute must for us to sign one of them. I'd love to have added more playmakers, but I feel like we've got to be realistic both about who's out there and their willingness to come here. The real difference maker this offseason would be the availability of one of those elite pass rushers or if Bell decides he'd come here over some other rumored destinations. I chose to assume we're not that lucky at this point, but I believe if we added one of those players to this offseason, we'd have done really, really well. Otherwise, I look at this as a solid start with some vets to help Sam immediately (Ingram, Paradis) and the rebuilding of the offensive line through the draft. I kept Kelvin Beachum considering he's been solid for us, and I think, considering our cap space, he's worth keeping around in case Taylor isn't ready day one or as insurance against injuries. If you made it this far, thanks for checking it out. Leave some comments fo' sho'.
  22. RedBeardedSavage

    Mock Offseason; amateur pragmatist

    Well, thanks hombre - much appreciated. I feel like I’ve stumbled upon a different part of the internet where people are polite and complimentary. Anyways, I agree I could’ve signed more free agents - and I hope they do. I’d love to get Bell or one of the elite pass rushers. From Derps post and thread on the main board, I like his suggestion of Kwon Alexander, ILB from the Bucs or Littleton from LA, although I think he’s restricted. Ronald Darby the cornerback from Philly could be interesting. Even Miller or Finney as depth at guard and center respectively could make sense, or Spain or Saffold if we really felt like we wanted a starter at LG before the draft. As for who’d id take at 3 if we were stuck there? I mean I guess my order would be Bosa, QW then Allen. I don’t know enough to distinguish between the three other than I value Bosa’s position over QW’s, and I feel like I haven’t seen Allen with his hand in the dirt enough to know if he’s not better suited for the 3-4. All of ‘em look like legit top five picks. I just keep thinking to myself that, even if it’s blasphemy to the more savvy drafters, I think I could get behind taking the 10th to 15th best player @ 3 if it meant protecting Darnold. So as it gets closer, and if the combine helps some of these tackles prove their worth, I might be inclined to stay at 3 and take the best tackle, even if there are better prospects. So while I respect the top 3 players (Bosa, Quinnen, Allen), and understand that they might be considered in their own elite tier, I think I’m leaning towards taking the player that’s still a premium position, but also provides the benefit of literally protecting the health of Darnold while making his job easier every play. If we can trade down and accomplish this, I’d be ecstatic. If not, i still think it’s a worthy move - especially considering this years free agent crop of tackles and the fact that we don’t have a second round pick. I guess the real question here is; would I be comfortable taking a guy I’m confident that would be a 7/10 left tackle for the next 5 years over lets say, an 8 or even 9/10 pass rusher over the next five years? I think I would. I don’t know if Taylor from Florida is that guy, but it seems like people regard him as the best tackle of the bunch and likely a top 10 pick. If that’s the case - then f*** it, lets just take him at 3 if we can’t slide down, sign Paradis, overpay some aging LG and go into next season with the confidence that we’ll give Darnold more time; confident that he’ll take less hits.
  23. RedBeardedSavage

    Kap and NFL Settle

    Safe to say I’ll reserve my judgment till I know more. Although he did look like a prick asking for 20 mil from the AAF - that was laughable.
  24. RedBeardedSavage

    Kap and NFL Settle

    If he donates the money; I’ll have respect for him. If he pockets it; I won’t. Curious how much he got.
  25. RedBeardedSavage

    Mock Offseason; amateur pragmatist

    Appreciated. I’m not sure who the Jaguars would trade up for, but imagined they would want to leapfrog the Giants to get their quarterback of choice. Good insights on Taylor, too. Do you think he can play on the left side? Do you think it matters as much which side a tackle plays on anymore? Just curious.

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