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  1. Clearly, this video shows that a 2 this year and a 2 next year could get this deal done. I don't want to give up either 1 from either year, but I also don't want to give Rodgers more time in limbo to go on more "spiritual retreats" and change his goddam mind. What we were talking about again?
  2. "These peasants don't even realize how taxing it is for me, and how beneficial it is for them, that I condescend down to the rabble and whisper: Jacoby Brissett is thy answer"
  3. Please don't let him wear the # of the guy that won Super Bowl twenty years before I was born and tried to drunkenly kiss Suzy Kolber on national TV! ...and publicly offered his # to Rodgers anyway. "I wanted Jacoby Brissett"
  4. Forget everything else for a moment. If Rodgers is truly motivated with genuine buy-in because of a change of scenery into a massive market combined with his egomaniacal desire to stick-it to the "those that have slighted him"... then we could be a really good football team.
  5. Just curious - since one of the biggest criticisms of Green Bay the past decade was never spending early draft picks on offense to support Rodgers. Will there be pressure to use that 13 on offense coming from Rodgers, or from the owner? If Carter falls...
  6. He had a terrible season in '21 and a good one in '22. At that price, no thanks. If Jalen Carter drops.................
  7. I don't think any of us know that for sure. At least we know now that Rodgers wants to play for us. It's a good day on that front, but I'm not gonna celebrate too much until the deal is done and I can see the compensation.
  8. Agree with this, it's entirely on health and for the past two years, Lazard has been more durable.
  9. Fair points - and I'd rather be that team, with McVay @ the helm, Cooper Kupp on offense and Aaron Donald + Jalen Ramsey on D making this move. But I'd add that Goff, even just from observing his play last year, was considerably more functional than anything we've rolled out since... always? It's exceedingly difficult to be a .500+ team with a disaster at quarterback. This gamble doesn't seem crazy to me, but perhaps riskier (although seemingly at reduced compensation in draft picks) than the Rams play for Stafford. Probably a better comp for us is the Bucs. If only we could nail that 13th pick like they did with Wirfs... we might be really dangerous.
  10. Noooooooo. I liked Herbig.
  11. There was a 1:12 left. Huff made a play, then Sauce did like two plays later. To each their own, but you've seemed to dial up the nihilism to eleven. You've gone full Jobu Tupaki. Never go full Jobu Tupaki.
  12. Strange that the same argument is used against Rodgers and the other douchebag-but-not-criminal players. "They're insufferable", "so hard to root for", "I just don't like him". I mean, I agree he is a bit of a prick... but like, we're gonna win some games. I prefer that to some feelgood fan story on twitter and some palm tree necklace swag.
  13. To be fair that was a one-year-deal sorta thing. I think Lazard is an upgrade over Davis simply because of health, but I understand the trepidation of "why are we signing this dude to a multiyear deal at the behest of the quarterback who is only committed for one?" Then again, I think they're mostly just looking for reasons to hate at this point.
  14. Agreed. I'd like to see what he can do here with a new coordinator and quarterback. Probably would remember the antics come contract time and look to deal him away rather than lockup long term.
  15. Prefer Lazard to Cobb for obvious reasons, and prefer Lazard to Corey Davis only because I just looked up Lazard played in 15 games both of the last two years - I'll take it!
  16. I think that you think our roster is worse than it is and that Rodgers, with no one to throw to last year, was a representative sample of what he is now as a player. And we beat the Bills last year - with Zach Wilson. Rodgers only improves our chances. Of course, this whole thing could go t!ts up - that's the nature of sports (see Hall, Breece injury). But like, we're a better team with Rodgers than we are with Wilson, White or Flacco. We'll see about the contract and the implications, there might be restructuring - now or in the future.
  17. It's not that those takes are unreasonable. Presently, you're 1 for 1. The second one, though? Brady and Stafford come to mind. But forget all of that for a moment. Even a diminished Rodgers is a top 1/3 of the league quarterback. And we haven't had one of those since, Favre? Hell, at least that season was fun. I'd love to win a Super Bowl, but I'm also happy watching a competitive team on Sunday. The first 2/3 of last year was fun - and that was with Joe Flacco and Zach Wilson @ quarterback. This will be better. Let's see the compensation and how the contract is structured before we sh*t on everything, is the real point.
  18. I don't know all this details or his history within that organization. I'm not looking to defend everything he's said or done, nor pretend that he's not an egomaniac. But my point is, we're not talking about Ben Rothlisberger or Ray Rice. He's just kind-of-a prick... and an excellent quarterback. I'm good with that tradeoff.
  19. I don't think he's quite the villain he's made out to be on PFT and some other sites, but the "immunized" thing was fairly dumb - plenty of players were open about their status and most people just shrugged. I just genuinely don't really care at this point - he's not a criminal and he's the best quarterback we'll have had in my lifetime. Just win. Last season was the first season in a while we had a taste of "good football". I want more of that. I was good with Carr, Rodgers or Lamar, even if all had their flaws.
  20. I mean, at least we don't have to see Zach Wilson next year? Rodgers is gonna throw touchdowns to G Wil and ask Mike Francesa if he's ever been on Epstein's jet. Should be a fun year. Does seem like you went from "skeptical fan" to
  21. Exactly - do we care if we miss out on the contracts given to Mike McGlinchy and Tremaine Edmunds? Rodgers changes us from a meh, middling team with nothing at quarterback, to a serious contender. Let's not worry. There's been enough leaks and hints today from people that have been reliable in the past that the deal is done. But if it goes south, we storm the Bastille.
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