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  1. WR If I could have the talent of any player in professional sports, it's this guy:
  2. Did Keto for 6 months and lost 40 lbs. Had to update as well. Can’t say these are cheap, but I like ‘em: Mavi for jeans and khakis Mack Weldon for underwear/socks/t shirts Bonobos for shirts
  3. For the most part, Gase gets a pass till the games are played. We win 9+ games next year, then I won’t complain.
  4. Really hoping they don't go the 'mad queen' Daenerys route. That has not been foreshadowed enough over the course of the whole series.
  5. Quinnen by a country mile. The other guys might not even be on the roster in three years. We all might lament the QW pick as another defensive lineman, but there are too many people saying he's one of the best defensive tackle prospects in years for me to be too critical.
  6. Agreed on this... but I still want him fired. I'm happy with Bell because it helps Sam. I don't care about the 'rift'. I want Mac gone because he drafts scared, prioritizes 5 techniques/safeties/inside linebackers.
  7. Whether Gase wanted him or not, I don't care. Bell will help Darnold on third down and it's essentially a two-year deal. Forget the rest. Nobody knows sh*t about the inner workings of the franchise.
  8. This. Right now our team is softer than Samwell Tarly.
  9. No doubt Mac drafts safe for his job/career, and not the franchise. I want him gone. But I can simply acknowledge that I don't know what the deals were for him to trade down, and maybe they really weren't all that enticing, especially considering how everyone lampooned the Giants for their QB choice @ 6. Maybe none of the other QB's were enticing enough for anyone to trade up to 3 for, and nobody was gonna trade up into the top five for any other position. And sitting there at 3, without being able to trade, I'm fine with QW. Can I say I'm happy? No. I'd have loved to trade down, taken Dillard and then one of the center prospects in round 2. But do I think QW is a blue chip player? Yes. And that's all I'm saying. I can sh*t on the rest of his draft(s) [except for Darnold - which looks lucky, but he did trade up to 3], but I can't sh*t on that pick considering the circumstances. And that's my point. I want Mac to leave. I want the Johnsons to sell the team. We're a terribly run franchise. But I do think people nitpick the f*** out of every move, even the ones that are justified.
  10. Yea but sometimes I’m reminded of the “d*cks, p*ssies & a$$holes” speech from Team America - “a$$holes who just want to sh*t all over everything”. Take pick 3 for instance; if we couldn’t trade out, which it seems like we couldn’t, I can’t really hate on the QW pick. In fact, I’m excited to see him in green. But there are those here that will just sh*t on it, regardless of circumstance, because it’s easy to say “we drafted another defensive lineman”. Before the draft, I wanted to trade down too - but I can’t, nor can our GM, dictate who offers us what. So while I wish our terrible owner would sell the team, that our GM was fired, I’m not just gonna sh*t on everything either.
  11. I think most people, myself included, wanted to find players that would help Darnold. QW doesn't do that. He might well be a terrific player - and I never really doubted that. But we finally have a franchise quarterback I believe in, and I think a better GM would've found a way to help him. It reminds me of the Mosley signing, tbqh. Mosley is a great player and fills a need, but spending those resources on him, instead of say, a portion of them on Matt Paradis, was a poor choice. Again - nothing against Mosley or QW. A lot of people have said it already, but Mac GM's like he's scared to lose his job as opposed to a true, astute, builder of a roster.
  12. I'd be real happy 'bout that. Don't want Bosa and want Murray to drop to us. Helps us trade down and pick offense
  13. I’m willing to take veterans (o-lineman or corners) in lieu of some draft selections to move down. If we are indeed talking about the Redskins, I’d take scherff or Trent Williams in a package with their 2nd rounder this year to move down. For me, the worst case scenario is taking another d-lineman @ 3. I don’t care about the draft value chart, I don’t care about how good some of these d-line prospects are - I care about bringing in players that will help Darnold develop.
  14. Round 1 (#3) trade to Broncos for Chris Harris Jr, #10 overall and #41 overall Round 1 (#10) Andre Dillard OT, Washington State Round 2 (#41) Elgton Jenkins C, Mississippi State Round 3 (#68) Jaylon Ferguson Edge, Louisiana Tech Round 3 (#93) David Long CB, Michigan Round 4 (#105) Terry McLaurin WR, Ohio State Round 6 (#196) Diontae Johnson WR, Toledo Round 7 (#217) Olive Sagapolu NT, Wisconsin
  15. Would you take Trent Williams or Scherff in a package with the Redskins second rounder this year to move down to 15?
  16. I think he was hurt for the playoff run, but I hear ya. If we're stuck @ 3 and he's the top player available, I won't complain. But I really think it's on Mac to engineer a trade down, because at this point, I'm just not interested in QW, Bosa, Allen or Oliver. I want players that will help Sam.
  17. Anyone notice that stare down that Bran gave Tyrion after T spoke with Sansa? WTF is that about? Is Tyrion hiding something?
  18. Agree with this. If we stay at three, I don’t think we’re taking an offensive lineman until round three. If we trade down in the first, I’d love to take a tackle and a center in the first three rounds.
  19. This. Bell and Osemele will help. CJ Mosley will help. If Crowder can stay healthy, he’s a decent weapon. But really, our biggest get was a competent coaching staff. We’re halfway into March, so it’s really early for this, but I think we’re in that 6-8 win range... Maybe more like 9-10 wins if Sam plays like week 16 2018 Sam.
  20. I know we’ve needed a true pass rusher since Abraham left. I know Allen, Bosa and even QW from inside could really help this D. But all I want is to bring in as much offensive talent as possible. I’m good with the scattershot approach, and we need more picks for that. Trade down
  21. Lucky. Get used by Cousins? turned out to be a blessing Trade up blind to three and have the #1 QB on our boards fall into our laps? This is the defining moment of his tenure As illustrated by the OP, he’s a sh*t GM. I think he’ll be here year at least through next offseason, which is a shame - but I actually like this coaching staff he’s put together here... maybe, just maybe, he drafts well this year and we reassess his legacy. Could just be post Bell euphoria...

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