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  1. I would agree with you, but in his first two drafts, he has been able to find value late in drafts.
  2. This could be one of the dumbest statements I have ever seen on here, including my own statements. And that says a lot. So let me get this straight. You wouldn't care to see players contribute?
  3. And you lose all credibility because Anderson wasn't drafted. He was a UDFA. So why should I listen to you when you don't get that right?
  4. Not until we know for sure that they are one. Which will take 3-4 years. Same thing with Dak Prescott. Same thing with Mark Sanchez
  5. Well they already have 15. And the SOJ law means that instead of tanking, they will get 6-9 wins this year
  6. The problem with Cook, and it is kind of a minor one, is that we already have a A and B back in Powell and Forte. Cook being drafted in the 1st or 2nd rounds would probably be expected to fit into one of those slots. The Jets needed a third running back, a C back, which fits McGuire. A low round backup
  7. But remember Watson and Mahomes are on much better teams
  8. The guy who lost his job just got fired. That guy built a roster that we swept last year. So tell me again the evidence that they have done a better job.
  9. Going to have to come to a team in the middle of a rebuilding process and not being guaranteed the starting QB job. And the prices of QBs are inflated to begin with? This is a non issue.
  10. Most of the negatives people are saying the Jets didn't take a QB. They were never going to in the first place, so that really doesn't make sense as a criticism. The OL is a fair criticism, but it was a very weak OL draft and you're not filling every hole in one draft. What's interesting to me is that Walter Football , which usually HATES the Jets and their drafts, gave them an A. That tells me something
  11. So far this weekend: JN Posters "Macc can't complete trades !" -Macc trades down 5 times in a draft, a franchise record. JN Posters " The rest of the AFC East did WAY better" Bills fire their GM a day after the draft
  12. Oh yes, Beerfish, Buffalo definitely owned us. That's clearly evident by the fact that they FIRED THEIR GM A DAY AFTER THEIR DRAFT
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