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  1. Regardless of whether you're buying or selling on this regime, I don't see how you can argue with the fact that no one's indispensable right now. So we lost our Director of Scouting? Ok...
  2. Hack needs to prove he can even function in the offense before we have this debate, IMO. Hack wasn't even at the level where you could put him in let him struggle and make the occasional play. He was just so far off. Apparently, he was even terrible in practice. So I might be in the minority, but if Hack's still in a similar boat as last year where he can't make basic reads and is missing wide open throws, I understand why he wouldn't be starting. Ideally, we wouldn't be starting McCown, but it is what it is at this point.
  3. Yeah, and I've noticed guys get really good grades who I didn't feel really made an impact. I've come to think they give too many points to simply playing the assignment and not enough to actually making impact plays. But anyways, if Jenkins can become a Calvin Pace type strongside OLB, that would be fantastic. I think people see he's never going to be a terror off the edge. So with that said, we still need to find that double-digit sack guy on the other side. Looks like Mauldin will get one more year to show if he can be that guy, but that'll more than likely be a position we need t
  4. Kind of a tangent, but I wonder if the plan is to transition Enunwa to a true H-back role in this offense. West Coast Offense could use one, it fits Enunwa's skill set, and all of a sudden we clear the pseudo logjam at the WR position.
  5. Which seems rather important for this scheme. But if the defense doesn't vastly improve, I think it's fair to question the wisdom in taking safeties in the first two rounds. Bowles got his wish. Ideally, this means Pryor will play better as much of a "rover" and Lee will play better not having as many coverage responsibilities and just being able to chase plays down.
  6. I would be floored if Hackenberg looks ok at any point this year. I just don't see it, especially in this offense. Secretly, I think the staff would agree. I just don't think they had it in them to admit the mistake after a redshirt season. I'd like to think they will after year 2 and some terrible play. I can see not taking a QB specifically, but I'm off the bandwagon if they take a defensive player for the 27th straight year.
  7. Was always a weird fit for the scheme, and again, a weird allocation of resources. He has all the athleticism in the world, so one of the priorities next year has to be finding out what he does well and unlocking that potential. We can't afford to have a first round pick be anything less than a solid starter.
  8. I'm a huge Gators fan so I've watched every game he's played in college. He's fantastic. But Bowles talking about him being better in the post than near the line isn't true, IMO. Great tackler, great in the box, can play some nickel, but he struggled early in his career as a deep safety and he still had some coverage busts the last couple seasons (although he improved a lot).
  9. It's easy to see McGuire as one of those late-round RB's who carve out a nice career in the NFL.
  10. I thought we did a good job of selecting guys in the draft who fit our scheme - both offensively and defensively. But I already didn't like Hackenberg's odds of panning out, but this offense really doesn't seem to be a great fit for him. Need a QB who can make quick decisions and throw with timing and accuracy. Not really his best attributes.
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