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  1. What kind of Yankee fan gets excited about winning a division championship? Typical SOJ fan celebrating modest accomplishments 😉
  2. He's been pretty bad, and one of the Jets best 2nd round picks in the past 20 years.
  3. Probably should also include the $2M in dead money Crowell is still costing. Still probably makes sense to cut, but could've justified keeping him this year for an extra $3M, cutting him next year and saving $4M with only $1M in dead money. McGuire is at best an adequate 2nd RB.
  4. Signing Bridgewater and trading for a 3rd is a good one too. Overall, I don't think Mac is a good GM. I even think he overpaid in picks to get Darnold, and it remains to be seen whether it was worth it. But the one thing he has been pretty good at is trades. Unfortunately been bad at draft and FA.
  5. Did a good job this year. But acted like a buffoon when he was here previously, telling everyone that Wayne Hunter was good, and taking shots as Bill Callahan, who actually did some really good coaching here. https://www.nj.com/jets/index.ssf/2012/05/jets_offensive_line_coach_dave.html https://www.newsday.com/sports/football/jets/jets-dave-deguglielmo-says-he-s-following-orders-by-using-vlad-ducasse-1.4277370
  6. Every new coach we've hired since Parcells (5 in a row) has had us playing for a chance to go to the playoffs in the last week of the season. Gase at a minimum needs to accomplish that.
  7. Would be very pleased with Bieniemy as our HC and Childress as OC.
  8. This. Declining but still very good and dangerous.
  9. Really didn't think any of the big 3 for 2019 draft in last night's game (Ferrell, J Williams, Q. Williams) stood out.
  10. You mean is Haskins isnt' taken before our pick, right? Because, assuming he is the only top-10 pick worthy QB, and he's still available when Jets pick, that pick becomes more valuable to a QB desperate team.
  11. He's sucked this year and gotten worse throughout his career. But can't be any less useful than Rishard Matthews has been.
  12. Picking up first down on pass on 3rd and 5 no sure thing with this offense. Not on a day when averaged 4 yards per dropback (128 yards/ 30 attempts and 2 sacks).
  13. Colts building a nice team. Amazing what a team can do when they get a couple extra 2nd round picks and draft well.
  14. Leaning towards yes, but it's close. The fact that Conner is replicating his production hurts him - and maybe brings down his cost. I'm skeptical of spending so big on an RB. But looking at next year's FAs there aren't a lot of legit offensive playmakers. Bell may be the best receiver to hit FA and he also happens to be a good RB.
  15. If had the choice going into the season, would definitely have chosen Matthews over Pryor.

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