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  1. Yes, Sanchez led us to a 5-1 finish in 2009 by having less than 150 passing yards in all of those 5 wins and under 100 in 3 of them (1 he didn't play in; Clemens played). Had nothing to do with the defense and running game, that was all Marky. And then his 15 passes in the playoff win vs. Cincy were the difference, not the D forcing 2 turnovers and holding Cincy under 300 yards, or the 170 rushing yards. And Marky's 100 passing yards vs. SD were again the key to victory. QB WINZ for the WIN!!!!!!
  2. jpoppy717

    If Bridgewater is Traded...

    We signed Bridgewater for virtually nothing, and we are not an especially attractive destination. If anyone wanted Bridgewater this offseason they could have had him for just money. Now if he plays well in preseason, and a team suffers a major QB injury, maybe there would be interest. But not before then.
  3. Jets will miss Wilkerson. Jets missed Wilkerson in 2016 and 2017 too.
  4. Belichick was able to keep it under wraps as long as he was with the Pats. He left, this comes out. Makes you wonder what he has on McDaniels that would have come out if he had left.😄
  5. Co-sign. I had Rosen ahead of Darnold. Would've been happy with either. Each has their question marks. It's a close call. But prefer the QB with clean mechanics. I hope I am proven wrong and Darnold is the better QB. Would have preferred either one and keeping our 2nd round picks for this year and next.
  6. jpoppy717

    Way Too Early 53 Man Roster

    Though Dozier has played pretty well when he's filled in for Winters, no real drop off. So I think he stays. Qvale last year seemed to be ahead of Ijalana on depth chart, but don't know if he's ever played at LT while Ijalana has, which makes Ijalana more attractive backup.
  7. jpoppy717

    This makes me feel better

    I hear that in theory. But in some ways Darnold will be most prepared at the start of the season. If he's not the starter at the start of the season, how many reps will he be getting in practice once the season starts? By all accounts, Jets, like most teams, didn't give many reps in practice to backups last year. Now I acknowledge it should be different with #3 pick Darnold than with Hackenberg, so maybe he gets more reps and attention in practice. But once the season starts, everyone's focus will be on winning next week's game, not developing Darnold. So I don't know if he's much more prepared in the season than he would be week 1. Put another way, I think he's better prepared in week 7 if he's started weeks 1-6 than if he's been a backup that whole time.
  8. If not, then you are "stuck" taking one of the top 2 non-QB prospects in the entire draft. Most likely Barkley or Chubb, could be Nelson if you prefer. That's not a terrible fall back position. And you still have two #2s this year and #2 next year. Three of the QBs last year in AFC/NFC Championship games were Blake Bortles, Case Keenum, and Nick Foles. QB is the most important position but not the only one. I'd rather pick 3 than 6, and rather get a top QB than any other position. But price was too high.
  9. Opener on Rosh Hashanah
  10. I'm way too young to have seen anything other than SB III and highlights, and I assume many others are too, but no love for Winston Hill? LT for SB team, perennial Pro Bowler (leads jets in Pro Bowl appearances for whatever that's worth). I see some saying Mangold or Mawae, I'd take a top LT over top center.
  11. jpoppy717

    Giants trade JPP

    Don't think this means they take Chubb. To me means more likely they take QB, as indicates they are not all about win now, trading good player for picks.
  12. jpoppy717

    Josh Allen

    If Allen turns into Cam Newton, I'd be thrilled to have him. But I don't think he will. And for sake of comparison, Newton was 66.1% completion rate at Auburn, against the SEC. He's 58.5% in NFL. If Allen drops his completion percentage by 8% in NFL, he's below 50%.
  13. jpoppy717

    RB Isaiah Crowell by the Numbers

    Not when you trade all your 2nd round draft picks
  14. It's no great insight that the Jets are viewed as less of a win-soon team than the Vikings. The Vikings were the #2 seed in the NFC and made the NFC Championship game. Jets went 5-11. This isn't complex. It's not like he chose the Broncos, who had the same record but many view as more competitive, over the Jets, or a mediocre team like Arizona. He chose a team that was one of the best last year. No reason for Jets to be ashamed.
  15. jpoppy717


    Bet he joins his bro in New England