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  1. If not, then you are "stuck" taking one of the top 2 non-QB prospects in the entire draft. Most likely Barkley or Chubb, could be Nelson if you prefer. That's not a terrible fall back position. And you still have two #2s this year and #2 next year. Three of the QBs last year in AFC/NFC Championship games were Blake Bortles, Case Keenum, and Nick Foles. QB is the most important position but not the only one. I'd rather pick 3 than 6, and rather get a top QB than any other position. But price was too high.
  2. Opener on Rosh Hashanah
  3. I'm way too young to have seen anything other than SB III and highlights, and I assume many others are too, but no love for Winston Hill? LT for SB team, perennial Pro Bowler (leads jets in Pro Bowl appearances for whatever that's worth). I see some saying Mangold or Mawae, I'd take a top LT over top center.
  4. Giants trade JPP

    Don't think this means they take Chubb. To me means more likely they take QB, as indicates they are not all about win now, trading good player for picks.
  5. Josh Allen

    If Allen turns into Cam Newton, I'd be thrilled to have him. But I don't think he will. And for sake of comparison, Newton was 66.1% completion rate at Auburn, against the SEC. He's 58.5% in NFL. If Allen drops his completion percentage by 8% in NFL, he's below 50%.
  6. RB Isaiah Crowell by the Numbers

    Not when you trade all your 2nd round draft picks
  7. It's no great insight that the Jets are viewed as less of a win-soon team than the Vikings. The Vikings were the #2 seed in the NFC and made the NFC Championship game. Jets went 5-11. This isn't complex. It's not like he chose the Broncos, who had the same record but many view as more competitive, over the Jets, or a mediocre team like Arizona. He chose a team that was one of the best last year. No reason for Jets to be ashamed.

    Bet he joins his bro in New England

    Come on, can there be any better bridge QB than Bridgewater? Sorry couldn't help myself.
  10. The current regime has shown itself incapable of getting a good young QB, and getting improvement out of our not good young QBs. But if you're talking about the coaching staff, they got a career year out of a journeyman QB in McCown, with below-average weapons. And to the extent it makes sense to consider 2015 with Bowles and Gailey, we got a career year out of a journeyman QB in Fitzpatrick. Now we have a new OC so it is questionable how relevant any of this is. But Bates is new as our OC so let's see what he does before calling him incompetent.
  11. There isn't one. But that doesn't mean the OP is wrong. It's hard to win a Super Bowl. There are 31 other teams trying to do so. So you need to take chances. You take a chance on drafting a QB with a high pick because he can potentially provide very good QB performance, perhaps even franchise QB level performance, for a relatively cheap price, allowing you to use other assets to build a championship caliber team. Signing Cousins assures you of a couple years of at least average starting QB performance, probably above-average. But paying the most money in the league at the QB position for an above-average player, but not top tier player, makes it unlikely you will have the best team, or be one of the couple of teams with a legit shot at the Super Bowl. It could get a playoff appearance or two, and get you to be relevant. But very difficult way to win a Super Bowl.
  12. The dilemma with OT Orlando Brown

    Agree. But a combine performance tells little about desire to play the game. It tells a lot about preparation for the combine. Not a good sign, but not as important as looking at his film - did he play hard throughout entire games? And talking to coaches, teammates, finding out if he practiced hard, put in work during the season. Would not be disappointed to see Jets take him in round 2 or later.
  13. Underrated bad move, and not as consequential as others, but one that was clearly bad at time, was trading for Percy Harvin in the middle of a lost 2014 season. Jets were 1-6 at the time. Unnecessarily took on about $7 mil. And because it was clear team would be cleaning house no arguable logic that Harvin would be part of future with same coaching staff.
  14. Jets leaning towards keeping Jermaine Kearse

    Think you are vastly underrating Anderson, more than just a deep threat, 2nd year player has room to grow, nearly 1,000 years last year on bad offense. Cutting him when he's super cheap is absurd. He'll probably be suspended 1 game, hopefully cleans up his act. Not the only WR with issues. Agree Enunwa a big ? Teams aside from Chicago we arguably have better WRs than: Buffalo, Miami, Cleveland, Baltimore, Jax, Indy, Ten, Dallas (esp if Dez cut), Wash, Carolina.
  15. Jets leaning towards keeping Jermaine Kearse

    Ridiculous statement completely underrates Anderson Enunwa and Kearse. If Enunwa is relatively healthy (and that's a big IF) this is a decent WR group. No true #1 but 3 players who are low-end 1s or high-end 2s. Even without Enunwa it's not league worst. It wasn't last year. No ranking system is gospel, but Bleacher Report does a good intensive scouting review and ranking. Have Anderson as No. 20 and Kearse No. 31 outside WR last year. http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2752678-nfl1000-ranking-the-top-outside-wide-receivers-of-2017-season Obviously up for argument, but in a 32 team league that's far from the worst WR starters. Hansen and Stewart showed close to nothing, but they were rookies, not going anywhere, see how they develop from here.