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  1. An Introduction and Jet's Scheme Question

    Welcome, and appreciate a good football discussion, welcome change from the usual material here. I don't know enough myself to contribute my own independent thoughts, but I will provide this link to a good recent article on Jets offensive scheme, and how Mortion successfully incorporated elements of air raid or run n' shoot. https://www.footballoutsiders.com/film-room/2017/film-room-new-york-jets-offense
  2. Breer On Josh Allen

    Jets current offense has a basis in WCO, but also has elements of Air Raid, run n' shoot, used a lot in college. At least according to this good article and film breakdown https://www.footballoutsiders.com/film-room/2017/film-room-new-york-jets-offense
  3. Seems like they are just averaging the grades for the defensive players which is a bad way to measure a defense. I much prefer Football Outsiders' DVOA as well as drive stats. These have Jets as a average/bad defense, but not worst in the league. Which seems about right. Ranked 23 in DVOA (21 vs pass, 25 vs rush). https://www.footballoutsiders.com/stats/drivestatsdef In most drive stats, Jets are in the middle half. Rank high in INT and not allowing FG, rank poorly in TD/FG ratio - give up a lot more TD than FG. https://www.footballoutsiders.com/stats/drivestatsdef All in all, an average/bad defense. 23 in yards per drive, 15 in points per drive. Bowles should be fired for having the lowest ranked defensive players, and awarded coach of the year for making those lowest ranked defensive players the 23rd best defense.
  4. So awful that he's coached the least talented team in the league to a 3-3 record.
  5. Patriots Oline and Front 7

    have to think Roberts and Burris are ready to go, otherwise would not have cut Williams
  6. Williams Released

    On a related note, Macc unnecessarily gave him a 2nd rd tender rather than a low round tender, wasted $1 mil.
  7. Williams Released

    that was 2 years ago. Surprised bc Williams was only one of 3 CBs to play yesterday. I get having Burris and Roberts ahead of him, but they weren't able to play yesterday. Must be expected to be ok to go next week, though surprised team confident enough in their health just one day after were inactive.
  8. We would have lost if Forte was playing

    This is right. Before last week, Powell had been pretty awful this season. His best per carry game was the Bills game at 3.1 yards per carry. And he's been bad as a receiver too. Forte was better. Now maybe it is the case that Powell played better, at least in part, because he was the #1 RB last Sunday. In his career he has had some big games in that role, but can't do it consistently. It's also probably the case that at this point Forte is the least likely of our 3 RBs to break off a 40+ yard play, and may not have done so on either of the two long runs. But most likely the main reason for the success is that the Jaguars, although they have an excellent pass D, so far this year have had a terrible run D.
  9. How is the 2018 Roster Shaping Up?

    But hopefully with all our cap money we can do better than some of them.
  10. We better effing lose every game

    It's not like rooting for a loss will make it any more likely to happen. So enjoy the wins if they come, and wait until around draft time to complain about them.
  11. SHAME on Jet fans

    I also think that there are both more NY transplants in other cities than average, and more transplants from other cities in NY than average. So you get more Jets fans on road than average team, and more visiting fans at Jets than average team. Also, in my experience speaking with fans on bus or train to Jets games, get a fair number of tourists, especially international, who want to go to NFL game, and are in NY so go to Jets game.
  12. Giants rush defense

    I'd argue you don't pay 3-4 DEs that kind of money when you also have Richardson and Williams.
  13. Giants rush defense

    Giants run D is bad after 3 games this year, but last year their run D was among the best, and overall D among the best in league. So let's not jump to conclusions after 3 games when have plenty of data from last year that shows Giants D had success, in part due to Snacks (and in large part due to other defensive additions).
  14. Film Review: Week 2 Jets @ Raiders

    Good review. OL seems not to miss a beat when Dozier comes in for Winters. Recall that being case last year. Makes me question Winters' extension this past offseason.
  15. Darron Lee

    Despite Lee's speed he's poor in coverage. Wouldn't mind seeing Lee get benched for a series or two if he keeps playing poorly. Even though want to see young guys like him play and develop, could be worth sending message that he can't get by with crappy play just because he's a 2nd year 1st round pick. Put in Carter or Stanford for a series or two, send a message (same could go for Davis as well).