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  1. Depends on FA and who is available at 6. Would like a deal to include a 2019 1st rd pick, value that higher than 2018 2nd. In part because of Jets history with 2d rd picks, and in part because we should be willing to take a long view.
  2. Kiper's BIG Board

    Looks like a good player. 6 seems to be high for him. Would be very happy drafting him if we trade down.
  3. CJ Anderson

    Better RB than anyone we have on the roster including Powell (who many Jets fans extremely overrate). On bad offense, managed to run for over 4 ypc and 1,000 yards. Solid receiver, picks up blitz. Won't break the bank or preclude taking an RB in draft.
  4. Malcom Butler

    Belichick's not noted for being forthcoming with press. Butler supposedly practiced with 1s throughout the week. Even if it was based on thinking Butler was bad matchup vs Eagles, at some point during the game Belichick would've realized that his D sucked, maybe Butler could help.
  5. We will never win with Bowles......

    Bowles ranked 29th out of 33 in Football Outsiders' aggressiveness index for going for it on 4th down this year. http://footballoutsiders.com/stat-analysis/2018/aggressiveness-index-2017 He probably doesn't go for it at end of half. All that means is he would have been less likely to win last night's game for the Eagles. Every year is different, every game is different, every Super Bowl is different.
  6. Draft value chart

    Completely disagree, would do what need to do to keep next year's 1. While I expect Jets to improve enough for that pick to be at least in the double digits, there's a reasonable chance it isn't. Don't want to risk giving up such a high pick, would much rather give up multiple 2nd and 3rds (including this and future years).
  7. Saquon Barkley

    Think it will be a moot point as I don't think he lasts to 6 and don't think Jets or anyone should trade up for an RB. But if he's there at 6 I'd be in favor of drafting him - especially because that probably means at least 3 or 4 QBs already taken, and we may not have one of our top choices available anymore. Special talent similar (in ability, not type) to other recent high drafted RBs who have had big impacts (Gurley, Fournette, Elliot).
  8. FA Wish Lists

    Agree with this about ASJ. He's simply not a good receiver or blocker. Had some productive stretches but disappeared for games at a time. As a receiver, ranked as the worst TE by DYAR https://www.footballoutsiders.com/stats/te A lot of his receptions were 3 yard gains on 3rd and 10. Just 7 yards per reception, less than 5 yards per target. I am in favor of upgrading the position by signing Graham. TEs come pretty cheap, top of market is $10 mil and Graham will be less than that, maybe 7.5-9.
  9. Grading the Jets 2015 Draft

    Pretty awful draft. Giving Devin Smith an incomplete is generous; even when healthy showed little ability. Williams pick should grade lower than A; good player, but bad fit with Richardson and Wilkerson, should have drafted Beasley to get the edge rusher we've lacked since Abraham. Or drafted Williams and moved on from Richardson or Wilkerson a lot sooner than we did.
  10. You left out the biggest part of the story . . Pats cut ex-Jet great Trevor Reilly to make room for Harrison. Big question is why Jets haven't claimed Reilly yet, get needed intel for crucial week 17 game.
  11. Free Agency: What do you want to spend the $90-100M on?

    Part of it on Jimmy Graham. Yeah, he's 31, but top TEs continue to play well into their 30s. And TE market is low, Graham's current deal signed 4 years ago at 10 Mil AAV is still high mark. Sign Graham for 2 or 3 years in 7-9M/year range. Get a TE who demands attention. Sorry to break it to fans who think ASJ is good because he's the first TE in 3 years to catch a few passes for the Jets, but he's not.
  12. How do you sell this to the fanbase?

    Actually, you are completely wrong. He gave the quote at a press conference during a week after the team had lost to fall to 2-5. Reporter asked if he was concerned that players would give up because nothing to play for.
  13. main matchup interested in seeing is is how we block Ingram and Bosa. One of best tandems at rushing QB, big test for OL
  14. Teddy Bridgewater or Case Keenum

    Think Bridgewater and Keenum are realistic QBs for Jets. Also Bradford, who is probably most likely to leave Minnesota. Similar to McCown in that high completion percentage with high Y/A, that may make him a good fit for what Morton wants. Played well in limited time this year.
  15. Marrone

    Good job by Marrone keeping team healthy Seriously though, a lot of that is luck, but Marrone runs unusually physical training camp and practices, and some expect that would lead to more than average injuries. But it's gone the other way.