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  1. foxgt90

    ***AAF Sunday official game thread***

    I wouldn't be surprised if Hack gets cut right after this game. So much for blaming his lack of success on coaching
  2. foxgt90

    ***AAF Sunday official game thread***

    Same here in Ct... golf on CBS. AAF on CBS Sports Network
  3. foxgt90

    ***AAF Sunday official game thread***

    CBS Sports Network
  4. foxgt90

    Christopher Johnson

    Almost some. Allegedly, the family is blaming it on long term use of J&J Talcum Powder and he'll be part of that class action suit. Might also explain Woody too.
  5. foxgt90

    Are you going to the patriots game?

    Its painless at this point. This team has been kicking me in the nuts my whole life.
  6. foxgt90

    Jet fan Gameday experience reply

    You MAGIFICENT bastard!!!
  7. Bowles having a job Monday was as disappointing as... Any other day for Jets fans under the retirement age.
  8. foxgt90

    Amazing Call In On Joe & Evan

    Seems to me that the only people who dont feel the way Artie does are either casual fans, people who work for the Jets, or people making a living by kissing Woody's and Chris' azz.... people like Mehta.
  9. foxgt90

    Long Term Damage To Fan Base

    I can't imagine anyone can still defend him. Plenty of rumors going around that he's already been fired. Let's hope it's true and that it's not just him that's been let go.
  10. foxgt90

    Bowles is done

    Well, to be fair, Bowles isn't actually killing anyone. Unless you count players' careers and fans' hopes/dreams.
  11. foxgt90

    Long Term Damage To Fan Base

    Yeah they did. Game wasn't even on TV in our part of CT. Instead it was out to bfast, pick up leaves and then a trip to a diner for lunch. We did each have on some Jets gear. Can't tell you how many ppl stopped us and "apologized" for us being Jets fans.
  12. foxgt90


    It's what we want. It's what we need. Its what we deserve. It's never gonna happen.
  13. Apologies if this isn't the right place to bring up this topic and hopefully this comes across not too doom and gloom... Lifelong Jets fan here who has raised my 2 sons ages 21 and 14 to be Jets fans. We've only missed one home game since becoming season ticket holders/PSL owners a few years ago because of a vacation to Florida. UNTIL TODAY. Not everyone lives close by to MetLife. Coming from CT is a huge investment in time on top of the money we spend. 90 minute ride in so we can get there around 9:30 to tailgate for a few hours and then a 2-3 hour ride home because of the crap show that is NY/NJ/CT traffic. Last night both of my boys said they didn't really want to go to today's game. Why?.. Because of the weather?? No. Because of the traffic?? No. Because they had other plans?? No. They didn't want to go because they both said they have no confidence in this team and they'd rather stay home and watch on TV so that when the Jets are losing to the Bill's they can just turn it off. THINK ABOUT THAT. Woody, Mac and Bowles have done such a piss poor job with this team over the past few years that my boys, like many other Jets fans, don't even have confidence in thinking the Jets can hang with the Bills!!! And honestly, they might be right!! With Darnold out today, who else on this team is worth making the trip to go see? I practically had to give my tix away on the exchange because demand is so low for this team. The bottom line is this. Jets mgmt better turn this ship around and do it fast. Literally no one is growing up to become Jets fans unless they've been indoctrinated and borderline abused into it like my sons. Yes, winning brings out band wagon fans but it also helps the team get positive coverage which then attracts young kids, who then grow into REAL fans. The fact this "organization" has become such an embarrassment is eroding the future fan base. What kid wants to root for and go see a team who is routinely made fun of on tv, radio and by fans of other teams?? Even Browns fans have bragging rights over the Jets this year. If Bowles coaches this team to a loss to a pathetic Bill's team today, he should immediately be fired. No post game press conference... no media interviews... just a statement that Bowles has been fired and literally anyone else is now the interim coach. Mac should not be too far behind. The future fan base and, by extension, financial health of this team are depending on it.
  14. foxgt90


    True, we can't expect coaches to MAKE Sam play better but good coaches HELP their players play better. This coaching staff and Bowles in particular helps no one play better. I take that back, they do a great job helping OPPOSING players play better. From preparation to play calling to sticking with a center who is literally killing this team, Bowles and Co have more than made the case to be fired. And btw, the point about Long hurting the team cannot be overstated. Sam is not able to read the defense as he should if hes needing to focus on where the snap is headed. Plus it throws off everyone's timing. Yeah, Sam throws int's. But Bowles doesn't help him play better and on that point alone he needs to be fired.
  15. foxgt90

    Priority 1 for the Jets-New HC.

    Some teams occasionally win a game BECAUSE of their coach. The Jets occasionally win a game DESPITE their coach.

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