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  1. Get used to it people, this year is a free year for Gase and Douglas. After our joke of a draft, Gase was able to convince CJ that Mac had assembled a team with little to no talent that simply cannot compete. Johnson FINALLY came to his senses and fired Mac so the team could start with a front office rebuild. This team was never going anywhere this year with no O-line, no reliable kicker, no pass rusher, no corner depth.... all areas Mac IGNORED. This year is about seeing if anyone can develop and what moves the front office makes to put us in a better place moving forward. Gase has AT LEAST 3 years here. Its time for fans to accept that fact.
  2. Great points. Sam is going to miss a MINIMUM of 4 games. Personally, I think it will be 6. Time will tell. I picked up 2 extra seats for this season so it really sucks to say this ... but the reality is that we're once again looking at a 4-12 season. Let's hope the young guys develop, gain some experience and Gase shows us that he can put together some creative game plans as the season goes on. Expecting anything more is just setting yourself up for heartbreak.
  3. SWM Jets fan looking to be "Tominated" during the NFL offseason.... IDK man, I think it makes my Tinder profile sound weird.
  4. Im guessing you're a glass is half empty kinda guy.
  5. Lame drinking and Steve Winwood jokes but not one High Life pun yet in this thread. Im ashamed of all of you.
  6. Umm, Jets fans already get all the girls. We don't need to beat the Pats for that. Now its time for some NY Jets playoff football.

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