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  1. Three Quarters Of Competitive Football
  2. Great, now Mac will try to sign her
  3. are they friggin kidding?

    Idc if it's "consistent". Any review that requires that much time should stick with the call on the field.
  4. It wouldn't matter either way. They'd run the ball up the middle on the first play, get stuffed and Bowles would decide to let the clock run out.
  5. "Hey Petty looks good."

    Good point. It'll take more than a fumble and an int by McCown within minutes of each other to change Bowles mindset.
  6. "Hey Petty looks good."

    And all we hear is how Bowles is the reason this team has beaten expectations this year. He's an emotionless, bumbling fool and this team has won 5 games IN SPITE of his decisions and clock management. He needs to be gone next season.
  7. Today seems like a trap game for the Jets with them being slight road favorites, coming off of a win and Denver on a horrible streak. But expectations were so low for the Jets this year that there's no such thing as a trap game for this team. PREDICTION: Jets 26 - Denver 20. We keep making the tank crowd and the preseason experts eat their words.
  8. The NY Jets have lost my support this season

    I work with a guy who owns a timeshare. I own 3 PSL's to the Jets. He constantly tells me how bad he feels for me.
  9. This will be my first Green and White scrimmage. Anyone know if we will be able to sit in our regular seats? I moved seats this off-season and wanted to check them out. Can't seem to find any info on that. Thanks guys.
  10. Same old story.... Family cookout at my fathers house. Gonna listen to a few relatives and family friends who are Jets "fans" tell me how bad we're going to be this year and how they refuse to buy tickets to watch such a bad team in person. I'll be enjoying my ice cold beer as these same people then start telling my 2 sons how lucky they are before asking if I have any tickets available and basically begging me to take them to a game. The answer will of course be no, but I'll be sure to tell them that I'll snap a few selfies from my first row seats and text them the pics during the season.
  11. The key word there is "Currently". We don't know yet who will really be available. My point is that I'm hoping it's not Mac making our roster decisions next year.
  12. The Jets have a clear plan and, based on the past few years, we can all trust that Mac will hit a homerun in next year's draft.
  13. The Jets and Todd Bowles have mastered the use of timeouts and clock management.