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  1. The key word there is "Currently". We don't know yet who will really be available. My point is that I'm hoping it's not Mac making our roster decisions next year.
  2. The Jets have a clear plan and, based on the past few years, we can all trust that Mac will hit a homerun in next year's draft.
  3. The Jets and Todd Bowles have mastered the use of timeouts and clock management.
  4. Great. Now Mac will pass on a qb and sign the guy on the board for $10 million a year.
  5. Idk who will be available next year but lets hope its not Mac who's still choosing who to draft and who to spend the money on.
  6. Hope you made out well with Nicole. I just paid my invoice in full and had a question so I called her. I made sure to tell her that she might be getting a few more phone calls and requests than usual. She just laughed. Hope to see you all at the games this year!
  7. We'll each buy a round. Im telling you, Nicole is great. She already called me again today to make sure I was all set. I think you'll like dealing with her. Hopefully, your current rep being "the boss" doesn't affect the way you get treated when they see you don't want to deal with him.
  8. Good point. I moved my seats from row 4 on the sunny side of the field to row 1 in 246a. I guess technically thats not an upgrade. Still, my advice would be to change your rep if you're getting bad info or being treated badly. This team should be kissing our beanbags for actually committing to this season. My rep is great but overall it seems the Jets customer service sucks.
  9. They definitely lied to you. My rep is Nicole Arteca and she's great. We had talked about me moving my seats for a few weeks and she told me that the default inventory would hit at midnight Wednesday going into Thursday. She promised she'd call me Thursday to tell me what seats were available. She called me yesterday morning at 10:34am and I jumped at the seats in 246a as soon as she said first row. Idk who your rep is but if you feel you're being given bad info, call and ask for Nicole. She's awesome. You can also ask to have your rep changed. Good luck!!
  10. If not for a vacation in the fall, my sons and I would be at every game this year. Just got off the phone with the Jets and we were able to move to the first row in 246a. My youngest son is super excited. Let's see what happens this season but so far, things are looking good for this family of Jets fans.
  11. It was listing number 52847 on pslsource.com. They were originally listed at $1500 each and then reduced to $100 each. I'm not sure if the listing was sold or was only removed.
  12. I'm looking for opinions on which seats have the better view. Club Seats in section 208, Row 4 or seats in 207a, Row 1. Thanks.
  13. 2 PSLs in Coaches Club Section 113, Row 25, seats 23, 24 for $100 each. They were originally $30k each. That's 1/3 of 1 cent on the dollar. Unbelievable.
  14. I picked up 3 Seats in section 208, row 4 for $250 total. I'd been hesitant to buy PSL's but I couldn't pass them up at that price for 3. Just over $83 each.
  15. Yeah, maybe he just wasn't interested in helping someone he's not assigned to. Idk. Nicole has been very good. It just p*ssed me off that he kept asking me what i want from him and then repeating that they're not going to give me anything. I'm not looking for any freebies. I'm simply looking to check the inventory as my rep suggested. I was on the fence about buying PSL'S and making such a financial commitment as it was and once i did, I definitely didn't expect to find out the team treats STH's like crap. Thanks for the input.
  16. I've been buying tickets on Stubhub for a few years and going to about 4 games a year with my 2 sons. Finally decided this was the year to buy 3 psl's on the secondary market. I'm looking to see what anyone's experience with Jets customer service has been like. So far I'm not impressed. My rep is Nicole Arteca and she has seemed nice enough. She even mentioned to me that I should check in with the team starting in May to see if any inventory had opened up, allowing us to move either closer to the field or closer to the 50. Making that call was a BIG MISTAKE. Nicole was out and the guy who I talked to was a complete jerk. He told me straight up that we "haven't even had our butts in the seats yet and we're looking to move?" I then told him I've been to more games than he thinks and that he and the Jets should be happy that anyone would buy into their psl's with the shape this team is in. His answer? "What do you want.....what are you looking for.... what are you looking for us to give you... because we can't give you anything or else we'd have to do the same for every psl owner.... do you have season tickets to any other team and do they allow you to move your seats?" Very snotty and rude. Just a total and complete jerk. WTH is this garbage? This is how the Jets treat their fans who are either sticking with them or buying into psl's even though the team is in shambles? I'm on the 4 payment plan and I'm seriously thinking about getting a refund and just eating the cost of the psl's and going back to buying a few games a year on Stubhub. The savings on tickets will more than make up for my loss on the psl's. Btw, my seats are club seats and the tickets cost $6604 a year for all 3. I realize that's a drop in the bucket to an NFL team but if this is how they are gonna treat people, I'll walk and not have to deal with their garbage. Anyone else had similar experiences? New to Jetnation and looking for some input before deciding. Thanks
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