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  1. Holy crap I forgot about that. Yeah... this has some high flop potential.
  2. JETS SIGN WR/KR Andre Roberts

    And the other KR's are all officially on notice... so sorry, er.... Lucky Whitehead? Jalin Marshall? I guess?....
  3. Water is wet, the sky is blue and the Bennetts are entitled assholes. What else is new...
  4. Buster is freaking Teflon. Just cant seem to find a why to peel him off this team it seems.
  5. This might be the first signing that makes me scratch my head. I get it from a talent point of view, and money is no object at the moment (100 million plus next year and nary anybody to spend that on) but from a culture perspective... won't Suh be a problem? I know he's got a rep on the field, does anybody have a more detailed knowledge of how he is among teammates?
  6. We need some back ILB's, don't have anybody behind Lee and Williamson. I completely forgot Devin Smith is still on the roster. He and some of the other WR's selected from that year are probably gone by camp's end. I also forgot Kacy's kid was on the team.
  7. Report: Jets Attend Manziel Workout

    Good! Now they can sign him and draft Fitzpatrick like we all wanted!
  8. Allen Hurns Released

    The freakin weather's about to cost a wideout.
  9. Josh Allen

    How the hell did one of you copy and paste an autoplay video with ads? It was quoted and now there's two of these ****ers!
  10. At some point we have to question whether Bowles' reluctance to start young QB's was because he disliked the prospect of starting one over a veteran or because the young QB's we got sucked and genuinely didn't deserve to start. I'm leaning towards the latter. The team even tried its best to force the point by giving Hack and Petty a boatload of reps last August as if it say, "take the job" but neither could. The only argument that was made for either of them starting was for the sake of evaluation and/or tanking, which was never on docket for the team despite the wishes of fans. So maybe the notion that Bowles hate rookies needs to be reevaluated?
  11. Bump. Because wow Teddy B. is betting on himself. There is literally no risk to this signing.
  12. Josh Allen

    Watching a bunch of his games on draft breakdown. I can see why so many are high on him. Fantastic velocity on his throws, uses his ideal size in the pocket well to shake off tackles, and he's a long stride runner that has a great amount of mobility. He's already taken snaps from under center. Seems to be able to make multiple reads. He has the maneuverability, arm talent and field vision to make big plays. Like any young QB he struggles against pressure, but he's also usually got all the right instincts to deal with it. I like that he's decisive and usually does all the right things to make a play work even if it doesn't always pan out (steps up in the pocket, takes short yards if he can, escapes the pocket to throw away, etc) He's also a helluva lot more accurate than I thought he would be going in, it helps that his throwing speed and quick release seems to keep up with his brain when he's taking a shot. Even when he's off his passes are off they're not terribly off. The biggest knock on him is going to be his potential adjustment from Mountain West conference defenses to that of the pros, but then that's the same problem ever QB will have to deal with in one way or another no matter how good their conference is. I gotta say I like the Pro QB mold he's growing into which is basically a B. Roth clone. That's not to say he's guaranteed to be anywhere as good at Ben, but that's the best comparison I can make for his game off the top of my head. If a team can keep him confident enough to fully adapt his game in the faster NFL they'd have a pretty solid overall QB. With McCown and Teddy here to take the edge off I think he can do it here. Wouldn't mind him at all if he fell to us.
  13. Pennel? McLendon? We've gone from a glut of talent in the position to one legitimately above average guy. Such is life.
  14. Wouldn't be surprised if they're committed to the sit and learn tactic, especially if it was Rosen that's selected.
  15. I wanted Cousins on a long term deal so he could secure the position for years to come while the Jets drafted the best talents they could with what they had. I'm not unhappy about what actually happened at all though. What was most important was that the Jets have a plan at QB, and clearly they do. I'll miss the draft picks but respect the gamble taken with them, hopefully it'll all pan out. This training camp should be fun, I cant wait to see the rookie and Bridgewater.