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  1. Thoughts on Bryce Petty ?

    Need a larger sample size, but I can see a bit of why Petty is behind McCown on the depth chart. He was behind on a few of his throws- his timing is a little off compared to the elder statesmen. That's a bit of a problem in the Jet's current offensive scheme. He's not unsalvageable, maybe the right preparation is all he'll need to be as effective as McCown, but the whole idea that he is what he is seems to be holding up from what (very) little I've seen of him. We're bound to get somewhat talented but flawed QB's like Petty if we ascribe to the QB a year philosophy.
  2. Hats off to McCown

    He helped lead a team with a severe lack of such a year earlier and and helped Robby A, reach some of his potential. For that, I'm thankful for McCown. If this is it for his career, be it here or overall, he can't say he didn't give it his all. He was never truly great, but he was a consummate pro who made the most of his chances and lasted 15 years in the NFL. That's to be commended. I'd love to have him back in a QB coach interning role, and wouldn't mind him back in uniform if the price was right. its about time to move on to Petty, if not because the season's almost completely out of hand then because any shot we're gonna have at the post season might not be attainable with a hobbled 28 year old.
  3. What is Brooks up to these days anyway? He had one big play game and then just sort of poofed from the radar. Still better value than what Dex is giving Philly though (not that it matters much to them right now)
  4. McAdoo & Reese Fired

    You really think they should have kept McAdoo for next year?
  5. McAdoo & Reese Fired

    This goes beyond benching Eli, that just sped this up a little bit. His record last year was kind of meaningless after doing a terrible job this season. His playcalling was atrocious and he lost the locker room HARD this year. Kind of like Bowles for us last year, but magnified quite a bit. Unlike our HC I don't think they could have brought him back.
  6. What do we do with Mo?

    Ultimatum time, take an offer of at least half as much money to stay here a year or get cut. I expect a cut in the end though. My only hesitation is in trying to find a replacement for him on the field. He isn't the man that nearly won a 2nd team all-pro years ago, but lets say they can't find a D-lineman worth a major investment on the market and Mac was able to retain him under a deal equal to his dead money if he were cut- wouldn't that be a better idea than replacing him with a joe of the block? Just spit balling, once again, he's probably cut.
  7. I wouldn't be opposed to giving Kearse a moderate extension, but letting him play on that one year 5 million dollar year is my preferred option. Lets see if the Hansen or Stewart can take the next step and replace his production first. Enunwa is ours as long as nobody makes him a compelling offer that the Jets aren't willing to match or would rather get another second rounder for.
  8. Beat me to the punch, was just about to post that. He's a pretty interesting one too, I think there may actually be a team that bites if they put a second round tender on him. (Certainly if they put an original rounder on him, but that's a move with no value to the Jets)
  9. Here's an interesting take: Joe Caporosoā€¸Verified account @JCaporoso 27m27 minutes ago Everything that Anderson is doing this year (and to lesser extent ASJ) is why #Jets are playing McCown over Petty or Hackenberg. He doesn't produce or develop like this with either of those two under center.
  10. Assuming Anderson and Hansen take another step in year two, absolutely. This team has needs at a lot of spots, WR and TE feel pretty low on that list.
  11. Bowles will get a year's extension so he isn't coaching under the pressure of a one deal (he signed a four year three years ago) AJ, why?
  12. So far that Richardson trade is working out for us. I think I'll take Kearse's offensive production over Richardson's on defense. 51 recs, 657 yards. And Anderson was one hell of a find from the undrafted pile. He looks the part of a top receiving target these days. 49 recs, 821 yards.
  13. Only one reason to hate him, he's 38 and keeping the younger QB's from getting reps and starting time- and thus prevents them from working through problems in live action. That's about it, the man himself is pretty un-hateable.
  14. Jaguar's release Calvin Pryor

    If you mean rex, I think the nick name was given to him in college. Good thing we don't have one of those.
  15. Jaguar's release Calvin Pryor

    Three strikes and you're out Slugger. So how about that Demario Davis! What a turnaround, what a trade. Or Jamal Adams! Hard hits, leadership AND some brains. Its rather amazing how much this team has gotten better from ridding themselves of Pryor.