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  1. Tony MaC

    Dowell Loggains Hired as OC

    I think of myself as a patient and forgiving fan, but this hire is one where I'm not going to make an excuse. If the best sell one can give for an Offensive Coordinator "Sure his offenses have all been in the pits but it's not like he'll actually be running the offense here anyway!" there's a problem. He's never been good at this job, he hasn't proven to be instrumental to any quality concepts or whatever (which was the sell for the last guy) and doesn't seem to have any upside. He's really good at... letting Gase take charge I guess? That's our man, our second in command in the offense. Wow.
  2. Other than Shell those are some expensive backups, perhaps affordable under the cap but wasteful in the grand scheme. If they signed a new Right Guard that makes about as much or more than Winters and planned on having said Free Agent starting at his position there's no rationale to keep Winters here as a backup. There are some spots where paying a premium for a backup makes sense, O-line isn't one of them.
  3. And Backup QB... damn, that's another thing we need. I don't think McCown will be back, but maybe Webb gets some change thrown his way? Least players on our roster and we want to get rid of more before replenishing the supply? Makes no sense.
  4. Yeah, Carp is gone. Long... well, what does Gase and Pollack think of his brief audition at Left Guard? (and his precious body of work). If they go, "Yeah, we can work with this" then maybe he stays. Odds are low that happens though. Center is the BIG one on the line. We don't have one, just a backup.
  5. Are you suggesting cutting everyone and then looking for replacements or cutting them after finding one? Cause the latter is fine, say a guard that fits the scheme gets loose somewhere and they manage to snag him thus making Long or Winters expendable. Doesn't make sense to gut the O-line without being sure they know they have a replacement though, especially not ALL at once. Long and Winters are nothing special but if we can cut them whenever we want why not after training camp or after a reliable starter is brought in during free agency. Shell especially shouldn't be going anywhere, he's been fine on the right side, he's young and cheap for another year, why get rid of him? Beachum is on a deal that's relative to his production, that is to say average AF. He's replaceable through the draft, but if or until that happens I'm happy to have him on the blind side. It CAN get worse than him, imagine cutting him and then not getting the LT of their choosing in the draft and having to settle elsewhere? Bad scenario. And as far as I'm concerned we don't have a Center, so moot point there.
  6. Any other team and I wouldn't be rooting for the team that got in on a bad call. But... it's the Pats. I can never cheer the Pats. Not unless it's a "Win and the Jets get in the playoffs" scenario.
  7. Tony MaC

    Can The Rams Beat'em?

    Who CAAARRREEEEESSSS. It's the Pats. It's Brady. Pass rush is irrelevant when he can dunk the ball to Edelman or Gronk in a millisecond. All pass rush gets you is weak ass calls when it comes to Tommy. The Rams are gonna get crushed.
  8. Tony MaC

    Jets Should Pursue Jadeveon Clowney in FA

    Well, yeah. If he hits the market there's no reason not to give his agent a call. He's started 46 out of his last 49 games, the injuries seem to be behind him. I'd be fine with giving him a deal with two years of guarantees or something, seems worth the "risk".
  9. Anything to keep a job I guess. Who would've thought that the O-lineman from Furman would have been one of the only guys to last from that 12 pick draft?
  10. Tony MaC

    Robby Anderson

    He shouldn't be making top 5 WR cash but a player in his mid 20's that has the ability to blow a defense's top like Robby A is never gonna sign for vet minimum. Anyway it's a moot point. Give him a second round tender, then see if anybody bites. If they do mull the 2nd round pick or the Anderson on the contract. Otherwise? Let's just see if he can keep his nose clean for an offseason and work from there.
  11. Any mid-round pick for Brown and I'm game. The 3rd overall pick though? Suck your mother.
  12. Tony MaC

    BREAKING: Jets going to hire Gase

    Hmmmm… 🤔 On one hand he seems like he's able to get the most out of his QB's, for whatever that is at any given time. On the other hand there's the rumors of him losing the locker room... I dunno. I never hated the idea of hiring him, but I need to look more at just what happened, good or bad, in Miami.
  13. Tony MaC

    Enunwa Contract Details

    This works just fine. At first I kind of wished that there was more money in the front end (use some of the cap space we KNOW we have instead of what could be there) but the deal is fair and manageable long term. Cant ask for much more.
  14. Tony MaC

    Coach Lynn the one who got away?

    He got his first interviews as a HC when he was here, but they never would have hired a man from the Rex tree to be the next HC years ago. Not worth fretting over for our purposes, I'm simply happy he's found success. Hope his Chargers kick New England's ass.

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