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  1. Tony MaC

    Siemian to Jets

    Still need more than two QB's in camp. Beyond that... who knows if they'll have three on the final 53 or not.
  2. I'm all for it. I remember watching this guy play and thinking "He wont last long as a starter but he's got a long career as a backup ahead of him." He's a perfect QB2 for any team, let alone ours.
  3. Happy to have him aboard. I still feel like the jets need one more guy like him and Enunwa, with less chronic injuries, for me to feel good about this offense.
  4. Seattle has a super bowl winning QB who unlike Flacco in Baltimore has shown no signs of regressing. Trading him for anything would be the dumbest move they could ever make. Just pay him you cheap bastards, a franchise QB with a proven championship caliber clutch factor doesn't drop into your laps every day. If something else has to go oh well, this is more important.
  5. desperate times means desperate measures...
  6. Of course he got another deal. The man has gotten inexplicably receiving a starting job in the NFL down to a science. I don't think he has much value as a mentor to another QB but there isn't a bridge starter as entertaining as Fitzmagic. Oh the highs and lows you'll go with him. Seeing as how the Fins don't have WR's the caliber of Marshall and Decker on their roster I don't see them having a rare good year with the beard under center.
  7. Tony MaC

    Jets newfound identity

    I'll tells ya what our team identity is. Consider this, we have: - The Highest Paid ILB in the league in CJ Mosely. - The Second Highest Paid CB in Trumaine Johnson. - The Second Highest Paid Guard in Kelechi Osemele. - The Second Highest Paid Running Back in Le'Veon Bell. and lord knows they'll probably make Leo the second or third highest paid D-lineman in the game one day for the hell of it. What does this say? It says the Jets are trying their damnedest to get as much high cost talent as they can while Sam Darnold is under his rookie contract. Our identity is "Win while Sam is cheap." Go ahead and splurge in free agency, we've got the room by design from the past two years and now they've got the chance to capitalize off of it off of the back of a promising young QB. Our window for properly executing this team building philosophy is effectively three years, three years to make a deep playoff/championship run with a franchise QB that's paid nothing like a FQB should be. The fact that we've got tone setters like the President and CJ is all part of this to me, build momentum with that culture and create something special. It'll be really disappointing if they cant get at least a playoff win out of this era let alone a title.
  8. Tony MaC

    Jets kicker issues

    I would have liked to have some continuity at kicker for once but I would never have competed with that Seattle offer so it's a moot point. Maybe sign Catanzaro to a two year deal (no that last year isn't guaranteed) so if he's good we can just keep him instead of looking through the toybox again?
  9. Tony MaC

    Brooks On Bell's Impact

    All things equal I feel alright with these five as the team's primary offensive weapons. However it's the team's offensive depth and Darnold's development that will determine whether or not it's a playoff unit, let alone be championship contenders. I look at this and feel encouraged but I'm worried about one or two injuries throwing the whole thing off.
  10. Tony MaC

    Brooks On Bell's Impact

    That year off might be the biggest thing that keeps him effective into his second contract. If he gets something close to 2k all purpose yards I have to wonder if maybe THAT becomes a new trend, take a year off, take care of your body and come back as good as ever with less risk of getting rundown. Not everyone will do it but I think it could be a good idea in this league.
  11. Tony MaC

    Ryan Tannehill traded to Titans

    On the other hand that would be ******* entertaining.
  12. Tony MaC

    Ryan Tannehill traded to Titans

    An out and out rebuild is a good move for Miami. Tannehill was the definition of a "QB purgatory" signal caller, somebody who is largely mediocre but has just enough good games to keep around and not replace... for a while anyway. After getting another injury and turning the big 3-0 they had to see that his upside was gone and his potential tapped; they were never going to be much more than a 8-8 team that MIGHT make the playoffs with him. Tennessee might be coming to a similar moment with Mariota who has looked rough lately after a decent start to his career. Now the question is who will be Miami's QB going into this season? They're clearly not trying to compete but SOMEBODY halfway close to being a starter has to take the job. Will it really be Bortles? Or Fitzpatrick? All I know is I'll be pissed if the Jets don't take both games against them, they should be the clear cellar dwellers of the AFC east and perhaps the league at large.
  13. Tony MaC

    Anthony Barr interview on NFL network

    I don't think this was a pot shot at the Jets but rather a testament to how much he liked Minnesota. He flaked, but at the end of the day I'm not mad about it. It wasn't meant to be, had he come here he probably would have been miserable and maybe even ineffective.
  14. Tony MaC

    CB Poole to the Jets

    He should be competing with Nickerson for that nickel spot. The Cornerback position is in an odd state in general. We've got the highly paid and underwhelming Trumaine Johnson, and then Poole, Roberts and a lot of young experiments on rookie contracts like Rashard Robinson and Derrick Jones. I don't know if I'm okay with the idea of going to war with that set, but I might feel better about the idea with some killer pass rushers coming off the edge. Like if they added Houston and Bosa and I'm good with going cheap with this spot.
  15. Tony MaC


    Godammit. I don't even like the "tiny Linebacker" jokes hurled at Lee and I found that funny. Good one.

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