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  1. There's no real reason to root for a loss. As Maxman points out there are a good number of players who will be on the roster next year that we should want to see do well and maintain a winning attitude. And besides all that? Rooting for loses is weaksauce, always has been, always will be.
  2. Tony MaC

    Bills to start Barkley over Peterman

    Really they should have Kaepernick on the roster but some STH's would rather lose more games than support a man they think disrespects soldiers and s#it, but who's counting.
  3. Tony MaC

    Bills to start Barkley over Peterman

    Okay, so I've been trying to keep a level head since last week and not board the "Fire Bowles" bandwagon, but damn it all if this Jets team doesn't spank this Bills team he really should go. Like, I don't see any reason to lose to one of the least talented teams in the lague (yes that less talented than us, even with injuries) at home with an off the street starter. Losing to a rookie coming off the bench during a short week on the road is one thing, I can excuse not being ready to deal with a #1 pick backup you barely have pro film on. This? No excuse. Spank em or Yank em.
  4. Tony MaC

    Le'Veon Bell, Yes Or No?

    Young QB's are only helped by good RB's with Bell's talents. Signing him shouldn't preclude them from improving themselves elsewhere and the opportunities to do so aren't guaranteed anyway. If the Jets have a chance to sign him they should take it, just be sure to have an out on the contract. I offer him 3 years 50 million, with two years guaranteed and leave it at that. Nobody else should be putting up that kind of cash.
  5. Alright, even though I know I'll regret asking... why? Basically all it says is that Sam has qualities that go beyond some of his current numbers, what's so dumb about that?
  6. Shame about Burris. Mac's mid round picks are the worst thing about him as a GM. What's weird is that he's pretty good at trades and finding some quality in undrafted players or other teams' scraps. Miss on the CB you actually took, get decent backup production out of the CB you snatched from the Pats waiver wire. (Roberts) This is the way of Maccagnan.
  7. Bulls#it, those zebra striped mutha****as are all in cahoots to keep the Jets in their place and the Patriots winning Lombardi's, that's just an objective fact. Next you'll tell me all my problems aren't a direct result of the Koch/Soros/Lizard people alliance that keeps putting some slow ass jagoff in front of me in my daily morning commute. I know I could have gotten that promotion and scored with Stacy in accounting if I had just beaten that one damn red light! Stupid fork tongued sonsabitches...
  8. Tony MaC

    Powell to IR, Jets sign Safety

    Not Powell! Awwwwww...😞 I really hope they bring him back. He's never been pro bowl level great but he's always been good to fill in the gaps the Jets have had in their running game, the occasional big run, timely catch, needed block, you name it. He'll be on the wrong side of 30 but I don't see the harm or financial difficulty in bringing him back for another year. Either some other younger guy out plays him or he'll do his usual thing for another year. As for our current RB situation, I'll feel a lot better if a healthy Eli is around if only just to have somebody around to spell Crowell who can handle being the leading man. Cannon also needs to step up, if not as a pure rusher than as a check down option with speed. It's gonna be ugly on the ground in Chicago...
  9. Tony MaC

    Amari Cooper to the Cowboys.

    Well this is certainly better than the Mack trade because of the difference in players. Mack is arguably the best defensive player in the league and had years of quality left. Cooper is kind of a fools gold elite receiver, somebody who is good but disappears. Given the choice I take the draft value with the latter more than I would the former, because I could theoretically find a better weapon than Cooper in the draft but I'm not finding a better EDGE than Mack and he's not at an age to be replaced. The only argument with the Mack trade is that two first rounders could be worth more than his impact, but you better hit it out of the park with them. And Dallas is good and desperate. There's a team that needs to rebuild and fire their coaches, just get a fresh start. A little harder to do that without a first round pick though...
  10. I'm trying to figure out Case Keenum. He clearly belongs in the league, makes fine decisions when given a chance to, more or less accurate... but is missing something to make him more than a stop gap QB or starter. I guess he's the kind of guy that takes what defenses give him and nothing more? Is that his limitation?
  11. Arizona, 0 for the last 17 3rd down conversions as of the middle of the 2nd quarter. Wasn't there a stat about Sam being one of the best QB's on 3rd downs? It could be the offensive scheme and I'm not seeing he wont be good, but I'm not seeing how Rosen is the most "pro-ready" QB out of this class right now.
  12. Eric Tomlinson. Or, there's this D-lineman I had no clue was even here named Tarell Basham.
  13. Monochrome... Everything will look fine as long as its just Green and White.... The moment they start adding other colors like gray or black we look like a bootleg version of the Eagles.
  14. Does anybody else not care a wink where the Jets stand next to the Giants? To me they may as well play in Wyoming and they're just as on my radar as any other team. Like, how many pestering Giants fans do most of the people on this board have in their lives?

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