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  1. The man had a decent OTA practice, everyone slow their roll... I'm rooting hard for Teddy to get the starting job to start the season off, I want him to recover from his freak injury and I'd rather not see Darnold out there to begin with. I know none of that is a guarantee though. I'm not even close to thinking about next year with him, I'll just assume he's gone and look forward to seeing it all happen over the next four months.
  2. Tony MaC

    If Bridgewater is Traded...

    Should he remain healthy I'd be very surprised if he isn't on the roster for the duration of the year. This doesn't strike me as the season to go with two QB's on the roster, they probably wont have Uncle Josh and a rookie as their only options at QB. Teddy shows some kind if value, he stays. As for next year? Who knows. I don't know if he'll prove he's back to form, I don't know if there will be any attractive starting jobs for him, its all up in the air.
  3. Tony MaC

    Jets OTA’s Day 1

    Its the first day of OTAs and he's the incumbent starter, he's gonna take some reps.
  4. Tony MaC

    Jets OTA’s Day 1

    So are we doomed or are we going to the super bowl? Its first OTA practice, we should know this by now. My biggest takeaway is that Teddy doesn't look limited at all. No idea if that holds or if he'll actually play well, but considering the speculation that he might not be ready to play this spring that's encouraging. Emotionally speaking I kind of hold out on hope he gets the start week 1 and looks fine. (Not that I'd be upset if Darnold or McCown took it instead)
  5. Tony MaC

    Jets OTA’s Day 1

    We were wise to get a new handsome white boy wide receiver to replace our aging one when we had the chance.
  6. Apparently it was his personality and cold weather ability that convinced them to go with this Josh over the other. They saw Allen as the QB that fit the Buffalo market better and they got scared off by Rosen's outspokenness I guess. Not saying that was a good reason or not, but that's the logic. Edit: I feel like I should mention that his upside made making that decision easier. "He's a better personality fit AND he could be the better QB, why not go with him"?
  7. Bringing up Fitzpatrick should actually demonstrate McCown's value even further. Fitz was fine when he was on a roll and all but when the chips were down he was never a part of the solution, in fact he just exacerbated the problem with his attitude. McCown meanwhile has only been a net positive for locker room morale, he knows his role, he knows he's a means to end and accepts and embraces that fact. He uses his journeyman experiences to help provide perspective to those around him, whether that means how he prepares for a game or how he or somebody he's worked with adapted to a new offensive concept. He's well liked and respected, he's a leader, and although he's inconsistent on the field the team is not made worse by his mere presence here. To the contrary I think he was probably one of the bigger reason why the Jets "overachieved" last year. And yeah, speaking of his on filed play, we all saw how he was last year, physically limited but good for a big play here or there and is more than able to execute a gameplan assuming the other cogs are working. Isn't that what you look for in a backup or bridge starter? He's the exact right person to be in the QB room with Darnold, and even Hack and Teddy. Who better to do this job and fill the gaps than Uncle Josh?
  8. All of this in bold? This is a really compelling argument to start Josh McCown and not start Sammy D to begin the season. So compelling that, unless he really is THAT DUDE super early on, I really don't want to see Darnold until week 4 or later now. Its really those two short weeks that's got me nervous. Because that's a lot to cope with in that short an amount of time. I suppose they can let him grin and bare it but why not have Uncle Josh put out the fires a bit first?
  9. There is a likely chance, but it ain't close to 100. They'd obviously be pleased if he won the job and ran with it but any number of factors could lead to them thinking, "nah let's wait a while", not the least of which is his having to learn to drop back or the awkward out of rhythm way the Jets season begins (two short weeks in a row)
  10. Nah, second round tender... nobody will bite on a first rounder for him after his shenanigans. That would be so interesting by the way, if the Jets could have the choice of a second rounder or matching an extended contract for him.
  11. So much potential here... He made so much progress between his rookie and second year. If he wasn't such a dumbass off the field I'd feel great about him.
  12. Tony MaC

    Can we talk receivers?

    I don't see Bowles fighting Maccacgan on his investment on either side of the ball. I also doubt that's the reason why certain positions on O (namely Left Tackle and QB) have been addressed by half measures, I think that had more to do with the talent available to them at any given time. And we don't need to set an arbitrary number on what percentage of resources goes where. BPA in the draft, fill the gaps in free agency, lets see what's available.
  13. Tony MaC

    Can we talk receivers?

    This is not a bad unit, what the team lacks in a proven big numbers WR (I hesitate to say #1 because I've always found the phrase silly in a position that's got two or three different roles rather than a singular starting role) its got enough talent and upside to work with for the time being. We can look at the glass half full or empty on each player, but I'm of the mind that there's enough here that we can assume SOMEBODY reaches their potential and provides a service to the passing game. It's rather unlikely (possible, but unlikely) that last years picks show no improvement AND Pryor and Q don't return to their 2016 forms AND Anderson gets suspended and never builds his on second year AND Kearse becomes unreliable. Its just as improbable that everyone looks great at once, the reality will likely fall well in between a sunshiner and darksider outlook. As for the future... Hansen, Stewart, Enunwa and Anderson stand a chance of being a part of that, especially the latter two if they continue their current on field trajectories (assuming they can stay on field) Kearse and Pryor are handy to have around for now, though I suspect that one or neither of them is on the team next year.
  14. At this point he'd be vying for a backup spot. We have 5 safeties on the roster (Adams, Maye, Miles, Terrence Brooks, and Doug Middleton) and I expect four to make the final 53. One more man for added competition wouldn't hurt.
  15. Tony MaC

    If Bridgewater is Traded...

    That's what it would take to trade him, a good camp and a down starting qb somewhere else. If the former happened without the latter I'd expect them to keep him around for the season.