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  1. Two words. Sam. Darnold. I'm pretty bullish on his potential past his rookie year. I think the he's adjusted to the pace of the game, I think he's a real playmaker, and I think he'll do well in Gase's offense doing thigs Tannehill couldn't in it. I'm also pretty confident in the defense, Greg Williams with this gang of first rounders? It'll be great. I'm a little concerned about the center, and whether or not some solid receiving options will reveal themselves beyond the starters. But I feel decent about this team as it stands. They're young and coming into their own, they'll be a decent team. They should be in the wild card hunt come December. (7-9 win team I think)
  2. Tony MaC

    Clayton: jets could trade Bell

    Well that's a brainless click bait hot take if I ever did see it.
  3. Tony MaC

    Geno Smith Rides Again!

    Right, forgot about that. What an odd investment on their part. Rivers hasn't missed a start in who knows how long and they pay a mild premium for probably the best backup QB on the market? I probably would have kept Smith for half as much and invested elsewhere, but oh well.
  4. Tony MaC

    Geno Smith Rides Again!

    Really where he belongs at the end of the day, backing up QB's a ways better than him and basically playing the role of Maytag repair guy. If Rivers or Wilson went down their teams are screwed anyway, may as well take a shot with the Geno-coaster at that point. Wonder why the chargers let him go?
  5. Tony MaC

    AFC East Projected Starters

    Center, EDGE and CB are the big worries this time out, but the team does have a LOT of strengths elsewhere. That middle of the defense is stout and can maybe make up for the lack of proven production at EDGE or a disappointing Johnson at Corner. And BTW, there's all this worry in O-line depth but I'm more worried about the depth at WR than anything else. We've the starting XYZ guys, but what about beyond that?
  6. Tony MaC

    AFC East Projected Starters

    You highlighted the less interesting part of that quote; the writer thinks the JETS have the best set of supporting offensive weapons in the East right now. That's a CRAZY thought, and it might not be inaccurate, but then Brady can win a championship with a box of scraps and the Fins and Bills aren't word beaters either so...
  7. Yep. His name is Quinnen Williams. 🤘
  8. Tony MaC

    Jets add QB

    Simply put he's proven. Like I'm sure Falk or Webb have their upside but with about two season's worth of starts he has the experience to guide the offense in the event of catastrophe AKA Sam getting hurt. He's the one that's dealt with a variety of defensive looks in live action, he's not great but I trust him to keep the offense on auto-pilot more than anybody else on the roster.
  9. Tony MaC

    Jets add QB

    We keeping three QBs or two? Simian is a lock, the others will have to duke it out for either QB3 or the PS.
  10. Tony MaC

    Nate Shepherd and Foley Fat

    Yeah, they'll be backups/rotational players. Ideally Shepard and Fat fill in the gaps over the next few years under their cheap rookie contracts while Anderson, Williams and Williams get the bulk of the action. Mind, that's not the BEST use of a third rounder but under the best case scenario it would just a result of getting an embarrassment of riches at D-line. Like if Shep was starter quality and Williams and Williams were top 10-15 guys that's a good situation to have. But of course that's predicated on him and Fat being something of worth, and we have no real indication of that beyond them not being locker room problem.
  11. Tony MaC

    Daniel Jones vs Sam Darnold

    Forget the history, I wouldn't call the present Giants any better of an organization than the present Jets. Both GMs have their faults, both coaches and rosters have question marks, it's really quite negligible from an objective perspective. Also, objectively, Darnold was a better prospect than Jones. We'll see what happens at a pro level but I feel like if they were in the same draft Sam would be way ahead of Jones on nearly every team's depth chart.
  12. Tony MaC

    Is Edoga a potential year 1 starter?

    There's definitely a chance, it's not out of the question. He should be competing for one of the tackle spots in August (whether he wins or not is another matter) and at the very least should be penciled in as the backup swing tackle along with or replacing Qvale.
  13. True, but this was a pretty crucial problem. They could have been more aggressive on this one.
  14. We've been screwed at Center ever since they didn't sign Paradis. A third rounder or whatever might not even have gotten the start but it would have been upside at least. Harrison is a backup being asked to start unless a box of scraps impresses. That's the reality of the situation. I refuse to content with it, a fair outing as a BACKUP be damned. This offseason's been so weird. The Jets needed a Center, offensive playmaker and Pass Rusher and got one of those things (Bell) and some top tier defensive players up the middle. I'm not unhappy about the talent at hand but the outstanding issues remain outstanding issues.
  15. Tony MaC

    Where Are We In The "Macc Rebuild 3.0"?

    Contend for what? A Super Bowl? If so then I'd very much agree we're a year out of even sniffing such a possibility. Now if we're talking playoff contention that's attainable but far from guaranteed. When assessing this teams talent level I find myself saying "if" a lot. If Darnold can play like he did those last four games of the year, if Gases offense proves to be compatible with his skillset, if Bell and the starting pass catchers can hold up their end of the bargain while staying healthy and if this defense and its 26 first rounders live up to potential under Williams no-nonsense direction then this team should be in the wild card hunt easily (Any other division and I'd say the division title is in play but y'know... Brady.) I'm reasonably confident the defense will look good and I'm reasonably confident Sam will have a good sophomore outing. But that offense's success is hanging by a thread of depth questions. Bell is awesome, but a year removed from action so who knows what he puts up. And what's behind him? McGuire, Cannon, I don't think they're lost causes or don't have anything to offer, but it is put up or shut up time. Herndon is encouraging but he's got a suspension coming and once again what's behind him, Leggett and a rookie with only a few catches in college? Anderson, Crowder and Enunwa sounds like a fine if not elite XYZ of WR's, but will anybody step up in relief of them? And don't get me started on interior lineman depth (the tackles look okay) So many questions... Another year of FA and the draft coupled with an assessment of what our current guys can do in Gase's offense and I think our rebuild is complete. But we're a few landings away from being much more than a middling team. It sounds stupid but this feels like a group that can be anywhere from a 6-10 to a 10-6, no more no less. Where they fall might depend on luck with injuries and catching opponents on the right week.

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