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  1. That comment about the sun staying out late has Jets Reddit calling him the Sun God "RA". Get it? It's his initials. 🌞 His twitter is interesting, a lot of statements about keeping a positive outlook, the typical retweets of Jets stuff related to him, and then the occasional random non-sequitur about his day that's funny to read out of context. His language is fine, maybe some aren't used to the slang of it all but whatever. For me it's just funny to think of a guy just coming in and saying some random s#it and then leaving. *door opens* "Ain't never understand why Hotels make you check in so late but check out so early🤔 " *door closes* He'll be fine as long as he keeps his offseason quiet, keeps focused and he and his coaches find enough of a use for him away from deep routes to make them effective when they do happen.
  2. Jets West is BACK baby!✈️⬅️ But in all seriousness this is fine and pretty typical.
  3. Mosely being so low threw me for a loop. Brother was a second team all-pro. how does he have such an average overall number?
  4. Nope not complaining, not really arguing for or against. Just an observation! And these thoughts somehow all make me wonder about what the pass to run ratio will be and how that correlates with how the roster spots will wind up distributed. Last year Miami had a middle of the pack pass to run, erring towards pass (like most of the league). The year before they topped the list in terms of passing more than running. (with Cutler... weird.) Having an offense so ripe with pass catching RB's is helpful in a lot of ways, but I do worry there may not be a guy who you can pound the rock with when it's time to run out the clock and such. First quarter and on a first or second drive there's no reason not to have Bell doing his thing on the ground good an often. But say it's the fourth quarter the Jets are up a score or two and it's very obvious that the right thing to is run up the gut and make the other guys burn a TO or something. In that scenario it might be a bit unwise to use either Bell or Ty, especially if they are more or less the WR4 and 5. There's gotta be a guy who can be used for the garbage time, or if necessary as the new RB 2. That's probably where McGuire comes in, or else some shmuck off the waiver wire/UFA. I'll be very curious to see how the depth chart shakes out at the offensive weapons. I expect 6 "WRs", 4 "RBs" and 3 "TE" with maybe just 2 QB's and 9 O-lineman.
  5. That's my takeaway from this. He's happy, he's here to prove himself and earn a longer deal, yadda, yadda. But the fact that there doesn't appear to be a need for a true Powerback is interesting. Remember back in the Rex days you'd have more of an even split, it's like here's Chris Ivory who's not great at catching but can get those Yards after contact, and here's Powell who is more likely to make a grab than his counterpart. They're a tandem who did different things. Now it's be a RB that can play WR or GTFO. (more or less) Given he's always bounced between the two I can see Ty earning that new contract here backing up Bell.
  6. I actually kind of wish he was another 4-5 years younger. He was decent backup and a great presence in the locker room, the exact kind of guy you wanted to have behind a young QB. Not gonna say he was ever great but he had enough to provide a service to every team he joined. Glad Uncle Josh was around.
  7. Hmm... Looks like somebody's got a case of Turf Toe...
  8. Tru was a big disappointment, and he'll have the full year to prove he's worth keeping around. Though I must say, even if he WAS an all-pro kind of CB I'd be leery at keeping him under the cap hits he's about to get. 15, 17 and then 18.5 the next three years, oof. Though I guess he just has to be good enough to be worth the 3 million they get by cutting him.
  9. … Alright. I'll do it. Glad to see the new front office isn't MEANDERing around! 😆BWAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA-
  10. I swear looking at this set of O weapons we're a year away from any real contention. Bell is great, Herndon looks promising, and Q, Sun god RA and Crowder are good. But it's like a recent SB nation article that ranked WR corps said they're a wolf pack without an alpha. (we were bottom 5 on their list btw)
  11. So we're still high on Deontay Burnett I see. From the point I'm reading this he has more votes than anybody else that's not obviously going to make the team. Is it really just the USC connection? the fact that he has had a few catches here or there last year? His age?
  12. I've always appreciated Powell, I'd love to see him back in camp this August lighting a fire in some of the younger backs in a true competition. Not every often you see guys spend their whole careers as Jets, Powell could be one of the few. It's odd how he's been here all through the decade of missing the playoffs constantly earning his keep.
  13. Roberts has had his moments, he's okay and on a contract that's only slightly more than he's worth I think (6 million a year isn't erroneous). I feel quite a ways better with him at CB than I do Harrison at Center I think.
  14. Two words. Sam. Darnold. I'm pretty bullish on his potential past his rookie year. I think the he's adjusted to the pace of the game, I think he's a real playmaker, and I think he'll do well in Gase's offense doing thigs Tannehill couldn't in it. I'm also pretty confident in the defense, Greg Williams with this gang of first rounders? It'll be great. I'm a little concerned about the center, and whether or not some solid receiving options will reveal themselves beyond the starters. But I feel decent about this team as it stands. They're young and coming into their own, they'll be a decent team. They should be in the wild card hunt come December. (7-9 win team I think)

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