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  1. Saaaaa-WIINNNNGGG and a miss Mac. two WR's with relatively high draft picks down the sh*tter... A gadget player that wasn't great at gadget plays and a possession receiver that never stood out... disappointing. The dude is lucky he found a promising undrafted player in Anderson and that Idzik got one pick legitimately right in Enunwa or else the WR corps would be cupboard bare in terms of young talent. I like his contracts and love his trades and appreciate his steady aggressiveness overall but Maccagnan's mid-to late round drafts need to pan out just a BIT better. His only successes there so far are from 2016.
  2. Tony MaC

    The 2019 shopping list is a long one

    Yup, I don't think a lot of fans realize it but most of this cap space the Jets have is as a result of bodies that are gonna need to be replaced or re-signed, and I think the bulk of it will wind up being used on in house re-signings rather than outside Free Agents. Gotta pay Quincy, gotta pay Leo. Consider paying Claiborne again (or are we good with D. Jones?), consider giving Powell a re-up. Re-sign some odds and ends depth players, and THEN... start looking for upgrades at certain spots where they can upgrade with outside talent. I foresee maybe 2-3 major outside signings next march, a guard, a pass rusher and maybe a Tight end or CB depending on who slips from the cracks. It's all about supporting Sam, keeping what few good things we have going and solving the edge problem at last next offseason. The cap space should make those tasks easier, but even then there are no guarantees they get fixed by it.
  3. Tony MaC

    It’s ok.

    Wishing it was any other team than MIAMI...AT HOME... but you're absolutely right. One should expect this kind of performance from Darnold and the others. The most annoying part is that the team had moments of brilliance. The turnovers in particular were great, the pass rushers came through for once, it was just a shame it was all for naught. Darnold looked about how one would expect a young talented gunslinger to look. He's got good vision and made some plays but got faked out on his first pick and made a questionable call throwing to Pryor. (who wasn't even looking for the ball yet, which is somewhat on him as well) It's all good, these are teachable moments.
  4. Taking what few millions he has already made, setting up some kind of third party trust of said cash, and walking away from the game might be the best thing he can do. Don't deal with that public pressure, find some less anxiety inducing path. Take care of yourself.
  5. Given their quality development as players and the fact they're both hitting their physical primes Anderson and Q could push to make 8 digits. But their off field shenanigans and injury history respectively will hinder them on that front... maybe. Assuming he plays the way he did in Motown for the rest of the season I could easily see Enunwa in particular making something like 10-12 million a year fairly long deal. Sound ridiculous? Well, in a market where a top 3 receiver just made 19 million a year it's not as ridiculous as it sounds. Plus his value to the Jets should be higher than anywhere else. The Jets have a young QB who needs all the support he can get that wont need to be paid for another 3 or 4 years, and they have ample cap space. They would be wise to spend it on locking down a reliable guy that makes their GUY better before free agency begins. I'm constantly mulling what a big contract with him would look like, and I'm gonna wuss out and estimate. I say 5 years 50-60 million a year with about half as much guaranteed. With Robby you have to question his maturity. Sure he's blooming as a more complete wideout ON the field but then he's out there mouthing off to cops like a schmuck. I need to see a clean offseason or two from him before investing him for the long haul. Tender him, Tag him, delay, delay and then consider giving him something long term if he keeps his nose clean. If he actually hit the free agent market (he wont) then some other team wouldn't risk signing long term either. So he'd probably only get a one year fully gtd deal, maybe two if he's lucky.
  6. Tony MaC

    Henry Anderson - what a pick up

    Mac has been a pretty quality overall trader hasn't he? I'm trying to think of a trade he lost on... The trades for Fitzpatrick and Marshall I guess? Those worked well for one season and absolutely imploded the next, but at least they were productive for a reasonable amount of time given the smaller amounts of draft capital used to acquire them. I think that's about as bad as it gets with him. After that its just a bunch of smaller misses like trading for Ryan Clady, and trading down for lower round picks that amounted to nothing, etc. Otherwise the dude's been fantastic at these kinds of transactions. The Sheldon to Seattle for a 2nd trade and subsequent trading of three 2nd rounders for Sam might prove to be his masterstroke as a GM. Anderson could flourish here due to being in an ideal system and situation. Only trouble with him is his injury history... and the fact that if he's good enough he might skip town for more money elsewhere like ASJ. But this could be the next good idea trade Mac has made under his tenure as Jets GM.
  7. Tony MaC

    Will Pryor be revitalized?

    Couldn't have put it any better. Love, love love what the Jets have going for their WR corps. It's an army of B+ talents that are good alone but dangerous together. One week one guy will stand out, the next another might do the same. The Jets have quietly assembled one of the better WR rooms in the league. If Darnold holds up his end of the bargain and Bates draws up the right plays this Jets O will surprise folks.
  8. Gonna have to do something about that left side of the line over the next draft or two. Kelvin "good stopgap I guess" Beachum and James "better in a power scheme" Carpenter aren't gonna do it long term.
  9. Only second? Tch. I knew we should have given Fitz that hundred million dollar contract...
  10. Tony MaC

    Darron Lee

    tiny linebacker making a BIG IMPACT!
  11. Tony MaC

    Khalil Mack couldn't protect a 20-0 lead.

    I think most would look at that game and say that Mack lived up to his top dollar (for a defenseman) contract and was a key part of putting Chicago in position to win despite other factors- like their still developing QB not doing much in the second half, a bad coaching choice as noted above, a dropped pick by Fuller and A-Rod being A God- lead to their defeat. In fact if he gave an effort like he did in GB on the regular I'm pretty sure the Bears would be happy with the guy they paid such a hefty price for because he'd be living up to expectations. And honestly the Bears would be a more dangerous and competitive team if that happened, just because it wasn't the ultimate X-factor that lead to a victory today doesn't mean it wont be in the future. Also, despite the high price to both acquire and maintain him for the long haul I don't think the expectation was for Mack to literally uplift the team to a championship on his lonesome. He was just supposed to be a very big part of reaching that goal along with Mitch and others. TL;DR, I think Mack met expectations last night, just not the lofty one's set by the OP.
  12. Tony MaC

    Leo — Moving forward

    Yes, you re-sign him. Don't even have to think hard about it, he's the versatile centerpiece on the D-line and the defense at large, the perfect mixture of brains and physical upside. We shouldn't confuse not being a sack leader for not being a great D-lineman and somebody worth keeping. I see him getting anywhere from 16-18 million a year in this market.
  13. Tony MaC

    Bills game

    They seem pretty steadfast that they didn't want to be in QB purgatory with a conservative mobile QB like Taylor. They'd rather tear everything down and build around a signal caller with higher upside. They probably weren't expecting a lot of wins, but the result of that "true rebuild" mentality probably STILL shouldn't be a team that looks THIS inept. They couldn't get 100 yards in the air all game, what the hell are they drawing up?
  14. Tony MaC

    The Browns...!?

    Ties need to be around for JUST this kind of possibility. The Browns ended their Losing streak... by NOT WINNING. OMG, that's hilarious.
  15. Nearly forgot about him. MAYBE. he's on contract through next year with his 5th year, so they can wait out another year to see if he's worth another 2-3 years of investment. They could pay him as soon as mid-season this year, before the season next year, or maybe not at all. Not gonna cry over spilled milk over not drafting a 3rd or 5th rounder every other team passed up multiple times.

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