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  1. Between this and the Yankees I'm staying the hell away from sports radio for a bit. LOL.
  2. Bad night. The Pats D just had his number. Pressure in his face all night, the Pats have the best secondary in football, put it all together and this is what you get. Still feel confident in him. Gotta accept every outing as the truth rather than one or another. The same guy who looked fine against Dallas last week is playing now. I'm sure he'll have better games during the rest of the season. The hot takes are gonna be annoying all week though, yeesh.
  3. And Beachum might be out a few weeks. So we've got Lewis in at LG and Shell in at LT. This will be an interesting experiment.
  4. Jets are wearing all white today. So yep.
  5. I feel like I've always leaned towards defending Leo than ragging on him, because he does often get pressure if not sacks. Though I have to say I'm not at all impressed with his output this season so far. But I feel like the possibility of trading him goes beyond ones current opinion of the guy simply because we probably have enough on this defensive line without him to survive. Maybe Anderson, Q and McClendon aren't the Sons at their peak, not the least of which being because Steve Mac is up there in years. But I think the reality is we really can role with them and without Leo for a couple years without much trouble. Further there are other spots I'd like to address with draft capital, in particular the offensive line. (If you ask me I'm ready to completely sell out for investments at o-line next offseason.) It's really a matter of resource management more than being any slight on the guy. The Jets don't have a lot to trade, and being young, decently productive and at a position we have some leeway on, he's the best they have to offer.
  6. We're playing a little fast and loose with the guys life here. I don't know the full situation, and I'm encouraged by the fact that he's cleared to practice and run a bit, but it would REALLY bad if somebody were to actually... y'know... slip. This whole situation is so bizarre. I don't know if I want to see him out there because we completely suck without him, or prefer to see him sit another week because he might actually die if they're not careful. I hope, if anything, there are multiple opinions on this at least.
  7. I honestly haven't even questioned sticking with Darnold. Not once. He's the guy for this season and next, he IS the plan for now. Everything this team does is about him. They got Bell for Darnold, they brought in Gase for Darnold, and whatever steps they take next spring will be about supporting Sam Darnold. He showed the game isn't too fast, that he has playmaking ability and accuracy in unorthodox times from unorthodox stances, both in college and now in the pros. There's been a lot of hand wringing born from not having him out there, and general pessimism (warranted or not) over the rest of the team. I think an objective take is that they have somebody promising, not perfect like Mahomes seemingly is. But they have something to work with, and work with it they will. This desire bottom out and look for other QB prospects, that's just our need for instant gratification talking, on multiple fronts. We haven't seen him lately and so our imaginations are running wild.
  8. I would be more than happy to wait for Sam till the Dallas game. If he cant go 80-100% this week, than just punt to next week. Herndon not being back is just one more reason to wait.
  9. It's crazy to think how long Powell has been on the team. This is year NINE. Jesus, he's been on the team as long as CURTIS MARTIN, DARRELLE REVIS AND KEVIN MAWAE have. There are few men that have played in green and white as long as Powell has, which is bizarre because he's only ever been relatively reliable not elite.
  10. There's a reasonable chance he's a cap casualty next year, but that depends on what else the team has going on. If everything is firmly under the books I'd surely keep him. If, say, they needed a little more coin to sign a decent WR or guard and they're cutting it close I might sacrifice a great to elite ILB situation for a good one with Mosley, Cashman and maybe Hewitt or somebody else. He's a good player, I'm happy to have him and it sucks that he got injured for the year. I'd rather see him in green again but I can be sold on liberating 6.5 million for another purpose... theoretically.
  11. The offensive line is my biggest concern right now. we're down a starting QB, they played the defending champs, bad things are gonna happen. Fine. But the complete lack of protection, the broken assignments or lack of communication or both, is beyond the pale awful. The Jets receivers aren't exactly elite, but they and the QB are given no chance by an offensive line that seems to be out schemed at every turn. They cant develop any time for plays beyond 5 yards because the QB has no time. It's sad watching an edge rusher beat Beachum badly or all the interior lineman stuck blocking ONE defender somehow. The Kicker killed their chance of being at least 1-2 but it's the O-line's baffling awful play that's killing the Jets offense. They shouldn't look this bad without Sam, and honestly it wasn't much better with him either. He and Bell (and maybe Herndon) cant do much with this. I really am starting to think kalil was a mistake in hindsight.
  12. There was a graphic of all the new starters this week. Boy did Falk stick out like a sore thumb. It's both the chance of a lifetime and a kind of a suicide mission. Go beat the best team in the NFL with a good Running Back and O-line that's either poorly schemed or terribly miscommunicating and maybe a couple of receivers who are worth a damn. tough sledding. But if he comes out with numbers like last week he'll have earned a roster spot for the rest of the year, maybe even going into next year. I just hope they're not afraid to let him rip it, for better or worse. Everybody know the Jets offense is Bell and a lot of nothing, if they can find a way to use the pass to set up the run he might be enough. It's kind of exciting to see a new guy prove himself even though I logically know this wont end well. Its a better way to watch than dreading what's about to come though.
  13. BPA is a fine strategy unless you think you only need help in one last place (which is rare). Over the years the Jets have been in no position to reach. (Allen over Williams is very arguable though, that wouldn't have been a "reach") It sucks that we've never really been in place to get a new OT but it is what it is. It really is the picks in the mid to later rounds that have killed us.
  14. Not even mad about that OBJ catch. Fine enough coverage. Just... OBJ.
  15. One average ass week where he doesn't even turn the ball over and everybody's ready to jump ship on Sam. Just... wow. Everybody went where they should have I'd say. I will never EVER regret the Jets choosing Darnold at #3. It was a good and logical pick. Jackson getting mileage in Baltimore doesn't change anything. I don't want to completely discount his early success, he's done well for himself. And he fell into the right situation with Harbaugh who is very committed to making him work. But I'm not ready to crown him just yet and two good games against the Cards and Dolphins isn't that impressive. Maybe he'll be great, maybe not, the jury is still out. I'm rooting for him. But I don't regret the Jets not taking him #3 overall. He had too many questions coming out of Louisville, and while I believed he was a better passer than some gave him credit for there was no way to know if he was going to adapt to the pros.

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