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  1. They can't sign him until January for what it's worth. They have to wait until after his third regular season ends. And I would re-sign him ASAP, unless there's an equivalent offensive difference maker somebody is willing to trade. 15-16 million a year, make him the highest paid safety, because he's just that much of an all around an impact player.
  2. Yes, within reason. Say they paid a couple interior offensive lineman in free agency and then drafted all O-line in the first three rounds. I'd be good with a complete sell out of their top 100 picks. I'm normally BPA all the way but a kind of targeted draft like that is timely given where Sam is in his development. Of course SOMETHING has to go elsewhere, whether it's re-signing Anderson and Edwards or grabbing an edge rusher that's worth his salt.
  3. Those figures are a little disingenuous, more like the 17 and 20 million dollar men respectively. But your point is valid as far as Q goes, he's always hurt so the contract was a real risk, even if it was cheap compared to the top guys. He plays very well when healthy but that's not often. Crowder is doing about what i'd expect, he's on a fair deal. The real trouble is that there's a lot of good to okay receivers on the roster and no real top tier guys to round them off. A wolf pack with no alphas.
  4. Bust, underrated, whatever. Leo was expendable. They needed more picks, they got em. It was a good trade for Gang Green. Q is the new project. We'll see if he does better. I'm not gonna right him off because the last consensus top 5 pick didn't work out.
  5. Harrison is a great backup Center but not a great starter. He'll hold the line, he'll make the calls, but in terms of leverage he doesn't do much of anything for the run game and is only so-so as a pass blocker. In short he's okay, a better option than some of the flame-outs they've had since Mangold left but not a true long term answer if we're being honest with ourselves. I am VERY happy he's on roster for next year, having a center that Sam's comfortable with who can come in in a pinch is really nice. But dammit we need upside, we somebody who can "grow up" with Darnold and provide more than just adequate on field results. We can do better. We can do worse. Either way we need a long term answer and it's not Harrison. I can say the same of Beachum.
  6. Well a trade ain't happening till the offseason, it's past the deadline. And as for his performance related to his draft status... it hasn't been up to snuff, no. I would expect more from a top 3 pick than a few plays demonstrating his strength and size. But trading him feels like jumping the gun. He was drafted on his upside as much as his supposed plug and play abilities, probably even more so. I'd like to see what he comes up with after a full season and pro offseason regiment underneath his belt. He'll only be 22 next year after all. He's far from done. Maybe he'll be like Leo who never put his potential together. Maybe not. But trading a very young player of his measurables after a mediocre rookie campaign is premature. Give him time to gel.
  7. There's no guarantee any of those guys actually hit free agency come March. Meanwhile they have Robby in the building all winter, that's a factor. There's also no guarantee they draft a top WR in the first or second rounds, we've got an o-line to build, etc, etc. Re-upping a young contributing WR with some kind of continuity with SD before delving into the unknown seems like the right move. The going rate for that is gonna be a little north of 10 million, sorry. And honestly re-signing Anderson shouldn't stop the Jets from doing anything else. Assuming he takes away 10 million they'll have well over 50 million left to work with. This is the kind of move you do when you have a young QB on a cheap deal in need of any kind of aid he can get.
  8. He just became captain... somebody must like him. But he'll be 32, much more than what Ryan here just got a year for more than one year and I'm leery.
  9. I didn't think Griffin would get his this early, mostly because I thought they would want to see a few more games out of him before doing this. But I guess take the "security" when you can get it. I hope he and Darnold keep getting work done.
  10. ILB should be set assuming everyone isn't dead this time. And I don't think Bell is going anywhere. Also Adams and Maye are under contract. So that makes si- Oh, SEVEN. Seven spots filled. Great! All we need is some OLB's, two corner backs, a kicker, a punter, a few more Wide Receivers and an entirely new offensive line and maybe this team can overcome it's head coach!
  11. 1. Sam Darnold . . . 2-whatever. All the ******* scrubs who aren't Sam Darnold.
  12. Wouldn't go that far. That's NEVER true, even when Darnold was gone. But ah... losing to the team that literally isn't trying to be good sealed it though.
  13. I feel like the test has already passed like three times, and they failed it every time. The loss to the Bills, the loss to Jacksonville and especially the loss to Miami have proven who this team is. The Jets are not a playoff contender. There is no reason to have any faith. Not even the easiest schedule in the world can help them. If they cant beat the Dolphins there's no reason to feel confident about beating anybody. So Washington worked out, big whoop we could be the team who loses to Cinci. I'm just looking for progress from #14 at this point.
  14. Somebodies trying to earn a contract. If the idea of keeping Gase around is to keep continuity then they need to spend a premium on anybody that works well with Sam within it. If Griffin keeps this up he'll get a relatively modest but earned second contract with NYJ.
  15. Torn... Robby can both be part of the future and not at the same time. He's young, he brings a unique ability in the offense to the table. But while he's gotten better at being more than a deep threat, he isn't so good that he's an indispensable part of the roster or worth keeping over another potential asset. But then again, Sam needs all he can get in terms of pass catching talent for this season. It's a short term need with potential long term repercussions. Oh, but wouldn't it be better to give him more to work with elsewhere, or a potential upgrade at WR perhaps... Damn, I can be persuaded either way. Depends on what he's traded for I think.

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