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  1. Tony MaC

    Jets Biggest Rival

    If you're gonna go all the way back to the 60's its the fish. The Pats have been the team's main frustration since the Belichick/Brady era started though. The Bills are distant third.
  2. Tony MaC

    By The Way ...

    We're not alone on this one last I checked. I don't think any of the other QB's have been signed yet. The only question with this contract will be how much will be guaranteed.
  3. Some actual football... just a month away. 🤤
  4. I can see Wilson making a rather stale Air Coryell style offense work. The dude's a magician with the ball, as big a threat on the ground as he is with short AND long range passes, an offense that predicates itself on spreading the ball vertically might suit him just fine. The talent of the QB's could really make the difference between Schotty's stint here and in the northwest.
  5. I don't get what you're laughing at.
  6. Tony MaC

    Previewing the Jets O L

    Agreed on the Carp point. Also, what makes you say that in bold out of curiosity? Can't say I know much about the guy other than he was a former Lion.
  7. The "Safeties, LOL" jokes are getting pretty old... In reality, we actually did need some options for depth at the position as well to contribute on Special teams. Sure we had Miles, Brooks, Middleton, but we could have used a bit more competition there. Now we have some, and the additions of Wilcox and Bryant don't hurt us one bit. Just makes the fight for those two or three spots behind Adams and Maye more interesting and adds upside, all for very little.
  8. I'm really happy we have Darnold, BTW. He might be great, he might be okay, he might suck, but its fun just to be on the ride. Hope springs eternal when you've got a number 3 pick QB.
  9. Well, yeah, of course he's keep it to himself in reality. I just think it's be really funny to see a write up that was just as glowingly negative as some of these things are positive. Just literally the exact opposite from the perspective of these same sources as if they were talking like Bizarro superman. "I'm obviously really happy we lost. Next time I'm gonna give it 0% out there on the field."
  10. It'd be real f#cking awkward if he said he wasn't the right guy. I'd love one of these summer feel good articles to be written with antonymic verbs and adjectives of what's actually used. “With Sam, we have the wrong guy, he’s wired the wrong way, he hates the game, he asks the incorrect questions and he’s unwilling to work …"
  11. Fans who rag on Adams and Maye confuse the hell out of me. So Adams didn't get a pick last year, so they had a couple of errors in their rookie years, so what? They're both bright young men with the right frame of mind who haven't scratched the surface of what they can do yet. But I guess its sacks/picks or GTFO when it comes to defensive players...
  12. Seeing as how he was extended for two years and not one I'm inclined to agree with this assessment. If it was a one year "So you aren't coaching in your last year" extension then I could see it happening in a so-so year record wise. But since he's on until the 2020 season is completed (four year deal to start with + two years) there's no reason to do anything unless he well exceeds expectations with this roster.
  13. It is really odd how Winters and Carpenter are the total opposite in terms of what type of offensive scheme they thrive in. Carp is better in a power game, Winters is good on the move and thus a little better in zone. It'd be nice to have some consistency in the middle of the O-line in all facets.
  14. Good luck making the roster, Dylan. And more importantly good luck remaining sober.
  15. Despite his overall quality the conversation with McLendon has always been about who will replace him. He's on the wrong side of thirty and was meant to be a stopgap/depth kind of signing, only instead of being replaced by Deon Simon or some other younger guy he's held off his competition which is good in some ways but disappointing in others. (that other being, its a shame we don't have somebody to replace him) There's just no sitting back and enjoying his work I guess.