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  1. Yes I have, at least three division leaders plus whoever isn't leading the south, and two mediocre teams much like our own in Denver and Los Angeles. I've also seen the standings- the Jets are just a game or two out of the second wild card in a log jam with a bunch of other 4-6 teams. It wont be easy or anything, they probably wont make it, but they are technically still in contention for the playoffs and the coaches wont make a move until the moment comes that they aren't. BTW, I think the jets finish 6-10 or maybe 7-9 if they're lucky. 9-7 might do it in the AFC right now.
  2. After seeing the Bills dump their middling starting QB for a relative unknown to disastrous results its become easier than ever for me to see why the Jets are still going with McCown. Maybe Petty and Hack could show something and it would be nice to see them in real games, but this team is still in playoff contention and they shouldn't try to experiment until they're completely out of the dance. McCown should be starting the next two games at least.
  3. Don't be silly, it will also loop in some bomb-diggity dance moves from the Jets defense!
  4. The return of double D; kudos to Mac

    I'd be okay with all of these. Ealy is the hardest to predict- would he accept 5 million a year in his prime years? Not for three years, surely? Either eek that one up a few million a year or make the deal a one or two year contract where he can try to cash in later.
  5. The return of double D; kudos to Mac

    Davis and ASJ SHOULD and WILL be extended. Claiborne and Ealy SHOULD be extended but I've a little bit of doubt that they WILL be. Maybe some other team makes an offer for them that the Jets don't match, I don't know, its a possibility. I think Johnson will be extended because Mac doesn't like going into the draft with nothing at a certain position. Hopefully its to a backup level deal- I don't think Wes is the answer at center. Tomlinson has a chance as long as he continues to contribute to the offenses blocking schemes.
  6. The return of double D; kudos to Mac

    That trade was a complete steal. I can't believe how well Davis is doing now that he's swapped ILB positions. This is probably the best year of his career, what a revelation.
  7. I remember wanting the Jets to draft him in 2016. There was all the talk about Leonard Floyd, but I kept noticing his teammate who seemed perfect to replace old man Pace on the strong side for years to come. I'm happy to see that all coming to fruition. He is at the very least a capable starter, not a star pass rusher like Mack or Beasly but a guy you don't give up.
  8. Winston is still a decent QB with upside, but when it comes to pre-game speeches I think even an Iowan with diarrhea would say he spews the corniest sh*t they've ever seen.
  9. I sometimes have trouble finding the C.
  10. 1. I don't think this team reaches 500. They had a good game against Buffalo after some close losses so we're feeling ourselves at the moment. And there are a few games I can feasibly see the Jets winning. But that's so far from meaning they WILL its hard to describe. The Jets are a very inconsistent team, a far cry from being the league's worst but not really an honest playoff contender either. 2. Even if they did I don't think a 500. record does it. The Jets would have to have the tie break advantage over quite a few other teams more than likely. 9 could pull it off as there's less of a chance of a logjam of tiebreakers, although I'm pretty sure we'd have to hope the Jaguars (who they have a tiebreaker over) are in the equation as well as a team with a worse conference record than the Jets have. 10 SHOULD do it this time but that's a freaking tall order.
  11. HA! Wish granted MoFo! Evans is suspended for the game! http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000873120/article/nfl-suspends-mike-evans-one-game-for-sunday-actions
  12. This is a team coming apart at the seams. Meanwhile the Jets are better rested and feeling good after a blowout win. I hope Gang Green isn't coming into this with a complacent attitude.
  13. After seeing him be an inconsistent as hell target in the passing game I never noticed how vital he was to their blocking schemes. I'll keep an eye on him in that role in the future. It's nice to have Tight End's again.
  14. If they don't go after an available Cousins its because they didn't think he was worth his desired price or because they'd rather commit to something else (draft pick/HackenPetty/A. Smith) Expectations are gonna ramp up after this "rebuild" year no matter what. They need a plan at QB no matter what.
  15. Tampa game HUGE test

    Alright, they have very LITTLE margin for error. Happy wise guy?
  16. Tampa game HUGE test

    Well, if Wild Card contention is your goal then they have no margin for error period. They can afford at most two losses from here on and try to get in with a 9-7 record. They really lowered their chances after blowing it against Miami and Atlanta/New England. Its a long shot- especially since they need to play 3 different division leaders (KC, NE, NO/CAR) This isn't gonna be easy- my head says they come out with maybe two more wins at best, give or take? I do not want to see this team laying down and accepting that this as a "growing year" however, and I'd love it if they came down to TB with a fire in their bellies.
  17. Are the Jets good

    They are what their record says they are. They're mediocre to average, a team that wont lie down for you most weeks but isn't a world beater either. They're Playoff Pretenders and spoilers. Good? Not quite- too inconsistent to be good.
  18. Jets D Dancing in 3rd Quarter

    This was fun. Isn't it nice when football is fun for a change?
  19. what have the jets got to sell? Forte's old ass?
  20. I don't like the idea of this team giving up draft picks right now- especially for a fringe player. Plus how much you wanna bet we could have gotten him off waivers in a week?
  21. For a 5th? I dont like this trade.
  22. What did they trade for him?
  23. 3-4: happy or ANGRY and why?

    I'm relatively okay with what's happened thus far. I'm happy the team has a pulse and some semblance of viable talent in spots, that's all we could have asked for going into the season. I'm also a bit disappointed because they totally could have taken the last two games and been in pretty good standing overall had the refs not screwed them and Skrine & McCown not handed the Fish a victory. This team is kind of meeting expectations for me- better than expected but not THAT good regardless of that. They were never going 0-16. They may or may not get a QB in the next draft, I'm in the minority in that I'm not losing sleep over that possibility. Its gonna be a few years before the team is worth a damn either way. Just looking at people to keep and people to dump after the year is done. ASJ, Claiborne, Kearse and yeah, Mac and Bowles are in that former category for me. Skrine and as much as I hate to say it Wilkerson are looking like they're on that latter one.
  24. Morris Claiborne

    That doesn't seem worth anybody's time. Is there any team that feels their an oft-injured but quality man CB away from contention? Let alone any team willing to part with a mid-round pick for that at this point? If anybody wants him they'll shoot for him in March not now. Meanwhile the Jets are a rebuilding team that should be looking to maintain a player in their prime that's done relatively well but wont break the bank like Claiborne. Plus I don't know that Morris will want to move away from the place where he's got a top spot on the depth chart and a decent place to prove he's worth investing in. You ask me, the best case scenario for everybody is one where he stays here in 2017. Let him play the season out.
  25. Agreed and Agreed. It's gotta happen in the draft because teams don't let go of any franchise LT's and C's. I know we're all clamoring for a QB but I'd be more than fine with an LT and center with the top two picks like in 2006.